Giant Monster War Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Leading Titans and heroes to fight with Feline army! Download now to get reward
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December 14, 2022
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Giant Monster War Apk Download New 2022 Version*

The World Release will start at 12:00(GMT+8) Wednesday, October Five, 2022!

Large Monster Conflict Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

“Massive Monster Struggle” is a 4X technique recreation combining persona construction, simulation, real-time technique and tower protection. Sign up for avid gamers from everywhere the arena to create a guild and building up a military. Command your heroes and Titans to enlarge your territory, triumph over ruins, and unify the entire global beneath your command.

Large Monster Conflict Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

Tower Protection – The wealthy and different PvE gadget means that you can revel in the thrill of tower protection video games whilst attacking towns and territories.
– A whole lot of cute Cats lurk about, ready so that you can to find them!
– Prepare other hero combos to problem A thousand sudden tower protection!

Large Monster Battle Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

Elevate your Titans
– Gather the Titans scattered all around the land and lift them to comprehend their true doable.
– Analysis the traditional blessings to make your Titans more potent, and they are going to turn out extraordinarily useful at the battlefield.

Massive Monster Warfare Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

Summon your Heroes
– Loads of distinctive and fascinating heroes are ready so that you can summon them. Carry uncommon characters beneath your command!
– Improve your heroes’ distinctive battle abilities so as to add forged energy on your each and every struggle.
– Acquire trophies and teach your heroes to cause them to even more potent!

Massive Monster Battle Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

Real-time battles
– March your military anyplace you wish to have, all as much as you, Captain!
– Assault, encircle your enemies, detour, feint, or rally to assault the bosses in combination. , Grasp the artwork of conflict and lead your military to victory!

Massive Monster Conflict Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* unencumber

Know your self and your enemy
– Exploit your enemy’s weaknesses, and overpower them along with your masterful technique..
– Other heroes excel at other talents! Select the heroes you favor from the huge pool of Assault, Protection, Therapeutic, CC, Immunity, Defend, Buff, and Debuff heroes and compile your best birthday party!
– Position your hard earned Titan into your lineup, and entirely flip the tide of fight with its tough strike!
– The combat formation could also be extraordinarily vital. Make a choice essentially the most appropriate formation for each and every fight!

Large Monster Conflict Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

Assault towns and plunder the land
– Struggle in opposition to the barbarians and get well the misplaced territory.
– Enlarge your guild territory and take over the wonders of the sector.
– Defeat different competition and turn into the ruler of the arena.
International relations – Identify guilds, in finding allies, claim wars, raid your enemies, join and wreck agreements – plan your methods up forward and feature amusing with your folks!
– Completely recreated real-life international relations! Similar to in the true international, malicious aggression will motive your guild’s popularity to drop!
– Make the most of your international relations abilities to the fullest to make your self invincible!
1000’s of troop sorts – Imperial Cannoneers, Goblin Lancers, Dragon Knights, Ogre Magicians, Skeleton Warriors… Select whichever troops you prefer!
– Hawkeye Cats, Vampires, Necromancers, Ninja… Use a wide variety of uncommon troops to triumph over the arena.
– Use the troops strengths and weaknesses, release devastating assaults and are available out victorious!
Artwork taste Steampunk Cool animated film taste. The crew fused Disney caricature components with Jap drawing taste to completely recreate the Steampunk Myth surroundings and provide it to the worldwide marketplace.

Please benefit from the sport, and if you happen to run into any issues, depart us your comments by the use of X-Widget within the most sensible left nook > Touch us > record insects.
We respect your assist!


40 comments on "Giant Monster War Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Marc Gebby Lauron says:

    Can’t get in. Clearly another cash grab app with horrible devs. If you can get in, don’t put money in it.

  2. Prince Ranz Pahayahay says:

    Game sucks, 6000+ server login queue, fix this problem, many players like me cant even enter the game

  3. I Dewa Putu Angga Septian says:

    Playing tutorial and then connection error restart game, another fail wemix server game

  4. nancy lac says:

    there is a connection error problem everytime whenever i want to login, but i have full net connection. fix it quickly.

  5. Alpha-Omega Ashura says:

    Hello Dev upon release And After a few Minutes and Hours It keeps Reconnecting…It said Connection error…From Time to time as I play the Game….Thanks If you ever Fixed This Issues

  6. Aoki Senpai says:

    the game is good but i cant claim the first chapter reward. i already click the claim button but it wont activate. im stuck on the quest because of it.

  7. Kirakira Yagami says:

    After playing for around 20mins.. the game kicks me out and keep on saying connection error.. lol i have stable internet since i’m playing MIR4 on my PC..

  8. Faze Primal says:

    Too many bugs and cant even watch video the creator of this game is very very irresponsible

  9. Dane Sachs says:

    The game is incredible! I’ve experienced some pretty heavy launch-bugs (I can’t claim the prologue reward for my main quest) but they’ll be worked out at some point. The game itself is beyond solid! Fun and fast City Builder with a heavy emphasis on strategic gameplay. There’s a ton of different combat styles represented as well for a fresh feeling throughout. Its a good time!

  10. Meiljen Bechayda says:

    I have great internet connection but I can’t play because it always shows connection error.

  11. Kye Bruhn says:

    It’s a fun take on the push tower battle genre. But there’s a game breaking bug I keep getting. When I watch ads for rewards sometimes it will freeze and say “connection issue” and kick me to menu. Then I have to re-download the game just to play again. I have solid wifi and everything else on my phone works fine. So devs please fix this bug and I’ll give 5☆

  12. Jommel Afante says:

    The game wont open it stuck on loading page i tried to reinstall but nothing happens

  13. riema carolina says:

    bad server!!! and add the top up system is worse as well already top up but didnt receive the item

  14. rock lee says:

    the game is ok . but the game kick me out the game and once i try to enter again .. the app keep pop up the syster error try to reconnect . but never reconnect again unless i clear data the app.and try to relogin . pls do fix it .

  15. Isabella Jones says:

    Games ok. But it keeps popping up connection error alot.


    Very good game.its a tower defense game. Good hero good graphics. Recommend to all. Try this

  17. Renz Jan Karl Bugtong says:

    If only this game could be given a negative star rating. I’m stuck with the tutorial, I tried to click all parts of the screen, it doesn’t work, even if you uninstall and install it, it’s still the same. You still can’t contact their customer support for the problem. if only I could send the video. when you ask a question on their discord channel, you are muted by the admin 😅

  18. katie morgan says:

    remove the ads and adjust the reward, rise your bundle price, i feel that there are a bit cheap. your game have potential despite the monco (it will goes to below 0 eventually, maybe, as i dont see player demand for monco, only see player selling), games is fun and have potential, you dont need the ads to help you earn, just make money from the bundle, will give 5 star when the ads removed. there are many trash strategy game selling expensive bundle, and player still buying,

  19. noli samuel jose baquiran says:

    I think this game is waste, they launched the game few days ago and the MCO price is crashing i will uninstall this game now, they are getting much more money from their ads then they are crashing the MCO price on wemix, you better think to play this game MCO price on its first day was (1MCO = 1.22 wemix then now it crashed down to 0.2650wemix… this game is sucks the developers was suck,, the ratio also on exchanging gold to mco was suck (1 : 1,250,00) and still they are not changing the ratio

  20. Adam Docken says:

    Gotta be honest. From your ad I thought I was going to be playing something else. I don’t like the actual gameplay. There’s to much going on. Level on characters, trophies and stuff like that I don’t care for in this type of game. Being honest, sorry.

  21. X Belormoroth says:

    Ok now im pissed. Network is unstable every 5minutes ONLY IN THIS GAME. And seriously? Captha? GOOGLE CAPTCHA WITH PICK BUS PICTURES IN WARGAME?! Amount of bugs is insane. It’s one of unfinished moneymilkers I’ve played.

  22. ozenia aduma says:

    Since the latest update game has been having connection issues. Please fix.

  23. Kim Lawrence Ramirez says:

    Great Games has a potential. just fix some bugs one trophies i guess i keep show there is but already, visual bug i guess 😅

  24. Jasmine Buhain-Slater says:

    Game is alright. What really got me was that it’s nothing like the ad which was what caught my eye wish the game play was actually the game they advertised not the game they made, that was super disappointing. Not a fan of these types of games so others may like it.

  25. Flip Jay says:

    I’m top player on this game but I stop spending and playing because so many game abuser who use bot. After the maintence other player already double my power and I’m from top 1 down to top 15 please investigate your player abusing game its so unfair for those who spend money.. multiple account and macro abused so dominant to this game and those who are doing this are moderator and friends of moderator on discord… they are allowing it without banning

  26. J B says:

    Try it. It is very f2p balanced. Events aren’t p2w. Very well optimized. Balanced.

  27. Lavinia Samiana says:

    The same error with Thunderstorm event. I didn’t get the prize. Fix it please!!

  28. Vit Cryptornado says:

    What joke game, you need 1m gold for 1 monco and protected gold in level 21 was just 30k gold, 1 hit of player that way stronger and youll lose all of gold, as usual pay to earn game is no worth to play….

  29. Dennis Wright says:

    Doesn’t work with Samsung S9, but worked with my S20 FE 5G. I thought it was a broken game but might just need better device support.

  30. Mihael Keehl says:

    No customer support. No information on how to delete character (not account).

  31. haRitz iFa haNun says:

    need permanent peace shield for peaceful mode. some player just want to mine, not forced to increase power in short time! how many bots are there? top guild always see other players as bots! moving to your guild’s teritory didn’t make you safe, they will keep feeding on you. —- NOT RECOMMENDED to new player who want to play for free. here for the ‘play to earn’ thingy? view more review on how to earn first!!

  32. Kerwin Capongcol says:

    the game is good more fun and addicted to play but when exchange to monco keep error 1st when I exchange 10 monco next is 3 manco but still not giving me a monco

  33. Mark Luigi Baliong says:

    After the update all my hero level drop, the rank drop, the star drop. Titan level also drop, the star drop. Troops that I make decrease. No item is been refunded. Uninstall this game and removed this game in wemix play.

  34. Efren Beltran says:

    I rate this one star only..!! After maintenance the one titans I got disappeared 😡 !! And my heroes experience got down😡..!! Fix this problem😡😡 You can’t explore other zone b’coz need to occupy passes .. how can you escape the other alliance members.. only powerfull levels can be powerful .. but if you’re weak and nwlewbie here .. you will be bullied..

  35. L U C I F 3 R says:

    Very addictive game but still have alot of bug, keep it up!

  36. joseph gumban says:

    The notification of your game is not ringing, it didn’t show up the notification bar, will you please, fix this game.

  37. John Michael Gutierrez says:

    Fix the missing titans and tower challenges not loading on all servers Yes they gave compensation for item loss, but further error was made after 2nd emergency maintenance because the Titan Vanished and Tower cannot be accessed, stuck in loading then crashes

  38. Pappi JaxkZ says:

    Honestly, the first time i played this game i was amazed, i love RTS GAME. The only problem is this game is full of bugs and the developers are ignoring this bugs, and slow costumer service.

  39. Popcorn Fries says:

    1. too many bugs and glitches 2. Every other day 3hrs maintanance is so annoying 3. force closed after watching the ads game is ok and enjoyable except the problems mentioned above.

  40. Keno Lumayno says:

    I just trying to exchange gold into token. I got 6.4M bound gold. After the signature on wallet and return through the game. The game will restart and doesn’t recieve any token. I love the game but please fix this issue. They add more bugs “-9**** vk is not unlock” what is vk?

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