First Refuge: Z Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Lead the survivors, build an underground fortress, and fight against enemies
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April 25, 2022
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First Refuge: Z Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Do you may have what it takes to rule the barren region?

First Shelter: Z Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

Humanity has been dropped at the brink of extinction by way of a perilous zombie virus. The determined movements of survivors are futile within the face of treacherous bandits, fierce zombies, and sinister companies that roam this desolate tract, all contending for supremacy. It’s your activity to take command of a bunch of survivors and construct an underground castle. It’s time to fight the zombie invasion and struggle in opposition to avid gamers from in every single place the sector. The destiny of humanity rests to your shoulders.

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First Safe haven: Z Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

-Build your personal distinctive Underground Fort! You’ve got the liberty to broaden and give a boost to your base on the other hand you want!
-The first bankruptcy of the apocalypse begins right here! Command your troops to overcome the wilderness and save humanity.
-Take survivors below your wing! Assign jobs to the appropriate other people or simply banish them into the desolate tract. Their lives are for your arms.
-Enlist Mythical Heroes! Make a choice from a various array of heroes who will assist you to overcome the desolate tract.
-Strength in numbers! Group up with different avid gamers and combat along each and every different. Getting rid of enemies is more uncomplicated if in case you have again up!
-Survival of the fittest! Shape alliances with different gamers and fight the zombie hordes or simply overcome all of the barren region. It’s as much as you!
-Multiplayer battles! Even the hardest captains want others to observe their again – enemies will ceaselessly be after your head!
-Take Command! The Underground Citadel is underneath your regulate. Amplify and increase it. Make it the envy of the Desolate tract!
-Join numerous gamers international! Avid gamers of all languages and cultures competing to rule the desolate tract. You’ll write the overall bankruptcy of historical past.

First Shelter: Z Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

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First Safe haven: Z Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

CONSIDERATION First Shelter: Z is a free-to-play cell technique sport. This app provides in-app purchases. As required through 37Games Phrases of Use and Privateness Coverage, avid gamers should be over 12 years play .

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First Safe haven: Z Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*



40 comments on "First Refuge: Z Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Joni K says:

    First Refuge feels like a reskin of pretty much any other village building survival. The only difference is the fallout style rooms as buildings, but everything is exactly the same as in the other games. If you’ve played state of survival or king of avalon there’s really nothing new here. Heroes, VIP, buildings, gear, troops, marching, map, radar, quests, alliances and so on. To be honest all these games feel like there’s one dev team just reskinning the same game under other developer names.

  2. Smarth Singh says:

    Graphics are fine. But main problem is, you have to just build and build while exploring new rooms in the base. And you can not even kill zombies. You have to just take challenge for one life and your people will kill zombies themselves. No interference of yours in killing zombies. They must make the game better and interesting as i expect it can be better.

  3. Ashish Bansal says:

    Before aading new game modes or new things, Just remove bugs from the game. I complete a mission but the task bar doesn’t show that it is completed. Now the game story don’t progress and i can’t even do anything. Please fix bugs and all. Thank you

  4. George Wohlters says:

    Firstly, it’s just a reskin of State of survival, rather go play that. Secondly, the server speed is terrible. Average time is around 8 seconds from when you press claim on a task to when anything is done. In the hour I’ve played I’ve been kicked from the game and had to reload multiple times. Not worth it. Go play SOS rather

  5. KeyboundAU says:

    The game is pretty similar to SToS which is Nice to see because it makes it easier to understand how to play but theirs a bug.. my march is stuck at 0 seconds for returning and I’ve restated the game twice but its just stuck.. i can’t do much in the outside world for now which is a shame.. but apart from that the games pretty good.

  6. BlueBarz says:

    This game is really fun to play when you have a lot of time in your hands. There are loads of rewards, events, challenges, and new places to explore along with a story. Although I put 4 stars because some controls are not very responsive and the dialogue is very cheesey.

  7. Frédérik Whissell-Couture says:

    I can already see a pay to win pattern… The game has a nice concept but it needs balancing especially for Bandit camps. The combat parts is incredibly laggy, it took me 10 minutes just for one battle because of how incredibly laggy it is. Zombies and the dogs keep glitching instead of attacking or just run in circles instead of going forward…

  8. Kris Oberdick says:

    So far it’s alright. Characters and animations are a bit stiff. Need to be able to zoom all the way out on your underground shelter to show entire shelter. Higher graphic settings, frame rate would be nice. Font on menus and menu pop-ups is a bit bland, like the default font on a computer. Smoother font that’s center justified would look better on menus and menu pop-ups.

  9. Souvik Pal says:

    Bad experience. Tried to change state using beginers teleport being less than 5 days and level ch 8 .Every parameters were correct but wasn’t able to change state. Support replied but it was too late to change state because it already became 5 days when they replied. Not a good experience even when I liked the concept of this game. Uninstalling it. Thanks

  10. Mushfiqur Abir says:

    Everything is fine but if a player attacked you you will have only a less ammount off resources which is kind of annoying that you are gathering resources for a long time and suddenly like a player 5x or 6x higher than your level just attacked you and get all the resources. If there is a system of getting a lower amount of resources from attacking the player it will be great.

  11. Will Lee says:

    Rather nice concept. Incorporates features from several other games. Bunker game plus towers plus city v city battles and PVE. Nice balance between the different activities. That being said, I’m uninstalling it. Its a time dump kind of game. You could spend all day on it constantly upgrading things and fast forwarding through automated battles. Not what I’m looking for in a game. It isn’t that good to become the only game I play. But if you have no life this is all right.

  12. Amy Marshall says:

    I’m still having issues with lag and freezing of the game, sometimes it even kicks me out of the game. This is the first game that I’ve ever had an issue with like this, and I’ve played easily a hundred games on this tablet, strictly from Google Play. This tablet has always and only had games on it. I even went as far as deleting all but two games off the tablet just thinking first Refuge needed more space to run and that didn’t change anything. I do love the graphics and gameplay when it works.

  13. Denise B says:

    Can someone PLEASE create something new!? These games are all so similar with building all these different buildings, waiting FOREVER, Heros are same exact way to upgrade too! These Ads are all so misleading, you love what you see, but game is NOTHING like them! The dialogue is cheesy and no clear instructions on overall game. too much involved & has nothing to do with the game you truly want to play!l you need tons of $ to compete against other spenders. Waste of time and $!

  14. Trisha De Castro says:

    I’m quiting the game due to unbalanced power. I know the point is to Conquere the wasteland. But if 1 alliance overpowering the whole alliance and no inch of chance of winning other than paying money to power up. No point of being free to play anymore if you get constantly attacked and can’t even get good rewards because one alliance is taking over everything. It gets boring. So if you’re a free-2-play, I won’t suggesting to play this. You can try, but you won’t last. And many bugs.

  15. Hassan Hasfizi says:

    Another Online survival game where you mass multi online with other player where you grinding to level up and crushing other or get crushed. A rather direct copycat from other mmo. The only difference is maybe the characters and the base layout. The graphic and artwork is not really good or pleasing. It feel extremely childish and not appealing at all

  16. Charné Kolesky says:

    This game is extremely slow now , It literally lags and Freezes at times , I can’t even start the game over or delete both of my accounts…I don’t know what happend to the game…Before it was pretty good but now it’s just a completely bad experience for me…Please let me know what I can do to delete my two accounts in-game to start over and see how it goes and please , fix the game…this game have great potential if Adjustments and so are made.

  17. Benjamin Ooi says:

    The game can be played for free but you going get beaten easily. Each state have around 300+- players, the event is won by those who pay the most and can be repetitively boring. If you don’t do the event, you still can play to increase your level slowly. State event last 24 hours on Saturday, I would not want to waste time on this. The game have lots of bugs every time new event was launched.

  18. JaSon Wang says:

    I like the game but the biggest problem is that when i play my game crash a lot. At first it’s okay i can go back in but after a few time. After my game crash I can’t go back in and need to reinstall it to be able to log in. Thus, it just repeated like that. So i can’t play the game and wasted a lot of time. BTW, i use Ipad 5 generation to play this game. So pls do something cuz i want to play it. 😊

  19. Brian T. Long says:

    Game could be cool to play, if it was capable of being played. Game crashes after a couple minutes, can’t close windows or open messages or upgrade sections. Can’t open a support case because the game crashes on pressing anything on the screen. Can’t wait to see how long it will take to get contacted w a working solution.

  20. J. “The Cursed One” Wilson says:

    Not an original concept game (fallout-ish) but I have been playing for about 2 years and done well. There are a LOT of “P2P” packages but one could get by without doing so. Though it is stunting if not. It’s best to understand this is a war game and unless you are in a very powerful alliance, you may lose a lot of battles. Play at your own risk!

  21. Emo CO says:

    The constant instruction and the pointing to the next objective is annoying. I understand at the beginning but once the concept is understood it should stop. If you can adjust that I’ll keep this game, if probably won’t last.

  22. colin munro says:

    Kept crashing after about 5 minutes of gameplay, restarted about 6 times, even tried to optimize by turning of smooth mode but finally had to give up and uninstall. It’s a shame, seemed like a good game but optimization issues ensures il never truly find out how much.

  23. Robert Nakawatase says:

    Broken CTD Game After an update I have not been able to load into the game without it crashing immediately. I do not want to clear my data or re-download the game because that will force me to go through the annoying intro. The fact that you can’t sign into your account until going through half of the intro is stupid. I hate how these kinds of games have updates that break themselves and their only way to fix it is to re-download.

  24. Joel Wilcox says:

    It’s been fun until around a week ago and now it constantly crashes. The devs say to open a ticket which I’ve done for 2 different reasons and have never heard back other than the initial form letter. I’ve even commented after the fact and asked about a resolution and again no replies. It said there was another update available but it doesn’t exist on play. Please fix this

  25. Kyson Finn says:

    While I thought this game had promise, I hit a point where the game became unplayable. The game got stuck in a never ending loop during the first zombie attack of the game. The screen would flash back and forth between the people outside the gate and the attacking zombies. Trying to tap the skip button did absolutely nothing. I have closed the app to restart. I have uninstalled then reinstalled the app to only be stuck in the same place. What a waste of time to not even be able to play.

  26. KEVIN says:

    Now this game is disappointing with its bugs in every events. People have lost million troops permanently because of the bugs. You can’t even imagine how much effort and time it takes to train that amount of troops. This game is a serious joke now. Developers really need to check each and every script before deploying it. All events should be checked before organising.

  27. Filipe D. says:

    Good game play, people don’t attack each other every hour like some other games, so we can level up at a good pace. 3 stars because I played about 2 months but found some glitches, for example…scramble event, I had to keep clicking my base and then join the event again every 2 minutes as I couldn’t scroll or click anywhere.

  28. Matthew Siegel says:

    Been playing on iPhone forever, the Android version is bad compared. Really good game though fallout shelter meets state of survival. Only complaint is the higher level gear you get the more $100 packs you need to buy. It’ll cost me $400 to upgrade 1 armor peice for gold 2 and there are 6 armor pecies. EDIT: 2 year player here the game is dead and the new states will die within 6 months dont waste time or money devs don’t care and that’s what killed this game.

  29. brenna roisum says:

    is a good game. but has some coding issues for sure. A player can lose alot of cash paid due to simple glitches in the code, and developers try to act like it is your responsability to screen shot every angle like you knew a one second error was going to happen, and have proof that would be near impossible even if you knew exactly when a glitch was going to happen if you want any chance of any compensation. Good game, be careful spending money.

  30. Chris Finley says:

    Good game, but still needs to fix the small visual bugs (that are caused by lag) and the lag that happens after hours of play time in a single session and/or when your online and it ticks past reset.

  31. Alec Siviter says:

    Unfair pay to win designed game. No limits on how much you can spend really ruins the game as you get a few people in each state spend insane amounts of money for the best stats and gear. Impossible to compete with them even if you are a casual spender who spends around £50-100 a month in the game. Expansion event is incredibly boring and uncompetitive, turned into the guy with the best stats launches rallies to win. Other players stand no chance. Limit spending and I may play again.

  32. Stephan Lindsey says:

    Loved this game until the last few weeks, when it started crashing with increasing frequency. I’m not sure if it’s related to a bad update or adding events too quickly (I’m in state 51 and we just started expansion). It now no longer opens, even after I cleared the cache and game data. Would love to change my rating, but I need to get a solution from the devs first (I’ve been sending daily tickets)

  33. B4Saken Production says:

    The mechanics of this title are easy to learn,beautiful environmental development,great character design that teleports me back to 80s arcade action games cut scenes… awesome way to waste time… I’m hooked.

  34. Darren Zweifel says:

    If i could rate negative stars I would. This is simply a money grab from the developers. There are countless bugs and glitches. Nothing ever gets addressed by “support”. Nothing ever works the way it is supposed to. A total waste of time.

  35. T M says:

    Honestly I really love this game but I can’t believe developers don’t care about players. It’s inconceivable that newer states have so many opportunities and better game play and we get nothing new for so long time. They just don’t care about older states. I’ve played few similar games (etc. States of survival) and never seen that states have different events or possibilities. That’s ridiculous.

  36. Jake DeYoung says:

    Liked the game until now. For the last 2 days it refuses to open the loading bar never finishes loading and I have to force close the game. I tried 6 different times to open the game and nothing. As much as I would like to use the reporting feature I can’t. When I attempt to tap it I am not taken to any kind if assistance.

  37. Anil Anantaneni says:

    Too many paywalls. Edit: After playing for quite a bit of time I found I enjoyed the game, but it was expensive to be sure. The only issue now is lack of variation in the game. Too much repetition really makes the game boring after being active for so long. Overall the real positive in this game is interaction with so many people around the world. If you’re in a good active alliance it can be very entertaining. But alas I feel the game is getting close to shutting down.

  38. I'm Ireb says:

    Lots of events to take part in, but ultimately it get repetative. It can also get a bit expensive. A lot to learn, so engaging at first. It did get boring for mr after a while though.

  39. Joseph Morales says:

    I was really enjoying this game but after a few days of playing. The game refuses to open now. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it but nothing. The game just freezes and makes it impossible to click on the support button.

  40. Rick Suave says:

    not happy. has been almost 3 months and no expansion. as if they could not give underdog state an expansion alone for only mid range rewards. secondly, never got my refund for earlier mistakes on server side. 60+$ lost per glitch, is ridiculous to never refund people. its fun enough, but it will cost you, and devs are more concerned with how to make more money from same repetative events.. than upkeep already paid(some have spent a new cars worth) players with better and exciting content.

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