European War 6: 1914 – WW1 SLG Premium Apk


Commander! European War 6: WW1 1914 Strategy Game comes! World War 1
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August 20, 2022
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European War 6: 1914 – WW1 SLG Premium Apk

The construction of applied sciences like steam engine, railway, ships have crammed the sector with new alternatives. Unhappy with the colonial preparations of the Previous International, the emerging empires are gearing as much as compete. Inevitably, conflict turns into the result of conflicting pursuits. The entire international didn’t be expecting the battle to develop to this kind of massive scale. May army geniuses comparable to Hindenburg, Ludendorff, Pétain, Foch, Haig and others finish the warfare?
Reliving intense historic army battles in International Conflict I. Commander! It’s time to use successful technique and get started your army mythical adventure!

Ecu Battle 6: 1914 – WW1 SLG Top class Apk

*** Greater than One hundred fifty well-known battles in 10 chapters
Civil Battle, Assault of Eagle, Japanese Entrance, Decline of the Ottoman, Marine Overlord Twin Monarchy, Ecu Powder Keg, Balkan Lion, Crack of dawn of Victory, Upward push of Apennines
*** Make a selection your generals and advertise their ranks and titles
*** Educate the particular gadgets, akin to Hungarian Air Gun Solider, German Firebat, British Tank and so forth *** Construct a palace and get the princess of every nation *** Educate your military and support their talents

Eu Battle 6: 1914 – WW1 SLG Top rate Apk mod apk

*** Construct army amenities and teach the gadgets *** Expand towns to extend source of revenue, improve the nationwide era *** Construct an army academy to review quite a lot of army techniques *** Ancient occasions will impact the placement at the battlefield
*** Construction wonders will deliver more than a few benefits to all of the nation *** The diplomatic gadget can permit allies to enroll in the warfare once conceivable, or lengthen the enemy’s declaration of battle on us Claim warfare on any nation or help allies at any time, or finish the entire combat immediately via negotiations
*** Select robust or vulnerable international locations to problem other difficulties
Win with much less time to get upper ratings, rank with different avid gamers in Sport Middle In the event you succeed in 『A』you can get a distinct praise

Ecu Struggle 6: 1914 – WW1 SLG Top class Apk apk mod new

*** Win the victory throughout the specified stipulations, which can check your commanding talents

Ecu Warfare 6: 1914 – WW1 SLG Top class Apk apk mod

*** Cloud archives beef up avid gamers to modify their units with out shedding archives
*** The use of a brand new engine to make stronger the sport graphics
*** Three hundred portraits of generals are redrawn and introductions are added
*** One hundred fifty historic battles in Forty five international locations, together with Combat of Gettysburg, Tannenberg, Marne, Somme.
*** Greater than Two hundred devices from other international locations and more than a few kinds of structures *** Forty five generation and greater than One hundred twenty pieces

Ecu Battle 6: 1914 – WW1 SLG Top class Apk apk mod 2022

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***Easytech legit email:[email protected]


40 comments on "European War 6: 1914 – WW1 SLG Premium Apk"

  1. Avery Eallard says:

    One of if not the best ET game for F2P players. You don’t need to spend a dime in this game to get a good team of generals. Medals are really easy to get in this game and a lot of the time, we have too much of it. Conquests are fun and different from each other. A reskinned version of European War 6: 1804 but with new features that I really enjoy. You get a lot of free generals from the campaign and the Princesses now give resources and daily tasks are a lot shorter. Only problem is the map.

  2. Denzil Rocket says:

    Think its honestly the best game yet. I love the fact you can earn generals and it’s also a lot easier to acquire them. The game still is challenging but with some actual thought put into it any battle can be won. I love the game. I understand the population thing for troops but that’s the only feature I dont care for. I have one request for these games though. PASS AND PLAY. Would be awesome to play as multiple countries at once if I wanted. Just a thought!

  3. Suzanne Norwel says:

    Good job ez tech, you have done an amazing job with this game, i havent tried the conquest however, from what i have seen this game is great, the campain is extremely fun and the gameplay handles well. I highly recomend. I would love the game and pay for it even if it was 5 dollars. The only thing that might make someone hesitant is the gamestyle, however european war 4 has the same, so it shouldn’t be to hard to adjust.

  4. Heraldo Evelyne says:

    I enjoy the features within the game that try to make the game accurate in terms of history, but this is ultimately ruined because of Conquest. The AI is buffed to high levels to the point where you can’t even compete. Your generals die too easily yet it takes 5-10 additional unassigned units to take out 1 enemy general. The only possible way to even win is if you have an unlimited amount of healthpacks, and if you don’t, you probably will not last long. I cannot play because of these reasons.

  5. Sexton Adalbrechta says:

    All in all a very great game. I have some issues with it not saving and the only pretty much other suggestion I have is that you add more animated combat like when two infantry platoons are fighting it has a little cinematic but for every unit to every unit. I feel like the ships and most definitely the submarine are/is the one(s) that don’t get jack diddly in these terms. Goodbye! 🙂

  6. Yetta Bailee says:

    It would be a great strategy game if the AI played by the same rules as the player. The AI can recruit cavalry and artillery in citys. This makes it very frustrating when they recruit the best artillery with a general in a tiny level 2 village. It’s annoying and takes all the fun out of the game. I understand the AI needs an edge but not like this. This ruined the game. Basically this is a purposeful mechanism to force players to buy stuff. Pay to win system. I’d rather see ads

  7. Neville Dixon says:

    Hello EasyTech team. I was wondering if you could fix the map for future games. The scale of North and South America to Europe and Africa is very wrong. Europe is too large. Also Italy is weirdly shaped. The Gulf of Mexico looks wrong as Texas sticks out of the United States too much. However, a change for this game would be to add new designs for tanks and armored cars as they were historically different for each country. You’ve done it for world conquerer so you can do it again. Much love!

  8. Jaida Lyudmila says:

    It’s a good game and all, but it could use some improvement, make the conquest AI not be able to produce too many units and make Conquest mode more skill than numbers, fix the taxation, and add more 1917 US campaigns. Fix the shop please, it’s just that, I can buy the good items only once, and accidentally buy 1 thing, and only get a 10% refund on selling it. Also the map is awful; largen it for flexibility, add more of Africa and asian and pacifc colonies/nations, Arab Rebels & GB Colonies.

  9. Malyn Knight says:

    Like European War V and the rest of EasyTech’s creations, European War VI is a game with historical significance. The units were created aesthetically and the terrain was logically set. There is only one problem that is heard in the audio: The sound of blades that must be fixed because it’s not pleasant in the ears. It’s too loud. The guns, marches, travels, and explosions in the game sounds fine anyway.

  10. Mr. Steed says:

    I was generally dissapointed in this game, no new sound effects or music, the second chapter of campaign missions are a bit too overly difficult. And I noticed that their was very little new troops designed and to composate for that, EasyTech decides to slap in previously used troop designs. Excluding all that, its generally a enjoyable game to play and offers a few new features.

  11. Brent Kuzma says:

    Not too much effort put into quality on this. A lot easier then the previous EW6. The Battle of Yesr in the France campaign is glitched so you can’t click on it to continue the campaign. Some levels you eliminate all enemies well before the round limit and still have to wait until and hit end turn until complete.. Others will get that you have eliminated all enemies and end the battle with a victory. Little things like that throughout, the makers didn’t quality test the whole game and rushed it.

  12. Greg 4819 says:

    Let’s start the review, This game has a great potential, the campaign is pretty good and the graphic design of the game is simple but attractive. Nevertheless the most terrifying problem is the MAP ! Like all the games of Easy Tech the borders are imprecises and sometimes regions are missing. Another problem is the lack of complexity and the low number of special troops. The aviation is missing (only in the tactics ). Hope you will do something better next time 👍!! Edit: historical mistakes !

  13. Julian Abrams says:

    This game is great, the gameplay, graphics, and story lines are mostly accurate. I gave it a 5 star because to me its worth it. There is one issue when you buy the few packs whitch are cheaper then other games you cant get them anymore. I’ve tried the restore option but nothing happens except cant connect error. But all in all I definitely recommend this game. Battle it out boy’s!!!

  14. Esco says:

    Really great game. Would rate 5 stars if not for some issues. The biggest issue, enemies are too unbalanced. In campaign mode, some levels were very hard to win because the AI seemed to have infinite resources and could produce high level troops despite only owning low level cities. I’d have 10 medium level units close to capturing a level 2 city, only for the AI to suddenly develop 12 medium/high level units and charge my forces. Other than that, no pay2win, addictive, & all levels can be beat.

  15. Polskanuddin 2.0 (Polskanuddin al-Jawhuri) says:

    It’s very good and entertaining. Out of all the games made by you, this is probably the first one that I completed perfectly. Just one more thing, in challenge conquest, can you turn down the difficulty of the enemy AI (decrease enemy AI tech level, not too low, like when player tech reaches lvl 6, enemy AI lvl 7 etc.) and make the ally AI more helpful. I can’t bear the buffed troops spam from enemy AI. Anyways, kudos to you for a great game like this!

  16. The Show Man says:

    The AI is way too strong. This is most apparent in the campaigns. They are able to push out units at a rate faster than possible. Sometimes random units will spawn in the middle of the map. On top of that, their units do insane damage the players could only dream of. Stop trying to get us to buy paid generals and balance the game. Easy tech, you’ve made great, balanced games before. Do it again.

  17. David Morales says:

    It’s a very great game and improves on the last one with a campaign that is a lot easier and requires less luck and more strategy, the addition of free generals with each chapter is very well put together and would be nice to see in any future games, the conquest is way better and your allies atually do something other then stand around and get conquered. It’s nice to see a company that actual cares about it’s customers and learns from it’s mistakes

  18. Mike Johnson says:

    The AI is way to strong even after spending alot of money in the game I cannot progress any farther than chapter 4. I have had all the European war games and I absolutely love them hands down THE very best strategy series. However I think to make these games more palatable to people not wanting to spend money on a app would be a difficultie setting as well as more game types to play. There is only world conquer and campaign, it’s kinda boring after a while.

  19. Son Sheperd says:

    Was playing for about two months. I was having a pretty good time, better than risk. It’s a great game and I would have recomended it to anyone who likes turn based strat games. Didn’t have to pay once because it’s really balanced and that’s rare these days. But after updating the game I lost all of my progress, I was in the middle of campaign 2 in Europe. Now it says i have no archived games on cloud. I’m sorry but to anyone who thinks about playing be ready to waste a few months for nothing.

  20. ypb001 says:

    Very good game. The graphics are good, the campaigns are all historically accurate and the conquest is much more balanced than in other games. I also found out that it is much easier to buy excellent generals without paying. The only setback is that when you advance into the campaign, like campaign 9 and 10, it gets pretty hard to advance.But very good game overall. The conquest is so easy that I can complete it without generals.

  21. Prob Joe says:

    Anyone saying the AI is way too hard is just bad, I think it was meant to be hard, the AI is just simple, pump more resources than player, pushes harder, but easy to trick. I only wish they would use this UI and Graphics for all their games so I’d enjoy them all. It’s a little off putting switching between so many graphic types just switching between apps by the same dev. Keep up the great work!!

  22. rohaimi abd wahid says:

    It is so good than EW6: 1806. More improvement. But l do not like the German tanks. It is more like a British tanks. I have a few suggestions you may like… 1) make a revolution mode. The dead enemy can revolt against its occupier. 2) territory trade. We can adjust back the map if it is too ugly. I really appreciate it if you add these advices into the game

  23. tyler fingerle says:

    The game is good. It is strategic and covers WW1 well including all of the events leading up. However, the game is difficult, which I like, but some of the challenges are based on dumb luck since it requires the AI to “survive”. It’s REALLY difficult to protect a general that gets himself encircled, especially when there is NO WAY to prevent it. They just charge into battle with no health and die (Battle of Maraseti and Monastir Offensive). PERHAPS allow us to heal them or make less aggressive

  24. Miles Millet says:

    It’s a fun game, I’m really enjoying it. However, what’s keeping this from achieving 5 stars are two things. 1. The rather weird historical inaccuracies. 2. Is the AI is way too hard, there isn’t any difficulty settings to change. I was playing as Britain, in the 1861 conquest. In the first 10 minutes I took a city. But, 5 minutes later allies are overrunned and the map is litterally covered by the enemy units. And all of my cities were overrunned also, and Britain was the “easy” faction.

  25. Mohammad Sahidul Islam says:

    The overall gameplay is pretty good, but too many grammatical errors abound in it. Also, the challenge level of conquest’s friendly AI needs revamping, as the major countries just sit back, pile up their resources and let their enemies take all their strongholds and cities. This makes it rather impossible to properly excecute any type of war plan associated with challenge level conquests.

  26. Christian Denney says:

    For those who still wonder about the multiplayer with how it works will require a friend of yours who has the game and the battle id is to be sent to them in order to play with someone else.Love the game! One of the best strategy games I’ve played. The conquest challenge mode is a bit difficult when one doesnt have enough medical supplies. 2 things i think would improve the game is having a few more of the items that do health regen in the shop.

  27. Combicritter says:

    Long time player of Easytech games. The fundamentals of gameplay are solid and reasonably complex. But be warned; all Easytech games in this family have persistent issues such as overpowered A.I. , lack of support from friendly A.I., and progression blocks in the form of required upgrades. Over all, if you dont mind investing months of time, its a solid game. Only other issues are lack of historical accuracy, and some obvious grammatical errors. Good luck. Youll need it.

  28. A Nonymous says:

    Good game. So far the developers are not greedy. One is able to play with only watching ads, and they are on respectable intervals. One must upgrade the troops and the generals they get in order for game play to not be impossible ( able to do this without spending actual money). However the history is a little off, but tolerable. Will continue to play to see how it goes.

  29. Remus Spanu says:

    I like the strategy part. I hate when the game cheats! Like when the enemy, who is down to his last village (a lvl 2 city), suddenly pops up a tank, with general and all….Something that could be produced only on a lvl 5-6 city. This should not be possible! The player certainly can’t do something like that! And yet, for the AI it is rather common. And it is frustrating. Also, there could be improvements. Like – you can undo a move but NOT if the moved unit lands on a enemy city of factory.

  30. Ben Boeshans says:

    This game is great; fun, enjoyable, and historically accurate but the ONLY reason I’m giving 4 stars and not 5 is the difficulty, in some aspects (like conquest) you have to be AMAZING at the game and tactically maneuver your soldiers VERY CAREFULLY, that and I don’t like the recall system, if you misclick you can’t recall which bugs me. But other than that it’s a very well done game and almost feels like it belongs on PC!

  31. Christina Holton says:

    Definitely a 5-Star game, a very large improvement from come older games. The conquests are rather easy, even as 1-2 star nations. However if there was one, bad thing it would be the ability for the opposing forces to spawn high level units out of low level cities. A good idea would be to add more affects from terrain, but besides that great game.

  32. Coco co says:

    The game is fun and all but I would like if you added a difficulty system to the campaign like if it’s easy you get less medals if it’s hard you get more medals and the ai is cheating like in the campaign you can’t even get the city which is annoying ai cheats to much I literly have beseler and they just keep getting new inf and flamethrower so ai needs improving and like add these like scenarios in wich there only one theater of a war like a conquest like civil war pls add then 5 stars

  33. Greyson Piazza says:

    Good game. 1917 conquest is broken though. France can’t hold canada is on the wrong side and the balkans fall in the first 6 rounds. Love the game just fix my favorite conquest mode dudes.

  34. Matt Read says:

    Pretty good, if you like the others. They’ve been canny. Less free stuff, with ads and missions (Napoleon). But the purchase deals are better value. Otherwise, its pretty much the same game. Lacking any Historical realism, but fun anyway. (To be fair they do get the events in the correct order).

  35. Analijah Remulta says:

    The ai are way to op i have to suggestions to counter this first just nerf em its that easy Austro Prussian war way to op man just 1 man destroyed my intire army with generals well not 1 but 3 but still that sooo op or you could buff generals that will counter but its limited idc just pick one of these options it will make the game better War fan man

  36. Steve Tieman says:

    This game is excellent. If your the type of person that enjoy’s a challange this is the game for you. Gain or purchase ledendry genrals from the american civil war and from europien wars from that time, and up too the great war ( world war 1 ). It’s alot of fun!

  37. Mike Brown says:

    It’s a good game, but the historical accuracy of the first chapter on the Civil War is very poor. The maps simply don’t relate to the actual locations, generals are present in the game who were not there historically, and the units are not accurate (I don’t think there were armored cars in the Civil War).

  38. Damian Juarez says:

    I love this game but I have a complaint and I would like for the devs to respond. when the missions get harder and the ai gets smarted as they say but they just spam over and over could u guys make it where when I’d trying to destroy a city for example have them spam again and that’s why I Always lose even when I’m up to training or have good or op generals it just goes on and on so plz fix that thx.

  39. Patrick Weber says:

    Good game, but there are some inaccuracies, for example with World War 1 Canada and Cuba were on the Allied Side not the Central Powers. Edit: Okay the Great Retreat Level is literally impossible! Fix this!

  40. B D says:

    On conquest the population limited doesn’t go up when I buy farms in cities. Sometimes the pop goes up by 1 or 2 randomly. Am I missing something or is this a bug?

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