Epic War: Thrones 1.5 Anniv. Premium Apk


1.5 Anniv. celebration is coming! Experience more exciting battles in the game!
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Archosaur Games
November 23, 2022
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Epic War: Thrones 1.5 Anniv. Premium Apk

Play as a lord within the 3 Kingdoms and lead your military to triumph over the chaotic land. Construct your town, analysis applied sciences, and amplify territories to spice up useful resource manufacturing. Arm your dependable generals with the most efficient talents and fight with hundreds of different avid gamers on-line in real-time! You’ll sign up for an alliance to develop and triumph over with your folks, or else you’ll turn into a ranger that plunders the sector as a lone wolf. Made by means of Unreal Engine Four, Epic Warfare: Thrones brings PC-level stories to cell. Revel in the sensible panorama and climate, and enforce them into your technique. Command, overcome, and declare the throne!

Epic Battle: Thrones 1.Five Anniv. Top rate Apk apk mod

**1.Five Anniv. Events** Right here comes new occasions to have a good time the 1.Five Anniv.
Login to get Huang Zhong and chat bubble freely! Everlasting pores and skin comes again.
New generals are added within the Top Season and the Prep. Area Come and sign up for in!

Epic Warfare: Thrones 1.Five Anniv. Top rate Apk apk mod new

**Game Features**
【Epic battles between masses of players】 Sign up for real-time epic battles with loads of avid gamers, each choice you are making issues! Complete attack or sneak assault? Best friend or foe? Make a choice your technique moderately. Seize ports and passes to improve your place, struggle for useful resource grids to spice up your manufacturing. Rule the battlefield like an actual commander.

Epic Struggle: Thrones 1.Five Anniv. Top class Apk

【The international of the 3 Kingdoms recreated】
Embark on a conquest that came about one thousand years in the past, into the well known historical past of the 3 Kingdoms. Witness the clashes of warlords, techniques from the Artwork of Battle being carried out, and mythical generals confronting every different. Will you be capable of live on on this chaotic land and ultimately declare the throne?

Epic Struggle: Thrones 1.Five Anniv. Top rate Apk apk mod 2022

【Legendary generals at your command】
Summon mythical generals of the 3 Kingdoms to sign up for your purpose! Be they the ambitious common Guan Yu, or the unswerving marshal Jiang Wei who attempted to protect his empire till the top. Each and every with distinctive talents and troop kind, use them to construct your tough legion! All generals are detailed modeled within the recreation, they’re as soon as made alive from the previous historical past and are looking ahead to your command!

Epic Warfare: Thrones 1.Five Anniv. Top rate Apk free up

【Alliances, factions, and rangers】
Are you a workforce participant or a lone wolf? As an alliance participant, you’ll be able to combat with your folks, defeat robust enemies in combination and assist each and every different to develop. Or else, you’ll be able to be a stealthy and maneuverable ranger, a lone wolf that plunders the battlefield and a real predator. It’s as much as you to make a choice who you wish to have to turn out to be.

Epic Conflict: Thrones 1.Five Anniv. Top class Apk mod apk

【Realistic international with numerous terrains and weathers】 Discover the huge map with over Four million tiles, march your troops throughout mountains, rivers, deserts, forests, and frozen lands. The worldwide climate machine will have an effect on your military, generals, and general battle effectiveness. Use the terrain and climate as your benefits, and you’ll defeat enemies that after seemly untouchable.

Epic Conflict: Thrones 1.Five Anniv. Top rate Apk apk

【Unlimited imaginable strategies】 Masses of basic abilities, Four troop varieties with 28 variants, 6 other combat formations, and more than a few Methods that may make the most of climate to support your military. You may have limitless methods to make a choice from, use them smartly and end up your knowledge!

**Get extra details about Epic Struggle: Thrones** Fb: https://www.fb.com/EpicwarthronesSEA Authentic Site: http://www.archosaur.com/epicwarthrones/
Discord: https://discord.gg/zujkyBnMwW

**Device Requirement** Machine model: Android Five.0 or above
RAM: 2GB or extra CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 or higher


40 comments on "Epic War: Thrones 1.5 Anniv. Premium Apk"

  1. Glen Allison says:

    Generic build and wait game, build times quickly grow until you wait days for things to happen. The combat is automatic, so while it looks pretty, its not interactive. Strong pay to win.

  2. Robert Sero says:

    Update: Giving the game 3 star because there’s something I don’t like at all. Grid defender whenever a battle becomes a Draw and you checked back the defender.. their troops are still 100% full after a battle without any casualties. Whats the point giving a recovery notice if the defenders army is not reduced at all. Giving absolutely no chance for a back to back battle to weaken the AI grid defender. Because you need resources to build army and resources are rare and hard to get.


    Great! Finally found the game ive been looking for! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I’ve got a Suggestions, please fix the thing were you enter you kingdom or your castle its gonna show just a picture please change that were if you enter the castle you can see the different structure like in the KING OF AVALON, ang please add were you can see your troops on the castle love the game! Actually LOVE IT A LOT! PLEASE ADD THIS ON THE NEXT UPDATE! 🥺❤️❤️

  4. Yan Chin says:

    only 3 stars, I don’t feel the good graphics lack in small details,Shadow is like glitch, Lack in features , I think dev should focus on that, Add more features and the graphics should focus on small details, Hopefully it will done in next update

  5. francis alejo says:

    This is the first strategy game that I really like,thanks dev for this,I love the grinding part of this game,not p2w,but if you want to get SSR generals to collect,you’ll need to spend a dime for it,I hope you’ll add events for f2p to somehow get SSR generals,about the game please add more dynamics in fight and siege,where we can see our generals really brawl full of battle effects,and about our main castle may you please make it more alive inside,not just an image,we want true unreal engine exp

  6. Dani Libriyanto says:

    Don’t get wrong, the game is very good and I love it. The problem is, I even can’t binding my account. Everytime I go to login and try to bind, it always restart to starting screen. I’d tried many times, and still the same. Now, I’m playing only using guest account, that’s mean it’s only for a while until I change another mobile device. So, for developer, if you concern, please fix this problem a.s.a.p. Many thanks if you read it (Edit : it’s fixed already, thanks)

  7. Julian Christian says:

    This is the best 3 kingdoms game that I ever played on mobile. Compare to the others that using vip system and cash grab game, this game is the most balanced without vip system or pay to win. The graphic is really good and realistic way such as weather, terrain, and characters design.

  8. Sky Net says:

    This is fun. Theres no resource packs to begin with thus no one can used a lot of money here. Everything is either you harvs or take from other people. Secondly everything cost 20 medal, and medal is the only thing worth buying.

  9. Nathan Balinas says:

    This was once a 5 star Rating, But on top of being a pay to win game in terms of player being able to buy a “Battle Pass” of some sorts. It is also a Gacha game for Generals. I have started from Global Server 4 onwards to Global Server 31 and have NOT gotten a SINGLE 9 cost/valued general even though I always saved up ATLEAST 5000 beads on their respective banners. The Gameplay is Decent if you have an Active Alliance, just don’t expect to be on the top of any of the leaderboards if you’re F2P.

  10. Lay Sambo says:

    This is the best strategy game that I have ever played, graphics, characters design was very good. But I want to make a suggestion, can you change color of generals clothes to their state colors (Wu: Red, Wei: Blue, Shu: Green, QUN: Purple), it easy to recognize which general belong to which state. And add some missing generals to you next update pls, Thanks

  11. Rahmat LOL says:

    Hi developer. I would love to give this games the highest star,but the problem is,my account dont have any tab that can equip horse. Some of the function like missing. Even skin also dont have. I dunno why is it bug or not. Please check. Server 22 – Global.

  12. Zharif Razain says:

    Beautiful graphics, open world strategy gameplay thats immersive and have different servers to cater different language audience. Just maybe quite pay to win but the in the end teamplay is key with your faction wars.

  13. Earl says:

    The game’s nice and all but the problem is moderation/managing the game. Depopulation due to new server being released constantly is a huge problem, we can barely unlock farm+ upgrade due to this. Another huge issue is that devs/mods do not care about clones being used for seiging/making fortifications in war which is game breaking in my opinion. No amount of effort or whaling can counter that because of stamina and march token limitation. This is based from my experience playing 1+ month.

  14. Praykersa Garni says:

    Best of this kind of game! Real strategy needed, not really P2W even you have very strong troops its nothing if you’re alone. No Jumping, No fast traveling, No fast recruiting, all you need is strategy and coordination.

  15. Taufik Haryanto says:

    This game has very huge potential. I played this games for weeks but started to feeling bored because it seems the only way to win the battle is by having huge troops, boost up level and stat bonus. Less tactics are used, also there s no way we can use the advantage of nature element such as open dam gate to flood the enemy, put a forest in fire, rolling boulder etc. Also it consumes so much time to play, really made me exhausted. Just make for one action if we run out of stamina, need 45mins.

  16. Quoc Wesker says:

    Hello Epic War: Thrones Team, Thank you for the fantastic game that you create for us. I am a Graphic love gamer. Today, I found out there is one fixture that have some issue. For example, the Yanmen Mountains area (491,449) – Waterfall but there is not Lake below the stream. If you can, please fix it that all members can enjoy your Epic Scene with nice graphics. Thank you! Always 5 stars.

  17. Twice Once says:

    I adore the game so much. .the graphic, the functioning of the game, the generals, all of it. .the first android Three Kingdom game i fell in love after play stations. The problem i only gave 4 is. .there is sometime not much to do and just let the game set for a while, cuz the battle token are only 4 points a day, and ..after u capture limit of territory, there is not much to do. .u train ur general, and that’s all. .. What i’m trying to say is, i want more action pls😪😪

  18. Keattipong Saravit says:

    First off, I’ve already quit after 3 days. I’m a huge fan of Three Kingdoms but maybe this genre is just not my cup of tea. I can never play any game of this kind for more than a week. Also, it doesn’t really feel like Three Kingdoms once you go out of the roster page. Is it a bad game? No. There are a lot of interesting mechanics that function well, imo. The gameplay itself is fairly intuitive and addictive. I had fun. The progression is not too grindy. Graphics and sound effects are top tier.

  19. Ricky Chia says:

    Season 1 was a great game, suddenly when we merged servers with in ss2 and ss3 all the duplicated accounts started emerging which can actually block the entire alliance from moving past without having to station any troops. According to devs this is “as per design” which is just fricking ridiculous for how game breaking it is and the fact they refuse to admit their mistakes.

  20. Pang Hong Ming says:

    Game developers decided to make drastic changes to the season in the middle of season 3. All alliances in the entire server have their plans thrown into disarray and spoilt the gaming experience for every single player. We have never had an entire server united in flaming the developers. The developers do not take players’ feedback seriously and do anything they want.

  21. Aung Han Oo says:

    all is good until this morning, when I tried to top up 100usd, and failed and tried two more times. After that I checked my account balance and the 300usd was transferred out. But there is absolutely no efficient way in game to report or talk to the game masters to resolve the issues quickly…

  22. Randy Agasi says:

    The game is good but I top up like 3 times. The payment was successful, but the item I purchase haven’t been sent yet. Please kindly fix this issue or refund my money back. Update: They have fixed this issue. so I change the star to 5. Thanks!

  23. sarvotam lochun says:

    Put more scenes while attacking , the siege etc i like the idea of conquering enemies castle and territories, i just want to see more of my generals fighting styles and so on destruction of walls and so on and also more troops i am still new i like the game just not the lack of scenes you can enjoy while attacking tho the replays are like other games make it unique,Lots of potential keep up the great work 🫂😍🔥

  24. irpan pirmansyah says:

    This is real balance, NO Pay 2 Win. The pack are only for heroes, a little tweak but not significant. *Spoiler : you really need to think the strategy, the game knowledge is really really a lot. Thanks dev, for bringing the old game and renew it to this theme.

  25. Christian London says:

    I enjoyed playing it but after a few weeks it just got boring. Don’t really enjoy having a cap on the territories I can take over. I like the character and building aspect

  26. Lloyd Mbatha says:

    Lies! I thought I could be “lone wolf”, but I can’t experience some of the aspects of the game without being in an alliance. And the major aspect is Siegeing. So basically I can not attack any player or city unless I join an alliance. So to be a “lone wolf” is basically to be what, a farmer? What happened to the storyline? I thought you’ll have cut scenes that will kick in when I upgrade my camp and that will lead me to another chapter in the game. Disappointed overall!!!

  27. Aashish Thapa says:

    Nice game… would be nice if more players played this game…. also, please continue to add more new features…. map zooming features and additional helpful map tools for players would be great too. Also, it would be great if later on you could play Mongolian and other Asian factions and if there was great wall of China in the game… would love to play a game like that…

  28. Lil Billy says:

    There is no need for this game to have access to my photos, I just got this trash to get points for another app but it’s not worth it. This style of game involves no kind of strategy, it’s simply another loudy pay to win game. Uninstalling

  29. Chris Gonzalez says:

    Had a bad experience where the (region) I choose had about 6 active players. We ended up completely outnumbered by all other factions. Generally I liked the game but since they didn’t think about forcing people into each area equally I quit. I wont play it again either it was a complete disappointment. The game requires way too much of your time as well.

  30. Michael Johnson says:

    Joined a server couldn’t join an alliance as there wasn’t one created, the only way to create one is to spend real money… Also restricting movement like farming to movement tokens really lowers the playability of the game. Only spend like 20-30min on game then I can’t do anything as I don’t have anymore tokens to move and their to expensive for how much you use them for things. Everything else is great just wish I could do the alliance stuff but I’m not buying in game currency to start one….

  31. KHA Almalki says:

    Forget about competing. All your hardwork will be for nothing. 1 team from someone better will crush all your teams one by one with very little damage to their own it is not worth mentioning. So basically pay up and get the best generals and upgrades or just don’t waste you time.

  32. Evan Boudreau says:

    Don’t bother playing the game auto wipes everything you’ve achieved every season all your lands you’ve conquered wiped. Generals you’ve spent countless hours upgrading wiped. You keep the generals you summoned but literally every single other thing WIPED! If this had to happen for what ever reason the VERY MINIMUM you should maintain the lands you’ve conquered. No point in playing time and effort WASTED!

  33. Cecilia Poon says:

    If you have not started to play this game, pls don’t start! The game itself is interesting and fun to play. However, you will need to invest quite a lot to be able to draw good heros, thus fun to play, on top of that, often the more you invest the more you won’t get your desired heros. Therefore, consider seriously before starting to play.

  34. Thomas says:

    Introduce strategies, formation changes, commander positions and more strategies while real-time battle than just before battle. Thus make battle more interesting and stimulating upto the level of animation and graphics on battles.

  35. jacob yiu says:

    Great game with many cool features which keeps me excited! I just hope that they could add a feature where we could battle our own armies so that we can test them and see which is better. Moreover, I hope that they could add the feature of spectator mode where we could spectate different servers to see their progress.

  36. Regret says:

    Best Strategy Game! One of the best strategy game out there, the visual animation is god tier level and the gameplay is awesome. I highly recommend this game for those players who loves to enjoy collecting cards as well as grinding. Good luck have fun. Thanks devs.

  37. Ohmy says:

    Terrible pathing which send you on a longer path crashing into enemies ,clone accounts to block paths,not allow to siege your enemy without JOINING a guild and what worst is your enemy is from that SAME GUILD,ranger class totally distorted the game and it get worst when they teamup with guild side by side against smaller guilds,certain skills and generals are pretty much impossible to summon or get are so pay to win overpowering,guild gang up,horrible translation and toxic environment etc


    We are in the middle of the war to get the grand prize but they cut off the season too early for the other side to win.

  39. Afiq Ridhuan says:


  40. Mike Hero 0f Gamer says:

    Good game, great graphics, so cool but not great with voice actor

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