Empire Defender Offline Games Mod Apk New 2022*


Strategy Offline TD Game! Become An Epic Defender! Premium Version
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September 9, 2022
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Empire Defender Offline Games Mod Apk New 2022*

This is top class model of Empire Defender, Play now to revel in the privilege!

Empire Defender Offline Video games Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

You’re a skillful grasp in technique recreation? Thrive for your sensible techniques and combat ambitious warring parties. Lead your mighty heroes and protect the frontiers of your realm from the darkness!

Empire Defender Offline Video games Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

Input the method recreation with hundreds of thousands of avid gamers in an never-ending struggle all over the world to win victory and reputation. If you’re a real Fable Tower Protection fan, this TD Offline technique recreation can’t be neglected! You’ll be stunned by means of the fantastic graphics and bold gameplay.

Empire Defender Offline Video games Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

Your objective on this technique sport is to construct your personal plan to safeguard your throne and remove invaders, bringing peace again on your realm. Now not best does this catch essentially the most attractive traits of a TD recreation, but it surely additionally has many new options that stay you taking part in for hours!

Empire Defender Offline Video games Mod Apk New 2022* release

RECREATION OPTIONS ▶ An epic tower protection this is sexy, amusing and unfastened! We title it Combat TD (btd).
▶ Offline mode that you’ll play anyplace at anytime.
▶ Top of the range graphics than many of the different tower protection and technique video games.
▶ Imagine all energy on your hand, sparsely know about your enemy to have essentially the most appropriate technique and techniques. Construct your easiest protection and succeed in superb victory!
▶ 120+ maps and ranges which can be each difficult and engaging in a technique recreation.
▶ Four sorts of Defence Towers with other purposes and strengths, come together with Five upgradable choices. Archer, Mage, Warrior, Dragon, Golem,..all is yours.
▶ Eleven Heroes with other powers and talents. Make a selection your heroes to steer the btd 6 battle and rush a vengeance. Defeat or being defeated, it’s as much as you!
▶ 10+ forms of distinctive Runes that lend a hand give a boost to your heroes in order that they may be able to push away any fierceful bosses and invaders.
▶ 30+ varieties of enemies with their very own evil talents. Don’t underestimate the minions, or they’re going to damage your citadel!
▶ The serious boss struggle on this addictive technique and tower defence video games and realm protection that you’ll be able to by no means see in every other loose td video games!
▶ Five Power-ups – the real saviors within the toughest protection moments.
▶ Greater than One hundred achievements on this video games – watch for for the mightiest defender to triumph over!
▶ Aggressive Event: Let’s see who’s the most productive defender on this planet championship, the Countless Problem!

Empire Defender Offline Video games Mod Apk New 2022*

Heads up and rush into protective your citadel and kingdom from the evil enemies. Get in a position for essentially the most epic battles td 6 of all time.
We’re ready so that you can declare the name of Very best Defender Ever!

Empire Defender Offline Video games Mod Apk New 2022* apk

Touch us for additional give a boost to and details about Empire Warriors TD:
– Electronic mail: [email protected]
– Legitimate Fanpage: https://www.fb.com/empire.defender.reliable – Reputable Staff: https://www.fb.com/groups/empiredefender


40 comments on "Empire Defender Offline Games Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Shalm Harold says:

    I don’t know how to politely leave a review like this… It appears to be a reskinned version of Kingdom Rush. Like blatantly ripped them off. Is there any unique features or art styles that I should continue playing for? I had to literally double check I was playing the right game. They appear identical.

  2. dendy ma says:

    Huge improvement from previouw game i love it! Although there’s still visual bug sometimes like die hero moving area not shown correctly if you change hero before moving Edit: or maybe that’s the new feature

  3. IM THE JOKER BABBY idk says:

    Really good game so far the only problem is and I know you guys gotta make money,but still is buying heros is kinda dumb but it would be cool if you could get them for free like latter on in the story instead of wasting 10$ or 5$ on them only my opinion but other then that really good game.

  4. The Samson's says:

    This is the best tower defense that I played so far. Beautiful graphics, characters, towers and maps. Hope you can add more heroes and also more rewards. I’m playing this today march 14, 2022. Thank you devs!

  5. Vincent Dylan Sañosa says:

    It’s a really good game, the concept is not really original but I like the heros can have equipable abilitys it’s a nice touch.

  6. James Jad says:

    Honsstly A Pretty Good tower defense game, if your bored of grow castle or other defense games then you should pick this up and try it out, it has similairties with a gacha game and a little bit of rpg similarities. Play this game its so addicting.

  7. z3bru says:

    Game looks decent, but there is every monetization method under the sun implemented in it. You’ve got the standart paid characters and battle pass, but there is also energy system, for spells and tons of resource heavy upgrades that seem to be placed only to incentivise spending.

  8. Kevin Lee says:

    This game is basically a re-skin of many other TD games of this type and even has the same art style. But it is well polished and fun to play

  9. Kenneth Lee says:

    Fun until you hit the pay to win wall. 3 heroes free. some content can have 5 heroes so f2p is gimped. difficultly curve goes up fast and you can either stop progression entirely, or pay to get strong enough. enjoy about 30 mins.

  10. Arya Putra says:

    For now, I’ll put 5 stars because I like the graphics. The game play, it’s alright, but just remember that this is a pay to win game. It was created with in-app purchases in mind. I will change the rating when I get to finish the next level of it.

  11. PREPENSE says:

    Don’t give out earned achievements you bellends! And you can’t min screen whilst playing so you can’t see all the routes the enemies are coming from at the same time. We’ll done to the makers – I’m sure your wife and children look at you with disappointment in their eyes.

  12. John Duarte (Lokim23) says:

    I’ve developed several TD maps in warcraft map editor. I love TD Defender types. But here’s the thing, this game needs 5 heros for half the things in the game, only offers 3 but you have to pay for the rest, no earnable heroes. The game LITERALLY only has 5 heroes at the moment. VERY LIMITED amount of tower upgrades. The games a non-starter. Sorry, not sorry. Let alone the game now wants you to pay $1 for the game itself? LOL, nah, this games a cash grab.

  13. Belinda Wolter says:

    Glitchy, laggy, pay to advance, and poorly designed. Towers are useless and can only be improved with stars that are limited, crippling progress. This ‘TD’ is exclusively about paying for heroes. You use 3 at a time, there are only 5, and 3 of them are paylocked. A direct copy of every other TD with some ‘gameplay changes’ so the people that copied the programming can take money and pretend to be game developers. The most boring and broken ‘TD’ to be released to-date.

  14. George Loh says:

    Fun but buggy. Like stamina timer get paused and doesnt recover and poison DD sometimes doesnt fire off but still goes on CD are the ones ive noticed. Also a multiple select for rune dissembling would be helpful.

  15. Crookedly Crooked says:

    Ok so the game is not bad, levels and graphics are fine but make the other heroes purchasable with ingame currency! Don’t make this game pay to win! And you just have 5 heroes, please add more heroes and more tower upgrades. I would suggest having a hero shop to purchase heroes with gems. That way, people who are willing to spend money can still spend money on gems to get the heroes faster while free to play players can save up and earn them.

  16. RovanGC says:

    Hello dev, thanks for offline mode. My suggestion Make Full artwork of heroes artwork, so the default artwork and skin artwork more cool than only picture of heroes face. I like the skin for heroes so maybe can add more skin like summer skin, hellowen skin etc. Next add special tower that we can get from event or gacha. Keep it up

  17. tony farg says:

    maybe nerf the nightmare difficulty a lil bit and there is a bug that doesnt save runes and spills to ur inventory after u buy them even tho there is space in it.. happened one time only thats all, and the towers upgrades need more variety and add more heroes and make the heroes limit u can use 4 instead of 3

  18. Tony Nguyen says:

    Edited my review after I did a reinstall. To sum up original review, nightmare difficulty is poorly balanced and close to unbeatable. However, after the reinstall, I lost so much progress that it’s not worth playing again. Will completely uninstall.

  19. Clement Sioco says:

    After defeating stage 10, it just stays there, won’t finish. Took me 30min and still won’t finish the stage, I have upgraded all towers and still won’t finish

  20. Joseph Jones says:

    game starts off good then after chapter 1 be prepared to use your wallet to clear stages. enemies arent worth enough to help level towers per stage way too many flyers for only 2 tower types and 2 heroes to kill or maybe nerf flyers health or buff those heroes/towers damage cooldowns.

  21. Dhmtsav says:

    Needs a lot of improvements , later on the towers make no difference and it’s all about the heroes , if we take as example ur previous games there is not much to expect since in the end u just relanch it with tiny deferences and here u got this game …..

  22. Andrew Lee says:

    The game freezes on lvl 20 every time. It’s broken. I spent money early on and it was a mistake

  23. Colton Bingham says:

    There are more icons on the home screen prompting you to spend money, than there are towers or heros. The game is designed to be free2play game that still makes you buy it. If it was free, I would give it 2 stars. The content is so bare bones compared to other TD games, yet there is like 9 different things to spend money on. It’s a cash grab looking for some whales to dig into. No matter the response, they don’t plan to change any of this. Save your $1…

  24. MNA says:

    Was enjoying the game until I reached level 20 and even though I bet the bad guys and all 10 waves the level fails to finish stopping progression of the game

  25. Javier Navarrete says:

    I enjoy the game but on level 20 when you beat it, it doesnt let me go to next level. I played and beat it a couple times with 3 stars and it doesnt take me to level 21. this is why I’m giving a 3 star.

  26. David Bennett says:

    Original 2 star rating due to bug preventing progression. Company responded in seconds to my message and promised an update. Within a couple days game was updated and bug was fixed. Extremely rare support for any company, especially a mobile game developer. Amazing job!!

  27. weei sing yap says:

    Play everyday, and 5th May ask to update, but no update option to choose in play store .. keep stucking over here to put in this one star review… lame.. In addition,there is no way to save and load the game from server when you wanna change the phone..premium version huh, what is the difference playing offline, still asking people to pay for this game, only Stupid Fellow will pay for this kind of game, just forget it if u r going 2 change phone in the near future… You will be more regret

  28. Ninjapro 10 says:

    It’s ok but crashes way too often, every level it crashes at least once. There are only 4 types of towers(but they are customizable), there are spells and heroes to help the towers kill more enemies. Keep in mind that the spells that rain arrows and fire don’t affect flying enemies(which doesn’t even make sense)

  29. Joseph Gutierrez says:

    Meh at best. Great classic tower defense game, however the home screen is cluttered and there are ads everywhere. I expected more for a paid game. Want power ups? Watch 1 – 5 ads per power up.

  30. Sarl Snake says:

    The game just wont complete level 20. I beat all the waves and the boss and the game does not complete the level or progress at all. Tried 4 times, still glitched.

  31. Joshua Sachse says:

    The gameplay is solid, since it’s copied from their last game. The description in the store is also copied from their last game, as there are only 40 levels and 5 heroes. Most of the progression comes from watching ads to get better equipment. There are regular updates and the support team is active, but the only content they’ve added since initial release is more p2w heroes.

  32. Nepoznato Nepoznato says:

    Crashes before launches, welcome screen doesn’t allow to “press start”, waiting doesn’t help. Rest great.

  33. Chris Schaaf says:

    Lots of ads, have to pay for extra heroes. Reasonable difficulty for the most part, some decent challenge on nightmare. Spells sometimes dont cast properly. Chapter2 boss is stupid and broken, heals from almost dead to 3/4 hp and all towers and heroes stop attacking this boss. Boss clones stay on the battlefield frozen even after the level is beaten and the level does not complete. Very frustrating

  34. And ? says:

    It is fun when it isn’t glitching. It takes a bit longer than it should to load on such a fast network plays for a few minutes then crashes. Developers please fix these issues so it can be a game worth our time and money.

  35. Brentjason Dequiña says:

    1 star for this game, I thought this game is offline then why can’t this game run, its always said “no data found”, I’m very very disappointed

  36. Amit Parmar (Tillu) says:

    Lost interest. Game has decent start, but need to watch lot of ads to get build ups for heros. Very interesting in beginning to complete two chapters. But thats it. There are no further updates to add new chapters. Designers just keep adding heros in order to grab your money, but doesn’t do anything to add inerest. Got new update on 8/4/22. As expected, they again added new hero; but no new chapters to add interest. Dropping rating to 1 star now and uninstalling the game.

  37. David Koh says:

    Great game , but there are some bug there the creature hang there unable to complete the level …

  38. wargex says:

    If you want to play a real game play the Kingdom Rush series. I have yet to watch an ad. I will update if it is necessary or not to do so when the time comes. But the game is artificially extended by stamina/energy wait times, so the game will never get a higher score than 1 star.

  39. ChangGeun Lee says:

    Fun but too many ad and impossible to play without cash

  40. Priyadarshini C says:

    Not much skill required. You just have to watch ads and pay for powerups and you will win. If you don’t do this you won’t win.

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