EMERGENCY HQ: rescue strategy Apk Download New*


Command firefighters, police and medical teams. This is a firefighter simulation
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December 8, 2022
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EMERGENCY HQ: rescue strategy Apk Download New*

This is your firefighter sport. The brand new simulator recreation within the EMERGENCY sequence – obtain the rescue sport EMERGENCY HQ now!

EMERGENCY HQ: rescue technique Apk Obtain New* unencumber

EMERGENCY HQ is a rescue simulation recreation. Take regulate of emergency gadgets, together with fireplace and ambulance, police, SWAT, a medical institution and technical products and services. Head up operations of rescues, crimes, clinical and disaster control, dispatch and command automobiles and staff. Regulate firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, medical doctors, law enforcement officials and particular forces to battle fires, rescue animals, save lives, combat terrorists and a lot more. Increase your base and put in combination the easiest emergency services and products workforce! Improve your hearth vehicles, health center, different structures and devices, increase your headquarters. Use the hearth Division, Rescue Carrier, Police Division, and Technical Gadgets to grasp the various thrilling and difficult missions!

EMERGENCY HQ: rescue technique Apk Obtain New* apk

Sign up for forces in a rescue alliance and strengthen pals in difficult missions.

EMERGENCY HQ: rescue technique Apk Obtain New* mod apk

Do you’ve got what it takes to be a hero? Battle The Chaos! Play the highest firefighter recreation now!

EMERGENCY HQ: rescue technique Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

EMERGENCY HQ – the firefighter and rescue simulator recreation – is loose to obtain and play, then again some sport pieces may also be bought for actual cash. In case you don’t wish to use those options, please disable in-app purchases for your tool settings.


40 comments on "EMERGENCY HQ: rescue strategy Apk Download New*"

  1. Benton Sylvina says:

    it is an awesome game. I do wish there was more interaction with the scenes and vehicles than just clicking on them and telling them what to do and then just sit and wait. graphics are great, game play is great, controls are okay, missions are plentiful and goes by what level you are. i think it would be cool to have the side missions as interactive, as in actually control the fire hose or tow truck, instead of just sending units. then the actual game play would not be as boring.

  2. Anlienisse Lensar says:

    Decent game; however, it takes up too much space on my device. Unfortunately I cannot play anymore due to space. It is also slow to load throughout the different experiences. A suggestion is to make moving and designing the units easier as it is not user friendly maneuvering the roads and buildings. Also making the characters a bit more diverse and less aggressive would be appreciated considering the current temperature of society. Overall, I enjoyed the game.

  3. Farin Amory says:

    This is a very fun game. It is not too grindy and there are a lot of opportunity to earn the special currency. This is the one of best mobile app I have ever played. Some of the scenarios are a bit clunky and the controls can be slightly annoying when dealing with larger scenarios. Units can be a little hard to see from time to time. Individually graphics, controls, and gameplay rate a 4 or so but overall a 5 star game!

  4. Johnica Helea says:

    This game is fun. Lot of repeat missions. Being able to move your units for better planning would make the game better and more strategic. Some missions get so large it makes it difficult to find your units because they are in random places with no way of zooming out further. This game is free but it hits a wall at a certain point where you can’t progress in the game further unless you put money into the game. Upgrade costs are nearly impossible to reach with daily collecting and mission rewards

  5. Emalyne Mayde says:

    Very fun game. Awesome attention to detail! I like that many missions are between 1 and 5 minutes, so I can play a little or a lot, depending on how much time I have. Leveling up is easy at first but becomes harder as “the cost” to build/expand becomes really high. The in-app prices are high, but no doubt some people pay. $1-2 starting options would be nice. Wish there was an “in-mission” fast forward. There is also team/league play which I like. It makes the game more competitive!

  6. Eddrick Christianah says:

    awesome game. I’m so addicted. and no ads!! u can watch a ad to get extra stuff. only thing is like in a mission say it cost 1k to call all the help to arrive and when u beat the mission you get 1k. so it you dont make much. now not for all some you do profit on. but I think there need to be a way to make a lot more coins. because the cost for the buildings and upgrades can be costly. please help this situation. but it’s still a great game. just wish was a better way to make more coins.

  7. Loriana Alfrid says:

    It’s a great idea and can be an enjoyable game, but the controls are really bad and you can lose your units on bigger events. Also, as you proceed level on your HQ, you have to train 5 times each unit to have a chance later on. Not to mention building costs are ridiculous. I find myself logging in once in a while, put a unit to train, perhaps play just one mission and send support. Then I log in after a few days… if I remember. 10 minutes at a time.

  8. Fraine Ilde says:

    Command response is sometimes slow, requiring multiple input. Sometimes pieces return to origin after starting response. Maneuvers are circuitous and inefficient. Initial piece deployment is random. Upgraded pieces may be slower than originally. The reward stars are slow to accumulate, delaying major upgrades and limiting accumulation of coin. This makes no sense for a game with such excellent graphics and concept. Built-in annoyances degrade the quality of a basically good game.

  9. Deena Jaci says:

    Is truly a 5-star game. Highly addictive and tons of fun playing. There’s only 2 issues i have with the game: 1: It takes way too long to upgrade once you get past first few levels. It shouldn’t take over a week to upgrade something that you need to proceed in the game. It already takes weeks to save money to upgrade in the first place. 2:. Gives you missions you cannot without the upgrades. To replace these missions you have to spend special currency. Dont give me missions I can’t accept…

  10. Carmel Dryden says:

    Standard town building with a twist, missions can be extremely fast paced and require constant attention, it’s very fun. However, on occasion after missions you get an error connecting to server, which gives you no rewards for completing the mission. This is extremely irritating when you’ve used a replay token, a verticopter, and your coins to deploy your units. All of those are removed with the connection error, but no rewards are given. Peculiar, and for that this game gets 2 stars.

  11. Albertina Devyn says:

    I really don’t like “free” mobile games that require paying at least some money in order to be enjoyable, but I thought I’d give this one a shot because I’m a fan of the series. Started off well, really fun simplified version of the PC series. Made 2 purchases to level up faster, then the game asked me to log in with a worldofemergency account, which I had, so I did. Unfortunately this deletes all progress (and any in app purchases) up to that point. Didn’t want to start over so I gave up on it.

  12. Mildraed Wadley says:

    The game is amazing, I totally love it. I would give it 5 stars, but 9/10 times I start the game, it loads to 99% and stops loading, prompting me to restart the game many times before I actually get to play. On another note, I would appreciate the ability to pause a game, close my phone for more than 2 minutes, and pick back up where I left off. I often get interrupted in the middle of a level and lose progress (and any used verticopters).

  13. Aesoburne Baylee says:

    I like this game. It’s a good concept. But when I moved from level 200 to 250 it just got much harder and things got way too expensive too fast. My average coin amount was about 30,000 at that time. But the new depots cost 100,000 or more, and many of the missions required those depots. Please make your game a little less harder and things a little less expensive.

  14. Mirta Mishayla says:

    New review: Honestly, I take back my previous review because on my new phone( Motorola G7), I have loads of storage space and I think not having enough on my old one was the biggest problem. Simple gameplay, but this is mostly based on real-time management and that’s what makes it so challenging. The newer and difficult missions almost never fail to impress me and I’m more than happy to see what you have in store next!

  15. Genny Sunngifu says:

    The game is not bad. But at one point, the game stopped starting. There is a problem connecting to the server. After repeated attempts to reinstall Google with recommendations (clearing the data in google play and other witchcraft), the problem was not resolved. When downloading and installing it gives an error. Sorry for the time spent and some money.

  16. Mark Alexander says:

    I really like this game. Unfortunately, there are too many server connection errors, creating a lot of down time. That’s why I’ve downgraded my rating to 3 stars. I’ll keep on trying to play, though. Hopefully their technical support will catch up to their popularity soon. UPDATED RATING: Unfortunately, they continue to have server connection problems. It makes it next to impossible to achieve some of the goals they outline due to lack of available up-time. Downgraded to 2 star.

  17. Emily Gibson says:

    Good game terrible glitches. I absolutely love this game but the glitches are very annoying. You’ll be completely done with one and it will say that it can’t connect and has to restart but when it restarts you don’t get the prizes for the event you just finished nor do you get the chance to replay it. I really wish they would fix this bc I really like this game and will give 5 stars if they do fix it.

  18. Skull214 says:

    Very fun and i enjoy how many missions make you think before you act. However not a fan of the timer starting as soon as the mission starts, giving no time to plan in advance. Also a tad odd how everything starts at 100 instead of the traditional 1, 2, 3, etc. Also would be nice to have an actual pause button instead of pausing when selecting units. And the voice response seems a little delayed. And after reading some other reviews, i remembered about the upgrade timers & prices being too high

  19. Johanna Trentmann says:

    This is a solidly good game, however I would like to see the developer improve on the controls of the units. You should be able to position the units freely, not just when they have an action. For example: let me put the stretcher next to the medic instead of waiting for the medic to be finished. It wastes time and isn’t realistic. Overall, it’s a really fun game!

  20. TheGunguy461 says:

    Complete garbage. Unnecessarily requires internet connection which drains your battery and data or relegates you to playing in a wifi area. The game play is terrible; it is frustrating to have to go back and forth between the responders and the disaster. I would like the option to tell a responder to do something just by tapping on them, or by just tapping on a disaster. I get that it’s a control based game, but the complete lack of initiative of the characters is frustrating.

  21. Corey Thompson says:

    Leaving a review of my initial thoughts at level 3. I would like more emergency support skins for vehicles. When sending someone on a time rescue mission, the siren should fade the further they get. Not completely cut off. I honestly thought we were going to get to design a town and give needed support with emergencies. This game seems interesting enough for me to keep it. I think it could improve the farther I get. So going to keep it for awhile and see how things go.

  22. Geo says:

    I would rate higher, but you really need to fix your shotty servers. I lose coins so much because I spend hundreds to call in the units, I finish the mission, and then the game fails to connect. I find it odd how the game can remember that you spent coins before it restarted, but it CANNOT remember that you just completed a mission. I don’t know why you guys never thought of adding a button that allows you to retry the connection, or a save button so that you can save during a mission.

  23. Vetesse Knight says:

    I played this game a LOT and loved it. After the latest update though, sadly, it’s barely playable. Even my Tab A7 tablet can’t get past the ‘server error, connection lost’ problem. During missions, or worse – directly after, it happens often. When that error comes up, the game restarts and all that hard work didn’t happen. And it happens persistently. I miss the game and used to play it religiously. I don’t think I have the heart to uninstall it either.

  24. Charles Murphy says:

    I love this game and the concept. The missions are great and tie timing and strategy together. I keep getting infuriated playing it because I spend coins and time to “upgrade” my services and they work much faster and more reliably. Then once I upgrade my headquarters they go back to level one performance but the price and time for the training does. The missions are getting harder but someone thinks it is comical to reset your services to basic training cadet skills when advancing in the game.

  25. Gary Sternberg says:

    Did exactly what the other comments said it would do. As soon as I completed the third mission, it disconnected from the server and gave me an error message. Not going to mess with the developer’s advice to restart my device, that’s patently ridiculous. There have been numerous complaints about this, and it should be addressed, instead of giving dumb advice. Running on a Samsung galaxy s6 tablet with plenty of memory and storage, this has to be on their end. Uninstalled.

  26. Jack says:

    Very good game. Great graphics and controls. Good mix of challenging and “relaxing” missions. The biggest annoyance is the need to be constantly connected. You switch out of the game for few seconds and it restarts. Update: the game wouldn’t load anymore: can’t contact the server… pretty sure it’s not my connection.

  27. Jason Hunt says:

    Game is fun, but can be boring quick. Challenges get repetitive very quickly, only changes when leveling up headquarters. Which would be fine if you didn’t get the challenge right when you update your headquarters, but need to build a building before you can perform the challenge. Also needs a better balance of difficulty. As soon as the headquarters updates most of the challenges are updated to the higher level making very difficult to put out fires or keep people alive. Game also crashes.

  28. Dave Sanson says:

    Very enjoyable game to play. But when you get to a certain level there are no further buildings you can build, or even change current buildings into either better stations or maybe stations that are a little interactive. It would be nice if there was an option to move units when they’re onscene or when the units are responding. This would allow you to put the units where they will be more efficient. Over all it’s been fun to play and absolutely recommend the game to players.

  29. Chase Ingram says:

    It’s fun at the beginning, then once you upgrade your HQ to about level 3 you’re almost forced to pay to play. Everything becomes extremely expensive to upgrade yet you still make the same amount of gold for completing missions as you did at the start which makes it very time consuming to progress, also you get absolutely nothing for gaining a level, would be nice for some sort of reward. A few things here and there that keep this from being a great game.

  30. Brian Rodriguez says:

    This game is probably one of the best if not the best I have ever played on my phone. It makes things very challenging and is always pushing me to improve my skills and attach plan in order to get better medals or scores. The only thing I hate about this game is how you are issued missions from levels you still haven’t unlocked yet. For example, I can do things eith a base lvl5 but the map shows some missions lvl6 so I am forced to either ignore it or buy an exchange. Pls fix this

  31. Ray Croak says:

    Its a cool fun game to play. The placing of apparatus is downright horrible. Would love to also be able to send units back after completing their requirements. Certainly need to be able train more than 1 unit at a time. If not possible need to lower the amount of time to train significantly. Also need to address the time it takes to complete an act. 1 mission is a forest fire with people trapped under debris and before the fire is out other people are dead.

  32. River Crimea says:

    UPDATE: My only remaining issue is that the gameplay does not respond to my device’s stylus. The SM-T830, like many of the Samsung Galaxy devices, works best with its stylus. While the game responds to the stylus in menus (most of the time), it does not during gameplay–the most important place for such response…. Big thanks to the devs for being responsive about previous issues!

  33. Denny Mccloskey says:

    Like others have said some levels you are destined to fail unless you have help from the sky. Stadium in flames has a glitch. if you play it a certain way you cannot complete because the engineers tasks say you still need to complete them. Spent a lot of points and used planes only to lose those spent. Email after after asking for reimbursement has gone unanswered. If you want a great game play you are forced to spend money. You shouldnt have to watch repetitive ads if you have ever spent $$

  34. Frank Edwards says:

    Pretty good game! No ads unless you want the emeralds,but those are evenly priced to buy as well. Using emeralds to complete or skip tasks ratio is also pretty even. Excellent if you want a game to play for 10 to 20 minutes and bank for future upgrades which are fair in cost, but with slightly repetitive missions and long upgrade times (around lev 8 HQ), can be a drag. It’s also challenging in the realistic sense as you have to plan out deployment and life saving for the best score and Xp.

  35. L Smith says:

    This game was cool in the beginning but drastically needs improvement over the times to do side missions. For example, to do a side mission with good coin return and you will be waiting for 3 hours, until it is completed. Unless you pay real money to reduce the time or finish it. In other words, if you like spending money on game to advance, this is the game for you but if not. Save your money and pick a better game with better rewards.

  36. Greg Walker says:

    Fun game!! Great for passing time!! The only thing is the game keeps closing in the middle of a mission. It always seems to happen when I use one of the helicopters. Have lost several coins, and helicopters due to the game just quitting!! Very frustrating!!! Other than that I really like the game!!

  37. David Thompson 226 says:

    Outstanding and addictive! This my new favorite game. It actually made me put down a game I’ve been playing for 5 years! I wish the in game purchases weren’t so high. You can’t win the platinum medals on some missions without having assistance from extras that in the end cost a little money. Otherwise it is simply one of the best games I’ve ever played on my phone!

  38. Jay Menai says:

    Great game, but it doesn’t reward you if you want to play a lot. You’ll have to pay to play and waste money just on upgrades because the game is too slow. Not enough missions over 2-5 minutes long…if you want a longer one you have to spend money to get tokens for it…and it’ll still be short…and you have to wait over 2 hours if you want to play PVP.

  39. Calvin Wilson says:

    I enjoy the missions and as someone who loved the classic game of SimCopter back in the game this is a fun modern take. With that said, it can be buggy, so whatever you do, make sure you always completely shut down the game and restart it before playing, otherwise you could have to forfeit costs for calling vehicles or even worse forfeit a head to head comp because you can’t select any emergency personnel or vehicle.

  40. Allen Burke says:

    Love the game. Yes it has a couple of issues, all games do. It takes up to 30 seconds for all equipment to get into place, and you can only update 1 equipment at a time. But over all its an excellent game to play, love the sounds and the action. Made it to the top but will continue.

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