Defense Legend 4: Sci-Fi TD Mod Apk


Protect the world against the invasion of the Dark Force.
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November 22, 2022
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Defense Legend 4: Sci-Fi TD Mod Apk

Being the following a part of the sequence Video games Protection Legend, Protection Legend Four provides Avid gamers filled with new fascinating stories. On this phase, our protection device has had a super construction and fashionable apparatus in the meantime the Darkish Power additionally has come again strongly and cruelly.
On this phase, the warfare between the Human and the Darkish moved to a fierce new section. In earlier portions, Human discovered easy methods to forestall and defeat The Dark’s assaults. Alternatively, the Darkish having crafty schemes all the time adjustments and develops after each and every in their disasters. Combat in Protection Legend Four is a most problem for the fans of Protection Legend.
The Darkish will ship a big and strong military to assault totally to our strategic bases. They assault from both sides from the air, land and underground… But even so extraordinarily fashionable guns, the Darkish additionally makes use of magic improving their energy to wreck Human’ bases.
Protection Legend Four requests gamers to focal point extremely and provides excellent methods to defeat the Dark’s troops
★ Two heroes combat without delay. Avid gamers are supported absolutely from the superhero crew provided extra modernly.
★ Improve strongly cannons, expand particular talents.
★ More than a few territories akin to deserts and forests and iced lands. Each and every roughly territories offers other demanding situations.
★ Quite a lot of methods comparable to air forces, land and underground…
★ A large number of modes

Protection Legend Four: Sci-Fi TD Mod Apk apk mod

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40 comments on "Defense Legend 4: Sci-Fi TD Mod Apk"

  1. tontoldoos says:

    Only 3 levels in, but fun so far. Good potential for longer term play. I do expect the difficulty or ramp up suddenly so that you need to buy upgrades. There is quite a bit of complexity, which is good if you have time, while for casual play it’s probably a bit much. Nonetheless, I’m still going to play a bit more so happy to give it five stars.

  2. cecil suttle says:

    Like it so far. Not the easiest but a good challenge. Have to figure some stuff out on your own because it doesn’t really tell you much. Biggest complaint is that towers can be damaged/destroyed. You can’t see all the field at once so you scroll down to place something, scroll back up and you’ve lost a tower! It would be nice to put towers wherever you want instead of premarked locations also. Other than that, great graphics and fun to play.

  3. The Only Jamie Bourgeois says:

    Too much over there too graphics where you can’t even tell what effect your choices are having. If you like being entertained not than engaged, you might like it more than I did. I like a clean game where I can calculate my choices and try out. The graphics in this game is pretty but make it chaotic and you can’t really keep track of things.

  4. A I says:

    I really enjoyed this game as it’s a dynamic tower defense with hero’s that you can upgrade. It’s obviously addicting so just make sure to balance your play with exercise haha. I’ll definitely continue to play it for a while and I’d like to see more hero’s. I wish you could unlock them through your skill rather then pay for them or wait forever to collect gold but I also understand they need to make money somehow. All in all a great game!

  5. Nick B says:

    This could be great tower defense, but it swings too far to action. It allows enemies to destroy your towers, leaving you rushing to rebuild. It’s also heavily nagware, with flashing notifications about special offers and frequent popups, sometimes several, between games. No forced ads but seems to be ads/pay to win. I quit from the gameplay but the game is using a playbook that tends toward exponential difficulty, and forcing purchases to advance.

  6. Gregory Salvador says:

    You can’t move the turrets around or pause the game to see where the enemies are going like in Defense Legends 3. It takes a lot away from the strategic portion of the game. If these functions where there it would be a great game. I’m just used to playing the number 3 version where you pour all your effort into one match.

  7. Clifford Dickinson says:

    Unfinished game. There are lots of things that simply not completed. 1. The Report Bug doesn’t have a To email. 2. The menu red dots are inconstant. 3. There are Towers that don’t have descriptions. Update: I would give it 0 starts. Starting at level 40, you have to complete ALL previous levels at ALL difficulties with PERFECT scores! Really?

  8. Michael Mcclung says:

    This is the best version of this game i have played, you can completely be free to play and unlock and upgrade everything, this will take some grinding and a lot of ad watching, which is optional, there is not many forced ads in the game. I have spend money on this but this does not have to be done to progress.

  9. Paul Lewis says:

    How do these broken GD games get such high ratings? Don’t trust anyone that has to cheat and pad their own ratings. This is so broken its nearly unplayable. By the 2nd level, much of the playing field is off the screen and you can’t see the battle or place defense in all places. The screen won’t move or adjust so you just see your defense firing into oblivion but don’t fully see what’s going on. It’s clunky and not smooth mechanics. It’s not terrible, but it’s definitely nowhere near 4.9 stars.

  10. Adam Zastrow says:

    Read the bad review about not being able to see the screen. They must have fixed it. Or more likely user error. Great game. Having a hard time putting it down. I like the additional features. Movable characters, the auto target feature, all great. Hats off to the makers.

  11. Chet Manley says:

    The setting to target the enemy closest to the exit doesn’t work. I’m tired of losing because neither my emplacements nor air units are targeting correctly.

  12. DonutGuy640 says:

    Can only see 2/3 the screen at once, can’t scroll if you’re trying to place a tower, and no benefit for calling waves early, except for occasional tactical considerations. Tower descriptions are often confusing (lightning tower “attaches bullets” to enemies?) or stupid (“slowly gun”) or look like code. Things that you may like or dislike: hardest difficulty level is still easier than most game’s normal mode, towers can be destroyed, and you can only put towers in predefined locations

  13. Yi Shen says:

    Everything looks good, but really a pay-to-play game. Give up after 3 days playing since really cannot continue with the new stages.

  14. Brendan Kaczmarki says:

    A decent TD game, ruined by cash grabs. I had to say no to five different offers to buy something just to play a round. There are “sales” but some how a hero, at 90% off is still $10! On the main menu there are seven places offering for you spend real money. Every screen has a place to spend real money, pretty sure even in combat. Fun concepts though with interesting strategies. Sadly many item explanations are still “add text here” lines.

  15. Oicmorez says:

    So, I’ve just opened the game, and this is what happened: 1. Forced tutorial that requires me to upgrade something (it took 1 click) 2. A shower of rewards 3. “Are you enjoying the game? Please rate us!” And so I did.

  16. Revan Kader says:

    Game is great. But the latest update has made the game unplayable. Levels that I haven’t completed have been unlocked, and cant select any levels to play. Hope they fix it soon. So far I have been able to play every level without spending any money. Unlocks and upgrades are all available if you play a little each day. Watching adds gets you more gold and therefore upgrades. Gameplay is perfectly balanced. Edit, fixed the problem by uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Make sure you back up.

  17. Jon Flavelle says:

    Was having trouble getting the main game to work after the update but just figured out you have to just click on level 1 and just work your way back to what level you were at hope this helps others.

  18. Jim Price says:

    Levels get close to impossible as you progress past 65, instructions & gameplay tips are somewhat nonexistent although 90% is common sense, gameplay instructions would help many others out on the other 10% of it. Not sure I believe the ratings, seems a good 1/2-1 star higher than it should be.

  19. Ronin Ladson says:

    It’s a pretty good tower defense game. I like that each sector of the games scenery changes w each stage so your not fighting over the same territory

  20. Gary P says:

    Would be a good game except for a huge amount of ads you have to watch for tiny rewards – they’ve thoroughly messed up their tokenomics… and it is pretty impossible to get past level 40 without spending money. So, it’s a super annoying and greedy company behind this 🤷‍♂️😊

  21. Lebogang Salmon says:

    Previous version was great, the new upgrade only shows one section of the screen, really annoying as you can’t see approaching enemies.

  22. B. Davidson says:

    I’ve been playing it for a month, and it seems to have everything I wanted in a simple strategy game. Free game if you’re patient!

  23. Justin Ranson says:

    Am having problems with my new account it’s not letting me buy a aircraft that I bought with my old account and tells my I already own it 🙃 if I could gets some help deleting my old account data, because I’ve already tried deleting it from several things already… I

  24. Marcel Sudo says:

    I’ve paid for the premium pass only for it to vanish after a few days. I’ve emailed the developers and have had no response so far.

  25. elliot ward-spensley says:

    The game is clearly unfinished with placeholders for descriptions still present and the AI of the turrets is broken. I could have lived with this but the the game asks you to rate it every other level. If you put anything other than 5* it sends you to a bug report page, if you give it 5* it takes you to the play store to leave a review. I’m not too sure if I agree with these practices.

  26. aesmaui says:

    Fun game. Different strategies to use, the legends are cool, wish you could unlock more of them for free but doesn’t detract from the game not having them.

  27. A Rahman says:

    Support is unreachable or just ignoring any email. Send email about game related questions > no answer, waited for 2 weeks now and still nothing. Bought in-game add remover and was never delivered and support just doesn’t exist to even help you.

  28. jonny south says:

    Excellent game the only down side is that the so called deals are massively overpriced I would never consider spending money because of it

  29. Mike Stancik says:

    Be careful of ordering weapons online with these guys. I tried emailing about it because I never received my gold or vip points. The money is out of my account however. I don’t trust these people now. Too bad cause it’s a pretty good game.

  30. grim creeper says:

    Very awesome however the turrets in the game are weak they do so little damage

  31. Giacomo Galtarossa says:

    Great dynamic game, many options available for upgrades

  32. Jason Burgett says:

    I installed the game just to pass the time but it’s also very addictive and so far it’s not that hard to upgrade and keep going so so far you don’t have to spend money to enjoy this game

  33. Vince Taylor says:

    Pretty good game. Heaps of features and upgrades which I like. Not too pay to play. Good work!


    An exception in gaming but still need lots of improvement like 🆓 things and income at increased level

  35. Micah Green says:

    My phone was stolen so i re downloaded the game to my new phone and i cant get them to help restore my purchases levels or anything. Was 5 star now 1 star

  36. Jason T says:

    Ads galore! Literally an ad to receive rewards for every quest completed.

  37. Jason Jones says:

    It will cost $14 just to turn off the forced ads between every level. Nough said

  38. Austin Shoupe says:

    Overly busy from a visual perspective. The hellfire mechanic is just annoying.

  39. C4wolf says:

    I like the game. No pressure to play it. A bit much on the ads.. but they gotta make money

  40. harish ambarkar says:

    I have purchased a starter pack where I suppose to get 1k gold coins and 1k vip points but after the payment I got error that “there seems to be an error try after some time” I haven’t got anything and I lost my money.

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