COSMICWARS : new journey Apk Download New 2022 Version*


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March 30, 2022
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COSMICWARS : new journey Apk Download New 2022 Version*

The finish of the universe is close to, go back and forth for survival in ‘Cosmic Wars: New Journey’. Cosmic Wars is an off-the-cuff space-strategy RPG with PvP! You will have to construct your send, fight in opposition to gamers, tackle quests, and loot your enemies – and even your pals!

COSMICWARS : new adventure Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

Impressed by way of Cowboy Bebop and the sci-fi style, Cosmic Wars pulls you right into a post-apocalyptic universe as a commander who misplaced his homeworld wandering the ends of the galaxies. In a storyline full of sarcasm, satire, and questionable characters, you’ll be able to most effective depend at the energy of your battleship (and perhaps your workforce?) to be able to live on.

COSMICWARS : new adventure Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

Sport Options:
▶Immersive Storyline: Shuttle in the course of the post-apocalyptic global of ‘Cosmic Wars’ with surprising art work, wondrous tales, quirky characters, person taste of starships, and an implausible soundtrack.
▶Build Mechanics: Acquire assets to create quite a lot of portions in your send! Construct your individual strategic fleet and lead the struggle for your merit with abilities and interceptors.
▶Customization & Upgrades: Mix your favourite send portions then again you wish to have and degree them as much as develop into a Servant of Loss of life!
▶Strategic Gameplay: Fight towards gamers, area monsters, and different more than a few forces who wander during the galaxy!
▶Quests: Loads of quests in the primary storyline, facet quests, tournament quests, seasonal quests and extra!
▶Master League: Gather medals thru PvP battles and rank up! Compete in opposition to avid gamers all over the global.
▶Daily Venture Bounties: Accumulate Bounties and get rewarded!
▶World Chat: In-game chat gadget makes verbal exchange with pals and gamers simple!
▶Frequent Updates: We paintings to persistently provide you with new content material, options, missions, and occasions!

COSMICWARS : new adventure Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

Discern who’s your alliance, occupy colony to collect sources, forestall the destruction of superstar, put an finish to starwars, and continue to exist from doomsday eve.

COSMICWARS : new adventure Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

See you later House Cowboy, will you live on?

COSMICWARS : new adventure Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* release

Be aware: Community connection is needed.

COSMICWARS : new adventure Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

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24 comments on "COSMICWARS : new journey Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Hello Freedom says:

    Great power replaying grinding game that if you put in the time and hard work you can over time build the one of a kind super mega ships that can over come any one who would dear aposes you. Jump right in now and find out for your self.

  2. Husni Iskandar says:

    this game have a massive potentials if well developed. first thing I’d like to suggest to make limitation for legendary parts. it will encourage players to get creative with design and parts. not just stacking whole ship with Legendary that make every design is just same in late game. plz make usage for 5 or so per ship so ordinary parts wont become useless and obsolete.

  3. Kevin Alvarez says:


  4. Blaine Gradwell says:

    Vega conflict clone , just as a ship , they removed my review.

  5. Dean Noble says:

    Cosmic snap offs. Snap on, snap off, the snapper. This apps always snaps off in the middle of play for no reason similar to Star Wars card reader from Snapps, I mean Topps. Otherwise not a bad app. I’ll try Vega Conflict instead. Hopefully I’ll have better luck in regard to the arbitrary and random unwanted snap offs.

  6. Dane Sachs says:

    This game is gonna blow up! This is THE BEST mobile space game I’ve ever played. Matter of fact, it’s the only one of the genre I actually like. I don’t just like this one either, I love it! The ship designs, from your own that you build from scratch to the enemies, are amazing! The combat is accessable and engaging. The gigantic universe they throw you into is expansive and immersive. The story as well is told in an immersive way. This game has so much going for it! Definitely a must-play!

  7. OmegaWolf Channel says:

    The gameplay might be good but i can’t stand the ugly graphics. I am human supremacist.

  8. David Allen says:

    Great game. If you like progressive grind and leveling then this is your game

  9. Ethan Hartman says:

    Fun ship builder and Battler

  10. utra sans says:

    what the heck happened to this game

  11. Alina Meridian says:

    On the other original partnership that you had with UT games I was on a pretty high level I’m not going to grind all the way through everything again just because you guys decided to split up And honestly that other original sucks too because it is forever at the loading screen

  12. Brandon Neyens says:

    I love the game but I always have trouble loading into it, most of the time I can’t get in and when I am in it randomly kicks me out. I do enjoy the story, art style, and the mechanics, my only problem is not being able too play.

  13. Carolina says:

    Very nice diolouge and graphics

  14. Lee Wells says:

    Whats happened to this game. I used to love it. Now i feel i can only play it for 3mins every 20mins. Its more of a waiting sim now. -3% durability every battle is just stupid and forces u to only play for 3min every 20min. It never used to be like this. And the key aspect of taking out the main power of the enemy to stop there weapons working, just isnt there any more. I cant belive that you have chosen to make your once great game into what it is now A waiting sim Honestly Why?

  15. Deadeye Duck says:

    Solid space combat game with a build your own ship style of play.

  16. Jaxen Woods says:

    Its a fun yet amazing game!

  17. Younis Kojok says:

    So cosmicwars galactic battles is dead and this one is born? How come 2 same games are on playstor and different publishers explain pleases thank

  18. husni iskandar says:

    I hate this great game have to be re-released and then abandoned. late game is awful and messed up planning when every ship just spamming faction weapon without any limitation, turn every progress and hard earned grinding into totally worthless. it’s a shame since I love this game but this game is not worth playing in the end. if this game scrapped and start a new I still give it a try

  19. anton santoso says:

    Good game

  20. Mega Shoter says:

    Wow i was surprised that this game got an update.Nice!

  21. Kelsey Thomasgard says:

    It’s pretty fun and addictive. Late game looks like it’s gonna have long timers and tons of grind, but for now it’s an absolute blast to play.

  22. Simon Gabriel Ursu says:

    I’ll take off three stars for the long repairing time after only few battles. 5% damage to the ship after each fight, no matter how easy, that is preposterous. After 3 fights out and I’ll have to wait 3 minutes for repairing, 85% of the game consists in watching the ship being repaired!

  23. Gage Gearhart says:

    The game is fun and I love it, the only problem is that the online play feature doesn’t seem to work. It was also made on my birthday, so that’s cool

  24. Michael Manos says:

    So bug report x2 and message to Facebook page about bug were I can only use 1 of my construction spots 3 days no r esponse to any of it no way to file for support in game just bug report email developer no response spent 99 cents glad I did not spend more would be a 5 star game if the developer actually put some work into it I love the art rip off of the original cosmic war arcade game

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