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A roguelike tower defense game with a dash of deckbuilding.
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October 18, 2022
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Core Defense Mod Apk

Core Protection takes the most efficient out of the tower protection style and infuses it with roguelike mechanics and provides a touch of deckbuilding to create a easy, but attractive gameplay revel in which can have you yearning for only one extra wave, yet one more praise and only one … extra … run!

Core Protection Mod Apk apk

– Simple to be informed – wishes no educational – Laborious to grasp because of top issue – Play in brief classes, pause any time
– Release and uncover other rewards with each run
– Discover many playstyles and methods – Release dozens of elusive achievements
– Save and percentage infographics about your runs

Core Protection Mod Apk release

Release the top rate model to …

Core Protection Mod Apk apk mod

– Blissfully depression at 20+ problem ranges – Take a look at how a ways you’ll be able to make it in never-ending mode

Core Protection Mod Apk

Liberate the mastery enlargement to …

Core Protection Mod Apk mod apk

– Gather mastery issues to spend on more than a few bonuses
– Beat 10 extra problem ranges – Spice issues up with 10 supercharge modes


40 comments on "Core Defense Mod Apk"

  1. Michele Valerie says:

    It’s an okay game, good concept. But, whenever a menu pops up, performance drops an insane amount, and music overlaps sometimes at upgrades (i think). My biggest issue with this game however is you need to pay to speed up the game more, or even change the difficulty beyond default. I haven’t played much, but most of my gametime was upgrades, and not actually playing the game and defending the core. Other than that, I haven’t really seen a game like this before, so good job on the creativity!

  2. Mike Brogdon says:

    Different than other TD games, but pretty well balanced with decent graphics. You have to adjust towers and locations and don’t mind grinding away. So far, challenging and fun. Been playing for a couple of days and it’s challenging. You have to figure out which towers and abilities work best, so might have to replay levels a few times.

  3. Ricky Kurniawan says:

    To note: it’s a demo; you get to play the game yet you don’t get access to masteries unless you purchase the mastery package. Do you have what it takes to win without upgrades? With that on the way, it’s a fun take of a classic genre. Use the best of what assortment of towers and upgrades they give you to survive as long as you can, and upgrade masteries to challenge the harder difficulties and/or survive longer.

  4. Milkev Gaming says:

    this is a lot more fun then i expected it to be. the towers are neat and the rng doesnt make it so you cant win at all, unless you make some bad choices. the content locked behind paywalls (higher difficulty + mastery system + endless mode) is questionably locked imo, but the rest of the game is still fun, and the purchases are pretty cheap so i cant complain. would be cool if there was an example of what mastery is before you pay for it though. also no ads! i love you for that alone tbh

  5. Ekkehard B. says:

    Good concept. Small bug: freze ability doesn’t work with enemies being slowed by the slowing tower, despite being a greater slow (95% vs 50% when I saw it, very noticeable missing slow)

  6. Brady Bauduin says:

    Core Defense is Great! In Essence, it’s a rogue-like Tower Defense. Just completed the game once, and I must say, the randomness and shear replayablilty is stunning! No complaints.

  7. Alec Coakley says:

    Excellent retake on classic TD. All the old tropes plus some new ideas. If you are looking for a real tower defense challenge, not some kingdom rush knockoff, then this will be of interest

  8. Aber_Bluehair says:

    it’s a very great game almost the exact type of tower defense game I was looking for. Many other tower defense games don’t have that kind of boost upgrade feature. it’s just place towers and upgrade towers. but here u can select boosts or new towers to place between waves which is pretty cool ig

  9. Louie Gil Alano says:

    4 stars. The game is overall good, I like the roguelike feel of the game. Aside from that, there’s a need to balancing coming the devs. Anything else is good However, I won’t change this rating until the bug where crashes the game black is completely fixed and so. 4 stars, that’s it.

  10. TZ Z says:

    Great game, has everything a tower defense game needs. I like how the upgrading system works. Suggestions would be add first and last targeting, add walls that can be destroyed but can also be placed anywhere, and maybe an upgrade for the ion beam that adds a toggle for it to be manual or automatic.

  11. Logan Shaw says:

    fun game love the tower combos and it is fun when I get a rare or a uncommon upgrade. love the long range at and the close high damage but love the stats effects around love every thing looking forward to the higher difficulty and bonuses. 5 star game.

  12. J L says:

    Really great! (laggy tho) it’s rogue like and a tower defense really great keep it up but can you add this: 1:can you add epic and legendary towers, upgrades,ability 2:add at least 6-11 towers like incinerator were it toasts enemy or The four guns of marlzov(fantasy country) were it shoots different bullets in the four barrel and last 3:”UPGRADES WERE YOU CAN UPGRADE TOWERS/CARDS”

  13. Damon Cummings says:

    Excellent game. Strategy is a must, difficult but in a great way. Monetization is completely acceptable. No over priced nonsense. Everything is reasonable and no p2w. Have an issue where the game doesn’t fit my screen, and a portion of the left side is cut off showing my home screen (Galaxy S21) other than that amazing job.

  14. Owen Gray says:

    This is a fun TD, however treat it as a free trial without adds, because more difficulties and masters are locked behind money, however the hole game is only $7, witch is good coming from a pc games. There is a noticeable lack of adds, witch I am a fan of.

  15. Joseph Wade says:

    Great game. Mods I’d love to see in the future… 1. Increase repeater speed Cap 2. Ability to get more than 4 or 5 towers 3. More tower types (of course) 4. Maybe Skill branches for current towers 5. Generally more choice mods, past lvl 50 I reroll the same 3 items, 3 times in a row, even with other options available. Fun game, but the endless mode could use some spicing up in my opinion.

  16. Tyler Keller says:

    If I could play the game I might give this a better review, but the game insists on being too small for my phone screen, leaving a distracting blur of my partial phone background on the side. I tried changing colors in the options but that didn’t work at all, so I went to play, and tried to start, but nothing happened. I tried to use an energy to play, but that didn’t work either.

  17. No, This Is A Robbery says:

    Was a pretty good game for the first couple difficulties. Then the “add-ons” that would’ve made the game fun that was included in so many other tower defense mobile games had to be bought just so you could play endless, spend mastery points, etc. Also, if you lost or thought the game was hard…the game basically said suck it up in a pop-up for me. Ngl this is kind of sad for the potential this TD game had, given the fact that there are little to none like this with a deck build mechanic.

  18. Matt Boisseau says:

    Excellent game to come back to again and again. Plenty of viable builds. Matches last the perfect amount of time (5-10m once you become familiar with every upgrade). Unfortunately, the most interesting features are behind a paywall that—in my opinion after playing for quite a while—is too expensive. There simply isn’t enough content for me to fully recommend the purchase. Still, there’s plenty to do without paying, and there’s also l always the possibility of future content updates.

  19. Evan Astle says:

    Some unique and interesting mechanics, but they don’t really come together into a fun game. It takes a long time to get enough context to know which decisions to make. My biggest issue is it constantly pressures you into buying the premium game.

  20. Jsmashes25 says:

    The game is almost perfect, but sometimes (In my experience) my screen will just go black after a wave and there’s nothing I can do but restart the game. And it happens just often enough to be annoying. Otherwise perfect 10/10, would recommend

  21. Necronioum says:

    I love this game on PC. There seems to be enemies I’m not familiar with making it near impossible to do what I’m trying to do without a 1 in a billion luck. However I can’t do the in app purchases on here. So u till that’s fixed or everything hidden behind that is added into the defult game the game is lacking.

  22. Troll me. TROLL ME HARD. says:

    Rating 5 because I can see it /should/ work well for others. I suspect my very old device made this game suddenly exit a lot (Google, GPlay Services — and for some reason, YouTube — all stop responding every few seconds, eventually quitting the app). Recent factory reset, I disabled everything I could then restarted, but can’t get through a level without background things hanging and then repeatedly reloading from unexpected exit. Hope this feedback helps your compatibility filter.

  23. Darkpulse91 says:

    Locks many game play features behind pay walls. Like difficulties other than “Normal”. As well as having a skill tree of some kind being behind another paywall. This seems more like a demo of a full game, but done in the wrong way.

  24. Jacob Peterson says:

    Not Free! Only the lowest difficulty is actually free and only until wave 50. Afterwards payment is required to play any more. Graphics are nice but the game play with constantly selecting upgrades is a little clunky compared to other tower games.

  25. Steven Cook says:

    Would’ve gave a better rating but most the game is behind a paywall. All you can do without paying is beat the same 50 waves over and over again, you can’t up difficulty, you can’t go to further waves, your just stuck doing the same 50 pretty easy waves over and over again.

  26. Thelongings “Thelongingdogs” says:

    There are a lot of things buggy and wrong. The first one being that the game doesnt fit to my screen so theres this little edge on the side of the screen wjere o can see my home screen. The second is that i can mever change the colors no matter how many times i tap. There are also times when i go back to the map and then its just awekward silence. However it redeems itself because its fun and barely has any ads at all. I will change my reveiw if the game gets updated with all these bugs fixed

  27. Jonathan Paugh says:

    This tower defense game gets more right than any I’ve ever played. Gameplay is exhilarating! It removes the most tedious part of TD by strictly limiting the number of towers and upgrades. It’s continually challenging while remaining fun; you will lose repeatedly, while you learn the gameplay and hone your strategy; and you will beat level 50 before it starts to feel like a grind. (I managed it after 3 tries.)

  28. Michael Collins says:

    The game has a lot going for it but as far as free to play it’s only alright. A lot of the features you’d expect are locked behind a pay wall making this honestly more like a long demo than a full game. With the $5 and $3 purchases I’m sure the game is great.

  29. Nathan Margaglio says:

    Pretty good take on tower defense. Unique but familiar. Also pretty challenging, but not impossible or frustrating. I’d definitely like to see a v2 with a more thought out set of mechanics. One thing I will note is that this thing is buggy as hell lol. It hasn’t ruined the game (yet), but I don’t think I’ve used a buggier app. Hasn’t seriously bothered me yet, though.

  30. The Pineapple says:

    Real solid so far , gonna loose a lot of hours in this !!!! Mabey I’m wrong but at lvl 25 there seems to be a need for AI of towers to just slightly miss fire just enough to mess you up , I hope I’m wrong cause I love this but have seen many company’s nowadays twist there morals for profit and with the micro trans balls in games now games are being destroyed. Yes I know I can play without bonus currency but common plz tell me it ain’t fixed !!!!!

  31. Redeemed Soul McCrackerTon says:

    So this is the best tower defense I have ever played (and im playing free) and by far the best mobile game; no adds, great mechanics, subtle lore, insane replay value, proper graphics, no innapropriate content, unique upgrade system, and just generally great. This all said I woud love to see updates and new mechanics, currently the walls are squares on a grid map, maybe the current walls could be changed to “platforms” and another item called walls would be just lines between blocks on grid.

  32. Tristan says:

    This game is fun and has potential however… the description is misleading, there is no deck building. There is only ONE map and it is too small to effectively experiment with wall layouts. I think every 5 difficulty levels should give a permanent map size increase, this would give 4 extra tiles in each direction. Without this, the game feels stale quickly. This is basically a trial version, most things are locked behind a single £6 purchase, wish this was clear in the description.

  33. CrazyMan says:

    Stacking upgrades is always a blast, and the level-ups in this game do a great job of making your upgrade choices feel meaningful . One of the better tower defense games that I’ve played, and it seems ad-free.

  34. Luigi Mario says:

    Hard game, with its metaprogression sold separately. Feels mostly rng to get good towers, or upgrades for them. Easily went most of the game without geting upgrades for a tower or ability.

  35. Jeff Foster says:

    Just doesn’t work. There are 7 “things” (like grid squares) to place and 1 weapon tower? Once I place 3 grid square things, there is only 1 left. The 1 gun and 1 grid thing can’t be placed. There is a setting icon, a question mark icon and some kind of ‘list’ icon – none of them do a damned thing. The main menu has no help for basic game play. I farted around with it for 15 minutes and never did figure out how to play.

  36. Dalin Palanychka says:

    This game is very lovely. The style of the tower defense is like a rogue like it has near unlimited potential for every run, the towers are very self explanatory along with the upgrades. The controls are very simple and easy to pick up and retain.

  37. Morgan Mac Caisín says:

    This game is something you can play and oh look. An hour just vanished. I love tower defence games and this is better than most. I like the map aspect, I like how you upgrade and add towers. The best thing? Been playing for an hour and a half and not a single add. On free.

  38. Waldi Pauw says:

    Genius. Solid TD with plenty of variety, depth and attention to detail – and then to make it more interesting, an element of rogue’lite’ deck-builder-ish reward progression, which seems crazy in a TD game but it really works. Very innovative. Well done!

  39. Ned Dragon says:

    Good idea of the Game. Good style My problem is that it keeps opening the Game in wrong screen position and makes everything so small its Hard to hit anything with my finger on top of being Hard to see. It kinda keeps ignoring rotation of the screen. With it fixed everything should be fine. Good tower defense with a few grindy towers that become stronger from kills.

  40. Vegas Baby says:

    free relaxing and strategic game with good variability. I like the daily challenge it’s extremely challenging.

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