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Strategy Tower defense between Human vs Orc
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Mega Combat Studio
December 3, 2022
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Clash of Legions Mod Apk

Clash of legions is a unique real-time technique recreation with epic human battles towards Orcs. You’ll construct your mythical military with distinctive gadgets, pieces and lead humanity to without equal victory. As well as, you’ll additionally compete with robust armies from far and wide the arena in pvp battles. That is an open international, the place you’ll be able to unharness discovering species that appear to be simplest in legends akin to Dragons, Orc ,Dawrf, Elf, Taurent, Troll, Undead, … and many others. Overcome and use them for methods that best you realize to succeed in your armies final purpose of victory at the battlefield.

Conflict of Legions Mod Apk mod apk

Accumulate and improve dozens of playing cards like Human, Orc, Dwarf, Elf, Taurent, Troll, Undead, Valkyrie, Trent, Demon, Dragons, Naga, spells and defenses that you realize and love.

Conflict of Legions Mod Apk apk mod 2022

OPTIONS ● Huge 200v200 Unit Battles
● Simple to be informed however tough to grasp at the battlefield, hundreds of methods will have to be utilized in fight to guide your armies to victory.
● Sexy Marketing campaign with an enchanting tale in the back of and additional rewards
● Duel avid gamers from world wide in fight area with pvp struggle.
● Looking for Dragons and seize them to your goal.
● Lead your Kingdom in opposition to the Demons from Hell in Never-ending conflict.
● Co-op with different participant in Naga Extended family ● Quenching rebellions with hundreds of enemies to reassure the folks in bandit struggle.
● Problem your self with masses recreation occasions and accumulate superb prizes.
● Shape a Extended family to proportion playing cards and construct your very personal struggle group.
● Sign up for thousands and thousands avid gamers in extended family raid and warfare ● Acquire treasure chests to release rewards, gather tough new playing cards, and improve present playing cards.
● Customized your armies with various other pieces.
● Create your individual customized PVP reports via Pleasant Demanding situations, Pleasant Struggle (Coming quickly)

Conflict of Legions Mod Apk apk mod

We would really like to listen to any comments from you. You probably have issues or questions, please go away a remark or electronic mail us at: [email protected]

Conflict of Legions Mod Apk apk

Want you a great time!

Conflict of Legions Mod Apk unencumber



40 comments on "Clash of Legions Mod Apk"

  1. Neon G4m1ngYT says:

    Awesome game it gives me mini worriers vides and clash royal vibes love the game. There is a bug for when u try to open chest the timer just freezes but, when I finish a level or upgrade something the time updates not shor if that was intentional. Over all great game.

  2. kartikay jugran says:

    The game is pretty good and the love the animations but there are some things which needs to be fixed/added. There should be a speed accelerator in the battlefield and some options where you can capture territories. Also there’s a problem with the time countdown of chests. An option of zooming into the battlefield should also be added.

  3. Yanick Legentil says:

    Nice game to play when you want to waste time but the only echoes is the RNG. It’s pretty much trash, you have less chance to get new troops than the troops that u have unlock and some time it all wasted the same cards/troops.

  4. sappy says:

    I think the game is really good but the rhino is completely useless it’s a legendary card yet all it does is run around not even destroying buildings, it runs around for atleast 10 seconds before it actually attacks anything and before it even does good damage it dies because it was being attacked while running around. Rhino is the most useless legendary card honestly, plus the game gets really hard when it starts spamming those orcs and flying goblins and u can’t do anything with no mana left

  5. joacim nicolaysen says:

    Good game but could use some improvements. The animations and models for the dragons could be much better and the opening times for chests are a bit ridiculous – 8 hours for a single epic card?? Besides that very good. Would like to see some features such as ability to upgrade your castle and towers, a new dragon unit and the ability to refresh shop for diamonds. EDIT: Legendary units should be more accessible, could use a login function, gold rewards to requirements is super unbalanced.

  6. Darius Gokool says:

    It’s a great game. The graphics are wonderful. The new updates have messed up some parts my profile. I am very upset. The “watch ad” feature is not working. My coin rate was reset from 5320 per hr to 195 per hr and is not increasing even when I win castles. One of the castles I had already won is now locked and one I already won it’s saying I have to win over. Please address Mr. Game Developer. I love this game. Thanks for your help.

  7. Chris Holt says:

    Game play is ok, not great but has some fun elements to it. There is an enormous pay wall and it hits hard. There is no clear way to progress to stage 6, the Wukong event is basically watching a crazy amount of adds and grinding only to recieve a very underwhelming hero, and in general you will be grinding and watching adds a lot unless you spend money. The orcs with shields are way too strong, nothing works against them and the dragon battles get harder and harder until its impossible to win.

  8. Stanley Derochea says:

    Game can be great if they fix how to to deploy troops. You drag out the troop to the field just to have them disappear when you remove your finger. Takes me 2 or 3 tries every single time

  9. Oscar Roque says:

    Game really good enjoy playing even drop couple of bucks on it but it frustrates me on how even tho after spending money on it and you just hit a wall levels get to hard to pass no matter what you do and the amount of coin after passing each level is super low compare to the requirement of level up of the characters

  10. Major Kaboom says:

    Non stop connection error message. Doesn’t effect gameplay just annoying to see constantly. Chests that say 5 minutes are 30 minutes. Payout claims are false. Most times you get 5 to 10 gold nothing else. Could be fun and even worth a couple bucks or more if these issues are fixed. Not now though. Hopefully it will be better.

  11. Devlin Nance says:

    Final review after giving this game a lot of time it’s great at what it does and is challenging however sometimes what they expect there players to overcome is absurd but doable worth a download and a lot of fun.

  12. Mike Boettcher says:

    There is a lot to do and spending isn’t required. they still have work to do on some aspects but they listen to suggestions and are active in the community (join discord). Some things are frustrating like the randomness of cards in battle, but it’s liveable. Overall I would recommend the game and I think I will play for quite some time to come.

  13. ReekingHumor says:

    It is a ok game if they can fix the internet connection issue. I know I got amazing internet but I get an internet error everytime but when I went to another game that Using more internet thing it works then I go back to this game it still gives me the same notification connection error.

  14. Brayden Klassen says:

    Overall fun game, but they make it so you hit a wall in which you need to “pay to win” or waste countless hours of your life to just complete one level. So that’s kind of annoying but the games free to play so I cant really complain.

  15. David Murillo says:

    A couple of glitches, i can’t log into my Facebook account. Sometimes it’ll just crash. Great game i like it. Update; I hate how there’s no order for your cards. It’s random and sometimes by the time you get a card you need it’s too late you’re already swarmed. Sometimes you will cycle and play two cards like 3 times in a row.

  16. Spidey dork124 says:

    Its a really good game, but the background almost always turns blue after i battle once or twice, and if i continue to battle after that it starts flashing. I will change my rating to 5 stars if this gets fixed.

  17. Anthony Amorcillo says:

    This game is a joke. I thought this game is an offline game. No. Yes I know that but the things is the rewards even though I’m connected to the internet I can’t claim my rewards chest. You’re game is interesting really I like it. To be honest. But the internet connection thing. I tried so many times to claim my chest reward so that I can improve my Troops. I have nice internet connection tho. But still won’t work.

  18. Michael Sleen says:

    Still fairly new to the game. I’m enjoying it as a casual player. It’s a better than standard free game. It has easy to learn game mechanics, decent graphics, not over challenging learning curve. I don’t have any negative things to say at this point.

  19. Luis Nazario Vargas says:

    I liked so far but the computer Ai is more intelligent than ours is kind of a are you serious specially when attacking. I mean your range unit why is it moving forward when there are still enemy’s within range. While the enemy’s range unit shoots at the farthest range unit while still having troops in front. Not to mention that the update now causes the game to crash more often than it used to. The reply of the admin are dumb. I know it’s stragical. That’s the reason I downloaded it.

  20. Trapped in a maze guy says:

    I increased my rating to 4 stars because with the update and the Magma Event I won 2 new items I’m using. I’ve been playing Clash of Legions a few months and several updates. I like this game a lot but the problem using any video to get any reward almost never works. Other games I get to many videos, but Clash of Legions ≠ Videos. Also the enemies are very fast + aggressive so it’s fun to try different strategies, but sometimes I just let it go because the enemies are way more faster + stronger.

  21. Tim Boie says:

    Enjoying the game much more after the server update. Definetly one of the better free games around. Only thing I’d like to see is the legendary cards be more viable and the dragons be nerfed. Legendary cards are better in pvp but pale in comparison to the pve side, too expensive not nearly enough benefit. Also the undead and frost dragons are crazy hard at level 5/6, while I like the challenge I still haven’t been able to beat them just yet.

  22. Smoken Token96 says:

    Game freezed enough to where it’s locked and crashed my phone for 2 hrs. Tried to uninstall and reinstall to see if it would fix the problem but all it did was erase everything including my purchases so I’m out 25$ becuz of it. Plz fix or reimburse me cuz it’s really not fair.

  23. Andrew Johnston says:

    fairly good game. kills time. the amount of gold you get from the scenarios vs the price of upgrades and units in the shop is unbalanced. also my PVP has stopped working but still charges me gems legendary units cost too much mana to be feasible and don’t do enough damage or have enough it points to warrant their price

  24. Seattle Sauce says:

    Edit: it does work now! I will update more later, but so far so fun…… Looks fun. Wish I could try it. Just opens the load screen then CRAAASSSHHHH., tried reinstalling, tried clearing cache, tried everything. Super lame. Doesn’t work on new phones (galaxy s20+)

  25. Last name says:

    I really do enjoy this game, But I have one problem, I try to play multiplayer online, But the screen just freezes. This would definitely be a 5 star if multiplayer battles didnt freeze up, I have good connection and can play just fine until I try battling other players. Other than that its a good game 👍

  26. Craig La Fevre says:

    Just started, so far so good. Unique. Hard to select places on the screen, it just moves the screen slightly.

  27. Trent H says:

    super fun game so far, the only thing i would change is the randomized cards in battle, i think shuffling through the cards in order is more strategic and less random. But i like the game a lot.

  28. Adrian Henderson says:

    Enjoy playing the game. However… I can not find any where any basic instructions on what things are and do. For example I have just bought Duran of the darkness and thought. Cool, gonna kick butt now! However… I can not use it as I don’t have enough mana. I think it’s mana I don’t have enough of but not sure and cannot find anywhere how I might increase it!! Very frustrating!! I have felt this throughout the game but especially with this.

  29. Daniel Ciocilteu says:

    Pros: This is by far the best tug of war army strategy game i have played. It is so well done, has interesting units, tactical gameplay, battle spells, cool events, nice campaign and decent pvp. Great art style and animation. I love how the units laugh and cheer at the end of a battle 🙂 Cons: i wish there were more active battle spells (aoe heal, enemy slow, aoe burn, etc) instead of just passives. Pvp should have played like a live battle instead of seeing the enemy units.

  30. Richard Storm says:

    I love this game its definitely competitive and its challenging, the only improvement id like to see is the gold earning from each victory should at least double from what it has been because its very difficult when You get 50 gold from a win and units upgrades are 2000s and 5000s, i mean i understand its supposed to be more difficult to upgrade your cards but its just alittle bit cheap on wins and chest earnings with gold still even a 25% increase in gold earnings would help and improving this.

  31. Kiet Lam says:

    Dear, thank you for the last time. Another suggestion: Create a wiki page that give information,namely, it would be easier to canculate strategies,LOL. Be side that, about buff or debuf of any items or characters of which in the form of percentage, would they stack? Another question is,the item use to increase the duration effect of all alliance units skill. Would it increase the debuf time on enemy (fire,ice,poision,…) or the unique buff skill of some units like King Albert,Night elf,…?

  32. Isn't this Fun says:

    There is a glitch while opening the chest. The chests don’t open when the open button is clicked but the button turns dark blue. Please fix the issue. Also a game based on age of empires for Android would be much loved. Thank you

  33. Thomas Raczka says:

    if you want to pay… this is the game for you. chests give you 15 gold… when what you need is 2000 gold. no pay means you can’t do anything. arena battles vs paying players leaves you losing every time. i’m hanging around until i see how their clan area works, then i’ll find something else. i am this disgruntled and in two weeks i spent $40. and i still fail at all aspects. i can see where this is headed. i spent 3 yrs playing caravan war without spending a dime.

  34. Cammy T says:

    Horrible balancing issues and difficulty spikes, couldn’t get any higher than a green chest when previous levels were playable, been playing for weeks with hundreds of MB updates but no new content or gameplay quality and now forced ads and not being able to play previous levels

  35. Kyle Lullo says:

    It’s fun for a while but the difficulty ramps up dramatically at stage 8 or 9 and then you can’t win. It’s basically impossible, I’ve tried everything and I literally don’t have any other levels to beat apart from the endless wave thing. IDK pretty weird way to Uninstall.

  36. Aeden Hughes says:

    Bad: – Some units have clunky animations, really awkward to look at. – Lack of hitting effects. Can’t tell when a melee unit hit an enemy makes it less satisfied. They are fighting the air? – Lack of sound effects. – Needs a real time PVP mode. Good: – Required different strategies for battles. – Many modes to play. – Many ways to gain coins. – Packs in the shop have great benefits. – Clan system. Bad things improved = 5⭐. Graphics and sounds are what directly give the players the “feel”.

  37. thomas mawdsley says:

    After lvl 7 the exp you need to lvl up increases drastically, need about 100k gold to upgrade units to get exp to lvl up and its difficult to get gold (get about 50 per battle 🤣) , cant start a clan until lvl 9 and not many active with space. One good thing was the double speed in battles which the new update has removed. Pretty good game for about an hour before it makes it impossible to play without spending a load of real money.

  38. Gerald Porras says:

    I would like to give it a 5 star but I the slots for opening a chest were only four ,can you at least add another four slots ? Because when we are doing dragon quest the slots were already getting full,so we decide not to play until the chest are ready to open.Because of the chest we received in dragon quest we don’t want to play adventure mode because the benefit from adventure can’t be obtained because the slots are full.

  39. Lawrence Forward says:

    It’s a pay to win game as after about 10 matches you don’t have enough money to upgrade your troops so the enemy just defeat you. You can’t enjoy the game as it is impossible.

  40. William Groesbeck says:

    The game is fun. But I really hate the ads automatically play with volume and there isn’t a way to mute them. I’d be willing to pay to remove ads but I don’t think it’s an option. So if you want to play this game you basically have to make sure your volumes turned off on your device.

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