Civil War: 1864 Mod Apk New 2022*


Civil War: 1864 is the latest addition to our Civil War strategy series.
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HexWar Games Ltd
April 15, 2020
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Civil War: 1864 Mod Apk New 2022*

Civil Warfare: 1864 is the newest addition to our Civil Struggle technique collection, bringing you the ferocious battles from 1864. Enjoy the yank Civil Conflict like by no means sooner than with with over Forty missions; together with 20 detailed historic battles. Get a better view of the battlefield as you lead your drive to victory, with our new Map Zoom function. 1864 noticed the Union military make really extensive beneficial properties towards the Accomplice forces within the American Civil Battle. Grant, changing Halleck, took the dangerous gamble of attacking the Confederates on 3 other fronts. Whilst Grant failed to realize any vital tactical merit in any combat towards Robert E. Lee, he succeeded at depleting Lee’s forces. At the Western entrance, Sherman was once ready to seize Atlanta and grab Savannah. The Union’s keep watch over of the railways and waterways gave them an immense logistical merit, which might change into essential to the North’s eventual luck. The Confederacy used to be in the end preventing and dropping a defensive struggle.

Civil Conflict: 1864 Mod Apk New 2022* apk

Key Options:

Civil Battle: 1864 Mod Apk New 2022*

– New map zoom characteristic.
– Top Definition Civil Warfare Graphics.
– 7 Project ‘Tutorial’ marketing campaign.
– Four Challenge summary ‘Division’ marketing campaign.
– All missions may also be performed as both sides (apart from the educational).
– Eight Distinctive Civil Warfare Devices:
– Infantry with Muskets.
– Infantry with Rifled Muskets.
– Artillery.
– Generals.
– Wagons.
– Naval Gunboats.
– Dismounted and Fixed Cavalry.
– 4 categories of infantry – Uncooked, Reasonable, Veteran and Elite.
– Other infantry formations: unformed, line for taking pictures and column for charging!
– Detailed Struggle Research.
– Flank Assaults .
– Strategic Motion.
– Hours of Gameplay.

Civil Conflict: 1864 Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

Purchasable Campaigns
– 7 Venture ‘Cold Steel’ marketing campaign.
– 7 Undertaking ‘Duty and Pride’ marketing campaign.
– 7 Venture Blockade marketing campaign.
– 7 Undertaking ‘Freedom Calls’ marketing campaign.


40 comments on "Civil War: 1864 Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Robinson Rylan says:

    Paid for campaigns, and after updates required purchase again to unlock.

  2. Lura Shields says:

    It hardly opens. When it does, I can’t usually see part of the screen. I’ve loaded it on 2 devices with the same outcome. I used to love this game and wish I could play it again.

  3. Magaline Flair says:

    not worth paying for just download any of the world conqueror games

  4. Debbra Jammal says:

    i think the game is cool ive down loaded it on some different divices and it still works

  5. Swift Atteworthe says:

    great i thnk it needs more men in each battle and real battles please!

  6. Ragnar Chilton says:

    cheats. Randomly won’t let me move units. Computer units will do 6-10 damage while taking only 1 point in return.

  7. Lindsley Carlye says:

    Flags are as wrong as wrong can be yet you have the accuracy historically correct, anytime I have my general attached to a unit more often than not it will tell me I still have a unit to move when I don’t, and to make it worse they let you play enough just to get hooked and then you have to pay for more levels

  8. Athelston Godiva says:

    I thought it was pretty cool. I just wish you would come out with the version like general Robert e Lee that is on the computer for Android

  9. Anastassia Gladyce says:

    Game crashed after playing 3 times

  10. Zay Brittany says:

    This game can not be consiterd a game but a demo. After the first lvl u have to pay to play other lvls. amazingly it seems that the dev(s) are more greedy then EA. The gameplay is not all that great and it rips off the conquer games. The game is only a cheap generic copy of the conqur games and it seems like the dev(s) made this game strictly as a cash scheme. For the lack of creativity and lack of a overall game i give it a game rating of 1 of 1/2 stars out of 5.

  11. Dervin Jaklyn says:

    You aren’t playing a game when the enemy has double the men and they have cannon too.

  12. Michelia Hervy says:

    I spent so long trying to find a enemy unit just for it to say that I faild

  13. Suzann Keinan says:

    Fun game but keeps locking up.

  14. Bonnita Suzy says:

    Doesn’t get past starting screen before crashing. 0 stars

  15. Adalbeorht Rad says:

    Payed for Freedom Calls campaign but crashes every time I try to open one of the missions. Wish I could get a refund…

  16. Veeda Marvyn says:

    The game keeps crashing as soon as I start playing.

  17. Pete Dorion says:

    Crashes a lot. Mostly during enemies’ turns. Will update if fixed 12/24/19

  18. Gail Hastings says:

    Pretty good game here. I wanted to purchase the Gettysburg version but was leary because of some of the ratings. I tried out this free version first. It is a very good and challenging game but it does freeze and shut down periodically. However, it doesn’t make it unplayable. As soon as you boot the game up again, you pick up where you left off. So it’s inconvenient and annoying but not a deal breaker. Otherwise, great game.

  19. Evania Vail says:

    It won’t let me in even when I try to restart it so its boring

  20. Don Mumma says:

    I could not get through the tutorial, it glitching and could not control my troops. Pity, I like the subject matter.

  21. steve coleman says:

    Good but freezing & making the phone warm.

  22. vlog monster productions says:

    No review for this is just crash everytime i set the mission

  23. Kmss Killersxx says:

    Love these games really good, could a star wars or warhammer 40k game like this be possible?

  24. History Hound says:

    best game ever with 62 and 63. i want 61 and 65 free as well

  25. Rodjane Payda says:

    good game but i like to purchase a 1775 rebelion the price is too expensive and the not work perfecly and most of my writing are wrong spelling webdont know if 1775 is working because if we buy 1775 and not working waste of money can you make a single demo for 1775 and for free or only 1$ and iam you sell 1775 rebelion for 600peso

  26. Daniel says:

    Good Game it is a good civ il war Game and to some othe map You have to pay to get some map bit good game

  27. Jeff says:

    Keeps freezing so gave up and deleted.

  28. bubba bear says:

    The game is fine itself but after a couple of minutes it freezes and you cant even get back on the app

  29. Bill Meyer jr says:

    I love Historical games like the Civil War. When I looked up my grandfather Howell family,when I learned that the family fought on both sides of War. I was sad cause both sides died for a Cause

  30. Josh Kinney says:

    Nice game. But when you only have 4 “fights” to do. Then they want you to pay for all the other ones. Not cool. Open up everything without payment. Then would rank higher.

  31. Evan Sarver says:

    I used to secretly play this on the schools tablet and I loved it. The game has really changed for the good while also changing for the worse. But overall it is fun. Thanks for a great game!

  32. Mr.E says:

    This is the worst game ever. The game freezes to much it causes my phone to restart every time I log out and the game is unfair during battle.

  33. DoctorOwl says:

    Movement is completely random and makes no sense. Full org on a straight road infantry bmoves 1 tile

  34. Leonard Blazevic says:

    Works just fine, only thing is the aiming confuses me, sometimes it can hit targets sometimes it cannot (mostly with artillery)

  35. Sean Lewis says:

    Its good Civil War game if you’re a MORON. I’ve played war games my whole life, cut my teeth on Avalon Hills Gettysburg. I know war simulations and this one is a joke. But hey it’s visually pleasing.

  36. Kurt Wenzel says:

    The game always freezes up on me all the time off and on so not a very good game.

  37. James Grote says:

    Your game is cool but it sucks because it keeps freezing up my phone something Josh work on

  38. logan richards says:

    Keeps freezing on me, tried restarting it and still froze after about 5 minutes in.

  39. BigTech Is Propaganda says:

    It’s complete nonsense. Very stupid game but with a good idea. Too many times I’m moving my troops around and not having my artillery shoot the enemy two squares away. I’m moving up and down, to and fro,, back and forth away from the woods trying to get a shot. Developers went full Tolkien

  40. Arshdeep Badwal says:

    everything cost money expt 4 quick rounds

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