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Defend your tower
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August 23, 2022
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Chess TD Apk Download New*

Chess TD is a tale about Toad Stool, a kindness man with an never-ending adventure to stop the Darkish Lord and his military. Right through the adventure, Toad Stool make buddy with numerous robust personality and they have got identical purpose that saving the arena.
Chess TD will redefine Tower Shield collection with numerous day-to-day missions, weekly missions, per month missions. Particularly, a brand spanking new marketing campaign mode with numerous options are ready you. Chess TD even have struggle mode, the place you’ll be able to problem and defeat different participant Combine and create your maximum robust deck mixture to protect your stronghold. Gather playing cards and degree as much as improve your hero. Via battles to search out new card and mix to create a brand new hero. Never-ending adventure in giant global. Twin along with your spouse and overcome the dungeon. Entire your assortment with range playing cards hero.
– Mix’n’match quite a lot of more or less hero playing cards to create a mix that can assist you successful different participant in Struggle Mode
– Merge and stage up your card hero and play together with your spouse to get throughout the dungeon in Twin Mode.
– Participant will create a brand new aggregate with numerous heroes to shield and in opposition to the Darkish Lord and his military in Marketing campaign mode
– Shield the stronghold from assaults of Darkish Lord
– Simple to get familiar – Numerous hero device – Good improve gadget – International score machine – Dungeon get away device – horny tower hiking – Card assortment – Customise techniques – Particular PvP device – Numerous undertaking device with a large number of praise from hero card to gold
– Particular marketing campaign machine – Looking for assets hasn’t ever been really easy in Chess TD
– Many sexy items gained – Create a guild and increase your empire
– Extended family struggle and international struggle – Be in contact with avid gamers world wide – The trouble will increase with the growth of the sport – New Characteristic like Twin Dungeon will coming quickly – Whole your assortment and acquire extra playing cards.
– Play Dungeon and discovering your personal playing cards hero
– Loose to Play

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40 comments on "Chess TD Apk Download New*"

  1. DD Playz says:

    Good game! Its also a really good time killer.

  2. Andrea Cutts says:

    I love this game! There are so many cool characters to choose from but my favourites are the crocodile guy and the werewolf guy. But now I cant play the game because when I try to play it it doesnt load and instead of the load bar it says ‘This version is great!’ I check the play store, and it doesnt need an update. I try turning the internet off and then back on, no luck. I restart my tablet, no luck. PLEASE FIX THIS BUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Other than that, really good game!✌

  3. David Martin says:

    Really fun but can you add more monsters to play with because there is like 10

  4. Mummy Armstrong says:

    I’m addicted first thing I do in the morning last thing at night and any time during the game. You can still earn gems with it real money and the adverts don’t bother you so bad because the game is just that addictive.

  5. Mike Castaing says:

    it wont even let me play it πŸ™

  6. James K says:

    The game itself is good, but the overuse of diamonds is crazy. You need to use diamonds to pay for everything. I’m mad that I can’t change my username without having to spend money on diamonds first. If you take away the price for changing your username, I will give it a 5 out of 5 stars

  7. freddyfaz fight says:

    It looks like a good game but its extremely laggy i cant even play it im giving it 3 stars becaise it looks like a good game you just need to fix the lag issue once thats fixed i will change the review

  8. legendary r6 says:

    It’s a fun game the game needs more boss and PvP more realistic and to play with friends

  9. Kim Evans says:

    They ripped off random dice and made it worse! I have no idea what they were thinking! They even kept character desighns!

  10. pradip Sharma says:

    Hi friends my name is Pradeep Sharma han I like this game it is the very e better game I like this game it is very lovely game I hope you support this game thank you

  11. Richy Mackro says:

    The game just throws you in with no explanation as to what the hell is going on, and the entire UX is a mess of seemingly random information with no proper explanation. I’m sure the base gameplay is okay, but the execution is terrible.

  12. Natasha Acosta says:

    Not a bad game but why use gems instead of coins or something without having to grind for them everytime you’re upgrading characters and such.

  13. Sugar Puss says:

    Lots of potential, hoping for some betterment in the future. I’d like to see more towers.

  14. V V says:

    Entertaining for a while but gets a bit repetitive. Also seems extra laggy the past few days.

  15. MZ Adnan says:

    Like it! Please Clan feature as soon as possible.

  16. Temjen Aier says:

    Lol.. what the hell is going on here? No detailed explanations. Hahaha… Funny game.

  17. Barry Davies says:

    Game was good until it stopped loading now I can’t even get on. Also same advert after every game shame as I was really starting to enjoy the game. So hopefully the developers will fix it so I can give it another try

  18. Nur Tara A'shadieeyah Koh says:

    Good game to play guys…

  19. BrutalBreeze says:

    Good game but stopped its co-op play

  20. Stephanie Benson says:

    SO AMAZING it is not Lagging

  21. just dont ask me. says:


  22. entmasterme says:

    there a bug in the game

  23. Khaleed Zahid says:

    Worse game ever too many ads

  24. maxwell vidal says:

    ugly game so ugly this game are very very ugly don’t download this

  25. K.P. L says:

    Whenever I play a match it instantly crashes and its so annoying.

  26. Amit K says:

    So I like don’t even have a chance to win a battle it’s impossible please fix it

  27. Brent Schortgen says:

    Love this game. Its really good!

  28. Ca Jo says:

    Great game please make more games like this one.

  29. M. Daniel Singh says:

    The game was fun before now its just seeing ads after every one game one ad most annoying

  30. Sai Diaz says:

    Great game but it s good you can download for free everyone can download it for free but it’s for boys and girls

  31. Jani mjhjhynuyh says:

    This game is fun and also I like the monsters one of my favorite 1 It’s the Snowman head my 2nd favorite is the Monster that looks at the spider Their favorite is the small dragon

  32. Michael Cheal says:

    It’s a really good strategy game

  33. Golan Exotics says:

    Ads every 30-40 sec

  34. Mariela Calle says:

    This is like candy but bigger and better

  35. Zaki Nurzaman says:

    ads every time I win/lose

  36. Ryan says:

    Its a decent enough game that takes the aspects of other games like merge towers and random dice and puts them together. It would be better if it was more like randomndice in that the only ads you watch are the ones you choose to watch to get gems, items, or shop resets instead of before or after games. Graphics could be smoother/simpler/easier so the game doesnt lag when there is a bunch of stuff on the screen. Besides all of that this could overtake any game its modled after with some polish.

  37. themeiixo says:

    Playing this game took lots of DATA. Because of ads 1.5gb isn’t enough for playing this GAME. And it say play with friend but… Can’t play with friend

  38. sherylou gozo says:

    this game is very good but it have a bug but is ok it make me win and its kinda hard to battle a player because of the monsters is very good

  39. Nathaniel Ethan Lara says:

    It’s a good game but for me the play with friends thing doesn’t even work for me☠️

  40. macky suarez says:

    Ads suddenly popping up. Annoying ads. Ads everywhere. Ads after a game are the most annoying. Ads ads ads

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