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building a city that is vibrant and promising.
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October 28, 2022
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Build Master: Open Fire Apk Download New*

Could or not it’s the second one liveable planet? All ready so that you can discover!

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As Earth is working out of sources, people have became their eyes to the huge area, the place they consider a brand new house planet might be found out!

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To be the primary to occupy a livable planet, nations around the globe have introduced their manned spacecraft into house.

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One thing has long gone unsuitable along with your spaceship and you’re compelled to land on an unknown planet.

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Confronted with a land filled with unknowns, what you want first is to search out your misplaced partners.

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Logging, mining and collecting sources. You want to make each conceivable effort to construct your base to achieve a company foothold at the land.

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Searching, fishing, and rising vegetation. Simplest with a sustainable meals provide can your base extend.

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Military construction and tech analysis will make you sturdy sufficient to counter any enemies.
Stay development to create a kingdom of your personal!


40 comments on "Build Master: Open Fire Apk Download New*"

  1. REAPER - XIllED says:

    All and all, it’s an okay game. It does lack some qualities tho, and to be honest, what made me the most bored at just base lvl 24/80, the lack of supplies and coins, I was so low on coins and couldn’t get any without upgrading my appartments, that’s mildly ok, but then it got to the point where I had like 20k coins, but no supplies, the only way to get supplies is by wasting time on enemies, or doing your recon stuff, but you can only recon every so often so it’s not really worth the time.

  2. Ross Mitchell says:

    Very cool game. Been playing a few days . really enjoying it. Great graphics and gameplay. Not run out of things to do or any sort of energy cap. I like the fact that there is a cash shop with some really low cost items, so I can support the developer with pennies. Not had any issues others mentioned. I think there is a lot more to come (I’ve not had to use my troops yet, for example). Only issue I’m having is I have about 100 air drops and can’t figure out how to use them in Golo Camp.

  3. Drew Thompson says:

    Not sure what to make of this game, the game starts off with needlessly swearing in the first 5 seconds but then has a childlike feel to it. The game play is pretty mundane, at least through the tutorial however it then broke and wouldn’t let me progress. There is also a lack of creativity with one character looking like a dead ringer for the captain from WALL-E but then it grows when they named him Gru. Overall I wasn’t impressed and was about to stop playing when it broke, making me certain.

  4. steven peacock says:

    Great game but not got very far without problems. I have tried exploring new areas but am unable to. Clicking on the “explore” button leads to a loading page and then back to the main map. I am unable to progress any further. Hope this gets fixed!

  5. Harley North says:

    It was great, but then an update came which ruined so many aspects of the game. Everything changed and not in a good way. Then I tried opening the game today, black screen, all day. It won’t even load – such a shame, I was loving this game. Also none of the photos are of the same game, unless they changed it again. The photos on the play store describe a completely different game. Lost a star for that, too.

  6. Giovani Chua says:

    I can’t even pass the tutorial, the game broken, fix it bro. — here is what happen. The tutorial tell me to pick up a pickage, Its still fine and then after that, I was ask to go to someplace, and all of sudden the background went black, but I can still move in black background. I see the character I was controlling move lol.

  7. TexturelessIdea says:

    It’s just another completely unoriginal Lord’s Mobile ripoff that tries to hide that fact during the tutorial, it’s nothing like the screenshots. Edit: To fix the game you would need to change the tutorial to match the actual game, and have screen shots from the game on the store page. These are clearly deliberate issues, I refuse to believe anybody could be this bad by accident.

  8. Adam Smith 1765 UK says:

    A breath of fresh air for mobile gaming. A building game without pay to play or ads. Tons of stuff to do for weeks, amazing graphics and interface. Items in the shop are low cost, so support the Developer for less than £1. Thanks for a fun, interactiveans immersive game

  9. Ben says:

    I actually love this game, been having tons of fun playing. What really bugs me is the fake advertising on this page, why do you have fake screenshots when the game itself would be more then fine to use images from…. Also has a few annoying bugs and things that should be improved, with the ammount of money I know for a fact you are taking in from transactions, you would think you would put a little more effort into making this more polished…. Fix your advertising if you expect a 5 star

  10. xxxm0ris says:

    The game is a glitch fest. I started counting and there is a glitch every 2 seconds. It will replay cutscenes over and over untill you can’t get past anything anymore. Sadly unplayable

  11. Robert Dall says:

    I’ve only gotten thru about 25% of level 2. I like the voices reading most things. I’d like it better if the reading was gone & just the voices reading the script. Also get rid of the fighting. Since I can’t give any input for tactics.

  12. William Rawstrom says:

    It’s contrived and slightly confusing but I give 5 stars for the reward because the stars are meaningless when bribing for some perfect score…this is democracy in action and appears to defy the Republic for which I stand…under God, not developers or their managers. Let’s go Brandon!!!

  13. Xr 38 says:

    I was stucked between the big rocks and i cant get out. Even i exit and get back to exploration my charactr will still stuck there. And cant get out. Because of that bug i cannot continue playing on leveling up my heroes

  14. Matthew Ebright says:

    Have to say when i first started I thought this was going to be an ad every 5 minutes but there are no ads. This game is 1 of the top games played yet. Its so addicting and the sky is the limits. If you could give this game more that 5 stars i would.

  15. Akira “leika” Lin says:

    was tired of the war-like games and looking for something new then here’s another game that copied those other strategy games. after finishing the tutorial surely there won’t be any peace of mind as this is a pvp game. pvp isn’t fun at all times, especially those rich bullies that don’t respect others. ┐(´д`)┌

  16. Brandon Santangelo says:

    It’s an ok game. I wouldn’t say there is anything too special or unique about it. Character animation and the environments looks nice. I personally got bored of the game and excited to see a pirate trying to get into my base, but when I clicked to enter the game there wasn’t anything attacking. It’s overall just bland to me. 3 stars because I think some people might really enjoy it. -2 stars for beginning bugs that require you to reload the whole game. I got stuck and had to reload, twice.

  17. Shannon Feigenblatt says:

    Surprisingly good and pretty addictive. I have played a lot of games like this, but this is one of the best. The only things I would change are that the build button needs to be bigger than the chat button and World chat shouldn’t be default if you’re in an alliance, Alliance chat should be the default.

  18. Mohd Syamirulah Rahim says:

    Shame. I was just beginning to enjoy the game. It has a balanced experience of farm-like game, RPG with good story progression, base-building, gacha with character building, resource management, coop gameplay. And became glitchy and buggy. Opening the game didnt load any building or resources at all. Tried clearing the cache, no improvement. Clearing the data, throwed me back to the unskippable tutorial. Uninstall and reinstall back, now even tutorial stuck. Not playable at all.

  19. Fenix says:

    Game has no idea what it wants to be, lol Also the screenshots are a complete lie, should be flagged for false advertisement really. Edit: Lol, yeah, the “more interesting content” is a Lords Mobile clone, I am aware of this. That’s the problem, the screenshots do not match the actual game in the app past the first couple of chapters.

  20. Trish Baydo says:

    What could have been an easy 5 star game is completely ruined with a stamina system. And it takes away 1 stamina point for every swing of the ax. And it takes sev swings to cut a tree.This is designed for profit from players yes but at least give options to watch an ad or balance it with not taking so much stamina to do stuff. Less than 5 min of playing and im waiting. Why wait? Just uninstall. Other than that it really has potential to be a good game.

  21. Cristy Stan says:

    Just downloaded the game. Couldn’t even start it up, connection error right away. Even tried to Uninstall and reinstall, still the same. Sad Edit: almost a month later, re-downloaded the game; exactly the same.

  22. Ben Dunkley says:

    Please give some way to turn off that intensely irritating vibration before being forced to endure it through the entire tutorial. It’s a game, not a vibrator. Ooof, and don’t exit the game before finishing the tutorial, or you will lose your progress and have to start over, or just uninstall. Update: Contrary to the Dev’s claims, the vibration is not a phone setting it’s in the game settings menu – which isn’t available until after the initial tutorial is complete

  23. Marissa Shaffer says:

    I love the game but it updated now it just sits on the loading screen and I can’t play it which sucks because I really like it ill put it back to 5 stars if the problem can get fixed but until it does I’m just gonna leave it a 1 because I can’t play it… update my name is kit on the game and the guild I’m apart of is husky I really hope you guys can fix it I see from your other reviews your trying too so I put the stars to 3

  24. Becky Bowen says:

    Started today and seemed like a good game. Now have to do quest 9- Golo Valley but freezes on the Exploration menu. Can’t do anything else in the game as it’s forcing to go here and have restarted several times

  25. Lan Ningsih says:

    I have been playing this game for a month. It’s quite challenging game with social vibes and strategy game. I would give full stars if the developer starts to have a fixed mind about scheduling of events. I hope it wouldn’t change in a flash like today. The morning schedule is different than the evening schedule. Also, please give at least explanation if you release a new event so players won’t keep wondering. Oh, and there’s bugs on chat and shop. Fixed that too please. Thank you.

  26. Nicci Costin says:

    It has a little bit of everything and I love it. The art is fantastic, you get to build your area at your own pace, and even though there is an energy limit, there’s PLENTY of ways to earn it back fast. You get to be in an alliance, build your own army, research and physically farm things in open world, in base and craft things. It’s a great Mashup of many games!

  27. Daniel Swanson says:

    Was really fun last night when I played it at my house on Wi-Fi but an unable to play it over mobile data. Not sure why but it keeps telling me that it can’t connect to the server. Nothing wrong with my mobile data as I can do everything else on there except for play this game . Going to try to play it again tonight when I get home and I’m near my Wi-Fi but if it won’t work tonight or if it will only work on Wi-Fi and not mobile data I will probably end up deleting.

  28. Citizen A says:

    Game had alot of promise. My complaints. Too many “settlers” playing. I question the amount of actual active players or if they are bots. Alliance members leave daily there should be a cool down between joining/leaving an alliance. Power dynamic is off between high and lower players. Pay to win game. Customer service doesn’t answer in game messages. Can only access via wifi sometimes. Resources are meant to entirely progress with some being unobtainable. Don’t play this game

  29. Konstantin Davidenko (Shultc) says:

    Not promotional material, not tutorial represents real gameplay. So, for misinformation — one star. You need to spend too much time to find out, what this game really is.

  30. Kenuda says:

    This game obviously has a lot of work put into it. Voice acting, actual characters, real character models. Which makes it hurt all the more that this is a game that doesn’t know what it wants to be. It trys to combine mobile style city building with the asset flip collection “adventure” style games that are everywhere, and it doesn’t really do any of them well. The transition from one to the next is also just really jarring and doesn’t mesh well. Oh, and the screenshots are lies.

  31. Zero Eight says:

    Installed this because the ad looked cool, turns out I’ve already played this. It’s not a bad game but it is not what the advert makes out. Why do Devs think they can get away with fake ads. And who makes these ads… Maybe they should be developing the game. I’ll play on for a bit to see if I’m wrong….. And will change this if I am.

  32. Ebonie “Ebonie” Jones says:

    Possibly one of the best games I’ve played in a while all up until the missions start making you spend real money to progress, Im actually really disappointed because I was really enjoying it :/

  33. Anna Patmalniece (Annie) says:

    Since update today, my game is stuck on the loading screen. Update: I reinstalled the game and it works again. Had to waste hours before it let me sign in with my account to load the previous game – very annoying but hey ho, it’s a good time waster.

  34. Stephen Christian says:

    Sorry.. The latest update destroys the fun of the game.. 1. You add more resources to gather, but our warehouse cap still the same. 2. You make the resources prices at their lowest but the price to upgrade building still the same. 3. The Hero monument exploration system is suck!! 4. You didn’t explain clearly about the changes. 5. It’s frustrating with the sudden and huge changes!!!! I should say I hate everything in your game now in the last questionnaire!! Please revert back the changes!!

  35. Kaymin Pendragon says:

    The Devs put some love in this game. The voice acting was great till it stopped. The game pace is moderate. The “building” is predetermined. The farming pretty much not there. The character you start with is not your main character?? I dunno that was confusing. I think this is more a child’s game. If you’re an adult, I’d go looking elsewhere. It’s not bad. Just not my kind of game.

  36. caitlin spry says:

    Game has a lot of great work put into it. Perfect for younger audience too. No issues, haven’t ran into any ads. It’s straight forward and fun. I recommend trying this game out.

  37. Jessica Harms says:

    Cute and decent. Upgrade timers are really good and so far it’s kept my attention. The one thing I don’t like is it’s harder to get stone and wood now since I can’t redo some of the missions. Give us a way to redo them and I’d love it more lol

  38. Alan Carpec says:

    This game is a war game. It’s fun but I is also a pay to win. Yes you can level up without paying but if you want to compete you will have to buy some things. Other than that it is a fun game and also the ads are very misleading just saying

  39. Dan Rel (Pika Pichu) says:

    I want to like this game, but it is EVERYWHERE. The plot line and the game mechanics have no pathing. You start as a idle collecter and then it moves into a farming sim, then it moves into a collector again theres a pointless energy mechanic that is mixed into the collector area of it, and the building mechanic is barely used. They introduce a colony/worker purchase mechanic, that isn’t used past the tutorial of it. Game was fun at first but, it’s a roaring garbage fire.

  40. Cassandra Coleman says:

    I’d love to give a higher rating than 2 stars but I can’t play. The reason why I didn’t give one star is because of the game visuals from the app store. I get to connect my GP account to the app but then it tells me that I need to be connected to the internet. Before you developers decide to reply with try a stronger connection…. It’s the game. Other apps are running just fine. Your game however isn’t.

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