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Take control of an army and conquer the Blockverse!
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Foursaken Media
November 17, 2022
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Block Fortress: War Apk Download New*

Welcome to the Blockverse: another and blocky measurement, house to a various number of alien civilizations. Those creatures were waging struggle for eons, and now you’ll take keep watch over of a military and sign up for the fray!

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• Block-building meets real-time-strategy in an action-packed and tactical recreation.
• Play as considered one of 5 races, each and every with their very own distinctive troops, heroes, and blocks.
• Select to regulate one in every of over a dozen heroes, each and every with other strengths, weaknesses, guns, and talents.
• Customise your military from an enormous choice of apparatus for every race.
• Construct elaborate and robust defenses via hanging blocks, turrets, bombs, and extra.
• Struggle your method via a large marketing campaign on 5 other planets.
• Combat your folks and climb the leaderboards in 1v1 multiplayer, powered through Google Play Products and services.


40 comments on "Block Fortress: War Apk Download New*"

  1. Joni Jacolby says:

    On the third level of b’ock it completely restarts my phone. I’ve never had a game that actually crashes my phone. I have a pixel XL.

  2. Kayleen Andena says:

    Wonderful strategy elements. A little too much pay to win even though it’s a paid game though that never stopped me frkm really enjoying the game.

  3. Albin Susie says:

    amazing game I would love for a update where it adds two new units slots with more weapon and item slots and more weapons please do this I would love for this up this update if you could do it and also do it a mode where you can make a base or do it like a caravan mode

  4. Eponine Boot says:

    I love this game i want a lot more stuff added but i come and go with it so i end up deleting it and reinstalling but before i do i always make a cloud save and so i ended up buying 6 dollars worth of minerals and I reinstalled the game and loaded my cloud save and i didnt have anything not even the things i bought like the sniper hero or any of my upgrades for the troops i have to start over which kinda sucks i hope you guys can help out

  5. Deba Chelsie says:

    very good game though it gets boring when you finish everything with all characters

  6. Banjiman Aleishka says:

    The game is good and all but a sandbox mode would be nice, also level 3 of B’ock is just like “screw u, u not allowed pass dis lvl” please make it easier (and buff the darn explosives b’ock has aswell that’s the part why they beat ya’)

  7. Jadeline Carlissa says:

    I used to play this game and i bought it for BlueStacks on google play, the files are still missing, can you devs please fix this issue? Because i can’t refund it anymore so that is a real bummer and a kick in the… Well, you know where. Other then that this game is pretty fun from the other times i played it.

  8. Norwin Alizabeth says:

    I really love this game If you would add a sandbox were you got every block maybe every hero too

  9. Cotton Anlienisse says:

    Good: – Interesting troop items – Different heroes who encourage changes to playstyle – progress through new items – Different campains with each race Bad: – Little to no replayabilty; once you beat the campaign once, and unlock everything, there is no new content to play. – inapp purchaces + ads in a paid game – starting race is a one trick pony – awful troop and enemy AI Overall worth a buy, but don’t ruin it by buying inapp items. Yes, the zomblocks can be beat with blockmen, its just brutal

  10. Fara Jannae says:

    I played this game ever sense it came out and I liked it so when the new update came I thought it was something cool but my save with 7500 minerals got deleted it the devs read this please fix this

  11. Erryl Harriet says:

    I would totally give this game 5 stars but let’s start with the good, it’s fun and extremely challenging which also makes it fun. There are so many possibilities of what you can do in this game and that’s the beauty of it. Anything is beatable in this if you just think about your strategy and tactic. The only reason I couldn’t rate this at 5 stars is that multiplayer doesn’t work which sucks since I wanted to destroy my brother at this. Oh well, I always wanted to try a 4 player game.

  12. King Elvia says:

    Latest update broke global matchmaking entirely. The “performance improvement” has instead made panning the camera 30fps but moving around is 60. I dont get the improvement because before it was always running fast. I mean at least we got an update? It’s only been a few years. Would like future development of this game.

  13. Traci Jeffrey says:

    I have been a fan of foursaken media for years. and I am never disappointed. great game!

  14. Nell Donathan says:

    it will be much better if you add an rpg element especially in heroes and troops where you can upgrade there skills and stats using skill points and add 2 new races for more impact and fun

  15. Chile Everild says:

    I like the Game but When Humans fire alot of Bullets it will lag on android and oppo f11 fix this problem i have this problem since i downloaded the game

  16. Chill Duston says:

    Love this game. It’s a bit easy to cheese with some races due to the power of some weapon combos (human sniper spam is powerful)

  17. Kandace Cadawg says:

    Very unique game in the playstore! I enjoy controlling units in battle although I wish you guys would add a sandbox mode after beating campaign it gets a bit boring… This game can use some updates or a sequal it has potential!

  18. Lianna Morcar says:

    I honestly like the style of strategy. I just am not a fan of pitting the player against almost insurmountable odds. This was a premium game. I paid for this. Its very shady to be trying to vampire more money out of me by making the game almost impossible to complete without paying money. Except for this the game is good.

  19. Sior Leigb says:

    So far this is a great RTS that has a completely different feel than Block Fortress. I see complaints about no sandbox. This game is an RTS, sandbox mode would be awkward to implement, each world has an endless mode for when you want to mess around, idk if there’s any incentive for completing it though. The IAP is strictly for in game currency you accrue naturally by playing the game. I don’t feel pressured to purchase it by any means of the word. Another excellent game from Foursaken!

  20. Fidel Padron says:

    The game goes is a black screen and never goes on pls fix,il increase the rate into fixed.

  21. Toxic 420000 says:

    Game crashed when I bought the $2:99 ore pack and it didn’t give me my ore please fix

  22. Not the Soviet union says:

    This game is freaking awesome I have played the regular block fortress and it was great this game seems to have a lot harder experience and I expected this exact experience so I enjoyed it as soon as I started. Great game in general. I have no reason to rate it lower than five stars

  23. Honey Slime says:

    Great game. The updates broke the game since I’ve last played it. So many glitches but small glitches at that. Wish they would work on the game more and add more things. Also don’t count on multiplayer to work.

  24. Sean Sheep says:

    This is a great game. I would give it 5 stars if you could allow android to change servers. Or do local

  25. jesse dowse says:

    Amazing game, love the third person, but couldn’t transfer my data with the cloud pretty dissappointed

  26. David Blue says:

    Really fun game brings me back to my childhood in how much fun I had playing stratagey games.

  27. DARK GOLDEN says:

    i said this was the best game created but… Blockmen wearing enemy heads… Just no it dosent fit with the lore you made with the games including AMMO AMOUNT… I would understand if the blockmen didnt win against all other factions/ 1 less star until either anither war or true block fortres OR fix it because you made the lore you need for it to make sense

  28. RealRaccoon says:

    100%.. Love it. Just wish there was more – I’ve finished it over and over. Just want more, more levels, more species and/or equipment. Just more! MOAR… Because it’s awesome.

  29. Crovesk “Crovozite” says:

    Used to be a fantastic game, but it seems the latest update(s) have completely mangled it, and now it not only struggles to run, like most games produced by this company, but you have to pay for this particularly bothersome experience. If they actually understood how to maintain a game, it’d be a fantastic title still.

  30. Thinix says:

    The pinnacle of mobile rts. First of all i just wanted to say, this game isn’t easy. You’re gonna lose a lot, but thats part of the challenge. The gameplay takes bits of inspiration from other games. Its got starcraft race balance, league of legends hero control and minions, and minecraft building. This is unlike anything else on the app store, and if you’re a fan of rts games then this is a must-play.

  31. Michael Thornton-Kaye says:

    This is awful there’s minimal tactics involved and it’s so unfairly made against you the I can’t get past the second level without using the one use power ups. That is ridiculous for a paid game. Not only that but there’s in app purchases for a PAID GAME. It’s been designed around pay to win despite being a paid game which is a massive disappointment

  32. FennecTheFurryFox says:

    I love the game to bits, I completely the entire campaign over a span of over a month and it was just awesome, I’d love to see even a second game to this one too, please block fortress devs, good work on this game anywho.

  33. chicken nugget says:

    This game does not allow me to do the endless mode everytime I get close to 8mins it just freaking hangs and exits the game it happend twice already I haven’t even completed one endless mode because of this???? Pls fix this problem it’s so annoying

  34. Ben Youmans says:

    I really tried to like this one and apparently it has a huge following, but I was immediately turned off that I can’t actually play as the hero. This seems like a big step down from past entries. I know it’s pretty simple, but I’m a simple guy. It’s a cool novelty that I miss. And next, the gameplay just wasn’t my cup of tea. Maybe I need to watch videos of other people playing, because I didn’t struggle, but I just didn’t have much fun with it. Plz make another Bug Heroes.

  35. Wouter (Nod800) says:

    Plays nice, cool little rts. please give it controller and mouse support so I can play casting to TV

  36. Taylor John says:

    This game should be 50 bucks. I’ve done nothing but play it nonstop. I thought it would be the same after the first playthrough but the whole game is different strategy each time with different races. so goood.

  37. gavin lee says:

    One of the best mobile strategy game ever made. Wish there are more levels and more replayability besides the endless

  38. elderfall2122 says:

    This game is the best. I absolutely love it and wish they would make a second game or add more to this one. I used to play it a lot and recently started playing it again and I love it.

  39. Adri Esqu says:

    Downloaded files are invalid. That’s the message I get. Game doesn’t work. It’s a new phone only this game doesn’t work. Looks like I wasted my money

  40. Max says:

    The most underrated game to ever exist. I have played this game multiple times over the years it has been out and I really wish they continued to update it because I haven’t been able to find a game similar to it.

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