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AirportPRG is an airport management game set in Prague in the 30s and 40s.
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August 21, 2021
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AirportPRG Apk Download New*

Control air site visitors and airport body of workers to take care of airport operations. See the evolution of Prague Ruzyne Global Airport from its humble beginnings. From grassy runways to a posh gadget of concrete runways.

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– Change into an airport controller and inform planes when to land and take off.
– Deal with the passengers, the baggage and the refuelling of the planes.
– Make money, improve your team of workers and the airport.
– Spectacular 3D graphics
– No promoting – Eight years of ranges depicting essential historic occasions – Numerous hours of addictive gameplay
– Selection of antique plane – Correct type of Prague airport within the years 1937 – 1947


40 comments on "AirportPRG Apk Download New*"

  1. Aelita Saylor says:

    Absolutely amazing. The gameplay is simple and the graphics are in their own right, aesthetic. Plus there’s no ads nor microtransactions, all for the low low price of $0! I hope for the best for the upcoming “World of Airports” game.

  2. Adrean Dob says:

    Musics great. Little but detailed story of a not so famous airport, yep this is good and not the same stuff over again. There should have been a 2nd tutorial about upgrades (stage upgrades remain for level). A button for the damn bus, its a ‘bit’ smaller than a plane, you know?

  3. Kristena Dustee says:

    The game engine is fun, it keeps you hooked. One thing is disappointing, you upgrade everything on a level thinking you’ll go back in with the upgrades, you don’t, you start again each time. It could be a super fantastic game. There are no adverts and no upgrade costs, which is very nice. However, when you complete the levels, that is it, at the moment. (DC3 level). The free play level is OK, but once you upgrade everything, you’re done really, nothing else to achieve.

  4. Kacie Brewstere says:

    Too much micromanagement for me. Handling planes and building stuff is one thing, but telling the refueling trucks when to refuel themselves – not the plane but themselves – and telling the terminal buses to run and pick up passengers is over the top. I hate when a games ai has absolutely zero initiative on even such basic tasks as that. +1 for the music though. Great music.

  5. Monty Brockman says:

    Great game, poor execution. All upgrades are only for the individual mission you’re currently on. Glitchy to the point where the screen freezes so no buttons work but time continues to pass in the game. Fun but hard to play

  6. Shem Geoff says:

    This game is one of those rare games that’s really enjoyable, well made, great graphics and music and one that I keep going back too. The only one thing I would ask for is a save option for free play so I can jump back into that part with all my money and upgrades 🙂 but genuinely a really well put together game and no stupid adverts ! I’m looking forward to their next game !

  7. Ivo Beall says:

    It’s an alright game. Levels take a long time to complete. Just a couple things. 1) when I hit the mute button, that means I want no sound in the game. I guess there was music or something it muted but it didn’t mute the game. 2) What’s the point in playing the game when your profits and upgrades from a previous level don’t pass on to the next level? Makes it feel boring and futile when you have to start from scratch on each level. Overall there’s not enough interaction/control to the game.

  8. Ethen Lyndall says:

    Game is great for what it is. I woukd love to see a saved game state for free play. You spend time upgrading everything only for it to be gone next time you open the game. Otherwise I haven’t seen a game tackle the ramp / service aspect so well.

  9. Rickie Cony says:

    WOW !! what a game. It does not give that old cliche feeling. Years change step by step and keeps one attached and addicted BUT it does not save one’s last progress. So whenever I’d get back, sadly my previous progress would be lost and I’d have to start all over again, especially in the sandbox mode .. i mean this shouldn’t really happen to sandbox progress.. fix that please … else it deserves a five star .. beautiful game

  10. Devin Alexina says:

    Awesome music and theme, nice graphics and controls. The only negative aspect is that it’s pretty easy and has short gameplay buy hey, it’s free and ad free!

  11. Ceaster Michalene says:

    This has fantastic gameplay, the detail is good like one engine starts at a time etc but it’s absolutely destroyed by ridiculous timers, the slowest ground crew I’ve ever seen, unnecessary tasks such as sending buses for passengers and crazy expensive upgrades

  12. Edwar Zayne says:

    Fun but gets old fast. It would be better if you could expand the airport or keep playing until its modern times. Once you upgrade your equipment theres not much reason to keep playing. Finished in less than a day.

  13. Brittani Lissa says:

    Great game, but why upgrades are only for one mission and cannot be use for the next mission? First I find that it is a relaxing game, but once you start a new mission, every upgrades and additional crews become zero again.

  14. Rochester Fern says:

    The game is great, very enjoyable, it’s kind of relaxing, nice music, realistic looking planes and cute figures running around the airport. The biggest drawback is missing save function (at least for the free play), so you can pause a go do something else, if necessary, qwithout loosing progress

  15. Aldrik Dyer says:

    I only put 4 stars because in a free mode progression can’t be saved. As soon as you exit the game and start again you start from 0 achievement. Otherwise the game is excellent and nice graphics, well done. Please fix the saving issue. The game really deserves 5 stars.

  16. Bryana Arkell says:

    The game it’s self is fun. But were the exit button?? And is not save progress, if i exit in the middle of game. I must start again from zero.. Too bad..🤕 other wise this game have perfect score.

  17. Blathaon Livingston says:

    A wonderful little game, very challenging and hugely addictive. The only thing stopping it getting 5 stars from me is that the game keeps clicking “through” the menu boxes, so I’ll open a handling menu on the plane I want, click the selection for what I want to do, but if there’s another plane in the picture behind my selection it cancels my selection and opens the menu for that plane instead. In a game that is so time critical it’s very annoying to have to move the picture around every time!

  18. Cydne Babs says:

    Beat the game in less than 10 days 😅 I mean, I was expecting something a bit more difficult. But then I got hooked up with the fun gameplay and cute graphic. I know people expect you can save your progress but starting all over again every level makes it more challenging and interesting. Now I kinda expect there will be more levels on global aviation history. (It’s a good way to learn tbh). You guys did great!

  19. Jerald Edit says:

    This game is surprisingly fun. It is the right balance of fun and challenging which is hard to find. Plus, being into flight sims and aviation, it scratches that itch a little too. Can’t wait for World of Airports to be released (Oct. 22nd)!

  20. Everton Morse says:

    Love the game but two annoying bugs. First, if the apron gets too busy, the planes get stuck and you lose the game through no fault of your own. Second, the planes don’t give proper updates after going to the hangar.

  21. Erland Reynold says:

    The game graphics and game play is excellent, but each level the upgrades are lost. There is no continuation from previous level. So lost interest very soon.

  22. Sayre Albin says:

    Amazing game. The soundtrack is the best I ever heard in my life! It’s simple, entertaining and the best of all it’s free and there aren’t so much ads. Definitely waiting for updates with new levels and planes. Thank you for making good content!

  23. Shianne Eland says:

    This has the possibility of being one of those great games. It’s clearly in development stage as I have lost all my levels up to 1938 which is very frustrating. When you leave the game and come back you have to start from the beginning which will not be popular. I would like to help the developers however these small early issues are basic and should have been caught before issue. So good luck

  24. Vessy N says:

    I love the game but there are improvements needed. For example the planes waiting on line. The busses I would remove and add other. Also I cant transfer savings or go to levels from page 1. But the design, idea and animation I adore. I wish it would go further in the future….50…60s…70s.

  25. StuweFPV says:

    You can’t save any progress 🙁 as soon as you leave even free play all is gone. This lack makes the game dead boring after 2 days!!! If saving would be possible I would play it for months. constant restarts totally ruins that great funny game.

  26. António Taborda says:

    Its a great game. But its still missing lots of things. It has a more cartoonish looks (comparing to same publisher sister game) but its quite enjoyable. Also its has a slower pace while being short. But it feels bland coming from WOA. However I would like to see the continuation of Prague Airport evolution to nowadays airport.

  27. Oliver Petroski says:

    I love how this game has only the old airoplanes, that part is awesome. Ive been looking for game like this. However, the time to handle each aeroplane is way too short. You cant buy any aeroplane, and on the free run mode the game does not save your progress. THE TIME REQURED TO HANDLE A PLANE MUST BE REMOVED, and the game MUST SAVE YOUR PROGRESS in the free play mode. Without these things I have to uninstal this game. I cant play it 24/7 because I have a real life as well.

  28. Tina says:

    Really good & the 2 vehicles the gas refueling truck & the ppl one out front of the airport r histerical if u watch em they’ll occasionally do this road rage type deal one passes runs the other off the road and one is always harassing the other pretty funny when u actually notice this but I love little hidden things in games like that but overall good. Only issue I saw was the game said game over so it took me a sec to figure out it’s not a level game not sure how I feel about that but w/play;)

  29. Jim Johnson says:

    I love airport air traffic controller games. What makes this game even better is their’s no ads to deal with. It is much appreciated having a game play out this way. I rather pay for upgrades then deal with senseless ads. Thank you for a great game. I hope more airports are added soon. Thanks !!!!!

  30. J Martin says:

    So this game let’s you do 1 thing at a time. After parking get everyone off the plane, and remove bags, and fuel up. Nope. Just do one at a time. Odd, because I flew and they were still loading bag on my plane when I was permitted to board. So this game just waste my time. Garden pass and uninstalled. Also, oops time has expired.

  31. DFDempire says:

    The game itself is well made and is not one of the types to spam you with ads. Gameplay: Is hard and challenging and requires good time keeping and resource management. AI pathing is well made and changes is something blocks there path. Improvements: Add a free mode with vast upgrades over the years as the missions with the upgrades that are lost is quite disappointing. Add the ability to build your airport with multipul runways and more freedom like having cargo flights.

  32. Hilman says:

    Definitely 5 stars game.. when you”re bored with turbofan jet age, this gane brings back memory when piston props ruled the world. Great graphics, gameplays, sounds, and the soundtracks complete the rethro atmosphere. Additional note: Please create more post war scenarios with post war props planes Edit: please fix the 1947 scenario.. Santa’s plane doesn’t show up on the final scene

  33. Javier Silva says:

    I remember why stopped playing this game. There aren’t enough levels and each level you play you restart the skills of the workers. More levels and the ability to keep your upgrades will help this game.

  34. bootstrap141414 says:

    Excellent repayability, graphics and soundtrack. Though it does have some bugs – I’ve noticed clicking on something just before an event seems to soft lock the scenario

  35. Brian Stefanski says:

    Great job to the developers! Thank you for such an addictive game that’s very hard to put down once u start playing! Only issue I have, and it’s a giant and monstrous issue, is that in free play mode, you can’t save and pick up where u left off! Why would you do that!? I had the best game going that I got super far on and had hours invested, and got to be where I had to go to sleep, when I woke up, and started up the game, it started me all over again and at the very beginning again! Not cool!!

  36. Pete Roz says:

    are the devs still supporting this game or retired or on strike? 1)what’s up with 1947 (Christmas)?all 16 planes dispatched on time and nothing happens, no ending, no one arrives, no button work->apart from ‘pause’ which then gives: resume, restart and main menu..🤔 which means I’m not able to finish the scenario and can’t move on to the next one😔☹️ 2) can’t use my note’s s-pen, because it “pierces” through the menus and activates whatever is beneath (another plane or service like stairs etc.

  37. J M “Mitch” Atchley says:

    Game has it’s fun aspects. But what really detracts from it is that it has no faq’s or manual to explain things. Like the hangar. How is it used? There should be a way to clear planes not landed that have no value, especially in free play. Or since free play days it has no time limits, remove the timing on the planes that takes away our earned monies. This is just one of the many inconsistencies that make this good game maddening and frustrating to play.

  38. Hermione Jordan says:

    I love this game as a lover of the music as I love that time period and an airplane enthusias I absolutely love it I used to play it all the time and I completely forgot about it until now but I’m playing it again and it is so enjoyable brings back memories of trying to help my dad on the levels that are hard.great quality game.

  39. Zoltán Boda says:

    Really enjoyable. Finally a game that has great soundtracks. The only issue is that you ha e to wait for the fuel truck to teturn every time, while you don’t have to for other ground units.

  40. Keith Brooks says:

    Awesome game, the music is freaking fantastic, gameplay is exactly as you think it should/would be. It’s a truly an all-around, example setting, deserves an award game, one of the best… “why the 3-stars” you ask? Because I’m stuck! (My problem, not the game, fr) There’s supposed to be a flippin prize in the winter special level and that surprise caps off the level as complete and 3 starts, right? I don’t have the answer to that question because there IS NO SURPRISE! I broke it didn’t I? HELP!

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