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Score goals & be the hero of the cup! Soccer games
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November 10, 2022
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Soccer Star 22 Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Become the most productive participant on this planet with our new sport, Football Big name 2022 Football Video games! Get started development your personal profession as a certified and earn some huge cash. You’ll be able to purchase a area, garments or perhaps a new sports activities automotive. Play the new recreation with which you’ll be able to change into the following best possible one in historical past.

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Flick your finger around the display and kick the ball! In Football Big name 22: Tremendous Football Video games it is rather simple to be informed sport controls. Get ready your technique and break up defences if you wish to win the fit. You’ll want just right scorers but in addition a really perfect defence and a goalkeeper.

Football Big name 22 Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

There are few video games like this one with which to transform the most efficient one in historical past development your personal profession. You’ll be able to additionally purchase numerous properties, automobiles or several types of garments in the way of life segment and really feel like an ideal celebrity.

Football Famous person 22 Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

You are going to get started enjoying in an novice championship with desires of the greatness of being a qualified legend. Step by step you’ll turn out to be a certified participant. New groups will touch you to play with them in championships. If you end up at your fullest, the most efficient groups on the earth will need to signal you and it is advisable change into a celebrity.

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PARTICULAR OPTIONS reminiscent of: Bodily preparers
Boots Brokers Area Vehicles Garments Way of life

Football Famous person 22 Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* liberate

Defensive techniques Assault ways Balanced ways

Football Famous person 22 Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

And lots of not unusual methods with which you’ll give a boost to your participant talents for each and every fit. Combining ways you’ll be able to reach improbable talent enhancements. Be the hero of your group and immerse your self on this enjoy.

Football Big name 22 Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

With those abilities enhancements as a participant, you are going to have extra chances to play within the preliminary 11 and carry out within the first department enjoying in opposition to the most productive groups on the planet stuffed with tremendous superstar.
In the event you nonetheless have doubts about downloading Football Celebrity 2022 Tremendous Football, we can inform you that we’re the creators of the well-known saga of video games, specialized in making you are feeling that you just play actual football video games.



40 comments on "Soccer Star 22 Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Frost Nikos says:

    The game is pretty broken as far as advancing. Wait times are ridiculously long and stats basically mean nothing. I’ve played other 2 star teams that show they have 90+ in certain skills. Also some games are literally impossible to win. You can do everything perfect and the game will still give the other team more goals than it even gives you chances to score

  2. Shaun O'Brien says:

    Really buggy. On multiple occasions, the game freezes and costs you money. Despite the money spent on jewels or energy to play the game, once it freezes, you lose your progress and energy. I have probably lost a few hundred jewels because the game freezes and I have to restart. Also, the commentary is awful! When you take the lead, it says, “What an equalizer!”. When someone passes the ball, they call it a “direct free kick.” When you score a goal, it says”brilliant goalkeeping.”.

  3. Kevin Kuebler says:

    Decent enough game with some problems. The AI is shockingly dumb. Countless times I’ve watched my teammates on defense stand next to the ball and wait for the opponent to run up and kick it. Goaltending is horrid, passing/shooting is either dead accurate or you can’t hit the broad side of a barn, relationships are effected by losses regardless of how many goals or assists you had, morale seems to change without much reason and you chew through energy way too quick (which can be refilled with $$)

  4. Jose Loreto says:

    It’s a really fun game but it has its problems. Sometimes during a match it won’t let me shoot or pass the ball, it’ll only let move the camera and sometimes when I watch ads to get energy, i don’t even receive that energy. It’s a really good game, but those bugs have to fixed so it can be even better.

  5. Google User says:

    *UPDATE 2* Uninstalled and reinstalled as instructed. Issues Persist. Please fix your game. *End Update* *UPDATE* theres an issue with ads. you can watch an ad but are not granted whatever reward you watched the ad for. *END UPDATE* the game crashes a lot. black screen freeze. its very irritating. nice concept though. the graphics, gameplay, its all wonderfull. if you could just fix it you’d be golden.

  6. John Shearring says:

    I found it good at the start. Upgrades seem to have very little impact on player/gameplay. I found the graphics are lagging too much. And the tap feature to keep/lose possession is horrendous. Uninstalled.

  7. Andy Haney says:

    Was half decent to start with. I’m on season 6. It has now become impossible to win a game and opposition goal Keepers have become super human. Appears to have become a money pit to keep you buying gems/coins etc. I wouldn’t bother downloading it as it’ll just become a source of frustration and annoyance

  8. Fanny Rahmadhitya says:

    For first 2 seasons, all runs well. Always in top 5. But in third seasons onward, almost 90%, my team lost. It almost like the game want us to buy the in game purchase. Plan to uninstall it

  9. Iain Dodsworth says:

    Was enjoying the game first 2 seasons, playing against simular level players, then started season 3 and I’m playing against players double my level and just losing every game. Not a fun experience, the game has just become stale

  10. Valbon Zenku says:

    Game is all good,i used to play new star soccer and this one seems great for me with even better graphics.But its frustrating when I dont get ad rewards, screen freezes while opening a pack, and what frustrates me most is that the upgrade trainer challange wont complete no matter how many times i upgrade one of them.Spend maybe 10k coins on it and still havent gotten a reward from completitng it.Some gameplay issues are also bad, like players running out of the field with the ball instead pass

  11. Santo T says:

    Lots of bugs are there. Sometimes no matter how you pass it will be intercepted, No Ad rewards received after watching ads, after completing daily challenge the challenge is still stuck in the list uncompleted. Also Skill training period takes forever just to increase 1 point, My skills are below 55 and training itself takes 2 real days, it increase by 12hrs after every single training. By the time player skills reach 80,I will be 80 Or die of old age. Plz fix these.

  12. Sangram Ghadge says:

    The videos for free prizes are not working.Getting an error message everytime saying ” Oops there was an error with the video”.

  13. ku mohd Ikhwan says:

    Such a terrible apps. Watch ads for free stamina but then didnt receive the reward. It happen so many time. Different hairstyle option but got different hairstyle in games. Terrible commentary. My team is winning streak with huge gap but the news say we were terrible.

  14. Eben Smith says:

    I will like to suggest why don’t you give at a gem at each competition of season for example take 5 gems after competition in the full season and moreover I wish also we alternate between video and gems during replays of the matches thank you and also why do not you add selling of gems also since everything is sold at the store. Thanks

  15. Aleksandar Zivanovic says:

    Unreal game, worthless… In half time i loosing 3-0 and didnt have a chance, then i second half i have one chance! When i lose i lose moral and other things Full of bugs I dont recomend to anyone!

  16. Danial Ikmal says:

    Latest update bring a big trouble. Constantly have a server connection problem even my internet connection is good. It happened after every single match and makes me don’t get any rewards for the match. I didn’t experience this before the latest update. Lot of improvement in previous update but the latest update bring a disappointment.

  17. Corbu Alex says:

    it freezes(crashes) … plus i don’t understand how come after winning the championship in the second league and first league my team is still weak and also the offers for transfer for me are from weak clubs??? if i am scoring a lot and win best player award shouldn’t i receive offers from better clubs??? to obvious when you’re team has to lose a game… very disappointing

  18. Michael says:

    Why are the controls so inconsistent, play one team and you can curl the ball to your heart’s content, play another team and the players are useless and can only kick in a straight line! Now the ball glitches to a completely different place, don’t waste your time

  19. Nadya Putri says:

    Can u please fix the blackjack game? How come ace meets any 10 numbers aren’t blackjack. And the mood system of the player are annoying to maintain. But so far is quite nice game, but it has a few bugs to be fixed.

  20. Leandro Cruzado cardenas says:

    In the 1st half, your shots are pretty good speed and almost always go in if Shots are done towards goal. But in the 2nd half, no matter what you do, the shot will not go in because the game will make the shot slow on purpose just so you can waste money to get a 2nd chance and when you do get a 2nd chance, the shot is like the ones in the 1st half. Stop trying to steal our money! Improve the 2nd half please. And also the commentary.

  21. Owen Jones says:

    Enjoying the game until I moved to Celtic. I am now stuck in Scotland with the ability to only transfer between the top 3 clubs in that league. No options to leave to another country or to another team………also due to the playoffs at the end of the Scottish leave it adds a weird extra season for the last match of the year……

  22. Junior Byabato says:

    Worst game. When I played the first time it was like awesome, I chose ma player named him and then after that it quits . Since then when I open the game it quits so if it is so I need a refund of ma MBs. Make the game for all types of phones.

  23. Ismael Santoyo says:

    simply unplayable on data networks… Always reconnects and you lose 20 energy, didn’t even get passed the first game lol i uninstalled.

  24. Craig Bennett says:

    Not a bad game overall however, season pass levels only go to 19 so get through them pretty quick then you are completing daily rewards and challenges for no extra reward.

  25. Donald Braunstein says:

    Game is fun… however there are too many issues with game play. Very inconsistent when shooting, sometimes camera faces wrong way, some kicks go past the goal but all players stop running so ball just stays in and only way to fix is to close the game which wastes energy every time, freezes constantly, players glitch in front of the ball when they are not even close, adds don’t reward anything no matter how many times you watch. I wish I could give a great review but can’t with so many issues.

  26. Jaiden says:

    It’s a good game but you should be able to play as much matches as you want as it is really annoying having to wait absolute ages and massively lower the times of opening chests and finishing training because ut takes hours and hours just to get more chest and get not much good things from it just things you already have and it takes absolute ages to save up the coins to upgrade certain thinfs

  27. Manoj says:

    After spending thousands of rupees, i can clearly say this game is no fun. It was made only for money and they push you so hard that you feel like you have pay to play. Terrible game and definitely not recommended. Play some other game unless you don’t want to lose your money. Uninstalling after playing/paying a lot.

  28. Aswin Sumithran says:

    Very good game but there are so many bugs in the gameplay such as the players will glitch in front of the ball the oppenent will come out of nowhere and get the ball it is one of the major problem with the game i hope you guys resolve it in upcoming updates…

  29. Jacob Meiches says:

    Decent game but the ads don’t work to work on morale, gf thingy, and other perks… Could be better. In regards to the developers comments about my internet being poor, you’re incorrect. My upload speed is 880 and download speed is 910 plus I am on 5G in my area. So the issue with the game not working fully is due to a bug or bugs with your game.

  30. Christopher Walker says:

    What an amazing game I can’t get enough game time and I would like to say a big thank you to the developers for fixing my issue quickly and efficiently.what a great team.THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH

  31. Adam Barnes says:

    Scored over 60 goals in first season, only teams interested in me were of same level. Training is now over a day to get a 1 mark raise. No matter how I tap screen I always get tackled. Buying epic crates is only way to get the best coaches etc and to upgrade after level 4 I very expensive, I don’t mind paying for extras if its an option rather than a must to progress. Fimally the commentator is on another planet. The game as plenty of appeal if done right.

  32. Mengkudu Kudu says:

    Best game ever if have no issue with reconnecting .. please fix this. Also have bug after reconnect like energy is deduct and attribute of the player is not display correctly. It keep saying that server error

  33. Sean Faraday says:

    Story has potential, but lost one of my rare cards just disappeared and my skills are always at different levels always changing.

  34. Cesia Lawford says:

    As soon as I started playing I got a decent team and I never stop scoring! It is quite easy to master and I think that anybody should be able to enjoy it.

  35. Lucas Foltz says:

    Fun game overall, requirements to play can be a bit annoying. Good way to spend a morning off work.

  36. Md Avisekh says:

    Game concept and graphics is awesome. But you should have to add save progress option. You should have add facebook or google log in. So that we can play our game in multiple devices. It is very risky to play game without this save progress option. If my phone is broken or lost my game progress also will be lost. So you have to add this. If you added this I will give 5 star for this game. As well as you say that this game is offline but this game is not offline it’s totally online game.

  37. Frank O'Dowd says:

    Great game great graphics but extremely irrating that after being the great player you can’t choose from any team you want to play for. Wish I can understand why you can only choose from a few list of teams. That needs ti change or am I doing something wrong

  38. Isaiah Washington says:

    Game is fun but the ads aren’t giving rewards like they should. Sometimes makes you watch them 3 times in order for it to kick in… I’m sure they are still getting money from it but I’m not getting my reward

  39. David Bradburn says:

    It’s gone downhill! Practically unplayable due to constant ads! On to my 7th season, still earning <1k a game. Frustrating. I'd recommend fewer ads. Maybe the option for a paid version to remove the ads all together. Also, you'd think that consistently scoring 50+ goals a season, you'd be turning heads and getting some larger clubs interested in you.

  40. Kevin A says:

    I have only played about 30 mins, ads aren’t so bad because each one gives a rewards, feels like a good full mobile game with actual progession, hope to keep enjoying.

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