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Stream games and follow your favorite teams from NBC Sports Regional Networks.
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August 3, 2022
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MyTeams by NBC Sports Mod Apk

Watch your favourite native groups play on all of your gadgets!
Get knowledgeable research, highlights, get right of entry to to unique content material and extra for all of Bay House, Boston, Chicago, DC, Philadelphia and MLB, NBA, NFL & NHL groups. Make a selection the groups that imply probably the most to you and get admission to the tips best native fanatics may know. Seamlessly scroll via your favourite video games and groups with out leaving the app.
WATCH: Are living movement MLB, NBA and NHL video games and look at on-demand video highlights. Pre- and post-game protection could also be to be had.
Bay House – Giants, A’s, Warriors, Kings, Sharks
Boston – Celtics
Chicago – White Sox, Bulls, Blackhawks
Philadelphia – Phillies, Sixers, Flyers
Washington D.C. – Wizards, Capitals Check in along with your TELEVISION supplier username and password to observe the reside video games and displays from the NBC Sports activities Regional Community for your house. LEARN AND CONCENTRATE:
Get in-depth, in-season and low season sports activities information from the native announcers and beat journalists that duvet your native groups. Get right of entry to podcasts out of your teams’ maximum a professional resources. Observe the entire groups you’ll be able to flow PLUS:
Bay Space – 49ers
Boston – Patriots, Purple Sox, Bruins
Chicago – Bears, Cubs
Philadelphia – Eagles
Washington D.C. – Ravens,Soccer Workforce, Nationals, Orioles


40 comments on "MyTeams by NBC Sports Mod Apk"

  1. Casper Collyer says:

    When I turn my tablet to watch in landscape mode it stretches and distorts the picture because it does not keep the aspect ratio and thus makes this application worthless to watch any sport in full screen. UPDATE: I increased the rating from 1 star to 2 stars because the developers got rid of the annoying bouncing button in the corner. Apparently they’re listening. This is a good sign. Now if they could just fix the aspect ratio issue. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S3, which is a very common device. There is no reason why this app should not be optimized for it. It would be an easy 4 star app if somebody would take the time to fix it.

  2. Chrisopher Tedd says:

    Still way too slow to load the app the first time. The interface to switch between teams is not a good UI and unnecessarily hard to use, have handed it to several friends and they couldn’t figure out how to switch teams. Just allow swipe left/right, or have tabs, or have bottom buttons. This crazu UI really needs to be replaced.

  3. Adyson Jennette says:

    Great stories in this app. Unfortunately you are constantly getting stuck on pages that don’t allow you to return to the previous page. Particularly when watching videos you can’t get back to the main story. Basically you have to exit the app to continue reading. Looks great. Lousy functionality. Expect better from NBC.

  4. Kalysta Ammie says:

    App is way overly busy. I hate the aesthetic of multiple titles for stories appearing on same page. This has meant it was hard to actually click on something, multiple titles for same article would occasionally flutter, making it difficult to get to new page. Most importantly, I have not been able to watch games on my phone as signing in was not working correctly. Content is good if you can get to it, but I was happier with old NBCBayArea app. will have to reinstall, I guess. Simple is better.

  5. Rane Chaste says:

    Glad to be able to follow my teams! Love the extra features on individual players, etc. Sometimes there’s some lag, but nothing major. Wish it could be synced to local radio if the TV announcers are less than entertaining, but I understand why it cant be. Overall great app. I suspect it might become “pay per view”soon. Hope not!

  6. Ede Eledon says:

    They keep bothering me to review, so I will…I don’t like being bothered to review, so that’s 1 star off. The content is mostly excellent, but video reports items need to be supplemented with text versions and are not…another half star off. Finally, you cannot access box scores, standings, statistics, etc. So that would be a full star off if you could do halves. I round up because of the quality of the contributing writers and access to live game feeds.

  7. Oz Iden says:

    For me, a four-star rating is pretty good. On a 1 – 100 scale I’d give it an 87 (even better). If I were to change anything it would be the “next story” at the end of story 1. If I click on that next on and start to read it, sometimes it is compliated getting bact to the origional list. The stories and insights are timely and primarily by local writers. I’ve cancelled Bleacher Report.

  8. Brik Coralie says:

    They think they’re clever with this weird navigation system that involves long-pressing a circle in the lower-left corner, then moving that circle like you’re moving an icon from one homescreen to another. It’s incredibly inefficient. Although it’s not difficult, it’s not exactly intuitive. Most importantly, it creates just as many issues as it solves. There are much better ways of navigating an app. IT’S A REALLY STUPID NAVIGATION DESIGN.

  9. Frost Ed says:

    App not bad at all! But, when they take a break to change pitchers or change team at bat, you end up missing anywhere from 3 or 4 pitches to as many as 2 batters! I’ve counted as many as 8 commercials. The only reason I’ll use the app, the broadcast station is messed up! Otherwise, you end up with to damned many commercials. More time than is watching the game!

  10. Lay Cenehard says:

    I changed my rating from a 5 to a 4. The reason sometimes when I try watching a stream it will display some generic program such as a fantasy football report or a random infomercial. If I try refreshing by pulling the screen down it just starts the generic program from the beginning. Sometimes I have to refresh 5 times before the program I want will play. I even have to close the app all together. This is very annoying when trying to watch live sports. As I miss vital parts of the game

  11. Brigham Berenice says:

    Games frequently fail to load & play, regardless of sports. There are generic, non-intuitive error messages that are either unhelpful or wrong. For instance “This program may have viewing restrictions” despite being signed in to a valid account outside of market. Worst customer support experience I’ve had after many tries. One recommended I use a different app. EDIT: Now I’m being told it doesn’t work out of market, despite using it for that purpose last season and others using it this season.

  12. Laurence Ar says:

    My experience was great, aside from a few tolerable glitches. I was able to watch the games I wanted all I wanted, up until a couple of weeks ago. Now it keeps blocking me out of every single game I try and watch with a notification of “game not available through service provider”, or one about having location restrictions. I’ve changed NOTHING….I’m physically in the same area I’ve always been while watching and I have the same provider. It’s seems to be an app issue thats growing. Sucks.

  13. Genista Gregg says:

    This is the most frustrating app I have ever used. During Sharks games it will go to commercial before play has even stopped for every single commercial. Whats worse is that it will then just spin commercials and never return to the game. It’s maddening! I keep reading that this will be fixed but it hasn’t been. I have tried all the tricks: uninstalling, updating, blah blah……I am disappointed and highly unimpressed with this terrible excuse for technology.

  14. Diantha Jonnie says:

    This is great but only in theory. Trying to actually watch a live game live is a whole other story. Have to close app (sometimes multiple times) whenever the ads start playing in order for app to be able to give option for local feed. Also pretty terrible that something I am paying for I am forced to watch on my phone (tv version of app always locks out due to geographical reasons). Not worth it.

  15. Alyanna Sumner says:

    This app looks good, but does not work as advertised and is not user friendly. Logging into my provider (which is newer to the app) has been absolute nonsense. Getting a live feed of a game (NHL/Blackhawks mainly) was the sole reason I downloaded this app. Doesn’t seem to be available to me or easy to navigate. Based on other reviews, the “live” games option does not work for many. I can find team news anywhere… When this is fixed, would love to come back…

  16. Alekia Pressley says:

    If I could give ZERO stars I would. This app barely ever works. Constantly I get a notification about an article thT sounds interesting, I click the notification and it goes to a blank page with the Eagles logo on the bottom right and Eagles 9-7 record at top. Literally nothing else and no way to navigate around the app. TERRIBLE times ten!!!!!!!

  17. Diz Geyezzd says:

    Too many pages. Keep all each teams stories on one page that you can just scroll down. Clicking a story to go to a separate page then having to click back to scroll to the next story is a pain. Just have all the stories in a highlighted list that opens on that page to read if you desire to read that particular story, which when you get to the end has the next highlighted stories right underneath to scroll to. Video Stories are fine BUT should always have a written story if one would rather read.

  18. Michael Hoovler says:

    ***update*** they seemed to have fixed whatever glitch that was occurring as it seems to be working correctly now, although I have not attempted to use it while on wifi yet. We’ll see. – – – – – – – Useless app. It worked 6 mos ago and reasonably well too as I have Comcast xfinity. Now regardless of where I’m at, home or otherwise, it just shows me a “there may be restrictions” note. It’s garbage now so I just uninstalled it

  19. Ryan Davis says:

    It works, it automatically signs me into my provider, but it’s bad at the one thing I installed it to do—stream the game. When I rotate my phone to landscape mode, it stretches and distorts the 16:9 video to fit my 20:9 screen. Everything looks too wide. Plus, the rest of the interface is just weird and unintuitive. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, NBC. Just make an app that works and is easy to use.

  20. Paul Fox says:

    I like being able to watch my games when I’m out of the Bay, but it has a couple major issues: — Disconnects casting at every commercial break. — When I’m watching on my phone, if I switch to landscape in the final seconds of a game I’m already watching, DON’T FORCE ME INTO ADS just because I changed to landscape! I’m already watching the game. I don’t mind ads, but this is the worst possible way to serve them.

  21. Byron Atkinson says:

    App normally works well. I travel and this App allows me to watch Bulls and White Sox games while traveling. My issue with it is that at times it fails to restore after a commercial break, causing me to miss 5 to 30 minutes of the game. And when I close it an restart it, it too often wants to start at the start of the game. Today as an example, it failed to come back from break in the bottom of the 4th, and then when I restarted the app after 10 minutes it restart in 1st. 3 tries to get 8th.

  22. Edward Segreti says:

    I really really want to like this app. I genuinely do, I watch a lot of white Sox and bulls games on it, however its just incredibly frustrating. Its slow, the little ball thing that you use to move between screens is glitchy and unnecessary. But by far the biggest problem is that the game your watching will just randomly switch to some other NBC sports programming, like you’ll be watching the white Sox, rotate your phone screen, and suddenly you’ll be watching like the Blackhawks pregame show.

  23. Joshua Pauselius says:

    Whenever I watch baseball games through this app the video freezes (not audio) on the commercial screen “We’ll be right back”. This happens every single time. I reached out to tech support and they apologized for the inconvenience and said I’m SOL. Im done subscribing to this service and am just going to go other routes to watch my teams. I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone.

  24. Dane Hampton says:

    Literally horrible. Doesn’t load most of the time and doesn’t save setting such as close captioning which doesn’t even turn off when you choose to. And yet there’s no option to watch anywhere else..even the cable providers app that I pay for..if it’s going to be the only option to use to watch the game on the go then make it better? Or give me another option. Oh and for baseball the box score is brief and doesn’t even Tell you most of the important details of the game…come on..

  25. Gregg Michael says:

    I have to update my review. I used to have ZERO issues with this app. Worked flawlessly. However now all of a sudden I am having tons of issues with it and keep getting an error when I open it saying “Could not retriever configuration”. I have deleted it and reinstalled it multiple times and it only works now about 15% of the time. NBC PLEASE FIX THIS

  26. Frank Viloria says:

    Quite possibly the worst app I’ve used. First of all, if you’re watching a game stream and rotate your phone, it mysteriously switches to another stream. Rotating back does nothing. Additionally, close captioning is randomly enabled and takes 2 clicks or no more to disable. The UI to hold and swipe to switch teams isn’t intuitive at all. A simple collapsing side menu would be easier. Contacted developers to address these issues– no response. Complete trash!

  27. Wynn Taylor says:

    This app is a nuisance in my life. While it “looks” good, it is clunky to navigate though and i constantly have to restart my phone because I always get the same configuration error. It’s also the only video app i own that doesn allow split view, so i can’t read the news or go through emails while i watch sports, whereas i can do this while watching Hulu or Netflix on my phone.

  28. Jerry Bass says:

    Gives notice “cannot retrieve configuration”. I have to actually go into phone settings to shut it down before it will work OK again. And even then it doesn’t last long. And when I can use the app, close captioning is back on. Doesn’t seem to be possible to permanently turn it off. Way too buggy. Needs major overhaul.

  29. Steve Landstreet says:

    Hurry up and wait. Way inadequate to the task. Articles–when you get to them–are worthwhile. But all too often when you follow a notification link you land on the My Teams Sports icon page, and you just sit there: 15 seconds, 30, more. And too often when such a link DOES lead to content, it’s as likely to be on one of your other teams’ page top than on the news update you’re trying to run down. So frustrating when it could be so much better!

  30. Ryan Mannix says:

    I think this is my 3rd 1 star review in 3 years with the my teams app, and it’s still for the same things: 1) switching from vertical to horizontal can either stop your stream or completely change the program you’re watching (ie: hockey to poker), which is absolutely mind blowing. 2) streams are inconsistent 3) pushing the wrong thing on the video overlay can break your stream (ad button, pushing “live” if you’re already live, etc)

  31. Manuel Flores says:

    When streaming and a game goes to commercial, nbc sports splash screen comes up and does not return to game unless you restart the app (using Chromecast). Also, on iPad when in landscape mode the time/score of the game is off screen (not visible). If you are in portrait mode and are not watching live, the live score is spoiled on top of the screen.

  32. Julie Kline says:

    Decent app to see all team news and scores in one place. Has decent articles too. I’ve been enjoying it with no issues over the past year or two but ever since taking the Android system update to 12, none of the settings will automatically save. I also just upgraded to the Google Pixel 5A phone. Not sure what the problem is. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling and checking all my app settings. Emailed support but no response on this issue.

  33. Don Jackson says:

    App gives great insight on team info. App does have issues, however. The CC function stays on even after trying to disable it. Changing to horizontal view freezes up. Also at times when accessing app, it states “Could not retrieve configuration. Please try again later”. Overall, the best way to catch my team when not at home. Headaches could be eased with corrections to errors.

  34. Benjamin Gau says:

    App is still poorly optimized on Surface Duo. Embedded tweets don’t open in Twitter when clicked. Settings aren’t available when app is on one screen; I need to span the app across both screens in order to get to the settings card. No manual option to fullscreen streams, so I need to rotate my phone, but changing orientation causes the stream to freeze. App closes whenever there’s a change in connectivity instead of just displaying a warning that there’s no connection

  35. Akeem Dobson says:

    Love it, can hear/watch it on the go when I’m not home. Or when I’m not home yet, I can watch the game on my phone so I won’t miss the action. I had to re-download the app in which now, everytime I go to “automactically save my changes”, IT WON’T SAVE!! I literally missed the major moves the Phillies made because it won’t automatically save my changes. FIX….THIS….ISSUE!!

  36. Joshua Kemmerer says:

    I didn’t even know an app could so bad. It crashes more often than not. It’s done it across multiple phones I’ve owned and tons of updates. I only keep it because it’s my local teams but at this point I open it once a month and usually laugh when it crashes before I get to an article. You guys have all the money in the world to develop a decent app and this is it?

  37. Bernie Langer says:

    This app is difficult and unintuitive to navigate, presents information in an illogical layout, and doesn’t let you watch video full-screen, even though watching games is the only reason you’d want the app in the first place. Update: Now it randomly closes when I navigate to a different team. It’s unusable.

  38. David Green says:

    This app is unusable. I wanted to stream nbc sports in my browser, but it redirected me to download the app. I cannot rotate the view to full screen, whenever I try to do so, it freezes. also, it doesn’t matter if you turn closed captioning on or off, it is always on. The browser streaming works well on a laptop, I wish they would just let me do that…

  39. Dave Kwiecinski says:

    Awful. Constant error messages. Get a notification. It never opens up to the referenced story. Nice “bug fixes” on the latest release. Now it gives a “configuration error” message every time I open it, uninstall/reinstall the app. I’m deleting it. I can get much better info and video from internet searches.

  40. Zachary Milligan-Pate says:

    This is quite literally the crashy-est app I’ve used. S21+, stable phone, nothing else amongst my hundreds of apps that behaves this way. I don’t know what’s going on here but something is wrong lol. In general, the interface is a bit bizarre – Fullscreen video feeds only automatically (no manual option) and only in horizontal view. Auto Fullscreen switching, the only option, also doesn’t match screen aspect ratio and so stretches to fill your screen thus distorting video feeds.

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