Fishing Championship Mod Apk


A 3D fishing game featuring excellent visuals and realistic fishing experience!
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July 25, 2019
4.4 And Up
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Fishing Championship Mod Apk

* Fishing mythical fish and ‘problem the king of fishing’
– Plenty of gorgeous tropical fish
– Assembly with the unknown giant fish dwelling in deep deep sea

Fishing Championship Mod Apk release

* More than a few fulfillment techniques!
– The whole lot within the sport play stays an success!
– More than a few wealthy pieces to reach fulfillment!

Fishing Championship Mod Apk

* Are you interested in information intake?
– Aside from for the primary set up, fear about knowledge exhaustion!
– Top of the range sport the place you’ll revel in simply anyplace and anytime!

Fishing Championship Mod Apk apk

* Complete multi-language fortify!
– Korean, English, 中文 繁體, Jap, francais, Deutsch, Bahasa Indonesia
– Highest for quite a lot of languages.

Fishing Championship Mod Apk apk mod new

* Energetic reeling that you’ll no longer really feel anyplace!
– Putting machine pulling a line with tough drive – Energy gauge machine that knocks down a temporary fish

Fishing Championship Mod Apk apk mod

* Banquet of more than a few fish vigorous ~!
– masses of various species which are extra detailed
– More than a few species assortment and medal rewards

Fishing Championship Mod Apk apk mod 2022

* Gorgeous surroundings the place you’ll be able to really feel therapeutic – a good looking heaven and a wave of waves
– Adjustments in climate and time

Fishing Championship Mod Apk mod apk

* The tip of the fishing apparatus king!
– More than a few varieties of fishing apparatus, strengthening, evolution
– Subject matter acquisition and jewellery device via disassembly of apparatus

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40 comments on "Fishing Championship Mod Apk"

  1. Romney Kent says:

    First of all, the good parts are the graphics, sensitivity of controls, and percentages of earning cash in this game. The not-so-great, frustrations are the lag and how it loaded the wrong data. My “album” is missing fish I had already caught, and yet the fish is saved in my aquarium. This has cost me on time and diamonds for supplies I have to purchase again and again to catch several advanced fish or bosses I’ve already beaten.

  2. Reginal Jack says:

    The English in this game is really bad and sometimes doesn’t make sense, hopefully the devs will get some one else to rewrite everything, I am only halfway through the tutorial and have seen maybe 7 mistakes, even the first bit before the tutorial about only 5 percent of Ocean bed and 95 being unexplored ain’t written in clear English.

  3. Barth Aedre says:

    The music is irritating when you hook a fish. There is no option to switching it off. Only turning all sound off. Eventually I uninstalled to app because it irritated me so much.

  4. Sterne Ern says:

    uhhh i like this game however dew to it’s realistic features and ways of fishing umm yeah not safe fishing like that sharks and all but over all it’s a really good game and good time killer if your interested in that stuff

  5. Alexia Emhyr says:

    The daily quest and check in isn’t working anymore, makes the game a bit boring cause u want to get the upgrades and when u click on them says NOT CONNECTED.

  6. Aldin Jameson says:

    Got equipment for another level and have yet to see the “map 4” got stats on my rod/reel for “Amazon’ and have yet to see the amazon been playing the game for a while now and im convinced its imppssible to catch the ‘mysyery lord” like I said been playing this game for a while just to realize I will never beat it emailed the makers and their repose indicated they didn’t even read my email pretty much have no choice but to give up on the game

  7. Pax Pollyanna says:

    I’m stuck on level 50 with all kinds of items i cant even understand how to use them in the aquarium i think it says but so much doesnt make sense and theres no thorough explanation that i can find

  8. Maybell Azura says:

    i would have gave it 5 stars but when i try to catch the hidden fish on the last sea it keeps crashing and won’t let me play it it just goes to the end and snaps my line since I’ve updated the Amazon lakes it crashes every time I try to catch a 4&5 star fish on every level

  9. Bek Asheleigh says:

    best fishing game , but in level 3,4,5 , in 3 we can see 2 – 3 different fish and 4 – 5 we get same fish , so please improve it , or else excellent😊😊

  10. Wilber Conswala says:

    there is no intermediate lure to buy on 2 jack lake so no reward, when my achievements reach 80% or more they reset. the chests only give lure or line not something usefull…. the jewels sometimes dont craft then you loose that jewel and money. the enhance dont enhance then you loose the money.. the new upgrade is BAD!!!!!!!! now I have to buy my line with diamonds and not money!!!!!!!

  11. Basile Darelle says:

    Game is great… Really nice.. BUT TOO MUCH ADS… After every Phishing there is ads and ads.. That is why 3 stars… Graphics and gameplay are good… Also You have some wrong description.. For exaple for China Rockfish bait.. Check it out, also check other bait infos as well… And star level of baits… How to get MISTERY LORD? I cant get some fish, it repeat me few… I cant get for exaple big one that are first on list… It givem me with boost just same one that are boss etc…

  12. Wells Bond says:

    I like this to much but scenes i have updated it my adds are not coming so because of this not able to claim my prizes that’s why 3strars only..

  13. Myla Seren says:

    The game is good except for a few things u cant share your fish to fb n 2 the equipment is too exspensive by the time u upgrade get lures ur dead broke n when i do connect to fb it keeps putting me back to guest fix those things youll get 5 stars signed an addictive player

  14. Darvin Costa says:

    For those who have been playing a while just wait ,this game will disappoint you. After while quest bonus’s stop working. You will get items with no explanation on how to use. Mystery Lords are no where to be found ,item rewards amount to nothing ,game will crash when catching high level fish ,the game developers do not respond to any email inquiries. And by the way dudes where the heck is map 5. Played for about 1 Year and towards the end this game crashes and burns.

  15. Charles Melvin says:

    Be forewarned. Do not make any in-game purchases. Paid for an upgrade but didn’t receive purchase. Money gone and developer is silent. UPDATE: submitted request to Mobirix and still no response. They can process payment in minutes but won’t respond after they have your money

  16. Saul Paxson says:

    Pretty cool game, let’s you control power of the cast and reeling of the rod. Guides you in the beginning so you don’t miss a thing, nice. Very explanatory with your options. Can’t wait to play some more.

  17. Jennifer Walworth says:

    Got really into it and learned the controls just to find the pricing scale so far off that you can’t afford a worm after the tutorial.

  18. Nesma Edwar says:

    This is by far the most exciting, most realistic game I have ever played the bosses the meter well the meter I just love every thing in this game. Also it is not like one of those games where it just seems to get more boring. This game does not get boring everything about it deserves 5 stars. Keep up the good work 😀

  19. Angie Renneberg says:

    Not a headache to setup and play like some with their fancy fishing stuff. VERY comforting to play. Good job.

  20. Renee Reicen says:

    Its a great game but that whenever you reel in it sounds like you broke the line and that the fish that im catching is the same fish over and over again

  21. Ryan Mccollister says:

    Graphics are good and fishing mechanics are good. The translation is terrible, there are many broken game players mechanics leaving much of the game impossible to complete. Seems like the game was abandoned halfway through development. Seems like all the ads work perfectly, EXCEPT for the ones that give rewards. Originally downloaded to play with my son, but completely vulgar ads ruin that opportunity. Many of the fish species, images, and locations are incorrect…

  22. James Bender says:

    I have very good wifi but the game says I don’t. All the sounds and music are copied from fishing hook.

  23. Brother Heavens says:

    The good graphics and real fish splashes make the game fun. It’s just a slight inch delay in the design face that makes it patience-demanding. But I will give my five star once I’m able to unlock new areas and new fishing scenes. Thanks.

  24. Buddy Carle says:

    It’s great, you can fish without leaving your home because who wants to go fishing on days with the weather that we’d been having lately? I had given y’all five stars for a good reason & I rarely give a five star review on any application unless I deem it worthy.

  25. Basketball Sammas says:

    Fun game, however it might be nice to have someone who speaks English write the instructions and prompts. As it is now, it just sounds stupid.

  26. Mark Cunningham says:

    I love this game but lost my phone and am using an old Samsung s 3 mini and it has a lot of lags and freezes up on me a lot think the fault is at my end can you help please?

  27. Shannan Armstrong says:

    Language is not quite correct, as people have already said. But it’s ok, so far. Some of the instructions are a little too quick to go so reading them gets missed.

  28. ibrahim iskandar says:

    The game is great and you will not be disappointed when playing it…but somehow i can’t do daily check in and daily quest because it say ‘not connected yet. Please try again later’ hopefully you can fix this.

  29. Andy Brannan says:

    2 stars for decent game play, but no higher due to the only upgraded pole being $100,000 and the average caught fish sells for $200. Takes over 500 sold fish to upgrade 1 pole…

  30. 16 PAK says:

    I seen northern pike. That in the game, is not a northern pike. Lol. Good game, but fish represented in game not accurate in looks. I cant do that.

  31. brad winston says:

    I was loving it at first until it lock me out on the achivements I was almost completed it then it went to lock mode again I couldnt get the awards.

  32. Reza Akram says:

    Daily check in and daily quest can’t open. Equipment price is much more higher comparing to the coin I got after fishing. New equipment can not buy because of such a low amount of coin.

  33. Robert Campbell says:

    Would like to give it 5* but I’m unable to collect daily login or daily missions. It just continues to say not connected roght now try again later.

  34. Luke yates says:

    Game keeps crashing sometimes during gameplay …… other than that it’s rather an impressive game ……..

  35. Jeffrey Fochs says:

    Way to many things to be doing, it’s a good game graphics are good… It just not for me.

  36. MUHAMMED AYYAN says:

    This is is beautiful!!!! Best fishing game I have ever played but I only have 1 problem and not only me thousands of players of this game might have this problem so the problem is the two girls they are not wearing good cloths ,I can’t play this sitting with anyone I have to play this by sitting alone in room pls update the girls cloths

  37. Frank Gonzales says:

    Would be nice to catch some exciting fish but so far just mullets and pike. Nothing to awesome for fishing in Hawaii.

  38. john maloney says:

    The pop ups when you start is iretating but fun game

  39. Tina Zancker says:

    I love the game except for when I get to the part that says equip bamboo rod there isn’t one in the bag like it’s telling me and it cost $120,000 coins to buy one so is that what I’m supposed to do?? Other than that the game is great so far

  40. Danielle Raimondi says:

    It’s very exciting when I catch a fish it almost feels like I’m really fishing although they could make the fish more real looking other then that it’s a cool game and I enjoy it passes the time away.thanks

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