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Blazing fast 1v1 cricket game with 2 overs of bowling, batting & tons of tactics
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October 28, 2022
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Cricket League Premium Apk

Bat, bowl and box your strategy to the highest of the league on this speedy, a laugh, thrilling and unique 3-D real-time multiplayer Cricket sport.

Cricket League Top rate Apk

Play fast two over suits in opposition to your pals or avid gamers world wide in only a few mins! In a position..Set..Get started your individual Cricket saga now!

Cricket League Top rate Apk apk mod 2022

UNFASTENED On-line Cricket Sport!

Cricket League Top class Apk apk mod new

๐Ÿ 3-D Multiplayer Cricket Sports activities Recreation ๐Ÿ Simple to be told Batting and Bowling
๐Ÿ Win fits to get cash and construct your dream crew!
๐Ÿ Play along with your family and friends!
๐Ÿ Create your crew and best the leagues

Cricket League Top rate Apk release

Shuttle far and wide the sector taking part in in opposition to the most productive cricketers from the most productive pitches in every single place the arena the place the highest ODI,T20 suits have taken position:

Cricket League Top class Apk apk mod

Mumbai | Karachi | Adelaide | Dubai | Johannesburg | Dhaka | Melbourne | London

Cricket League Top class Apk mod apk

Play a terrific cell model of the Cricket game!

Cricket League Top class Apk apk

Recreation Options :
๐Ÿ Play Fast 2 Over fits in 3-5 minutes!
๐Ÿ Be told Cricket controls in below a minute!
๐Ÿ Play with your mates from around the globe.
๐Ÿ Unencumber the dream workforce and struggle to achieve the perfect degree.
๐Ÿ Accumulate over 25 characters!
๐Ÿ Degree up your gamers to free up new tactics to play
๐Ÿ Purchase new kinds of balls to extend your probabilities of profitable!
๐Ÿ Play with superior deliveries like Doosra, Sling, In/Out Swings
๐Ÿ Compete in leagues and grow to be the grasp staff on this nice game!
๐Ÿ Play in a couple of other places all over the world like India,Bangladesh, England, Australia and South Africa!
๐Ÿ Liberate new places to win much more cash!
๐Ÿ Keep on with the most efficient methods and fit with the most efficient avid gamers!
๐Ÿ Tremendous Clean gameplay even on a 2G/3G community!
Practice us on Fb and Instagram for unique provides & bonuses!


40 comments on "Cricket League Premium Apk"

  1. Ahsan Ayyaz says:

    Initially, i enjoyed this game even i purchase gems many times to upgrade my players and for season as well. But now in the past few matches i have encountered a glitch or a hack attempt. This issue is that whenever my opponent score or got out it becomes a six or ball is came with highly swing & sometime ball has been stoped in the middle stump and thats count missed balls. I don’t know its a glitch or opponent has hacked the game. You should be fixed otherwise this game will lose lots of users

  2. Ashok Haridas says:

    Game was one of the best till date. You precision, fun and reward were the best till now. Now the config files are being altered by people and it’s easily getting hacked. You can never win as they will get 6 in scoreboard even if they hit 2. They will get a swing of 20% when you get a swing of 10% after playing for almost an year and collecting points to improve players. Leaving the game here as there is no point playing in such a scenario

  3. Ben Showell says:

    Game is generally good, but have the odd occasion where the opponent gets a 6 every ball no matter what, even if I get them out, meaning I have to chase down 36 just to draw. Then they bowl absolutely unplayable deliveries like a huge fast swing ball from a level 20 bowler which should never be possible this screams of a cheat or hack from the opponent.

  4. Vinodh Sankuru says:

    One of the best multiplayer games. Great graphics and UI is simple. 1. There has to be section for practice. 2. Ad is getting for every match that you win and you have to cancel the ad 4 times to get rid of it and it takes 20-30sec to do all this. 3. Not getting rewards after viewing the ads sometimes. I’ll change the rating to 5* if you could fix the ads.

  5. Brett Bergover says:

    Downloaded this game a few months ago and have been playing it quite often. Every now and again I come across an opponent who is just impossible to play e.g. I just played somebody who had a level 1 – 5 leg spinner (James) who then bowled a swing ball that went off the pitch and came back in to bowl me out with a pace that def exceeded 200 km/h. I have a few other examples of cheating as well. I’ve spent quite a bit of money on this game already and it’s unacceptable that I have to play cheats

  6. RJ J says:

    Forget the hackers part, even otherwise it is not a fair game. You always play against bots & the algorithm decides when u win or lose. They use too many wily tricks to defeat you when they want. The whole purpose is to make you lose coins so that you can purchase. Even after that they show no mercy. No matter how good you play they will eventually make you lose coins. People have mastered this game too soon & their original algorithm doesn’t work as planned. Hence they resort to dirty tricks.

  7. ansari faizee says:

    Game has been awesome but now I am experiencing that some people are using hack to win, for ex. Even if they score 2 runs in a ball, it automatically counts 6. There was a instance when the opposition player got out, then also it counted 6 on the score board and I have to bowl him to complete the over. It’s a humble request to ban such players or upgrade the game

  8. Ramanujan S says:

    Game is good but some times if opponent is hit 1 or 2 runs but scoreboard shows as 6 runs he scored, how it is happened I don’t know, some times suddenly it is asking relogin in the middle of match it is so frustrated while we are playing with high amount of coins. Reasons of above I have given only 1 rating

  9. Dr. Arijit Dey says:

    This game used to be fabulous but recent experience with it became so pathetic that being forced to uninstall it. Whenever you are about to win a game it just logs you out of the game despite having a good network connection. I don’t know if it’s a glitch or every second player you face is a bot or hacker or not but seriously nowadays playing this game is nothing but sheer frustration if you are someone who had been playing it for a long time or have not spent money in it recently.

  10. Neeraj Nanda says:

    There are so many glitches in game. Even when I bowled out my opponent then after it shows six on the same ball, it happens many times. Sometimes opponent swing the ball out of the pitch, how it can be happen. These are the thing that are spoiling the game and I am loosing interest in game. Last game opponent bowler swing out of the pitch, Please fix bugs / hackers / glitches asap. Deleted my game and uninstall, in London matches all are hackers there, could be the best game.

  11. Salman Leghari says:

    There seems to be a glitch or a hack. Even if you bowl out the batter the system registers it as a 6. Very frustrating. Same goes when they bowl… they shoot down some unplayable balls. So the game is rigged. Kindly fix the issue and if its a hack, give them the boot.

  12. Gary Whyte says:

    Game itself is fantastic. But is loaded full of cheats… bowling the ball off the screen, getting a 6 every ball, even if they miss it.. i just quit the game now and lose the prize money.. You need to add a button to report them during the game so you can investigate their accounts

  13. Muhammad Arslan Shahid says:

    Game is full of hackers and bugs. Opponents of the same level ball wide with unbelievable speed & the ball lands in the wickets. Opponent barely hitting sixes but the total runs showing 36. Wow, good luck beating that. It also randomly kicks you out in the middle of the game showing connection error while the internet is perfectly fine & connected. Screen blackout in the middle of the game is another bug. Add an instant report option. Fix these issues & return the losses, I’ll change my rating.

  14. sam clarke says:

    It was a decent game but Miniclip need to kick out the cheaters. They are ruining the game. Sometimes the other player does something which then crashes your game, so you lose. Others bowl with such a curve that it’s literally impossible to hit, and that’s with a spin bowler, so swerve isn’t even possible!!! It’s so obvious! I’ve lost 10s of thousands of coins to these cheaters. Fix it or I’m off.

  15. Suraj Shahi says:

    I’ve been playing this game for a couple of weeks and it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played. The graphics are crisp, the interface is simple and beautiful, but most importantly when I lose connectivity it’s really frustrating. Most of the time I lost the match because of the game reconnecting issue. This issue developer take seriously ๐Ÿ˜’

  16. Vir Jos says:

    Losing coins. In the middle of bowling or batting the opponent is shown connecting and then the game stops showing ball crossing the boundary. And suddenly the next page is white blank page trying to connect to Facebook. So when I try to close the app and reopen I lose the coins as well as the match. Please try to fix this is happening a lot

  17. zeeshan arshad says:

    Editing my review to make it 1 star. This has happened with me multiple times, the game would get stuck on a screen, logs you out, and then after a few seconds it shows a screen asking if i would like to play as a guest or login again with facebook. I have lost many games just because of this when i was easily winning the game. Lost so many coins because of this. Hate the experience!!!

  18. Heet Andhariya says:

    Good game but we should be able to see the field even while bowling. I couldn’t find option to turn that on as well. Doesn’t make any sense if I can not see the field while bowling. And a practice mode would be great to test different combinations of bowling line-up and new players.

  19. Elton Narciss says:

    Stealing folks Hard own Money!!! I really much enjoy this game. But this particular time I click to play the amount where I would receive total amount of $45,000 if I won the match. And when I went to play it, some glitch happened and it took a lot of my money and I’m trying to regain it and I cannot. If there are software personnel that can help me out with this please do then I can change this review.

  20. solanki jaydeep says:

    This Game Will stop anytime Sometimes it will show error of Network (when it is already in network) Sometimes it will stop working while playing. Most of the time when we open the rewards it will not open when the time is already exhausted and everything is ok still app will stop working. When you are challenging someone and want to Play with him/her your Coins will be deducted but you will not be able to play the match. Game is full of glitches Need to improve much The worst experience

  21. Feroz Khan says:

    Game is good and very addictive but reason for 3 star is because it has many bugs like if you switch your internet from wifi to sim or vice versa, game will restart and during match you may lose your coins. And the worst thing in the game is lots of hackers doing ball hacks and six hacks event we bowled them they still don’t get out and that out counts as 6 score.

  22. Karan Desai says:

    Game crashes too often. Issue is, you put coins you earn while you play into the game, so if it crashes, you lose them and don’t get them back. In 2 of the last 4 games I played, it was a large wager and spin bowlers were bowling out swingers, causing me to not be able to play and lose the game. Dropped my rating to 1 star. Game is full of cheaters whose scored changes at random, or the game is poorly programed. Save your time before you invest it in a game and fall for the sunk cost fallacy.

  23. Ujjwal Pathak says:

    In the begining it was awesome but since few days it started lagging like hell, I have lost most of the coins just because of the app getting closed automatically. Highly disappointed by this useless app. You guys should be taking care of each and every problem your app is having but I don’t think you are intrested in that. It says bugs fixed and performance improved but nothing happened it’s getting worse day by day.

  24. yasir tayyeb says:

    The game is good but it lackes in few places 1. We can’t change the field and it is annoying when it can an out but the field is very tiedy. 2. Sometimes game automatically hangs so all the effort get lost. 3. There should be option for overs and multiple batters.

  25. Ali Abbas says:

    While the game is enjoyable to play, the people hacking the game continue to increase. You have people who swing the ball from way outside the pitch or score a 6 when they get out. Today was the worst where the bowler bowled balls that just stayed in the middle of the pitch and were marked as missed balls. It takes a lot of effort and time to report these people to MiniClip and dont know if the developers care or are doing anything about it. MiniClip please fix these issues once in for all.

  26. Arif Shaikh says:

    This game was really good but there have been lots of people who hacks and that makes you lose. I’m on a stable connection and was about to win all of sudden i get an error you have lost your connection and that’s how I lose games. It is meant for fun though there are no prize money involved then what people gets in doing this. Developer needs to make sure no can hack so easily. And Ban people who are doing it.

  27. Aboozar Ali Khan says:

    Everything is fine in the game but going to hacker and signal is very useless. Sometimes we win but there is a reason for the signal to go out, it doesn’t get completed. It has happened to me many times that I have won the match. Inside the last and the signal is gone. Then gives the option to login again. Game hair should improve this.

  28. Ashutosh Kumar says:

    There are some bugs. 1 Sometimes during gameplay suddenly the screen freezes and it asks to login through facebook or play as guest thus you lose that game 2 Sometimes purchased packets do not open immediately and the gems are reduced. However, on restarting the game , the gems come back. 3 (suggestion) Also provide a section for practice.

  29. Christopher.G sadhu says:

    Reall the game is good. But sometimes it will close automatically. Please fix the issues and bugs. Still in the game it shows connecting connecting connecting 3 times and come out of the game automatically. So please fix it soon.

  30. Saurabh Pandey says:

    When I get a tournament basic pack it will show 7 cards in it…. But once it is unlocked it becomes 4 cards….. It so frustrating after you wait for so much time to at least get some upgrades but it gives you just 4 cards after telling you 7 cards….. The game is good but this is very frustrating and irritating….


    Really bad experience!!! At First the game was good to see but Nowadays the game get stuck for no reason and shows that you are out or shows us network issue while there is no issue of network after retrying the games many times i lost too many coins which shows that the game creater doesn’t focusing on several issues!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’”

  32. Azm Waheed says:

    Pay-to-win game. Matchmaking is trash. It should be based on the skill level of the bowlers/batsmen, but I think it is based on the level of the players. So if a player is level 18, but he has spent tons of money, and bought and upgraded the cards to insane skill levels, he can play against someone who has not spent any money, and doesn’t have their bowlers/batsmen on insanely high skill levels. Fix the matchmaking! I have also experienced hackers. Can’t reconnect when DCed for even a little bit

  33. muthui shere says:

    Highly recommended for the way they have designed and keeping the simplicity. For opportunities: many games, easily you can find opponent is bot. And it’s so easy to win bots on 1000 coin matches. Apart from it it’s good

  34. Ankit Bhuta says:

    What the hell, if you do a rematch with any player the winning amount does not add to your league and club total. This is ridiculous. I won a game with a player and he asked to me rematch with him 3-4 times in which I won every time but after winning all the games when I checked my club total and league total the winning amount of the rematches were not added.

  35. Irfan Khan says:

    I purchased Elite pass to save the time but found that it is more time consuming as there is no option to save time by watching ads. If we don’t buy Elite pass atleast we can watch ads and open cards without paying anything. There should be option to save time by watching ads in Elite pass as well. Feel like I have been deceived by purchasing Elite pass.

  36. Momin Iqbal Tahir says:

    This game is making us completely disappointed. During match we are automatically logged out from the Facebook which resulted in many match losses. Moreover, during the match it happens many times that the “Connecting”… Modal occurs below the screen and ultimately asking you to check your internet connection. This is happening almost everyday. The game has many Bugs

  37. Sanjay S says:

    Game was good. But the connectivity seems to go off in middle of the game even if it’s connected to 150mbs speed connection. Lost so many big matches cause of this stupid connectivity issue.. developers look into this and fix this. Game is lovely but its frustrating to have these bug issues in the game..

  38. Debojit Nama Biswas says:

    Best game Ever I have played very addictive game… Not recommended to student… Need work on one problem which there is no reconnect to game or there is no return to match. I have lost lot’s of matches because of network disconnection. Please work on it Edited:- Network Disconnection in 80% matches wt the hellllll…. Bad experience please fix it we can’t play anymore…

  39. Jerome Anand says:

    One of the worst experience ever. It’s such a shame indeed, a wonderful game with good setup/graphics but pathetic n/w management – no proper notification for network disconnection and I’ve lost almost 10000 cons just due to the n/w not connected error when all my devices & other apps are working seamlessly fine. It’s definitely a hack or nonsensical validation. Caused me to much stress to date.

  40. Faizel bin Igsaan Abrahams says:

    It’s a nice game, but too many hackers on this game. They win the league by hacking without playing that many games or taking wickets, etc. Also, the bowler should be programmed to aim at the stumps, not bowl in front of the batsman. Also, a person should be able to change one’s name without connecting to Facebook & be able to connect to Google to save one’s game, not only one way of doing things. Change all of this & I will give you 5 stars.

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