8 Ball Pool Mod Apk New 2022*


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November 21, 2022
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8 Ball Pool Mod Apk New 2022*

Do you need to play on the earth of pool video games? Eight Ball Pool is an addictive difficult sport according to actual 3-D pool video games, the place you are going to problem your mates on-line. Develop into a grasp of the pool!

Eight Ball Pool Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

The balls recreation is straightforward to win. You simply have to choose the desk and get able. Sign up for us and problem your pals to this ball recreation in PvP mode. Use your pool technique with the cue properly on this on-line multiplayer ball recreation as each spherical shall be harder after each and every stage. You’ll play in multiplayer or PvP mode in several pool tables. Develop into the most efficient participant and problem your pals on this pool sport.

Eight Ball Pool Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

You’ll be able to play pool in multiplayer or PvP mode the usage of other balls and desk varieties. Eight Ball Pool is designed to lend a hand your intelligence. You’re going to give a boost to the purpose when taking pictures balls with the cue.

Eight Ball Pool Mod Apk New 2022* apk

PROBLEM YOUR PALS Enjoying pool in multiplayer tournaments with pals is straightforward: Check in without cost along with your Miniclip or Fb account and you’ll be capable to problem your folks immediately from this multiplayer Eight ball recreation. Problem pals to a PvP pool fit at the cross. Purpose and shoot your easiest balls with a custom designed cue in our on-line Three-D PvP event!

Eight Ball Pool Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

PLAY FOR CASH AND WIN UNIQUE PIECES Customise your cue and pool desk! In each and every aggressive PvP fit you play in our league, there’ll be Cash at stake – win the fit and the Cash are yours. You’ll be able to additionally purchase new pieces within the Pool Store. Compete in our 3-D multiplayer league and transform a grasp of Eight balls in Three-D!
The Eight Ball degree device manner you’re all the time going through difficult avid gamers within the Eight ball league. Play multiplayer Eight Ball Pool to extend your rating in our pool league and get get admission to to extra unique Eight Ball Pool fit places, the place you play and compete in opposition to the most productive on-line pool gamers. Eight Ball Pool has other fit ranges: It doesn’t topic in the event you’re an beginner or a professional participant, take your likelihood in our PvP competitions with your folks and different gamers and win the pool problem: Goal with the cue and turn out your abilities on this unfastened Eight ball on-line match.

Eight Ball Pool Mod Apk New 2022*

*This Eight Ball Pool recreation calls for web connection.

Eight Ball Pool Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

Play on the internet at miniclip.com/pool PHRASES AND STIPULATIONS: http://www.miniclip.com/terms-and-conditions PRIVATENESS COVERAGE: http://www.miniclip.com/privacy
Miniclip: http://www.miniclip.com
Like Eight Ball Pool: http://on.facebook.me/Wx4f23 Fb: http://facebook.com/miniclip
Twitter: http://twitter.com/miniclip


40 comments on "8 Ball Pool Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Jeremy Baum says:

    I don’t care how many times the developers say this is a fair game, it’s rigged. I’ve watched balls get reset to other places on the table, have made up to 3 balls just for it to tell me I ran out of time and resetting to the 3 shots before, done the exact shot on multiple occasions and sometimes it goes and sometimes it doesn’t. I also believe there may be bots designed just so you lose. I’ve played this game off and on for years and have many many examples of things not adding up.

  2. Dan N says:

    Very addictive, analytic game. Do not put your money in this. You will lose 10 games in a row buy some coins magically win three games and then go on an incredible losing streak. The matchups are never fair in regards to relative winning percentage, and wins. Then of course there’s always the random placement of the ball and its movements that will either help you win or help you lose

  3. Michael Winters 1957 says:

    The program allows for almost perfect game and shooting for everyone. There is no technical skill level really. There is a strategic skill level. Also there are skill levels for Bank shots and other difficult shots. That’s a game as a whole is nothing like real pool. Because all players can achieve the same skill using the shot guides. You can play without the guides but you are limited and don’t have as many options and places to play. Also ads pop up so often they are annoying and interfere

  4. Tim Wilcox says:

    I’ve been playing the game for several years now. It’s fun, but it’s beginning to look a little bit dated. We’re on the Z Fold 4 now and most major games are formatted to properly fit that square screen. 8 Ball Pool is sort of crammed in there with certain elements on the screen barely visible and almost out of reach. Things are overlapping other elements. This game has to make millions of dollars each year, they ought to have a budget to create a version that can properly fit Z Fold devices. 🤨

  5. Gilberto Otero says:

    I really like the game have found actual friends from other cities, but the way it connects to the internet is extremely frustrating. I have been on wifi, 2 meters away from the router and it disconnects. If I’m farther away or on mobile data then for sure it will disconnect and by the time it comes back the time ran out, or it didn’t register my shot.

  6. Donald Bauer says:

    it’s a very realistic game and it would be hard to improve in this format. it’s just anybody can be good at it, and though that is alluring to some, that part is unrealistic. all in all, a top game that you can get lost in and play for long stretches or play a quickie if time is tight. I definitely advise poolsharks and beginners to give it a try!

  7. T S says:

    It’s a fun game, can be addicting, but definitely not without it’s flaws. First and foremost the amount of pop ups and annoyingly slow animations gets very frustrating. Almost every aspect of the game is geared toward getting you to spend money. And the game clearly functions differently depending on which arena you’re playing in. Still kinda fun at times but it needs to be smoothed out and less annoying to get a higher score from me.

  8. Chris Baker says:

    I really like the game. But you all have to fix whatever is making me have to reconnect to keep the game play from being jerky. And then when it does reconnect, I’ll take my shot and then the game will reset like I ran out of time and take away the last shot made. And give the turn to the opponent. It is so frustrating to lose a game over that… Now 5 months later the game is crashing every time I open it.

  9. Luke Swanson says:

    This game is getting on my nerves. The ads and pop ups are ridiculous, and even if I start a search for a game, but leave it, I still get put in the game. Thanks to this I lost all my coins. And make break distribution better. Alternate the breaks because it sucks getting 7 straight games without a break. I still can’t get the game open without it crashing 3 times, and make matchmaking more fair. I’m tired of playing against people 3 times my level when all my coins are at stake.

  10. Dan Wray says:

    I’ve been playing this game for the better part of 4 years. Recently, i’ve been experiencing glitches for the last month. They happen about every 3 to 5 seconds and are very annoying. FIX THE GLITCHES!!!! This games has always had some issues but they were usually handled very fast.So then whats the hold up with the glitches? I’d hate to drop this game because i have so much time and money wrapped up in it but will if something isnt done soon.

  11. Camille Oetting says:

    Before I updated the newest version I would have gave 8 ball pool 5 stars easily because it’s that addicting. As I play it almost every night against a friend. But since I updated the app on my phone my friend and I can no longer play against eachother in Tokyo only in London. Even though he’s updated the app on his phone as well. It doesnt seem to be compatible or something. So that’s been a real drag. I don’t know what the glitch is. I hope it gets fixed soon. Because it’s gotten boring quick

  12. Charles Hollimon says:

    sometimes when you miss your shot but still hit your ball. your opponent gets ball in hand and the bumpers do not bounce accurately. also the spin doesn’t work accurately even for high grade sticks. also it seems that the more coins you have and especially if you buy them . the game is programed to match you with a much more experienced player which makes it more likely for you to lose your coins so you will have to buy more. the game sets you up to lose and spend more money on coins.

  13. Danielle Wilkinson says:

    My friends and I really enjoy this game – it can be very fun and addictive! 🙂 However, lately it seems to have changed because I feel that either I’m playing against player’s that are set up much higher than my level, or the game is playing against me. If not that (or possibly both), many people seem to be re-creating new user logins more often to give them a quick advantage which I’m sure can be managed through the programming somehow.

  14. Lindsay Moran says:

    The game would be great if not for the annoying same player, repetitive challenges that bombard me during play. I only need 1 challenge per player not 6 in a row! Also in game challenges are frequent and they totally disrupt my game. I shouldn’t be getting challenges while I’m playing someone else, wait until the game is over because it’s distracting and interrupting. These are simply software fixes that I’ll keep telling the world until miniclips fixes them.

  15. Axolotl Peveto says:

    I don’t think the matching system is very good. It shouldn’t put an amateur or a student against someone who is a veteran or grandmaster. It doesn’t make it very fair. Also it shouldn’t match up someone with an extremely high rank/level with someone who has an extremely low one. If it wasn’t for that I would give it 5 stars. When you are completely out ranked/out matched by your opponent to the point where you literally don’t get even one turn the game starts to lose its appeal.

  16. chaos says:

    I have dropped this game from a 3 to a 2-star because it is simply about getting into one’s pocket. The ability to earn rewards or status ranking depends solely upon how much one wants to spend; for what? Simply put: nothing. I challenge any ‘champion’ from this app to a game of 8-ball on a regulation table so he or she can learn how to shoot pool in the real world. I want to see a so-called champion make those same ridiculously, incredulous shots without benefit of some silly ‘aiming guide.’

  17. Russell Langness says:

    Game shuts down when its my turn to shoot the 9 ball or 8 ball or when its ball in hand. When it comes back on its the other persons turn almost every time this started a week ago. Game switched from stripes to solids in the middle of the stroke and gives ball in hand to the opponent only when you start winning a few games. I will never play this game again. It should be half a star.

  18. Tyler Devereaux says:

    Gone downhill. This used to be a great app. The devs have gotten greedy and now the app is plagued with money-grab popups at every turn. I just finished a game and had to dismiss 4 consecutive popups before I could get to the home screen to play another game. It really ruins the experience, and it’s disappointing that this once-good app is now trash.

  19. David Dyer says:

    I thought I’d finally found a good pool game. Lots of times when it’s my shot it freezes up won’t let me do anything then tells me I,m out of time. The opponent instantly starts his shot. This happened to me almost every shot in one game. If not for that I’d give 5 stars but now only 3. Update. Ok I’ve had enough! Still same thing. I ,m uninstalling this app.

  20. Backwooods Ninja says:

    I’ve been playing several years now. Probably will as long as it exists. But I’ve found a couple agitators (things that makes me curse) I want to point out. 1. Your scrolling style sucks. It takes me 10 to run down my chat order. No way to drop to the bottom of my list it will scroll down fast but if I’m moving a lower to the top it takes forever..2 No way to edit cue list. 2 of my favorite cues. 1 is at top while other is bottom. Scrolling down kicks me off list

  21. Ronald Murray says:

    I love this game, but the reason I didn’t give it 5 stars, was because I live in a bad signal area & everytime I lose signal & get it back, during a game, it has taken back the ball I just made & says I ran out of time. I’m good at pool, I’m having to beat not just my opponents, but your game too…I’ve been beaten by your more than by my opponents. Please fix! But I really love the game!!!

  22. Bud Toker says:

    An excellent game, however the people who program the game are somewhat dim. Adds after everything is expected with “free” game play, but the dimness stems from how they interpret the word (skip). For example if a add came on YouTube and it offers you to skip, well you hit the skip button and it’s over, but I just tried to skip an add on here but after hitting skip, it just kept the add open, and offered to “skip” again, so after 3 failed attempts to skip, I gave up, and I will now uninstall it!

  23. Dave C says:

    Awesome gameplay. I like that the directional bar shows which direction your ball is going after striking it but it’s very short causing you to have to do some of the aiming yourself. Alot of different tabs to navigate through on the home screen but they are well separated and after clicking on the few that you use on a regular basis you start to remember where things are quickly. Well-constructed game.

  24. Patrick Jackson says:

    All the sudden your apps are freezing up and taking “money” a million pool coins on here. Ultimate golf is doing it repeatedly now. I spend money but when im unable they freeze up when i fight thru lower tiers and make it to middle and upper. Its bad enough when you start getting somewhere you get constant competitors with more exp/skill that knock u down. Feels like programmed this way.

  25. Nate says:

    This game used to be awesome. But its just made for cheaters and to make money now. Constant adds for you to buy coins, buy extra spins, buy extra lucky shots, buy cues..its rediculous. And idk what it is but i keep getting paired with people that just pocket the 8-ball right after the break and win. It can be their first ball that they make, and they still win. It has to be some kind of mod or cheat but its just ruining the game. Not any fun with no chance to win let alone have a turn to play.

  26. Kaitlyn Irwin says:

    I a very frustrated that I spent real money to get a thousand in game dollars to buy the supreme cue only for it to cost 10 million coins to recharge. I am only able to use it for two games and then I won’t be able to use it probably for a year more. Please lower how much it cost to recharge. At the very least put how much it cost to recharge before its purchased. I would have picked something more affordable had I know I could only use this cue twice every few years.

  27. URAsoreloser1 says:

    This WOULD be a great game if not for a few major issues. The biggest problem is the rampant cheating. All the top tables are controlled by people using a cheat to play the game for them and never miss, even if it means that every shot is a random mess that obviously no human could predict. I’ve tried checking in from time to time to see if it was addressed, but two years later, and you still get matched against cheaters 33% of the time. Do not waste your time with this garbage game.

  28. Jonathan Coley says:

    Fun in the beginning then it gets old fast when you constantly get paired up with players way above your level. Example you are a level 20 and you constantly get paired up with players that are well over level 100. The game makes sure you don’t stand a chance of winning half of the time, it will literally make a ball bounce out of a pocket on a clearly straight in shot or the game will automatically put some kind of crazy English on the que ball and make it curve around several balls to scratch.

  29. Sunshine Farris says:

    So i dont know how many people out there find themselves playing with perfect internet connection and some how you keep missing turns and losing big money games. Im tired of it. I like this game but i wouldnt waste your time. Oh and also when your trying to pick the city to play in and you end up playing a 500 thousand game and that you run out of time because it jumps off the table to a yellow screen by the time you get back to the table your turn is over. Its the turn you never had. Zero

  30. Bryson Dinwiddie says:

    It’s a pay to win. Shots magically miss when lined up, then opponent makes everything. Also, plenty of people cheat. Shots aren’t lined up and somehow they make the shot everytime. Just had a game where the cue ball went in and back out when they were shooting. 3 times in one match. Makes it not worth playing anymore.

  31. James Moore says:

    A bit frustrating when put in and have no opportunity to even hit the ball after they break. Seems like a waste of time. A bunch of cheaters in this game. I mean I know a lot play fair but when you make absolutely ridiculous perfect shots bouncing of more than 2 points I don’t believe at all you just eyeballed it. Other than that a ok game

  32. Thomas DeBeaudry says:

    This is my second go round with this game. I am fairly adept and have a good percentage. In general, the game mechanics are good and the advertising pressure is acceptable…I like the game. But on said second go round, I have been occasionally paired against opponents that randomly slam shots….like crazy trick stuff that no matter how absurd the shot is, they pot the called ball. Sounds like a set up bot to me. As soon as I go on a run, I get hosed. What’s up develepors?

  33. Michael Fogarty says:

    **Something is wrong…** Absolutely LOVE this game! It’s made me a better pool player in real life and the accuracy is second to none. Other than all the “noise” (Daily Spins, Scratch Off, promotions, etc.), it really does have fantastic gameplay. What’s wrong right now is that the algorithm is broken in the “Play Tournament” section. What used to take 10 seconds or less to load a Tourney is now taking 10 minutes or more. Please fix!

  34. Smokey Tweeds says:

    Had to change the ratings to 1 star because I’m still having problems with the game, there are no options for the game plays like 1 on 1 challenges or play with friend just shows mini games and offline play. When I log in and spin to win pop up there was nothing just blank screen. I’ll change my rating when the problems are fixed….

  35. Trac Beaton says:

    I love the game on the app,but everytime I’m winning ,it tells me I have a slow connecting ,and I’ve ran out of time,even when I’ve already made the shot. Also ,when I break ,it takes the break back and let’s my opponent break,I don’t understand that. Any other game or app doesn’t do this sort of thing . I have lost alot because of this . is there a way for y’all to fix this . it’s not my Internet

  36. FIRST LAST says:

    Clearly, some players are bots, who randomly make incredible shots that seem to defy physics. Fun for spenders. Stinks for playing for free. game is fun, as long as you can consistently spend at least $10 per week, or much more. Otherwise, I was dissatisfied by long wait times, not being able to ‘recharge’ my cues to even use them. Offline play isn’t possible if you don’t have ‘coins’, which wouldn’t you know, are available to be bought.

  37. William Roberts says:

    Have always liked this app, except lately whenever i get on any kind of winning streak, shot timer goes to like, 1.5 seconds, and extra games are added when i win a final match in a tournament, which im guaranteed to lose. It’s ridiculous. I’m not sure why, when it’s a free game. Feel like i get penalized for not buying anything, and winning without their help ( buying cues, coins, etc.)

  38. Rusty Dean says:

    constant problems. from one thing to another. did as you suggest. uninstalled, re installed game. Lost Everything. Lost rank, cash, coins, millions and millions lost. You’ve been in business for 10 plus years and you cannot fix the simplest of problems. you can’t even restore losses to players. really?

  39. George O'Hara says:

    This app is fun and relaxing, but they allow a lot of hackers in this game. There’s so many hackers in this game that a lot of the time the game crashes. But other than the hackers and the opponent’s shot clock timing, the game is fun. This game still crashes, and it started six updates ago, but even more since the last update, and still a lot of crashes, and glitches. The game now, mainly crashes during a game, making us lose a lot of coins! Please fix issues!

  40. N says:

    It can be buggy, especially w/ internet issues. It froze while I was collecting a daily challenge award, so I clicked the middle of the screen a few times, & then the game unfroze & executed all of my delayed clicks, which closed the menu & opened the newest featured city (with the highest entry fee you can afford, aka all 50k of my coins). I immediately closed the app to stop the match making, but when I reopened it, I was already mid-match with a level 140 player. Absolutely bad experience.

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