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November 17, 2022
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Soul-Chat, Match, Party Premium Apk

💜 Soul is a social app the place other people may freely specific themselves thru audio chat and percentage what’s on their thoughts whilst assembly superior buddies international.

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👻 # Why Soul is the best position?


-Catering to Gen-Z, a platform to percentage the whole thing with out judgment.

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-Fostering empathy, therapeutic and acceptance other cultural backgrounds.


-A.I. empowered digital playground to is helping you’re making actual pals close to or a ways.

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# Turn out to be a part of our ’Soul’cial playground

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-💓 Soul planet-
Spot the misplaced stars within the Souler Galaxy that you’re most fascinating to To find or fit with anyone to proportion your laughter and tears


-🥳 Digital Party- Get started web hosting your individual audio birthday celebration Have interaction with international other tradition and background! You’ll additionally watch motion pictures with your pals within the room concurrently!


-🌎 Explore- Discover the passion and colours throughout the lens of different you Be told what is occurring at the reverse aspect of the sector!


-🎭 Avatar-
Create a brand-new model of “You”
Be unanimous and artistic a character fit you


-🤙 Audio Call- Well timed chat with Souler’s at the different facet of the sector Be unanimous or divulge your self all as much as you


-✨ Soul Quiz-
Take amusing quizzes to be informed about your self Percentage and hook up with those that has the similar effects

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-📷 Soul Cam-
Be inventive and snap each a laugh second Release the original digital camera filters best on Soul


👍Join our mysterial planet, embody your maximum original self, and meet your life-long pals now!


# Privateness Coverage:
# Phrases of Use:


Say Hi: Web site: Fb: @Soulappofficial
Instagram: @soulapp.reliable Twitter: @Soulappofficial

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If in case you have any questions, please be at liberty to touch us: [email protected]


~Go and meet your folks PROPER NOW~


40 comments on "Soul-Chat, Match, Party Premium Apk"

  1. Vintage•Jubilee says:

    The app is great, and it’s a really cool premise. The first person I ever met on the app became instant friends with me. One problem I do have is the avatar function. It doesn’t work. Maybe you could also put a filter function? I got a thirty year old man asking for nudes today, and I really don’t want that to happen again. I would like to choose the age range of the people I find on the Planet page.

  2. Aidiana Jones says:

    There are definitely improvements needed. I haven’t been able to use the avatar customiser, set a background on my profile, open the coins menu to find out what they’re for, or report someone when they were being offensive, and those are only issues I’ve experienced in my first day. The app itself looks good though, and the custom notification sounds are a nice touch. The presentation is great, it’s just that a lot of features don’t work.

  3. Em Johnson says:

    Great app, but it’s somewhat unpolished. There are lots of typos and grammar errors. The tests dont really feel complete either. I also think there should be an age filter. Btw, why can you pick girl, boy, or nonbinary at first, but then u only get to pick girl or boy to show up as? Also it’s now crashing every time I try to make a post. Other than that, it’s pretty fun! I’ve been more social on this app than I have been in the past two weeks! With a few tweaks, it’ll be incredible!

  4. Yasmin Flores says:

    Aside from the app not having an age filter I think its a rather nice app. A major issue that in dealing with right now is that was a loggrd out of my account a and have been trying to get back in for hours and all I keep getting is service errors when I try to get a verification messenge sent to my phone. I’ve sent an email for help not to long after this review.

  5. Brandy Carelli says:

    The app is good in concept but there are a lot of tech issues. Messages almost always need to be resent due to failure. You should be able to add more filters when searching for people on the earth for people closer to your age. Sorry I don’t want to talk to a 14 year old girl on this app. It needs a lot of updates to make it better. I should also be able to filter for location as Most of the people on this app seem to be in China and speak very broken English. It just needs updating heavily.

  6. Jessica Scholten says:

    The app has a great concept. There are a large amount of people who speak other languages on the app, it would be nice to have a built in translate section or a filter on the world portion. The only reason I have to give it 4 stars is that I’ve gotten a ‘network issue’ error message and have gotten logged out after I am on the app for longer than an hour. Not sure if it is a bug, but my connection on my phone is perfectly fine and it is quite frustrating to have to sign-in constantly.

  7. Jake says:

    The app has a lot of potential. I like the personality tests and the way the app tries to pair you up with similar people. It would be great if a message could actually be delivered instead of always failing to send though. Because of this, I’m unable to chat with anyone, which I feel defeats the whole purpose of the app. I give 2 stars instead of 1 because of the potential this app shows if it was to work.

  8. MoeGamess says:

    This app definitely has things going for it. I think the avatars are great, and the premise of matching based on personality is great. However it’s not carried through well. There’s a lot of typos, awkward text placement, and badly designed quizzes. If it improves itself in terms of content I may come back to this but for now I wouldn’t recommend getting it.

  9. Ollie Flores says:

    There’s not much to it. And when I try to make something out of it, I suddenly can’t post any pictures. I want to share my art, and I can’t. And I can’t find any troubleshooting tips ANYWHERE or reach out to the developers either, because every time I try to officially file my issues in the in app questions thing, there’s suddenly an error. It sure would be a handy feature if it worked.

  10. Trevor Hylle says:

    I absolutely love this app, I’ve been on it for over a month and met amazing people. Some things need fixing but overall great. Awesome place to meet friends, I’ve met several and we have become close friends and found out one of them lives less than an hour away. One big issue I really do hate is how the app crashes when messaging eachother, messages end up not sending and you have to restart the app and resend the message. Other than that I love it, great job creators!

  11. Kaos Cat says:

    I’ve met a few new friends which is good, but when I try to give feedback/suggestions I always get told there’s an error. The feedback/suggestion I tried to give was that there should be a “filter by language” option because I keep being messaged by non-english speakers/typers and I sadly can’t understand them because I don’t speak their language. The filter would also mean if people WANTED to speak in other languages, they could do so without a language barrier.

  12. ferina utama says:

    This apps still got a lot of bugs, super lag, sometimes it’s hard to post a picture, Sounds keep playing on the background even when I’m not in the app, I think I can’t use the share button on share my quiz result function. And I don’t think this app is suitable for people under 18. There’s a lot of predators and scammers.

  13. WheelJacker 801 says:

    The app is great and is enjoyable to use. The layout while similar to other apps feels unique and simple. The only major things that need fixing are the geographic settings. That needs to be a little more accurate. Second, soulcoins while a good in app curency needs to either be dropped in value or need to be more accessable. Other then those things the app is pretty cool.

  14. Erick Morales says:

    Great app, I love the concept and really it can be fun and engaging, but one thing I would suggest is adding an age and or geographic filter to find more people around a certain range. One complaint about the user base… the same few people are spamming over and over with repetitive posts, up to 10-20 per day, it’s spam and really it hinders the actual experience.

  15. AJM says:

    I think this app is really great. I went here to look for friends and have found many wonderful people thus far. There were a few questionable people of course but those are in every app and can’t be helped. My main complaints though would be the filter system. I would like it if it included an age range and languages too because I’m tired of meeting people much, much older than me and speaking in a language I don’t understand.

  16. Kohn Futner says:

    This app is for teenagers. I don’t like the layout or feel of it either. The screen is too busy and the way it works is unintuitive to me. I prefer much more information on how it works or make it clearly obvious. Could be much more straightforward but instead it’s got too much going on I guess to try to make it “fun” or “engaging”? It’s just another eye roll to me though. I guess it got my personality type accurate in only a few questions, though.

  17. Brittany Medeiros says:

    Needs a lot of work. Not much appeal and doesn’t offer much filter options. The app is extremely basic but it works as intended. It connects you to random people around the world but nothing exciting beyond that. Extremely simple. Produces results as intended. Nothing exciting or unique about it. I’m not sure if I like it or find it somewhat of a waste of time. The app runs great. Maybe I’m just expecting more to it than the basic features.

  18. Ashley J says:

    It is advertised as a Friend seeking app, but most people on there seem to be looking for relationships. I have had many people contact me wanting to “hook up” instead of just wanting to be friends. Plus the part where it mentions finding people near you doesnt work right. I have people from other countries showing as next door neighbors.

  19. Jo B says:

    Not easy to use. For example, I tried writing a general intro describing me, but I kept getting a message that I violated the rules. I didn’t have anything inappropriate, etc. Just a general intro. When I went to the help area to read more on what I may be doing, I couldn’t find the policy. Then, I can’t do what’s needed to find the type of ppl I connect with. Filtering is extremely limited. App is severely limiting.

  20. Victor Diaz says:

    The app is good for finding new people but there’s a lot of things wrong with it: it’s poorly optimized so it’ll start to slow down after a while of use and the battery drains quickly, sometimes messages won’t be sent for no reason even though it said it was sent, and third is that this app will send you way to many random notifications for no reason to the point where it gets annoying. So developers, fix your app.

  21. KiKieThatsMe “KiKie” says:

    Free is always the best price and the things you have the option to buy are 100% optional! The amount of things you can to is great and there are tons of active members! I’m really enjoying my experience so far!

  22. Keisha Cruise says:

    Its good and all and I like the concept but it’s very annoying when I’m trying to post a photo and it keeps telling me that it failed to send. Tried closing the app completely multiple times and it still won’t post. It’s very irritating. Please figure out what’s wrong cause my signal is fine. Also keeps gelling me there is a connection error. My internet is working fine right now.

  23. Elsa Cho says:

    Constantly lagging. Now it shows “Connect error. Please try again later.” for hours! Reinstalled and change network connection, still doesn’t help with this issue. Bruh

  24. Riley Smith says:

    Update 3: 1 star as I’ve literally never seen an app with more scammers. Update 2:Officially dropping to 2 stars. I have 30 chats on this app, and literally 26 are from scammers. Idk if there just isn’t moderators or what. Updating as I go along. The last two advanced tests you can take both have spelling/grammar errors, and they both gave me the same result, so I’m not sure taking the last test is even needed.

  25. Eden yeet says:

    Love the layout and extras to the app. However a lot of cashapp scammers and wish there was an age range option. I feel uncomfortable finding out I’m chatting with underage or anyone older than 30.

  26. G G says:

    Non existent customer support. Submitted multiple tickets but no response even after many weeks Edit: It’s been more than 3 months and many tickets, but zero response. If you’re looking for non existent customer service, you found it!

  27. Destiny denmark says:

    Well for one the calls are bad it’s very hard for them to hear you and for you to hear then unless you are right on the speaker and you can’t log out and log back in to much I log out when I done so no one can read messages or anything but now it won’t let me back in because I’ve made “too many attempts” so now I can’t get back into my account so don’t log out also when you send videos most of the time it’s just a black screen no one can see it won’t has to be a picture.

  28. Ryan Palmer says:

    The app is pretty much unusable for English speakers at this point. Pretty much everyone using the chat function is Chinese and with no way to filter by language the core function of the app is broken. The social posts are the only thing that keep this app interesting for me as you can find some English speakers there, but that combined with scammers, bots, and lack of activity in general these days, this app needs filters.

  29. Jinxxed Misery says:

    This app is a frustrating mess. Every message I get is someone trying to scam as a sugar mommy/daddy and it looks as though there is no protection against that. Also It is not at all inclusive as you must choose between two genders (male or female) gender customization is useless because it doesn’t show up when other users look at your profile, I would use the app more if things like these were fixed and moderation was a lot better.

  30. mindy huang says:

    Suspend account without thorough check on the basis of report. Despite being long standing VIP giving support by purchasing coins, to my atonishment, one’s account can be ban by a few random people creating multiple accounts without valid reason. After playing the app for 2 years, I am utterly disappointed by the decision of the admin.

  31. Carroto says:

    Can’t log in back to my account. Onced installed the app, and now I install back but can’t log in back to the original account.

  32. AloafofBread says:

    Fake people everywhere, is not even a chat platform, I been wasted my time on this app, and nobody likes to chat, despite no photos can’t be upload and seen. A lot of fakers!!


    cannot unsubscribe the vip and keep charging my account for like year. what developer is this. Unbelievable.

  34. Barry Moore says:

    Way too many bots and not enough Americans make this, otherwise amazing app that could be very well known and popular, darn near useless! FOR SURE would’ve given 5 stars instead of 2 stars had it not been for these two issues!

  35. Kurotama Sasaki says:

    Everything is good, except for sometimes there is weird type of people coming to chat you. It makes me feeling irritated.

  36. Sherif Sameh says:

    At the beginning it worked perfectly but randomly, the voice output turns to speaker and no way to make it back to headset, so I get no idea on how to solve this issue

  37. A'Leighana says:

    I personally enjoy this app. Its filled with wholesome people and the app runs smoothly. edit• two years after deleting my account ive come back to finding options that properly relate to who i am as a person and i can genuinely appreciate that

  38. Loberon Kurosaki says:

    For now seems very cool and nice,seems like it’s not just another money grabbing fake app thsf yoh have to pay gor,chat,call,text or connect, so i like it so far for now (:

  39. Levy Lax says:

    Very cool, new, and unique way of finding new people and communicating.

  40. cindy choong says:

    So far all is good but can be better. This app can’t run in the background and use other app. And when in chat room. Will be disconnected if switching to other app. When return back to the chat room will be troublesome as need search for the room and reapply for mic access. I hope the team can look into this.

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