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January 10, 2022
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Connections by Mindvalley Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Stay in contact together with your Mindvalley tribe in the true international, anywhere you’re on this planet. Whether or not it’s pals you met at our are living occasions or any individual new with shared passions and pursuits — our app will let you to find like-minded souls, Mindvalley’s newest occasions, meet-ups close by, and on-line.

Connections via Mindvalley Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

In a position to take your individual enlargement to the nice outdoor and hook up with a world tribe of odd other people?

Connections by way of Mindvalley Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* unencumber

“If you wish to pass rapid, cross by myself. If you wish to cross A LONG WAY, pass IN COMBINATION.”
– African Proverb

Connections through Mindvalley Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

To find Pals Anyplace You Might Be

Connections by way of Mindvalley Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

– Inform your folks the place you’re at the moment, or the place you’re going to be
– Say hi to any tribe contributors close to you and fix at the app

Connections via Mindvalley Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

Uncover New Occasions (or Host Your Personal)

Connections through Mindvalley Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

– Keep up to date with the most recent Mindvalley occasions within reach and all over the world – Can’t trip at this time? Carry your tribe to you and host your personal native meet-ups

Connections through Mindvalley Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

Sign up for New Circles and Make New Buddies
– Make bigger your community, alternate concepts and uncover new buddies with other passions and pursuits – Be informed extra in regards to the other folks for your tribe – from the occasions they attended to the Quests they finished Keep in touch with the folk That Topic
– Ship a ‘Friend’ request to the individuals who encourage you probably the most that will help you keep in shut touch – Attach our app to Telegram and experience seamless chat with your pals on probably the most protected selection chat platforms

* Mindvalley Connections is best to be had for present Mindvalley consumers and Mindvalley event/meet-up attendees.
To be able to counsel Meetups which are on the subject of you and to turn your distance from a scheduled Meetup, we use your device’s exact location (GPS and network-based).


40 comments on "Connections by Mindvalley Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Crystal GanjaGoddess Rice (CrystalGoddess420) says:

    I really enjoyed the courses I took thru Mindvalley. I learned a lot, grew and became better acquainted with me. However, this yearly fee to be a “member” is ridiculously astronomical and unreasonable. I’m finished with places like this that appear to want to help you but then bilk you for almost a grand. Shame on you.

  2. ishKiia Paige says:

    You send me an email saying that because I have bought a course I have access to a group in this app. I sign in and you tell me I don’t and have to pay almost 1000 usd per year to access this. But I certainly paid almost 1000 usd for the course. You are loosing focus on what you were trying to stand for once upon a time.

  3. Heather Brown says:

    Love the app, way better than being on FB, its easy to connect with people based on interest, the location feature can be expanded, but its a new app, so hope that can be integrated. Happy I decided to be a part of Mindvslley Quest all Access.

  4. Darlene DT says:

    A great way to meet and connect with like minded people from Mindvalley all over the world, no matter what the Quest. Also, exchanging ideas, organising meet ups (online or in person) and finding out more about things are so easy. Love that it allows people the support others in the “family”.

  5. raquel raya says:

    Great app. Allowed you to connect with people with similar interests and join live events. I love it! It is only for All Access Members of Mindvalley

  6. Benjamin H Clarke says:

    Great idea, the app is set out nicely. Overall very pleased with the experience and all the amazing driven people on the app. Download it and get amongst it.

  7. Mahesh M says:

    This app is for people who are interested in personal development and spiritual evolution. Here you can meet and know other like minded folks on a life changing journey of self improvement. Mindvalley is famous for its transformative online courses. Please try out the app!

  8. Clare Upham-Sharpe says:

    The Connections App is a great addition to the Mindvalley experience to connect with other like minded people across the world. Telegram needs to be downloaded in order to message people within the community and in doing so, someone very dear to me found me and is now back in my life after 13 years. So it is a win win for me. Magic happens.😊🙏

  9. Hemant Krishnan says:

    This app complements the Mindvalley app for connecting with other poeple all over the world who are on a similar journey of personal discovery and growth. It also notifies you about the upcoming events and you can set up your own events and invite others. Thank you Mindvalley team for setting up this platform.

  10. Kirsty B says:

    Great start to a wonderful app. Inspiration, aspiration and transformation through joyous community. This app does exactly what it says on the tin!

  11. Marketa Spacilova says:

    I started to have more friends every day. More I post, more I get responded. I subscribed yearly to mindvalley. I had accepted offer during pandemic which was £ 2 per day for the whole year . That was like £599 including taxes I believe. Access to all quests available and they are packed with all tasks. the platform is mainly for students of mindvalley. If you have the right money mind set it is worth investing your money wisely. Into yourself. I was there, I was doubtful too. not anymore.

  12. Anindita Sinha Pal says:

    This is an amazing app by mindvalley. Absolutely love their efforts to keep it smooth. Just what you can expect from Mindvalley, nothing less.

  13. Rethabile Leqola says:

    I am amazed that I’m connecting with other people from different countries that I would have never met up with if this app was not developed. It’s super exciting!

  14. Stacey Swanson says:

    This app has been part of my daily inspiration. The ability to connect with my mindvalley family, create new networking and friendship connections, and learn from others has been amazing!! My favorite part is being inspired by many to step out of my comfort zone and try new things while feeling the support of a loving community. Its easy to use and quick to access.

  15. Lizannette Velez says:

    This app is great for connecting with like-minded people looking for personal growth and sharing life experiences and motivating each other!

  16. WJ Renslow says:

    Mindvalley is amazing. I love this app to be able to chat with my fellow All Access members and other groups. Getting special messages from Mindvalley about group meetings or events is so helpful.

  17. Kathy McDowell says:

    This app is a MUST for Mindvalley All Access members! And if you’re not a Mindvalley All Access member yet, sign up now!! It opens the doors to a higher level of learning!

  18. Carmean Moss says:

    Great way to stay connected with the amazing people you meet in Mindvalley quest. Also a great way to stay connected with events that help grow you as a person.

  19. Aleksander Johnson says:

    It is an amazing platform for Mindvalley students. The sense of community and wellbeing is amazing. They are also very supportive when it comes to anyone going through a rough time. For anyone following Mindvalley, taking courses. I highly suggest you use this app. Finding a peer group is so easy as well. I have recently made a new peer group of over 20 people, and we keep growing. The aesthetic design, and the cool function for allowing you to find people with different search parameters. 😆

  20. LRH says:

    The development of Connections app has added so much value to this beautiful tribe experience by helping me connect more directly to individual members during Mindvalley Univ and folks who live in my area, generally. I would’ve given it a 5 but since i joined when it was still new there were still small bumps to work out, clarifications needed, and content to build- all of these things will improve with more time and users. Thank you, Vishen and Mindvalley!! I love being a member of this tribe!

  21. Vladimir Vasilina says:

    Very nice supporting app for the project Mindvalley team are doing. Im sure there will be plenty more options included in near future. Now we can focus on our community, our “tribe”, our “hood” to chat and connect without to much noise like in FB.

  22. Annete Marquez says:

    Amazing connection tool for your Mindvalley tribe! I have absolutely love all the features that this app has. Being able to connect with like minded MV people and interact reading other’s growth and experiences without the faults of other connection platforms has been terrific. A marvelous way to grow. It evens connects you with the ones around you! Keep it up Mindvalley. I’m so thankful I decided to take the leap to join all access and reap the benefits, like this app. 🙂

  23. Melissa Charity Waldron (Melissa Charity) says:

    I love the Connections app as it’s introduced me to a whole new world of people who are on their own journey of personal growth just like me. Encouraging, supportive, and positive environment — way better than Facebook.

  24. viny baba says:

    As this app is for All Access users, its not available to everyone who has not subscribed to Mindvalley All Access program. But me being All Access user is completely satisfied by this app. It has made me reached to the open minded, optimistic and master inntheir fields people from whom i am constantly learning something daily. If you want to make difference join it. 500 stars to the app and team….. ✨

  25. BL B says:

    The neatness, quality and ease of using this app is a delight. The only drawback is, adding in telegram to connect with others and speak to them. I could hv done with one lesser app to add.

  26. Rola Hbeichi says:

    It’s nice to have a platform to connect that is private and not your usual social media outlets like Facebook. It keeps you focused on what matters to you and less distracted by other things going on on a page

  27. Shilpi Dabral says:

    It feels great to be a part of MV community & I love this connection app as it has introduced to me a whole new world of people across the globe who are on their own journey of personal growth. I can expect….real encouragement, support & positivity without being judged. Three cheers ❣️❣️❣️

  28. Jacqui Meeks says:

    This is a great app for like minded individuals who are a part of Mindvalley community. It is a private group where we connect, inspire and grow individually and together. It is truly a wonderful place to be and to be an all access member where you have access to all courses on the platform, except a few premium ones. It’s definitely worth the investment if you’re committed to your personal growth.

  29. Daniela Barrios says:

    Mindvalley is my jam! I love this app because it is a great way to stay connected with the community, and to make new friends that are into personal growth as well. This app is wonderful

  30. Tom Wilson says:

    I have been a member of the Mindvalley community almost from its inception. The quality keeps getting better and better. The connections app really brings it all together. There is so much at your finger tips and great ways to meet people working on the same thing. Now, we not only get the great teachers Mindvalley brings on board, but we also get to share what works for us in day to day living. I highly recommend Mindvalley and this app.

  31. Supriya Nirantare says:

    It’s nice when you can connect with your own community easily thru this app… Though take care of event times because time shown for a particular event was totally misleading because of which I missed the event.

  32. Magdalena Hodur says:

    This app has been an excellent initiative from Mindvalley. A space where all the students are free to publish their own events and create meaningful connections according to their tastes. A beautiful way to enhance the enormous potential that the Mindvalley community has to take humanity further, thanks to the multiplication of energy in highly-conscious connections. Whatsmore, if you live in a bigger city, or you are traveling to one, you will be able to see all the app owners that live in that city, and hang out with them! Just like in Couchsurfing or Meet up 🙂

  33. Marilyn Webb says:

    Positive overload for educational empowerment. This is the place where you can be all you can be.. “It would have been nice if they had this available when I was growing up… forever grateful thank you Mindvalley 🌹

  34. Tamy Parra says:

    The app is pretty cool. I had my doubts the first time I used it. But the update helped. I would like to see a button to add other people’s classes to your calendar.

  35. Toby Forstater says:

    It is great to connect with such amazing and caring people. It would be nice to filter what I want to see and who because there are so many events, that is a large part of the feed. It is still fantastic to get to know the stories of such incredible people. Also, they need a larger character limit or limitless when making posts of commenting. The notification process can be improved but I am sure they are fixing that now. And I love how we can search for pictures in the app.

  36. Mark Aldridge says:

    Way, way, way too many announcements/notifications, and I don’t see how to adjust or turn them off in settings. I also don’t see how to connect only with people in the quests I’m in. Too confusing and seems very promotional and for marketing.

  37. Justin Koster says:

    For the app that is supposed to help you connect to your mindvalley communities all it does is show your profile and send notifications from events. Nothing about the quests your in unless it has live class for your quest tribe. I wish I didn’t have to go to my browser app instead to interact with my tribe or get on my laptop instead.

  38. Lillian Irene Lovas says:

    I love this app (5 stars) BUT I have to uninstall and reinstall every 2 days. I click on the app and it just keeps spinning to connect. Some sort of glitch? Hence 3 stars

  39. Derek Blundell says:

    Unable to login through either Mindvalley or Google. App incorrectly states that password and email combination doesn’t exist after password reset and Google sign in causes app to give error 500. Very disappointed. Mindvalley membership is expensive and I am unable to communicate with my tribes.

  40. Kate Knight says:

    I have been a MV member for around 2 1/2 years and MV Pro for almost a year. This app worked very well. It was my means of connecting with international students until last week when I couldn’t login even after changing my password 3 times. I would see HTTP 500 Internal Server Error flash on bottom of the screen and email and password not recognized by our system.

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