A dedicated application for the "VITAL BRACELET" series is now available!
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December 1, 2022
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VITAL BRACELET ENVIORNMENT is a devoted App for the wearable toy collection.  Via sending characters educated in IMPORTANT BRACELET sequence to this App, you’ll on-line battele and change out characters.


◆◇Transfer◇◆ Switch characters raised with ESSENTIAL BRACELET to the app! You’ll be able to save your personality and experience on-line battles at any time, or go back to NECESSARY BRACELET to proceed enlargement.


◆◇ARENA◇◆ On-line struggle with characters transferred to the app! You’ll create your individual mixtures from the transferred and stored characters and problem on-line battles at any time.

IMPORTANT BRACELET AREA Top class Apk apk mod 2022

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40 comments on "VITAL BRACELET ARENA Premium Apk"

  1. rc4128 says:

    Had the app for about half an hour and found two bugs transfering over Digimon using classic vital bracelet, one that duplicates Digimon and another that bricks that section of the app, beware when using the transfer feature, it is nowhere near as robust as the VB lab transfer, even though it’s more convenient

  2. Exe Iokens says:

    App is slow and unresponsive. Now loading EVERY screen for at least 30 seconds – 1 minute. Didnt even bother looking for evolution timers and such as it was taking too long. Went back to the old app.

  3. Johnathan Fabrizi says:

    A worse version of a better app that is being removed. Loading times are bad. Removed features that are essential to a product that requires them. No dark mode, only a white background. Bandai really dropped the ball on this one. I preferred VB Lab.

  4. Matt says:

    Just bad. App loads slow and loses connections to matches AFTER it’s already taken 300 vitals from your Digimon. That’s right you lose vitals for battling now and I’ve lost connection more times than I’ve successfully battled. Get used to seeing the ‘no match found’ popup. The new battle system with the bubble popping is also lame. This is a pretty embarrassing attempt at an app especially for a second try.

  5. Mega dramon says:

    Very nice, easy to get the hang of moving around the app. The only down side for me is the wait time on the battles, have tried a few different times and only had two or three successful battles the rest I had to close the app as I was left waiting for about 5-6 minutes. But so far it is enjoyable

  6. CrescentShadow says:

    Menus load very slowly compared to the VB Lab thats being shut down. No way to move all your characters/Digimon from the lab app nor are the profile themes from the VB Lab present so collecting those was a waste of time. Also apparently your digimon or characters can just get deleted mid transfer from the VB, which Im not going to try myself to find out but beware. Needs work, right now feels like a total downgrade aside from the arena itself

  7. Axel Armenis says:

    This app is clearly incomplete. Theyre discontinuing the other app so you HAVE to transfer – but you can’t sync Bandai ID so you just lose all you progress. You have to transfer digimon across one by one using the VB itself, and you don’t get any EXP/anything for adding those digimon. Items/Lv up don’t even seem to be a thing yet. Slow load times, no balancing in matching so you cant win even with a max stat mega, and battle record links to an external page that isn’t even complete. Do better.

  8. Aaron Edwards says:

    The app is slow, they didn’t bring the detailed images, and you can only transfer your digimon one at a time via your bracelet. No items available and no missons. The vb lab was significantly better. As an up and coming developer myself, I’d be ashamed to have released this as it is.

  9. Yi Lin says:

    It sucks. The old app was better. You lose all the stuff you worked for on the old app. There’s no way to transfer data from Lab to Arena. Your BN account does nothing here because there’s no way to transfer account on the new app. Arena has a lot more loading screens. Never remembers what your vb/series setting is. Doing battles cost 300 vitals and you get nothing when you win. Can’t raise vitals while in app either. This is basically glorified unlimited storage and that’s it.

  10. Tanner Seput says:

    This app is awful. Worse than the old VB app. This is ugly, battles are slows and the character roosters are split into sections based on what bracelet they’re compatible with. App is so buggy, you run the risk of your digimon being deleted during a transfer. No account binding either. I cannot believe they released this app in this state.

  11. Jack Sernvongsat says:

    Compared to VB Labs it its very slow and clunky. Selecting Device and series every time I start up the app is inconvenient and seperation of Vital Hero and Vital Bracelet is a bit of a let down.

  12. Daniel Fonseca says:

    Terrible app. It gets stuck LOADING all the time. When you open it it is stuck loading. Then the tap to start button appears. Another loading screen. Then if you want to see your digimon there’s another loading screen. Once here if you back to the main screen there’s another loading screen.

  13. KairyDragon says:

    Absolute garbage. Takes forever to load, I can’t transfer any of the items I’d earned from the previous (and IMO better) Digimon Lab app, and I’m too scared to transfer my digimon because I heard that a LOT of people have lost theirs while trying to do so. No clue why they can’t just keep the Digimon Lab active since it’s MUCH better. I might stop using the Vital Bracelet due to this.

  14. Neocaridina says:

    Information barren, slow load times, and unavoidable glitches, are traits that represent this app at the time of writing this review. In short: It’s not only a disappointment, but a very literal downgrade from the VB lab app. Bandai however, gives its user base no choice but to move from VB lab to this monstrosity known as VITAL BRACELET ARENA. Terrible. I also anticipate every criticism and reviews such as this one will go unacknowledged, leaving users in the dust, and ruining the fun for many.

  15. nick says:

    What do you mean I cant port over my old data. All that work completing dim cards for nothing. You limited the number of storage, so I had to delete characters as I went along for space, and now you tell me I have to do all the dim character lines over again. It would take absolutely forever, and frankly isnt worth continuing. Destroys the hype of the experience, and not sure I’d continue to buy dims

  16. Tara Nighs says:

    I never leave reviews. Ever. But do not use this app. Keep using the old one while you can. There have been dozens of reports saying that their monsters have disappeared when transferring between the watch and this app, with no account (Bandai ID) to back them up. This game takes hours of actual bl00d (well…), sweat, and tears (okay, a bit exagerated on that too), and to see all that disappear is heartbreaking. This is an unfinished, broken app. Bandai had a good idea with the VB series. Once.

  17. Adrian F says:

    I take it back. This app needs some work. A dark theme would be nice. Seems a bit barebones. People are reporting their character transfers being erased when trying to send them back to the VB. I miss the old app. If this app had retained some of the features from the last, as well as aesthetic, it’d be better. Hoping for more updates to the app.

  18. Written Wisely says:

    Update 2: It did it again. Super buggy. Don’t transfer anything. Update: Yep. Officially lost a rookie that I transferred onto the app. Had to completely Uninstall and reinstall only for everything to be lost… Wouldn’t recommend transferring Digimon quite yet. Was mid-battle when the app was “reconnecting”. Ended up needing to restart the app and now cannot log back in. Looked amazing and the arena was tons of fun before all of these issues arose. Hope it gets fixed soon!

  19. Jessica Rose says:

    This app is currently not in a good state, and I highly recommend staying with the old apps for the time being. The app is slow. Lots of critical features are difficult to locate. There currently is no way to link your Bandai ID, so you do not have backups. The battle system is interesting, but it’s time-consuming. Furthermore, battles currently are not rewarding to do. I also, personally, am not interested in the live PvP experience the Arena offers (provided you can find a match).

  20. Snyper says:

    The old app was better and should have been built on for this one. Cross progression with the codex would be perfect to add as well as a shared inventory. I own every dim and I’m not doing everything 3 times

  21. Pigeon Sauce says:

    [UPDATE BELOW] Do not install or transfer your digimon until they give us an option to bind BNID. There is a data breaking bug that will destroy your entire account if you get kicked from a battle for any reason, including ragequitting. Version 1.0.2 Android seems to have stabilized battles quite a bit but until a BNID attach is added, I still wouldn’t. Today it is working much better though and I am having a lot more fun. I bumped my rating to a 3. Thank you, keep going!

  22. Richard Owens says:

    The app looks pretty but does not work. I transferred my digimon over to this app and they ultimately got deleted when I tried to start the app and it refused to load. I had to reinstall the app to get it going again. It is missing a lot of things that made the other app great and I hope they add like profiles , and an easier transfer process in terms of where to find the transfer to bracelet feature. Also the app refuses to take you to customer support stating that it is only for Japan.

  23. Joshua Reber says:

    Okay so we’re going to kind of be a little bit sad here regarding this. The app design is absolutely atrocious compared to the original app. Load times are pretty long between just clicking buttons. It’s usually a good anywhere between 5 to 15 seconds. Battles have been freezing and I haven’t been able to battle yet and have open and close the app multiple times Update: battles still freezing, lost a couple megas and it’s actually gotten worse after the update than better. It’s so disappointing

  24. Darren Aaron says:

    This is beyond terrible, the old app was absolutely 100 times better than this, they released this with bugs and no items, special missions, nothing! They had time to do all that In development, THEN release it, but no they release it half assed anyways. What. Is. The. Deal? Also, terrible UI, looks like trash and plays like trash. This whole thing is such a slap in the face to paying customers and fans alike.

  25. Kodek Samuel Lim says:

    The function to transfer digimon from the device to the app and back to the device seems to work. But I can’t seem to get into a Free Battle in arena, the app just stays stuck at the loading screen. And also why can’t we sync our bandai namco account to the app? I was hoping we could at least transfer the tamer lvls and other items over to the vital bracelet arena app

  26. Jim My says:

    app still not stable. even though updated to 1.0.2 now cannot even pass through the starting page. loading takes forever and keeps on hanging during fight. hope all will be fixed

  27. Billy “Debenex” Hughesdon says:

    The Pros: The battle mechanics are more fun Its easy to use. The new BE features look fun. Infinite Mon storage. The Cons: You now need to spend 300 vitals every time you fight. The loading time is even longer than the last app. A lot of people have had issues and their Mons have been getting accidentally deleted during transfer. There’s no items as of 30/11/22. It feels like they’re going to add micro transactions (although none as of the same date as above)

  28. Scarlema says:

    Bandai! For the love of all that is good, PLEASE FIX YOUR APP! WE WERE LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS APP FOR SO LONG AND IT TURNS OUT TO BE PLAUGED WITH BUGS. I’ve lost a good chunk of my characters by just transferring them alone. I absolutely thought that the new patch would fix it, but it only made it worse. Not only can we not battle, but now we can’t send out characters back to our vb/BE devices. I’m just so disappointed 😞.

  29. Douglas Gordon says:

    This new app gets the job done, but that’s about it. You’ll have to transfer all your Digimon one by one which is tough if you have a lot of them. The PVP system is cool but you can barely even battle without some kind of connection issues. Also, no matter what, you LOSE vitals instead of gaining them. I would like to see some customization like different backgrounds or nameplates. A guide/help section would also help immensely. This app is going to need a lot of work.

  30. Jose Flores says:

    I cant transfer digimon back to vb lab, it says my vital bracelet is now connected to a different namco I’d. I have only used the new app and I was able to use both until this morning. However when I tried to put my digimon into the app it gave me that error and won’t let me send it back. I really don’t like this new app and it’s honestly ruining my experience using the vb. As of right now I really don’t recommend anyone using this app or try to get into the vital bracelet.

  31. ThePuppetkamon says:

    App is worse is every way from the original. Hopefully I can keep storing my Digimon on the old app when it closes because I’m not risking all my work moving them to this app when there’s a chance they’ll get deleted or not be able to move back to my watch. Not even an account backup to get them back if the app gets deleted.

  32. Francisco G. says:

    Update(11/30/22) Got my BE today. Transfered a digimon to app. Now the app won’t work on sending it back to the BE. So disappointed The app runs slow and battles look weird fighting diagonally. No connection to Bandai-Namco account either. So that means no way of passing progress. To move your chars. here you need to send from old app to brace then brace to here

  33. Bryce Santos says:

    Not sure what the point of this app was and why it’s replacing VB Lab. The battles are cool visually, but they could have just revamped the battle system from within VB Lab instead of giving us a separate, barebones app. There’s no way of getting items or special missions for Vital Hero and each battle costs 300 vital points. There’s no way of increasing tamer level through this app either. This app needs a lot of work and should just be merged with VB Lab instead.

  34. C R says:

    I’ve only used it for digimon but this app blows! Starting a battle in original app was way better than having to wait around for one in this app. I am so disappointed that they’re shutting down VB Lab in 4 months. Seriously, if they would have kept EVERYTHING from VB Lab and just added the new features from this app like the device selection page, unlimited character storage, and the new way to battle it would have been PERFECT. But they didn’t… Will update if this app gets fixed. :-/

  35. Will Patton says:

    This app should not have been released in this state. Terrible interface, missing tons of features that the previous, vastly superior app has. I really wish they weren’t taking down the previous app, I just want to continue using vb lab.

  36. Daniel Berner (Garro) says:

    The app looks really bare ones and there’s a considerable delay when navigating to different menus. With no BNID link, plus reports of people having their Digimon disappear during transfer it really feels like a downgrade from the Lab app.

  37. Dan Hanna says:

    Update: I am able to finally access the app again and get in to see my digimon. I would appear the issue of being stuck at the start screen is address. This still feels like it’s an early access game.

  38. Griffin Wright says:

    I played it once ran into a hacker in the battle system that copied my digimon mid battle and now I’m unable to get past the first “touch here to start” screen and I’m too afraid to delete the app because it didn’t use my bandai namco account to keep my digimon data. I’m thoroughly done with this app.

  39. Evan Pang says:

    The battle was fun until I encountered freezing battle, it was reconnecting for ages and I killed the app. Weird thing happened after that, now I can’t get into the app. The app stucks at tap to start screen. Update: Updating the app to 1.0.3 does help, it shows a message saying battle was not properly done and I managed to get into the app.

  40. Thomas Ryan says:

    Not as good as the old vb labs, and most people in the Digimon gourps have reported during transfers Digimon disappears or even whole game crash and when they log back in all thier Digimon are gone, battles are a constant lag out. There is way to many issues to recommend this as there’s not even a reward for getting a new dim or mission mode or even how to get items, no raids no custom banners all gone. Way to drop the ball and make it to where no one wants to play Digimon again and it’s sad

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