Truck Simulation 19 Apk Download New 2022 Version*

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May 22, 2019
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Truck Simulation 19 Apk Download New 2022 Version*

NEW MAP UPDATE adds the Western Territory with 7 new towns and new missions to the sport.

Transport freight with original vans via Kenworth and Mack in a massive open world throughout the USA. Hire drivers, buy new trucks and extend your enterprise to become the countries most a hit hauler.

• Original vehicles by Kenworth and Mack
• Large open world USA map with over 45 towns to go to
• Functional cockpits with lighting fixtures, air horn, cruise manage and more
• Hire drivers, buy trucks, manage your truck fleet and extend your enterprise
• A extensive range of cargoes and trailers which include farm machines, diggers, planes and extra
• Earn bonus factors in story driven missions
• Park and relaxation at inns, fuel up your truck, get fined for speeding

NEW MAP UPDATE. Discover the Western Territory with 7 new towns and compete in new challenging Story missions.

DRIVE THE ORIGINAL. This simulator recreation features tremendously particular truck fashions by means of Kenworth and Mack. Every truck comes with operational cockpits and 3 distinctive cabs.

THE USA IN YOUR POCKET. Explore a big open global across North America. Start your profession at the East Coast and unencumber greater states and towns as you development. Discover narrow usa roads, massive motorway intersections in addition to farmland and desert regions, all created with interest to element.

Truck Simulation 19 apk mod new

All vans are equipped with functional lighting fixtures, air horn, cruise control and signs. Experience a lively international with AI visitors, day/night time cycle and extraordinary climate situations. Fuel up your truck at typical truck stops and relaxation at resorts along the highways.

EXTENSIVE MANAGEMENT PART. Start with one small depot and extend your employer at some stage in the USA with extra depots and shipping hubs. Hire drivers and buy new trucks to get all trucker jobs performed and remodel your small enterprise right into a massive logistics corporation.

A WIDE RANGE OF CARGOES AND TRAILERS. Transport farming machines, orange juice, supercomputer elements, scientific and navy cargo and extra. Hitch your truck with tank, flatbed, sell off, reefer or different trailers and earn bonus points by finishing special delivery obligations.

CHOOSE YOUR FAVOURITE CONTROL SETUP. Drive your truck both with the aid of tilt, wheel, arrow or slider controls.


40 comments on "Truck Simulation 19 Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Burford Cayleigh says:

    Right, you give us a 1GB game and it doesn’t even have a gas pedal button, it has an arrow. And there is no option to change the transmission to manual or Manual with clutch and there’s more. I can get all this on a truck simulator mobile game that is 1/10 the size and space of this game so what are you playing at making the game like this. Get some game making advice from ovilex and ovilopop which are good at making simulator games on Google play

  2. Clint Bayly says:

    Well, the start is good, you get a truck (I hacked it now un-installed) I had a high level truck, and it amazed me great options with detail from cabin to mirrors, which gave me a high expectation, then… gameplay. No indicators, no engine button, no transmission option, not realistic steering, it always completely oversteers, they left themselves down from the start, making us expect high graphics and control… they were wrong. The one thing I do… get new games, hack them, review them… done. This one was a 2. IT WAS EXTREMELY LAGGY ON LOW GRAPHICS!!! My device handles extremely high graphics games like Infinite Flight and Construction Sim 2 😂😂😂 If you want a true truck simulator, I suggest Ovilex (ovidu pop) truck simulator Europe 2018 and USA, they are both the best out there, they also make the best driving simulator (driving school 2017) if your interested. Don’t get the flight sim…

  3. Chaleb Garrison says:

    I know the game just released, but there are some major fixable issues. First and most important is the graphics optimization, which sucks. I’ve got a Qualcomm Snapdragon 405 GPU, paired with 3gb ram on android 8.1, so graphics should be smooth at a medium setting, but I struggle to run it on the lowest settings available. Second is that controls mapping needs to be added, as it sucks trying to hit buttons in inconvenient locations. I’m not going to uninstall yet simply because I understand it it’s still a WIP, but if these issues aren’t fixed, I’ll have to quit playing the game. *Edit* Brought rating up from 3 to 4 stars. Love how quickly the astragon team updated the game with fixes. Still a bit buggy, but graphics compatibility has improved drastically. Controls are still somewhat odd with tilt controls, but I can manage with arrows for now. My only wish besides more optimization is more conveniently placed steering/accelerator button placement, or perhaps custom mapping. Great job guys!

  4. Carlis Dakisha says:

    Hello Devs, please add another turn circle to the steering wheel. As in when you turn the wheel it goes around another time. This makes it better when turning. Also please add gears, so we can do our own gears and make it so when pressed the accelerator pedal it goes backwards except from pressing the break which is only supposed to break not reverse

  5. Lindisfarne Raff says:

    So far, the game seems interesting. However, I would like to be able to play the game on at least the Good graphics setting. When you switch it to Good, the details on the trucks become WAY to high for any phone to handle, plus the terrain doesn’t hardly change at all. Maybe make it to where you can choose which graphics improve meaning, an option to improve the terrain graphics, and a separate option to improve the trucks graphics. The trucks quality shouldn’t burst if you set the graphics to Good. Maybe on the highest setting, but not on Good. I know this is a long review, and that the game is still in development, but PLEASE fix this as soon as possible. Thank you.

  6. Mirta Lawrie says:

    Love the game, even upgraded to full version. The storey missions are a good touch but please tell me how to do the ‘hot cargo’ mission. I’ve tried countless of times but when I go to pick up the trailer, a red cross pops up and won’t let me connect. Good game and passes the time. Still glitches and freezes now and then and traffic lights don’t work sometimes but other than that, I like it

  7. Osbert Carrey says:

    I like the game but I try to do the hot cargo mission and the trailer won’t conect it pops up with a red x through it and I have tried this multiple times and nothing changes could fix that issue would be a lot better if it wouldn’t glitch so much and the terrain changed it’s all flat I bought the full version and now I don’t know If I should have this mission won’t let you do anything but get to the trailer and that’s my biggest issue if you can’t complete the missions why have them please fix this and I will give a higher rating

  8. Everton Brockman says:

    The only problem I foresee is that I’m not able to shift myself I would rather have control over Shifting the gears then I would having to be an automatic shift also there is a few bugs that need to be fixed when it comes to the mission modes other than that I don’t see any problems with this game besides the fact that they need to add in a few more trucks like Peterbilt Freightliner you get the gist good game all in all

  9. Steven Liora says:

    I’ve been enjoying the game. There are minor issues, like others have stated. However, as of dec 22nd, my profile doesn’t load. I tap on continue game, and it just sits at the loading screen. If this doesn’t get fixed, it will be the second time I’ve had to make a new profile, and that is starting to get annoying.

  10. Bunty Lucullus says:

    This game has potential. The bugs and lag are sickening though. It doesn’t seem to matter what I change the graphics settings to it bugs out halfway through the drive and I end up crashing down through the road at -120 mph? What is that?? It constantly freezes. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and deleted the game. How about an update to fix stuff?

  11. Aefentid Chera says:

    well it’s way better than every other truck sim game I’ve tried. This game has lots of potential! Love the sound quality and graphics. I would like to see improvements, such as actual manual transmission, real parking brake, Jake brakes, and upgraded npc drivers, minor glitches and bugs that occur randomly etc. But besides those things, it has a pretty realistic feel and that by far is what makes this game stand out from the others. Good job guys! Please keep the updates coming!

  12. Zain Wynne says:

    If you’re into simulation game, this one is a must try game. It offers you a great graphic and a real hard to control truck to maneuver, as irl trucks do have poor handling. My one and only disappointment is the glitch that suddenly drop my truck all over the place. Sometimes It drops you into another car and flip yr truck upside-down. Prolly thats what devs defined as realistic. Great job for making random spawned car glitch and it makes my driving sim life WAY more realistic. 🤣🤣🤣

  13. Jayna Andrey says:

    At one time I had this game as a 4 star rating. This would be the best game on the app store but the lagging and constant freezing has me dropping the previous rating. The development team obviously isn’t hearing us because they have not made an attempt to fix a game that could be amazing. Not even a message stating that they are trying to fix the games issues. About to delete this game. Maybe I’ll try back when they try to correct the games problems.

  14. Fflewdwr Mirta says:

    This is a great game with great potential to be the absolute best Trucking Simulator ever. However, there is random LAG spikes that has caused my truck to flip onto its left side TWICE on the same trucking route. This needs to be fixed ASAP now, cuz I came close to completely uninstalling this game. The only reason I haven’t, is because of how great the experience is in driving an 18 wheeler. Just please, fix the random LAG SPIKES.

  15. Airica Arlenia says:

    The game in general is pretty good but the steering is horrible I’ve tried all the steering modes and they suck. Maybe if the developer would play Truck Simulator USA and try to mimic that steering it would be way better and maybe Bus Simulator 17. On those games the steering is great

  16. Aldin Liana says:

    Game needs to be optimized, gameplay is plagued by graphic glitches and bad performance! Some cockpits could be improved, especially the mirrors and pedal animations. Graphics are good but there could be some more vegetation and maybe birds to make the environment more alive, also because you drive a lot a radio would be a welcome addition. Concurrency with other players (company’s) would make the game much more fun. Maybe implement leaderboards? At last more trucks! Good game, but not great! 3*

  17. Marlyn Edelmarr says:

    A very good simulator if you have the horsepower to run it. Kind of sucks the battery though. Wish there was a way to save in the middle of a mission. Mobile games should ALWAYS be save-anywhere. Two issues: traffic AI is bad causing accidents which penalize the player. Also, traffic signal lights are often invisible so the player doesn’t know if they’re running a red light. Five stars if these issues ate fixed.

  18. Mychael Crosly says:

    Downloaded the game 1st time, and after installation, open the game, but it shows only black screen for minutes of minutes. It isn’t starts. Then i decide to reinstallation and uninstall it and again download game. But what I see is, it shows same black screen again. It is so frustrating, i waste my 2 GB data on this game and it’s not running. Please i want my refund or i want you to repair this problem for me.

  19. Loni Christian says:

    I’m only giving this game 1 star because the fact that I’ve tried playing it several DOZEN times now and it only lets me play for about 10 to 15 minutes and then freezes and then automatically closes itself out!? Ive been thinking about even buying the upgrade because this game does have the best graphics over ALL other truck simulator games(mobile). But if I don’t get someone to fix this problem, then forget it all together. I’m not even trying to get anyoney or get the game for free etc.

  20. Bryony Amerawdwr says:

    When the name “Truck Simulation 19” comes to mind.. One thinks.. “Oh cool an open world game for truck lovers!” But when you play it.. And it shows “buy full version for access to all trucks and regions” that is a turn off. A big turn off. This game is not worth it to me and it shouldnt be to anyone else because it portrays false hopes for fun

  21. Carolanne Hadleigh says:

    Constant freezing and force closes. I used to like playing this game, but now it takes nearly 2 minutes just to load. I have uninstalled and reinstalled many times attempting to get this game to run properly. Many times I can’t even get out of the truck garage without it freezing and closing. Please, fix this.

  22. Gwydion Blaze says:

    I can’t play it on my motor g7 it lags and kicks me out of the game even on the lowest of settings and takes forever to load and I absolutely hate how you can only get the first 2 trucks in the game without buying the rest atleast make it to where we can unlock them some how without spending real money. Looked like it would be a great game I’d really like to see this fixed. Add manual trans too that would be nice

  23. Lila Antiono says:

    App constantly crashes, especially in the middle of a job. Takes about 2 minutes for the app to actually start. The graphics look like something from the 90’s. This app should be free considering how bad it is. Plus side though, you can unlock the entire US. Other apps you are limited to the west coast. But again, don’t bother with a long haul because the app will crash and you have to start over.

  24. Michael Reeder says:

    It’s all good as long as you have a good phone to support it. But still has some small glitches in video and sound when driving on the highway or switching camera views. And you really should add more than two maybe four truck’s that the details change on. Just because you change the details of a truck. Doesn’t mean it’s actually a different or new truck

  25. Byron Walters says:

    Very fun game. Be patient!!! It will load, black screen at first load page and it takes about 5 to 10 minutes to load up but after that… great game. Very fun so far! I’m very happy with buying full version! It’s worth the 3.99! But yeah…. fix the first black load up screen plz!!!

  26. Mike D says:

    Love the game. Great game play and great controls. However there is a few glitches. You can’t always see the traffic lights. Game will close out randomly. But if these issues where fixed it would be a great game

  27. niceone11987 says:

    Game lags when traffic appears (on low settings) and when arriving at different sections on the map. Interior cockpit okay but front of truck looks bad, low graphics. I’ve seen better games that are free. Outside zoom in and out on truck gets stuck and have to hit it several times to get it to work again. This is a demo you need to buy to get full version. If you have a powerful device it might work ok with no lag. Sensitive settings need to be set at min. Hate moving cam when moving truck.

  28. jeff games says:

    This is an awesome game. I love how the shifter actually moves when you move into different gears. One slight problem though. Sometimes when you get to some lights the traffic light doesn’t work other than that the game is flawless.

  29. Nathan Lee Barnett says:

    I wouldve given this game 5 stars a couple days ago but ever since I bought the $10.00 package and upgraded my truck, the game gets stuck on the loading screen. I’d appreciate if the developer would fix my issue. If not able to fix, I’d like a refund but I’d really like to be able to play the game rather than my money back!!? Thank you for such an awesome game(when working properly)

  30. Pickle says:

    Great game, could use some crash fixing though. I’m using a Samsung galaxy Note 10 plus and it still crashes when exiting or leaving the menu screen, workshop, etc. Its even crashed multiple times during the missions causing me to restart all over again and it’s really annoying. Can you please look into it? Thanks

  31. Rudresh Nigade says:

    One of the best stimulator game.. highly recommended. 5$ for full version is completely worth it. Go ahead keep up the good work. Excellent graphics, excellent theme. Totally enjoying playing it. Yes we do have to wait a while before the game actually starts , something developer can work on and fit it. Over all 5+ star

  32. Matt Davis says:

    Truck Simulation 19 is okay but not on par with its excellent predecessor. —PROS: It’ll eventually load. AI traffic behavior is impressively good. Adequate physics, though lesser than TS16. Decent graphics on max. —CONS: Achievements are broken; completed in-game achievements aren’t synced with their equivalent Google Play achievement. Cringe story. Lackluster sound effects and atmosphere. A lot of extra menu and HUD fluffery that doesn’t really add anything. Traffic lights often don’t light-up.

  33. Lieutenant CoyBoy says:

    I would give a 5 star review and buy the full version if this game was bluetooth controller compatible. I like to mirror my screen to my TV and use my controller but I can only turn the truck with my controller but I can’t do anything else like go or start the truck.. Please make it compatible for bluetooth controllers and make it customizable. Thank you!

  34. McCrazy 23 says:

    Not a full game unless you pay, which you don’t mention anywhere. Controls could be better. While it isn’t bad compared to other sims on the app store, it could be better. Traffic AI is a mess to where other vehicles hit you and you get fined for it. Hard to see the traffic lights while in cab when you stop near them. But it would be better if you could access most of the game through ad revenue instead of just paying only to see that it really isn’t too worth it. Also no music makes it bland.

  35. Trace Taylor says:

    It took me a few retries to get the basics down initially. The tutorial isn’t super clear in places, but overall I’m really enjoying it. The level of detail is the best I’ve seen in a mobile truck simulator. I also love the slider bar steering, as I’ve not seen it in other titles. Can’t wait to unlock more regions and see just how big this world is. UPDATE: This is still THE BEST North American based truck simulator for mobile devices. Absolutely worth the price of admission.

  36. Marc Potts says:

    Only giving this game 3 stars because other than it being a really great sim game it takes a while to load and it’s glitches are numerous. There are roads with invisible barriers on them where they shouldnt be, traffic that runs into you and then you get fined for it, crashes randomly, non-visible traffic lights from certain angles which cause fines as well, falling through the road and having to go back to where you began. And how do I get to Ciudad Juarez? Its the only city I haven’t got to.

  37. Dave Stevens says:

    It’s a huge download, but I figured it was likely due to realistic graphics. After it installed, I clicked play and the first thing that pops up is a message asking me to give the game permission to access all photos, media and all other files on my phone!!!! TO PLAY A TRUCK SIMULATOR???? Feels like a game created by the CIA. It then glitched while loading and asked me to create a Facebook account. You can take this game and put it wherever you want. Anywhere but on my phone! Deleted immediately

  38. Kallianna Palsrok says:

    I couldn’t even play the game because it wouldn’t load. Now I understand that sometimes these games have updates that mess with the loading process but when the game won’t load after 10 minutes I’m starting to think this game just won’t work. It looked and sounded fun from the people who got this game to work. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone because I know there are better games out there that actually load. If this gets fixed I might try it again.

  39. Josh Blankenship says:

    Game has been working great up until today (08/15/2022). I will be driving down the road and all of a sudden I will fall into into the ground and then kinda spiral and then get sent back to my original starting point!! Please fix this I really enjoy playing this game!! TIA

  40. Joseph Jaco says:

    Its a demo. Forces you into a story and story missions which you must then pay at a certain point just keep going. And its controls suck and its laggy even on low detail and res.

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