TerraGenesis – Space Settlers Mod Apk New 2022*


Build cities and develop planets with real NASA science in this space simulator
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December 9, 2022
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TerraGenesis – Space Settlers Mod Apk New 2022*

Explore the galaxy and produce existence to desolate worlds on this planet crafter simulator!
New worlds within the universe are ready to be overcome. Enjoy area and triumph over the problem of bringing hidden worlds to existence and serving to new civilizations live on.

TerraGenesis – House Settlers Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

The universe is in evolution – participate in our project to broaden and repopulate planets.

TerraGenesis – Area Settlers Mod Apk New 2022*

Construct and expand towns on this planet simulator sport: follow area science and NASA era to terraform planets with numerous environments out of doors the sun gadget.
Use NASA science to convey planets to lifestyles and construct towns all over the galaxy. On this lifelike house simulator you’ll discover, evolve and make sure survival in an infinite universe of planets and alien worlds. Make your civilization continue to exist in each and every planet of the universe!

TerraGenesis – House Settlers Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

– Discover and terraform new planets throughout all of the universe
– Plan your planet crafter way to construct new towns and civilizations within the outer house the usage of NASA science
– TerraGenesis options a whole universe of planets to construct lifestyles on: Terraform the Earth, Mars and different planets in and out of doors the sun machine – Uncover misplaced worlds and planets, stumble upon alien existence: Make peace or destroy them on this planet crafter simulator
– Commute the galaxy and uncover an unending universe full of alternatives to construct new civilizations

TerraGenesis – House Settlers Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

– Experience construction existence on different planets within the galaxy out of doors the sun machine – Triumph over the problem of bringing human existence to far-off planets
– Discover and live to tell the tale on new worlds by means of the usage of NASA science and generation to strategically set up sources – Monitor your civilizations development and your global’s present standing with the Stats Abstract Web page

TerraGenesis – Area Settlers Mod Apk New 2022* liberate

– Uncover far-off planets outdoor the sun machine and lend a hand human civilization live to tell the tale in area – Stumble upon alien lifeforms and make a choice from making peace or conquering them
– Increase technique and triumph over demanding situations as you construct your new international on this planet crafter simulator. Existence outdoor the Earth is imaginable!

TerraGenesis – House Settlers Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

– Save your civilization and give protection to your planet from any danger – Construct a planetary protection community to hit upon large asteroids in area, start up missions to break the risk, alternate the asteroid’s path or expand new methods to live on sure doom

TerraGenesis – Area Settlers Mod Apk New 2022* apk

– Construct a universe with planets from our orbit or all over the galaxy and feature unending amusing on this area simulator!
By no means lose progess, start every new consultation the place you left off. TerraGenesis is loose to play planet builder simulator and as an indie recreation you will need to us that every one in-app purchases are completely not obligatory and no longer required for a complete and entire enjoy.
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40 comments on "TerraGenesis – Space Settlers Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Lorance Harmonie says:

    Good game, very nice graphics, gameplay is your basic building game but getting the different scales for terraforming just right is difficult. The descriptions (of architecture, etc) in some of the messages that come up adds to it nicely. Ads are optional (To the Developer: A few things that could use improvement are 1. Amount of cash or points is barely ever available on the same screen as when purchasing, it would be better if it was. 2. Give the price of building a mine BEFORE the player has zoomed in, etc. 3. Very Important: The way the windows pop up suddenly is a problem. Sometimes I’ll be clicking build/research/etc, and a window will pop up right as I’m clicking and suddenly I’ve selected some option and I have absolutely no idea what it was I selected or what it was about. I also unwillingly skip many of the unnecessary but fun to read messages in this way. That makes me sad, but it’s not a big deal. I just hope I don’t accidentally agree to let a meteor destroy my biggest habitat and kill 80% of my population… 4. The tutorial could be improved slightly by pointing out that there are pressable buttons on the bottom of the terraforming parameters(?) screen. 5. For the button on the top right, if the one to view the full globe turning could be placed somewhere else, it’d reduce how many times people accidentally press it, though it is fine the way it is now too. 6. This is more of a hope. I’d like to be able to see my colonies from orbit, but maybe it’s just that they are still too small. I’ll keep trying. Thanks for a fun game, and the way you set up the ads is pretty great by the way. I usually hate ads, but I’ve watched tons already and don’t feel pushed into it or upset with the process like I do with other games.)

  2. Laverne Wattkins says:

    Really enjoying this game. Running it on my Windows 10 PC in BlueStacks. Works perfectly. I am playing completely free and choosing to view the ads is a small price to pay for the GP you need to play the game. So far I am still working on my original colonization of Mars. I look forward to exploring the other scenarios available. If I could change anything I would like to see a sort of universal menu to navigate through the different screens or menus of the game. This menu would be available from every page and include shortcuts to all the common areas of the game. As it works now the user is constantly moving between a sort of home screen. Perhaps a slide in menu or even a static one that rides one edge of the game screen.

  3. Shad Lizabeth says:

    Nice little time waster though if you only free play, you’ll be limited to the beginning few planets. They should allow you access to at least one of the more advanced levels so you can see if the game is really good. The location for mining needs work. The fine tuning movement controls are almost meaningless as the values of the sounding drifts. Also, if you’re going to be submerged they should allow ample time warning. The views from orbit are moot. You can’t seen anything. In a way this game echoes the promises of an old Sierra bait and switch called OUTPOST, which was very popular but never really fulfilled. I’ve always wanted to see that game get a reprise and this game is an interesting attempt.

  4. Aeccestane Nowell says:

    Great and fun app. A blend of cool science and the type of mechanics that are similar to a Sims game. The four stars, instead of five, are for a couple of minor issues. 1. Sometimes, the research screen will not disappear from view when scrolling to other menus. Easy fix is to press on the stats screen, which will override this. 2. There is no political map, at least in beginner mode, that shows you all your settlement names and connections, without building a new outpost.

  5. Lynelle Craddock says:

    I really, really enjoy this game. I like the challenge of balancing all the components and how ’cause/effect’ has made me think and plan the strategy. The graphics are good and except for the lag when switching back to the home screen the UI is responsive (well, I’ve also experienced lag in the stats/bar graph windows but I don’t have a powerful phone). I’d like to see a couple of small things changed and would love a couple of new features (is it OK if I have a wish-list?)

  6. Janell Allice says:

    I would pay for this game if it was a complete strategy game. Instead, it’s got all the ads you never wanted but have to watch because they give a good boost, slow waiting for things to finish unless you spend purchasable currency to speed it up, events that can end a planet you’ve spent weeks waiting on that’s nearly finished. Playing for 5 minutes at a time just because there’s nothing to do but wait for things to build (or use real money to finish them), is a very unsatisfying experience.

  7. Breeana Marylyn says:

    Well put together. I’ve been really enjoying this game and I don’t normally enjoy phone games. It is not pay to win. It does have adds, but hidden well, and you can choose (usually) when you want to see them. I can definitely appreciate that instead of it being forced on me. I do also really appreciate the research that went into making this game. Based on actual science and data we have currently. These things I like best. Edit: to get a 5 star from me you’d need to work on the UI. right now it’s a little clunky. I’d put a button in to go directly from City View into your world Summary View and back. that way the user doesn’t have to click multiple buttons to go back and forth to make edits to cities. Also, it took me awhile to realize the summary screen is swipe able. If there was a way to indicate that that’d be much better. I would also greatly enjoy a better system of taking pictures of your planet.

  8. Chess Gregg says:

    Well boy, this is a tough one. I love the theme of colonizing a new world. you have many factors including oxygen, atmospheric pressure, and water to name a few to manage and maintain your colony. Once you get established and have researched the appropriate technologies, you balance your outputs to maintain a perfectly planetary stasis. This ultimately becomes tedious, albeit necessary. The balancing by far is the most annoying part of the whole thing. I wish there was a way to simplify it.

  9. pantherfso says:

    Fun and engaging. Overall, a phenomenal game. Need to have a button to make inhabitants move to other cities (you can only build more domes and disable/enable, but can’t move people out of a city–so they die anyway. Very frustrating). Also need more site selections. It is EXTREMELY limited and aggravating that you have a whole planet to build on, in theory, but in the game it limits you to one area.

  10. Brencis Lloyd (Bren) says:

    Honestly a really fascinating game. I love all the unique ways your cities’ cultures can change over time and watching the water fill in is satisfying. My only issue is that the special planet challenges are only two days long which isn’t enough time to do anything significant without spending actual money, which I can’t afford to do. It’s GREAT that I can play the main game with only watching ads when I choose to, but I wish I could do the same for special challenges.

  11. CNeuBeatz says:

    Fun game. May seem slow at 1st but keep at it. Interesting tech tree and upgrades. You have to find a balance with the buildings you run, to create the best environment for your planet. The planet changes how it looks as you work on it. Build cities, mines, and recruit leaders for your cities. No ads unless you choose to receive them for rewards.

  12. LoOsE_cAnNoN says:

    I love the game but it is too difficult even in beginner. I need to micro manage everything or something bad will happen. Even if I’m not playing, the buildings in my cities produce too much of something. I can’t invest this much time managing everything. I would continue playing if it was a little easier and idle friendly if thats the correct terminology.

  13. Crystal Marie Patterson says:

    Tutorial was ambiguous and didn’t really touch on the various features you would have to become familiar with in order to succeed in the game. Single biggest complaint though was the ads. I can understand an ad every five or ten minutes or when you reach certain milestones but to pop ads every five seconds or worse, send one ad then pop another one because you tried to ignore the first ad, and with them wanting you to allow them to track your browser usage to tailor ads to you it’s too much.

  14. Nathan Humpherys says:

    This is my second time starting this game. It’s a fun game, very chill. The freaking “watch an ad” transmissions are freaking CONSTANT, though, and the notification covers up important details! Each pops up about 5 seconds after I dismiss the previous one, and I can’t focus on the freaking reason I’m there. Lost two stars for killing the immersion that way.

  15. Robb S says:

    Incoming Transmission This game is great… bar one detail. The constant interruption of “incoming Transmission” at the top of the screen, blocking the date and year while offering you small tokens to watch a “short video.” Can’t turn it off, comes back as soon as you click it. It’s obnoxious, it’s annoying, it’s part of the game. I purchased the full planet pack but I still have to deal with the annoying ad bait with no option to turn it off.

  16. Amber says:

    It’s got some neat concepts and features but it seems incredibly slow/difficult to grow. At least early on. Mines you invest in eventually run dry and become useless forcing you to spend the credits they earned you on making more of them. Beyond early play I wouldn’t know because the constant spamming of “incoming transmission” (aka Ads) is CONSTANT. Nonstop. So I’m uninstalling as it’s not worth the hassle

  17. Mikah Sickau says:

    I would love to give it four or five stars, but they is still one glaring issue. The ads. They are SO MANY. The moment I clear one, another pops up two seconds later. Sometimes, it’s useful for a little income boost. But there are simply too many. Other than that, a pretty fun game, though I’ll sometimes take a break from it.

  18. Joseph Wimsatt (Joey) says:

    Great game. I may not live to step foot on mars, but sometimes I think that the data from this game could help others get there. The further i get into the game though, the less real it feels. Biomass should also work as a thermal mass, and water retainers that help to control flooding. Also, the functions of things like the ice launcher seem strange, and unnatural. I beleive the contributions of the cities and factories need some tweaking.


    1/5 stars for: 1)The tutorial for this game is extremely vague. It gives little to no detailed instructions. I found it very confusing after the tutorial ended. 2) The negative reviews were right. There is an “incoming transmission” banner atop the screen that does not go away. It covers up vital information

  20. heskey333 says:

    Pretty fun trying to plan the best terraforming combo. It’s not that realistic, so if you’re a hard scifi type you’ll find a lot of nitpicks. My main problem is the ads – they’re super obnoxiously long and I can’t seem to dismiss them without clicking on them. You don’t really need them though.

  21. Jess Frey says:

    pretty interesting concept, good strategy and scientific ideas. Still getting the hang of it. Could you please move the incoming transmission button to a position where it doesn’t cover anything else? This way instead of forcing me to watch are when I want to click on the date bar to switch games, I will get to choose to watch ads when I want some points or boosts. Forcing users to watch ads sours the experience, offering the OPTION of an ad at my LEISURE when I want points, is much appreciated.

  22. Brett Sheriff says:

    Definitely worth the download, it’s addicting, but for phones I think a little should be changed due to the lack of events that happen on your planet(s) because of exiting the game. The low amount that things get increased or decreased by the things you buy is a little ridiculous to. It can take days and days to lower or increase levels of something. Also the fact that the cloud save doesn’t work correctly to. Y’all really need to fix that. I accidentally deleted the game start over

  23. A Viegarien says:

    This is everything wrong with mobile games. It’s basically what you get if you strip out the fun/interesting gameplay of Surviving Mars, made it an idler, and added tonnes of micro transactions and constant notifications to watch more ads. The micro transactions are the ‘time saver’ type, which is just the developer admitting they don’t know how to make the game fun to play.

  24. Scott Jackson says:

    This game is addictive and easy enough once one gets the gist. It requires some planning to win, bit winning is possible—just don’t leave it idle for too long! Ads can be viewed at the player’s convenience—or not at all, but they do convey some useful rewards. It does have in-app purchases, but is not pay to advance by any stretch. Definitely a keeper.

  25. Johann Smit says:

    Fascinating game. It’s just such a pity that one has to constantly “pay to win”. So educative as it may be, none of the planetary “challenges” will ever be completed by the financially challenged. However… When the terraforming process starts changing global natural phenomena like clouds, water, etc, it becomes interesting. Also, the very idea of keeping elements such as pressure, oxygen, heat, biomass, and water balanced between extreme measurables, I find mentally and strategically engaging.

  26. Angel Avalon says:

    Amazingly done. But no replay value since i played it last. 😕 Once you beat it, there’s no reason to play it anymore. Yeah you can BUY new planets, but it’s just the same old thing even if micro-transactions were a good idea. 🤷‍♂️. Wish there was much more content, and with ads for boosts, they’d still be generating revenue.

  27. NekoRenoChan says:

    It’s a neat concept but it’s seriously grindy unless you spend a lot of real world money for upgrades. The wait times and revenue generating make things extremely slow and admittedly kinda boring. Plus while the ads are optional, they’re pretty intrusive popping up every couple of seconds while the game is open. I’m still on Mars and have barely made a dent on any of my goals. Makes me almost wanna give up and play something else…

  28. My Lady Rose says:

    I started this game and left to make money via the free games, etc. while waiting for my $$ to build and for research to finish. Upon my return, the city and outpost are no where to be found and I had to start from scratch. Also, you don’t make $$ away from the game. You have to buy it or watch videos that they slam you with every 10 seconds. This COULD be a great game, the premise is there. But for now, not worth the bother.

  29. DeOnte says:

    I enjoy this game thoroughly, I think a few features can be polished though. The resource management variety has great flexibility, but it would be nice if you could manage the sliders more precisely. It would also be nice to have the ability to remind you to go in and turn off or alter systems output. It would also be nice to be able to in some way survey mining towns before you place them before you get to satellites, it just feels too random. The governors feature feels useless.

  30. Katherine B says:

    actually a cool game, you can tell the developers really love sci-fi! This game is clearly the result of a glut of hard work and passion. I also actually don’t mind the ads?? You get to choose when/if you watch any, based on the rewards. I also freaking love that one of the reward options is ‘carbon impact points’ that go towards planting a real-world tree in your name! I’ve been grinding for a few days now, and in addition to getting power ups and boosts, I just got my first tree! 🥰🥹🌱🌍🪐🌿

  31. Alicia Prater says:

    It didn’t save any progress. Lost everything except the free governors when reopening despite notifications about research and upgrades being complete both to the device and within game (Android 11). The tutorial also doesn’t explain a lot of the game options/screens, making it really confusing to get into. There did not appear to be a help/explanation option on new menus and no cancel when accidentally choosing a city placement.

  32. Miles Dodson says:

    Very fun game. Especially for me who loves space and terraforming. However, there are a few issues. The ads are annoying but they they don’t bother me too much, but the worse problem is that you have to keep track A LOT. I didn’t play for 2 days and I come back to see mars is apparently a volcanic wasteland now. Wasn’t very happy. But overall I think it is a great game and the graphics are very good.

  33. Jason says:

    I’ve been playing for some time now and can say this game is cool. It took a little work to figure everything out but once I did….Whoa! Suddenly noticing clouds drifting across the surface of the moon. Watching as the craters slowly turn into giant lakes and the rest of the surface slowly turn from gray to green. It’s inspiring. Really kick-starts my imagination. My only problem is when I try to move up from easy skill level my hab units keep getting blown up by meteors.

  34. Robyn A. Cole says:

    Sometimes the enjoyment of real time building games is all about the setting. If you’re a fan of more hard sci-fi, this will be a treat. It’s slow going, but I find it cool and relaxing. The terraforming aspect is a fun challenge. Ads are optional, which is great. I think one improvement which would make this 5 stars would be to actually see the cities you build. I think they did that in a sequel though. Definitely give this game a try!

  35. Sliefyr Divine says:

    This game satisfies that SPACE CRAVING itch I have whenever I look to the stars. And although it’s very ad heavy, it makes it perfectly worth it because the boosts and rewards you get from them are amazing and useful, and I don’t hesitate for a second when I go to click accept transmission and snag me some revenue boosts. I truly enjoy your game, and I’m currently compiling a list of things that could be improved on/added, keep up the good work and thank you for giving me a spacetime satisfier!

  36. Luke Hayden says:

    I loved this game until about a week ago. I even purchased all of the additional planets and have likely driven a significant amount of revenue watching ads to get points to buy governor gold packs. That changed roughly a week ago. About a week ago, the game completely stopped loading, eventually presenting an error screen requesting that I send a screenshot of the error to the troubleshooting email alias. I sent multiple error screenshots and have gotten no response and still cannot log in.

  37. Harrison “H is Z” says:

    I love the concept and most of the execution. However, there are 2 big issues: pacing and ads. The pacing is a bit slow if you are constantly checking, but if you miss more than a day, the save is ruined. Ads on the other hand are intrusive. The “transmission incoming” ad button blocks several stats on the menu and keep popping up every 10 or so seconds after the last. I love the gameplay and want more like it, but there are several major issues that need to be addressed.

  38. dabomb la says:

    The ads were not too annoying, good gameplay, but I hate the amount of items spent every 3 upgrades.. it was too long to wait and I got bored. I couldn’t really enjoy it. I don’t know if this has been fixed I’ve only played the beta. If y’all have fixed the INSANE amount of cost for upgrades and others just reply and I’ll check it out. I’m sorry if this is outdated info. But I remember only the first major update (the first version of the game)

  39. Gettin Webon says:

    Good concept for a game. I liked building and naming things for a while, and checking out the different methods to affect the planet. But, I quickly ran out of credits and the only solution was more transmissions (ads) or GP (money). Maybe I could wait for the research and build times, but that’s no fun. So, the only way to progress is to continue throwing money at it. And that’s exactly how to simulate terraforming. So, the irony is the lesson and everybody lived happily ever after. The End.

  40. Joe says:

    The game is great, play it as fast or slow as you want, depending on whether or not you actually want to spend real money. The slow game is the way to go in my opinion. I’ve rated it two stars because Android 13 broke notifications. Push notifications in a game like this are kind of important if you want to stay on top of things being built and using your time efficiently. With them not working in Android 13, it’s a guessing game as to when construction and research completes. Please fix!

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