SimCity BuildIt Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Build and manage your very own city, and watch it come to life.
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December 5, 2022
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SimCity BuildIt Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Welcome, Mayor! Be the hero of your very personal town as you design and create a ravishing, bustling city. Each and every determination is yours as your town will get greater and extra intricate. Make sensible alternatives to stay your voters glad and your skyline rising. Then business, chat, compete, and sign up for golf equipment with fellow Mayors. Construct your method to abnormal!

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DELIVER YOUR TOWN TO EXISTENCE Construct skyscrapers, parks, bridges, and a lot more! Position structures strategically to stay the taxes flowing and your town rising. Resolve real-life demanding situations like visitors and air pollution. Supply products and services like energy crops and police departments. Stay visitors transferring with grand avenues and streetcars.

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PUT YOUR CREATIVENESS AT THE MAP Construct Tokyo-, London- or Paris-style neighborhoods, and free up unique landmarks just like the Eiffel Tower or Statue of Liberty. Uncover new applied sciences with the long run Towns whilst getting athletic with sports activities stadiums. Adorn your town with rivers, lakes and forests, and amplify alongside the seashore or at the mountain slopes. Unencumber new geographic areas such because the Sunny Isles or Frosty Fjords, every with a singular architectural taste. There’s at all times one thing new and other to make your town distinctive.

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STRUGGLE YOUR SOLUTION TO VICTORY Protect your town in opposition to monsters or compete in opposition to different mayors in Membership Wars. Plot profitable methods along with your Membership associates and claim conflict on different towns. As soon as the fight is on, unharness loopy screw ups just like the Disco Tornado and Plant Monster in your combatants. Earn precious rewards to make use of in fight or to toughen your town. As well as, tackle different avid gamers within the Contest of Mayors, the place you’ll entire weekly demanding situations and climb the League ranks in opposition to the highest. Every new contest Season brings on new distinctive rewards to adorn your town!

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ATTACH AND WORKFORCE UP Sign up for a Mayor’s Membership to industry provides with different participants and chat about methods and to be had sources. Collaborate to lend a hand somebody whole their non-public imaginative and prescient and get beef up to finish yours. Construct giant, paintings in combination, lead different Mayors, and watch your town come to existence!

SimCity BuildIt Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

——- Essential Shopper Knowledge. This app: Calls for a chronic Web connection (community charges would possibly practice). Calls for acceptance of EA’s Privateness & Cookie Coverage and Person Settlement. Contains in-game promoting. Incorporates direct hyperlinks to the Web and social networking websites supposed for an target audience over Thirteen. The app makes use of Google Play Recreation Products and services. Log off of Google Play Recreation Services and products sooner than set up in case you don’t need to percentage your sport play with pals.

SimCity BuildIt Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

Person Settlement: Privateness and Cookie Coverage: Talk over with for help or inquiries.

SimCity BuildIt Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

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40 comments on "SimCity BuildIt Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Jack Everett says:

    This is a really good time consuming game, there’s lots of thing to. One thing I have a problem with is the amount of time you have to spend getting random items that can take up to 7 hours to get just to extend your house once, and the items that you need to extend your city are random and hard to get, same for your beach. Overall it does take a while to unlock new areas but once you do there lots of thing to do with it, I recommend this game a lot but I wish things weren’t so hard to work for.

  2. juliet sutherland says:

    Fun game that could be way better. Pros- good prizes. Just the right amount of contests and challenges. Cons- some things are just too expensive, like specialty roads, which would add a lot to each city. Enough road to surround a tiny subdivision is over 100k simeleons. The war stuff is stupid and annoying as is Vu- should be an opt out. There should be an option to change from night to day, especially for challenges, it’s annoying that it goes dark. And-placing like items could be improved.

  3. Heather R says:

    It’s okay but it’s not fun. There’s an algorithm that deliberately suppresses items you require from appearing in the depot. The challenges are geared so you have to spend hours trolling through the depot to find items to complete. The challenges, such as epic buildings are ridiculously hard and make little logic. There’s also far too many different currencies without many ways to interchange them. The wars are fun but the rest? Tedious, frustrating and boring. I miss the Simcity of my youth.

  4. Jennifer Fraz says:

    Takes a long time to advance which sucks when you’re poor. A bit glitchy, I’ve lost things It has taken an hour to build up which is frustrating. To me it is a pretty game, very detailed! I’ll get caught up in a project and can easily entertain myself for a few hours which is unusual for me. Nice when you can’t get out and about anytime you want.

  5. Madyson VanArk says:

    I really like this game. Its a nice recreation of the computer game. However there is one big issue that happens to me quite often. It’s hard to explain but there is some sort of glitch that when I change a buildings plan it sometimes bugs out other buildings and straight up deletes their upgrade list. I’m not sure if this happens to anyone else but it’s annoying to deal with. Please fix it!

  6. John Swingle says:

    I have played this game for years. Agree with others that the algorithm for depot is frustrating. The game purposely blocks items needed for certain tasks. I participated in wars with a club. Experience there depends on club. There’s a pretty steep learning curve. It’s fun once you learn the tactics and how to coordinate attacks.

  7. SJYNYC says:

    Could be so much better. It’s annoying because many of the flaws could be so easily fixed. 1) You can’t “freeze/halt”, building advancement. If I want a little suburb of little houses, the entire area is filled with notices wanting me to max them out (skyscrapers). 2) The cost for upgrading a building can be ridiculous. 6 of this? 7 of that? Really??? I thought this was supposed to be somewhat fun…not tedious. 3) The price for gravel road?!? Why?????? Explain! 4) The market sucks so badly.

  8. Grayson Rose says:

    If you like idle games that you don’t need to put a large amount of time into daily to progress I would definitely reccomend this game. The type of gameplay definitely isnt for everyone but I find it easy and rewarding. Progression is still pretty easy even if you dont spend money on the game and most of the features can be accessed without purchase, bar some special items or event passes. Overall a well-made, easy game that doesnt require a lot of time or interaction to progress 🙂

  9. Twisted Typos says:

    Was an excellent fair purchase priced game. I’ve played this app for years on and off and would brag about how well priced in game purchase was. Now I guess greed has taken over and Challenges are made where you have no choice but to use Sim Cash or just lose the Challenge. Really is a shame. I’ve been shying away a bit over the last month. Maybe it’s time to take a long break again. 🤔 Hackers are a real problem as well. Wishing things would change. I really loved this game…..

  10. Sonic Eccles says:

    Love this game. I play it everyday. I would like it more if the War feature could be turned off. There are tons of war and fighting games online. Do we have to here also if we choose not to? It is fine for those who like the feature, but it should be up to the player. Now 2 years later, I like War. We are in 1 right now and doing well. I love doing Epics too. At level 43 and thinking of Regions when I get to 45.

  11. Steaven says:

    Theres plenty wrong with this, there’s an excessive amount of microtransactions, you can only go at the game’s pace, there’s barely any room for customization, there’s really no goal to work towards that makes the game fun, and theres nothing that makes playing it worth it. If you want to play a city building game, play something else.

  12. Rachel Williams says:

    Absolutely terrible. Tutorial can’t be skipped, no way to undo buildings or start a new city. There’s is absolutely no creativity allowed in this horrid game. Your choices aren’t simply limited, you are imprisoned into a extremely narrow set of instructions or you can’t progress. For example you can’t build more than one road until they let you, you can’t dictate the shape or length of the road, forcing you to put your factory in range of your homes.

  13. Red Rain says:

    Thank you! This is the SimCity everyone is playing! I think the team battles adds another level of excitement. You can play with your neighbors on Facebook. There are many quests, options and different things to do. You can also play alone and choose what you do. The world won’t end if you miss a log in. I’m actually not a high enough level to give a proper review. There are many things I need to unlocked as my level increases (I’m level 25). Using real $ is not required to play normal 🙂

  14. Collin Lutz says:

    They get 3 stars for graphics and the work they put into this. However, like most mobile games, you always get to a point where progress is slow because timers are long. Except this time, you can’t even spend money to advance. Need shorter timers for the nails and boards or the ability sooner to build another building, or the ability for multiple nails and boards to count down like the factories allow. I’m sure the pc game is much better. Ps Rachel’s below review is totally inaccurate.

  15. Kylup Lugo says:

    I love this game. It’s a real time killer for me. However I do recommend the developers add an option to stop upgrading buildings when players want. I don’t want EVERY building to be a massive skyscraper. I love some of the smaller condos and houses and it’s annoying to have countless bubbles with yellow hardhats everywhere. I’m not the only one who feels this way, as I’ve read others in forums make this complaint as well. Overall great game! Definitely worth the download and time put in.

  16. Jean-Louis Mafema says:

    Great experience! except for the war stuff, some of us do not like it. I like the game for the building experience, resolving urban problems and design. It is a way to get rid of stress. War and destruction, just add to the stress. Perhaps, you should think of offering different versions or options within the game.

  17. Burnt Toast says:

    Get it. It is amazing for quick daily plays and is a perfect piece of management sim. The possible recipes get more complex as you go on and the complexity gets bigger over time, amazing difficulty curve for overtime complexity. You could spend years with quick bursts of daily play and still have fun. Possibly due to the houses and disasters requiring types and numbers of materials you’ll have specifically getting underway. Just an incredible game.

  18. Clark Baird says:

    At the end of the day the entire game is (like all games these days) trying to get you to spend money to progress. There are so many “passes” and constant contests, wars and and overwhelming number of “things” vying for your attention and inevitably your money that it’s easy to lose site on the fun that is simply trying to build, populate and expand your city while trying to appease your constantly needy citizens. Is it fun? Yes, but overwhelming and annoying.

  19. deestike Steichen says:

    There is no explanation on how to play this. I just uninstaled this game. It’s can be entertaining but is more frustrating than anything. To play you better want to spend a lot of money. Plus you have a place for storage so you build up the amount of storage to help and then they take it away. They also want you to pay 40,000 coins for this weird scientist to destroy parts of your city , then it costs you money to rebuild. Try another game is my advice.

  20. Mo Beasley says:

    It was fun for a while, addictive and time consuming but I got tired of the endless product manufacturing and having to spend every Simoleon earned to keep my city going. The last straw was when I was saving up a long time for a factory upgrade and I got blindsided by multiple road upgrades due to heavy traffic. I didn’t increase the population for a while all I did was relocate some buildings. Almost all of my money was spent up on the roads; not fair I have to leave this game alone now. 😑

  21. Tiffany M says:

    Simcity is a great game, I’m really enjoying all the features for the most part. 2 bugs to bring up: 1st, why can I only connect with one friend at a time? Very difficult to connect, it took many months, and also removed my old friend to add my new friend. Years ago I could connect with many friends at a time. Please fix this. Second, the leaderboard in the design challenge did not update like it was supposed to. It is still stuck with my standing from the last challenge. Please fix this

  22. Kayla Nelson says:

    Could be fun but corporate wants $$. To many things you have to pay cash for. The one material you need you can only get 1 every 5 mins even if you buy extra slots for it. Other items you dont really need come much faster. Was super fun for the first 4 levels. Then you get to the sit and wait phase. Gotta click once every 5 mins for hours just to progress. Or pay cash.

  23. Orianna Hewitt says:

    Over all, I have mixed feelings about this game. I like playing it but when it comes to wars and mayor’s challenge it’s not so great. Some players often just blow average players out of the water, in both wars and mayor’s challenge, and when it comes to mayor’s challenge, when active, buildings should also be allowed to be bought with simcash, simoleons, gold keys, and platinum keys, as I am not capable of doing challenges and unlocking every single reward, intent on unlocking the final reward.

  24. Sean Omight says:

    Not the greatest carry over from the actual game. If you want any quicker amount of progress, or expanding, it’s pay to play. Which is highly wrong, and being banned in several countries. You need nails a lot, and can only craft 2 at a time. Rather limiting for growth. Definitely not a pick up and play until you’re done with it for the moment type of game. It’s more of do very little, and come back and repeat. Disappointing really.

  25. Kelly Reinlasoder says:

    Having problems keeping the game going more than 10 mins ( some times even less) then it goes blank and has to be restarted. Good thing nothing gets lost. Disappointed in the way that to really build a good city you have to use real money to buy. The game money and even that doesn’t go very far. It is a very addictive game and just a little entertaining.

  26. Justin SooHoo says:

    The recent changes to the Contest of Mayors has almost ruined the game for me. It made scoring much more difficult. While I like having milestones, the points they give aren’t worth much, especially compared to the streaks bonus they replaced. I dislike that you can’t exchange Omega resources. I have 17 of one item currently taking up storage, and no reliable way to get rid of or use them other than spam new omega buildings and hope they need it. If not, gotta hope for a good reroll.

  27. Michael Rapko says:

    Very entertaining. I put 5 years into the game “Township” and can’t seem to login on my new phone so I needed a replacement game. Obviously didn’t want to start all over on township after growing my town for 5 years. So I started this game and it’s great. My only recommendation would be to add more creative looking buildings and more options to decorate the town (trees, plant life, random decorative buildings, etc.) Other than that it’s a great game. I like the dialogue of the characters 😂😂

  28. Robert Drouhard says:

    Overall ok game with improvements needed (but will never come). This is a fun, if limited installment of the SimCity franchize. It could use improvements though. It’s way, way too hard to expand your city limits due to the random nature of the drops for parts needed. Also the market exchange is almost useless because you can’t search for what you need, rather a limted set of items is presented and you have to refresh every 30 sec and hope the thing you need comes up.

  29. Kristen Dawes says:

    Pretty fun game, challenges are great but sometimes you work hard and the points don’t get added for you. The real winners of photo contests are those who sink cash into it, so I wish the design contests had fixed inventory, same for everyone. Most of the ads are quite tolerable but a few are very inappropriate. You can play the game just fine without watching videos, unlike some empire games.

  30. Sal Davis says:

    The game buttons have changed as have the dynamics of the contest for mayors. It gave an advantage to people. I don’t like the new buttons. Think they are upside down. I mean you need chat the most and its hidden. You need the most important buttons and they hid them. VERY BAD DESIGN. making the game less and less desirable. I find i am playing less too.

  31. thekid12203 says:

    Great game with lots of new stuff. I play this thing like all the time. you don’t need to spend money but I love the exclusive items. But there are actual ways to earn the paid currency in game with like optional 30 second ads. It’s overall a good experience. I played for like 2 months without spending a dollar and I pretty much only buy the $5 exclusive level up pass which gives you tons of stuff. It’s well worth it either way if you liked sim city as a kid or in the past this is a good grab.

  32. John James says:

    Good game but delays much too long when you go to another screen… Very slow! Very high error rate when completing videos. When video completes often does not return you to game and you don’t get credit for watched video when you return… Very frustrating, when you have to wait for screen changes then lose your progress…

  33. Eddie Garcia says:

    Great game. Been playing for years. You have added a lot of things that are good but what has not changed is the view and zoom, due to the added items to the screen it has shrunk considerably. Please allow a larger view/better zoom out. Now…for what reason did you make the default icon Daniels city when visiting cities! This game depends on communication with your team! Change this ASAP please. Do that for us and the review goes to 5 stars

  34. Jack Hamilton says:

    Great game, fun to play, but the ads are really annoying. Most of them won’t close after the video ends; tapping the “x” just sends me to Google Play, often to the point that I have to restart the game just to get back to playing (and never get the reward.) And many of the ads are so long that the game has to restart itself. It’s fun to play, but can be frustrating sometimes. 3 stars until they get a handle on their ads.

  35. Russell Givens says:

    Changing my review : This was a good game, now it seems to be getting bogged down with side contest and task. Items to expand storage, and land are now almost impossible to get.( two in 4 days and need 66 ). Any side contest are useless to play or participate in because you don’t get anything for doing so unless you buy their premium pass, and it expires before the next contest. It is turning into a money grab more and more each day. This was a excellent game, not now.

  36. mike carter says:

    Excellent graphics. I like the attention to detail with the landmarks. But you still haven’t really addressed the hacking of certain weapons to allow unfair advantages. Which makes the war a REAL drag sometimes especially in arena 6. And TMI around the borders, icons etc. But have been playing for over 7 yrs…must be doing something right

  37. Liz Mason says:

    Love this game. Been playing simcity since SNES. I start off with all these strategies and soon they are forgotten because it’s so much fun to just play and watch your sim city grow. Love that the ads pay you with game pieces so it is like getting freebies and they are kind of upscale compared to other games, like Apple ads and I saw a Microsoft ad recently. The only one I have issue with is the Clockmaker game ad that doesn’t play nicely. It just keeps playing over and over then dumps you

  38. Kathy Davis says:

    Vaguely resembles the original game but is much more of a pain in the butt to play. The first few levels are fun, but after that it’s more difficult to earn money to upgrade things and keep your Sims happy. You have to do all these weird side challenges and it just detracts from the game. Uninstalled after a few days.

  39. Demetrius Adams says:

    The game is good, but there are many things that can really screw with the experience. The main thing is your somolians. You struggle greatly getting somolians and providing essentials to everyone. This gets really annoying, especially since when you upgrade buildings, you gain more levels, and then you have to waste more soloians on more essentials, and it makes it almost impossible to progress properly. Overall, It killed the experience for me.

  40. Jeff Ruhnke says:

    This is a fun game. The ads don’t work correctly, as in they sometimes fail to give you the reward you earned or it simply resets the game. EA support is abysmal, they cannot do a simple task ever and it is always the player’s fault if you have an issue. The gameplay is ok, their contest of mayors needs some serious reworking. This game needs a development team that cares about the work.

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