Sheep Farm : Idle Games & Tyco Mod Apk


🌳🌲Hello there! It's time to own a sheep 🐑 farm 🌲🌳
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October 28, 2022
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Sheep Farm : Idle Games & Tyco Mod Apk

Come to the sheep farm the place numerous lovely sheep watch for.
Run a farming industry with stuffed with lovable and humorous sheep.

Sheep Farm : Idle Video games & Tyco Mod Apk mod apk

[How to play]
🐏. It’s an idle farm control sport that heals your thoughts.
🐏. Make area within the barren region to construct enlarge your farm.
🐏. Position extra & extra sheep within the ranch!
🐏. Shear the sheep and promote wools to extend your earnings.
🐏. Rent truthful managers to advance your farm!
🐏. Shepherd canines can strengthen the facility of sheep.
🐏. Tame the wild animals. They’ve an incredible abilities!!
🐏. Proceed on increasing the Sheep Farm industry.
(⭐️Tip: You’ll be able to make more cash through the usage of loose spice up pieces.)

Sheep Farm : Idle Video games & Tyco Mod Apk apk mod new

🐑. Construct a wonderful ranch with lovable and beautiful sheep.
🐑. The extra sheep you will have, the better the earnings.
🐑. Whole more than a few missions and earn more money.
🐑. You’ll make idle money even while you’re offline.
🐑. Revel in a comfy but wonderful idle rich person sport.
🐑. Offline mode: No Wireless is wanted.
🐑. Suitable with all desk measurement 🐑. Helps Sixteen languages.

Sheep Farm : Idle Video games & Tyco Mod Apk apk

This sport is suitable for getting the pieces partly. When buying the pieces, the extra prices may well be took place and restricted Client Proper of Protection in step with the thing sorts.

Sheep Farm : Idle Video games & Tyco Mod Apk unencumber

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40 comments on "Sheep Farm : Idle Games & Tyco Mod Apk"

  1. LEENA THEKKEL says:

    Actually its a good game with lot of activities.I think iam the frst 1 to qtite a review of this game ,I liked the game vry much,its good to play

  2. Freddie Wade says:

    This games is so cool! You should give this game a try and see how u fined it! 🙂

  3. Jon Winterbottom says:

    Forcing accepting targeted ads is a hard no from me

  4. ciceqi ciceqi says:

    Cute and doesn’t force you to shell out tons of cash (or, actually, any, which is why I didn’t give it 3 stars). Not as good as Egg, Inc, though, which it’s clearly modeled after–the farms are too samey, and the sheep aren’t unique enough to make up for it. Didn’t quite make it to my 3rd reset before getting bored.

  5. ALLEN J.S says:

    It’s a wonderful game.I preregistered and now I am enjoying it.But there should be a breeding section for sheep’s to produce different kinds of sheep’s with the mixture of many two sheep’s.I hope it will be updated and hope that new interesting updates will come in future.For start-up 5 stars.

  6. Doom Steady says:

    Pretty interesting timewaster, but I’m confused about how to get wild sheep/wolves. Even if I spam-click them before their timer reaches 0, they always leave unhappy.

  7. SleepyTomato says:

    could be better, ads are fine but there’s no clear instructions on how to tame wild animals. but other than that, this is a good time killer. good game!

  8. Карим Кусербаев says:

    This game worths nothing. If You want to waste your time and money, you will have to play this.


    Its very nice very very nice. It makes me like a farmer.

  10. Strictly Social says:

    Good game but to complete target we have to watch ad. But ads are not forced to watch. Earning developer lot of money through ads.

  11. Dinga playstation Empire says:

    Finished my 5 resets! Just a wonderful game of this era………. Loved it Bundle of thankxxx to developers and team Thankxxx you guyz

  12. Jessica Joslyn says:

    Mindlessly addicted. I love it. I’m a 36 year old woman(ish) and I love it. Super cute! A little messy English on the wording but so far I think it’s super cute!!

  13. Mohamad Alnahas says:

    I love it Balanced No force ADS You can get a lot of gems free But i think offline idle need a little optimization From one developer to another Keep going♥️

  14. Zed says:

    I love this game i am playing it from 19 /11/2020 and it is a good game.

  15. Katherina Lap says:

    After installing, the SuperBox theme song for the game is disoriented and playing in a slowmo speed. Making it sound eerie and scary.

  16. Lavinna Preston says:

    Enjoying it so far but where is Shane and his paintings?! Can’t find the dude to save my life.

  17. Mr DmarDX says:

    I was thinking that I wasn’t going to continue a day in this game but somehow this is the first week :3 And normally 8 give this kind of games 2 or 3 stars if it was good but this one deserve a 4.

  18. gladiatus satu says:

    This game is so fun and cute. My dad is already at bilion money I love this game!

  19. Raavan an says:

    The game was not bad ,it was average Then came the update now it sucks

  20. Иван says:

    You can pay me $20 to get 1-star explanation right now OR wait for 30 days for…

  21. lauren mott says:

    Good game, shame it keeps crashing and I’m loosing a good chunk of progress each time. Happened a few times now to the point I’ve stopped playing

  22. anamika bharali says:

    Good graphics but must fit in all phone

  23. Isaac Ellingson says:

    definitely play pocket ships or idle lemonade company instead. they are both “elevator” idles like this game but show a great deal more thoughtfulness in their design. *this* game litters your screen with real money and ad options, and requires you to use boosts for quests, and the best I can say for it is that it doesn’t pop up ads unasked for and the graphics are charming. final thoughts: I’m offended by receiving “broken gems” that take real money to repair. that’s slimy!

  24. jyoti kumari says:

    nice game and you can play offline as well so give it a try.

  25. ninja wolf says:

    Really good fun an there is so much to do

  26. circus baby plushie says:

    I love this game so much i have lots of money yayyyyy

  27. Anna Rogers says:

    Stopped working when I reopened the app but it was fun when able 2 play

  28. vetman32539 says:

    Woke up on 2/28 and was unable to do anything the game has reset and i can only see the first dog and nothing else

  29. Michelle Rodgers says:

    Game is great. Better since the error was fixed

  30. Joe M says:

    don’t even want a very very tall all of the sheep and stuff but I did something really bad or you will or you will take you add a a white thing that white reset all of your progress is because I’ll be really nice it just because well I thought with a one of the one of the the sheeps that give you more money I don’t love that box now so I was thinking if you were able to work yeah

  31. Dark Knight says:

    Great game chill nice and easy definitely recommend it anyway gtg

  32. Tiffani Houtz says:

    IT.IS.AWSOME it barely gives you adds

  33. Liberty Frazier-smith says:

    This game is cool and awsome 😀 thats why i put five stars 😀

  34. Dale Lane says:

    Wondering where I can find Shane’s paintings to give to the old man in the game

  35. Indrani Rajapaksha says:

    Excellent game for children

  36. Karan Hasija says:

    I’ve completed the game long ago, I have over 12000 diamonds which are not so useful. I have atleast 25 boosts of each type and time. This game is very generous but hasn’t had an update since the 1st time it launched. The family is gone. No new sheeps. Nothing to do.

  37. Carel Bester says:

    I got a big problem with ads on the game it freeze my hole game and then i must restart every time cameon people repaire the ads setup

  38. Anders Erichsen says:

    Depraved nonsense full of ads.

  39. Lucy Harding says:

    A good game but a bit repetitive so I am giving it a 3 if it had a bit more to do then it would be better. ⭐⭐⭐

  40. Telika Wright says:

    This is the best game in the whole world I am going to to keep it on my cellphone 📱

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