Robo Tower: Idle Shooting RPG Premium Apk


Collect, Combine and Create Your Unique Team of Mecha!
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November 10, 2022
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Robo Tower: Idle Shooting RPG Premium Apk

Mecha! March Ahead!

Robo Tower: Idle Taking pictures RPG Top rate Apk apk mod

Degree up missiles with a easy contact and place/upgrade Robos strategically!
Too busy? No worries! Simply let Robos do their task and earn large rewards totally free! Bring together Your Distinctive Staff of Robos with missiles and a distinct Faucet Mecha. Lovely Mecha capturing missiles? Test it out in Robo Tower presently!

Robo Tower: Idle Capturing RPG Top rate Apk

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34 comments on "Robo Tower: Idle Shooting RPG Premium Apk"

  1. 李宗翰 says:

    No more offline incomes after I linked with google account.

  2. John Accinelli says:

    Game breaking bugs and a lack of content prevent this game from being worth spending any money on very rapidly. Your position on the leaderboard is dependent on how long you have been using a specific glitch involving infinite spending that quickly maxes out all but 2 possible upgrades.

  3. Ronnie Harris says:


  4. Uber Destruction says:

    Pretty fun game. Has a slight reminiscent of other games but has a different visual spin on it.

  5. Shem Batayola says:

    The green button

  6. Spiralthedragon - says:

    Game wouldn’t even load. Crashed on the loading screen.

  7. Nathan Binkley says:

    Decent but lots of bugs. Between ads not being able to close and give out rewards sometimes to the loading screen being significantly longer than usual, this game is frustrating at its core and decent on the edges.

  8. Tetsu Shiiba says:

    Stuck on the loading screen for 5 mins and still nothing happened

  9. Ali Tl says:

    I love it!

  10. Nevalast says:

    Game can’t load, stuck on loading screen. Never get into the game…

  11. leandro abrera says:

    I have downloaded the app however I can’t proceed on playing the game i’m stuck in connecting the google play, it keeps on loading, is there a way to surpass the loading??

  12. Yeheskiel J B P_ _UDB Surakarta says:

    Good game, but when fight with boss or core. It will crash sometime or stuck in loading screen even I have a good connection

  13. Oscar Monsalve says:

    The game is fun, with optional ads that can help you advance faster, sadly, a lot if times it will say that “ads ran out” keeping you out of bonus stuff and that ruins the experience

  14. Akira Lance says:

    The game is fun, but the new update seem to removed the automatic coin upgrade so it gets a lots more difficult doing everything at once

  15. Murus says:

    Game doesn’t even start. Remains stuck at 90% (3/11) 👍

  16. It's Talisman says:

    Loading so slow why did think of spending in this game I guess I’m stupid and sometimes it’s unplayable nice

  17. Stephen Whittemore says:

    Looks fun, but the ads won’t load

  18. Mohamed Mohamed says:

    i got a very long good game

  19. MISA says:

    Good game for passing times while waiting for something or just for a nice casual play. Love it.

  20. Willibrord Koro says:

    Best game 🎮 ever

  21. Abdlrhman Shatta says:

    I dont know yet im still trying it

  22. Zendrak says:

    THe GAmE wON’t LOdE 3/11 IT’s StuCk AT 90%

  23. Kennedy Dwight says:

    So cool :O

  24. Krafs Krafs says:

    Really? REALLY? Making an idle game… Then making it a pay2win gacha? Other than that, there are SO. MANY. CASH. OPTIONS. You want the full experience? Prepare to spend thousands.

  25. 『_____』 says:

    I lost 1 day worth of progress for no reason, which isn’t that bad but is very annoying since the day i actually grinded for a bit disappeared.

  26. Joshua Lyons says:

    Couldn’t uninstall fast enough, worst UI I have ever seen ever, and constant pop ups

  27. Jonathan Veith says:

    Couldn’t even open the app.

  28. Andrea King says:

    It’s so fun

  29. Corey Murray says:

    Love the game i will however say that this latest update has caused my game to crash any time an add finishes… edit new guild function not allowing players to be viewed by guild leaders after getting many players in their guild (will change rating back to 5 stars after guild bug gets fixed i need to be able to edit who i want to keep in my guild)

  30. Fluffy Madness says:

    0 stars.. Install the game, Game will not load at all, uninstall game.

  31. Brandon Lisendy says:

    This game is rlly fun I like it mainly because it always gives me something to do and I can sit their and play a good game.

  32. Blueblade 313 says:

    Tried to give an add that downloaded my Info of my phone if you clicked on it highly recommended the game itself but those ads are so fishy

  33. Vince Zado says:

    Cool game

  34. Pete schafer says:

    Purchased the no ads and it’s legit no ads.

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