My Little Paradise: Resort Sim Premium Apk


Build your tropical island! Upgrade your resort and create your unique paradise!
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November 24, 2022
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My Little Paradise: Resort Sim Premium Apk

Design a lovely lodge of your individual! – My Little Paradise

My Little Paradise: Hotel Sim Top rate Apk apk mod new

Transform the executive and oversee your tropical lodge!
Serve your visitors via development distinctive amenities and decorations. Improve your construction and create your very personal island paradise!

My Little Paradise: Hotel Sim Top rate Apk apk

-Game Features-

My Little Paradise: Hotel Sim Top rate Apk release

– Construct and improve over 15,000 animated pieces to your island.
– New ornament pieces each month
– Handle 2 islands: Tropical Island and Cliff Island
– Set up quite a lot of actions: Surf, Eating place, Swimming Pool, and extra – Intuitive edit mode: Simple and handy to take a screenshot!

My Little Paradise: Lodge Sim Top class Apk

– Welcome your visitors into paradise
– Use the plane and send to collect fabrics – Improve the standard of your provider by means of offering unique foods and drinks – Business with different gamers by way of construction the Buying and selling Submit – Increase your hotel and make a decision what to construct and the place

My Little Paradise: Lodge Sim Top rate Apk apk mod 2022

– Create or sign up for a Membership and tackle quest and demanding situations in combination for weekly rewards
– Chat together with your Membership participants and lend a hand each and every different – Seek advice from your mates’ island and price each and every different’s lodge – Percentage a screenshot of your hotel on social media with the digicam mode

My Little Paradise: Hotel Sim Top rate Apk mod apk

Keep tuned! Professional Fb: Web connection is needed to benefit from the social sport options Beneficial for units with a minimum of 3GB RAM
CS: [email protected] or in-game choice -> support


40 comments on "My Little Paradise: Resort Sim Premium Apk"

  1. Harleen Sexton says:

    This game is awesome. I’ve been playing food street for almost 4 years and I needed a new game to play to pass time. I absolutely love it. I don’t feel forced to purchase anything with real money. The game has a nice pace. Great graphics, cute characters and items. Nice upgrades and I love the different camera positions. I have not joined a group yet because I’m still learning the game, but I plan to join one really soon. A tiny issue is every now and then the game will reload randomly.

  2. Ettie Loveday says:

    The best game ever. All the other games disadvantage had been solved by this game. The advertisement is great too as it comes with rewards. Very useful rewards. Allows other players to visit each other with rewards as well. The graphic is great. Angle of the viewis so flexible. Land expansion is big and the timing for land expansion is so reasonable. Every thing is so great with this game of u r looking for a way to put ur creativity in use. So much to praise. Good job. Tqvm

  3. Shireen Strang says:

    It will have a few moments when it doesn’t want to load, or will stop while playing to load, but you have to reopen the game for it to work. One time when it stopped to load and i had to reopen the game, when it came back up, the last several things i had done were undone and i had to do them all over again. Also, if you try to buy anything in the market it doesnt always give you what you pay for. I find the controls and set up to be a little annoying in aspect of convenience. Fun game otherwise

  4. Didacus Fanny says:

    Very nice game. Easy to play and complete all the task. But I can’t get the free gift of the waterfall cliff and the waterfall cave even it wrote free there. When I click it doesn’t work, feel dissapointed.😢😢 But other things is functioning well and it is a very great game. I will keep playing.

  5. Aneirin Berengaria says:

    Too glitchy & poor support. Bonus features simply do not work. You have to shut the game down and reboot completely in order to get out of the frozen screen. The game also freezes randomly and refreshes at odd times. It can be pretty boring waiting for items to fill orders. The bonus games usually fill that time but when they dont work, what’s the point? I’ve contacted support three times now. The last was requesting a refund. I wasted money on what I thought could be a fun game… i was wrong.

  6. Albet Gilda says:

    The game is fun but there is many more ways you can improve user experience. *You can make the game fast. So that we can go back again and again. *Make the expansion a lot more easier. I am searching for a item for last 4 days. *You should increase the rate of gaining cashes. The coin is perfect. Decrease the price of fences and other required items. *Come up with some overlay presets which can inspire us to design our resort and give the chance to copy someone’s design. * Make roads free.

  7. Arlie Jhanna says:

    Super game ever. I have played lot of farm games and building games. They are boring when playing long term. Because no enough storage space, no enough money to build, we have to spend diamond or real money. But this game hasn’t that kind of issue. You can pass level easy. And every moments very fun. Nice story and gameplay. You have lot of way to earn money. Also You can get helps from your friends.

  8. Beryl Osman says:

    I recommend this game than other farm or island games. I like every details, the decorations, the design of the buildings and such. There are so many plants. I lovee plants! The little customers are cute too, I really enjoy watching what they’re doing. I also like the tasks because it’s manageable. And the ads isn’t that bad.

  9. Charlene Mae Brimon Gayas says:

    I guess the game is cute and simple. The graphics is colorful and great and so with the controls which is easy to play with, however there is some kind of bug or glitch which is when I try to buy some random tools or product on other players in the market, my money won’t get spent or should I say the item that i tried buying with did not go through my storage as well as my money coins wasn’t actually decreasing while still buying, in short I don’t have the item and my coins wasn’t reduced too

  10. Olivia Jovina says:

    I think this game is pretty good, and I have played it for about 3 months. But recently I found a problem, which is the market where you can buy items from other player become stuck. It only shows carts, and the items don’t change even after I refresh it. Even I buy the items, it also doesn’t change. Anyone encounter the same problem? Can you please fix it?

  11. wickiepedia says:

    Everything was all great. Great events, unique mechanics and graphics but there’s tiny problem with the event’s recipe. One of them was collected 1x and not 2x at least. Can you change that in the future events? Because I waste most time or a whole day, waiting for that amount of 1x recipe to be collected just to upgrade the event. Not only that but also enable other players who are late the event to be able to catch up. It would be great if this is fixed and I will leave 5 stars if this happen.

  12. Queen.Angelina Queen says:

    The game is really fun to play however there are quite a few glitches! Sometimes when you try to watch the TV ad it will not let you even though you keep clicking on it. A payment notice popped up and I did NOT try to buy something.. so that worries because I do NOT want my bank card charged by accident!!! It doesn’t tell you how to help your friends. But besides that the game is really really fun and exciting.

  13. Caroline Lyons says:

    Every time I open the game it would finish the loading screen and then not even one or two seconds later. It would show up that the game is no longer responding and then it force closes it and I’m like it’s happened more than once not a good game if it can’t even load properly. Edit: I had cleared the catche and force close the app and tried starting it again and it still continued that problem.

  14. Ariellia says:

    Absolutely love this game!!! I recommend it to anyone looking for a great game. Developers are always upgrading, updating. They provide wonderful graphics and we can actually build our own resort. Sure there maybe some glitches but with all updates in any game there will be. Support is wonderful, always responding quickly.

  15. Denise Dale says:

    Thank you for fixing the issue. I do have a few questions. Why is it we can’t just purchase certain things from like ex: Fairyland or the Zodiac etc etc. We can see them, but its no way to purchase those things. Also when visiting and giving stars to other players I can see a lot of things on their game levels I didn’t ever see when I played those levels… A LOT

  16. Cheryl Dixon says:

    Love the concept of the game. Just wish I could play on my tablet without it crashing every few minutes. FIX IT!! **** 2nd review. After getting a message that my 32GB tablet needed at least 5.something GB to operate (which I have more than enough, having over 15GB free)…. I downloaded the newest update. Still crashed within 60 seconds of entering the game. Last couple purchases that showed as failed, are still showing pending on my bank account, leaving that money unuseable.

  17. Lindsay Davis says:

    Love this game. Once you start its hard to stop playing it. You will want to keep going and trying to get more and more to make your resort nice. The only issue I have with game is if you want to get alot of the nice items they cost gems and you can earn some in the game if you want to get a decent amount fast it costs money and a decent amount of money. Thats the only thing I wish would change.

  18. Zha-Zha Shima says:

    Waaay too laggy. I cant do anything without getting so much lag. I refresh many times and still soo laggy. Also the scroll mission sucks. One member took one mission and never bother to complete it. Atleast give the option to ditch the person from the task so someone can complete it. All other effort has been wasted only cause one didnt bother to complete. And thats very annoying. This is like a cheap copycat version of FOOD STREET.

  19. John Q Sample says:

    Great game. Doesn’t try to force you to spend money like other games, but you can still buy stuff if you want to. Lot of trouble staying connected to the server though. Even if the wifi is good where I am I frequently have to stop and wait for it to reconnect to the server, and sometimes that causes me to lose items.

  20. Iamblessed Mara says:

    Its now taking some time to get in to the game even if i have a stable internet. Ads are getting bit of annoying. Getting lots of bug like having asked to claim the resort earnings,add more factories multiple times even when i just did it. I love the game and all the decoration materials. But please fix all those bugs/glitches.

  21. HEAN's world says:

    I loved this game. It still bugs out by sending me to the ocean when taking a customers order but thats ok. When I go upgrade something or do something they would talk in another language even though I’m on “language- English” but thats ok. The thing that infuriates me is that bc of all the ads the game bugs out and lags a lot, Heck now does this ON ITS OWN!!!!! From 5-4-3- NOW 2⭐! Plz fix this! Also it’s extremely boring, deleting this to get an actual good game.

  22. Samantha Elizabeth Bramley says:

    Absolutely love this game. Graphics are cute, game play is smooth. It’s a lovely relaxing little game. Only thing I find is a shame is that to be rewarded with good stuff and to have a chance at buying winning some items on the game, you have to join a club, the problem is some people take it too serious and forget people for fun, to pass time and can’t or don’t want to play every day for hours, so you end up getting kicked from clubs for that reason. That I think is a bit 💩

  23. Yuzy Fighting says:

    Common beginner story for a typical cute resort game, the download/installing process were done extremely fast as per nice wifi connection. Creating account and game introduction is also smooth. But then, I can’t even write my resort name! Takes forever just to pop up the keyboard, but the tap keep misled. Seems like a huge bug. Already clear cache and everything could, but the same thing kept happens. The other app functioning well too. I am dissapointed!

  24. Kikunia Spektra says:

    So far, the game is absolutely great, plenty to do that keeps you preoccupied for a while. The game is simple enough and instructions are straightforward. The graphics are decent and characters are well designed along with the story. After a while the game becomes more difficult with levels and repetition occurs often, but it is a great time killer and a stress free game.

  25. Celestialintrovert says:

    I can’t even try out this game because it just never loads and it only shows a black screen and I can’t even do anything. All I hear is the background noise from the game. I even closed it and reopened it, but nothing ever happens. I uninstalled and reinstalled but it never worked. I hope you fix this game so I could at least play it because right now it’s just unplayable.

  26. Alexa Janell says:

    Not very happy since I absolutely loved the game too cause it was so much fun! I already explained awhile back what was wrong with the game in an email & I waited for y’all to fix it. But it was just getting worse to where I was getting tired of it freezing as well as well the game shutting down. So I decided to just delete it instead

  27. Cathryn Burt says:

    This is a really fun game. It’s easy to come back to and just play casually if that’s what you want. It doesn’t use energy bars like other games, you just have to wait for things to be made. I don’t mind the wait, as it means I can jump back later to gather my products. You can buy gems to speed up things or buy decorations but it isn’t essential. Overall, this is one of the better free games I’ve ever played

  28. Christy Nickolas says:

    Last update has ruined the game again. Game constantly shuts down in middle if playing. Even with graphics set to low, it’s awful. You guys made the game worse again. 2 updates ago, game worked perfectly.

  29. Amara Edwards says:

    Hi good day . can come back finish tasks and can obtain gems easy . but i have a problem the tools are to exspensive now like a million for 10 tools. I dont know if it is a glitch can u please check it out.

  30. Mae Ann says:

    I personally love the game. If you could some features on it like a personal chat to ur clubmates or friends and add some smiley emoticon. The game would be very entertaining and wonderful. A 5 stars indeed

  31. Shanna Rattan says:

    It is excellent game and I was wondering if anyone else can’t get on there due to maintenance work

  32. Zie Q says:

    Edit* Just installed and play the game it is very responsive, optimized and love it!! Well thanks for the Developers for actually minding the review!❤️ I really want some relaxing sim so downloaded this game in the evening then just stuck at loading screen, connection server. I thought by some time pass it would load but i fall asleep morning just came. I check again it loads up to 100% and the game quits itself and the loading process is stuck like 20٪! I am playing on Samsung tab s6 lite

  33. Betty Dupont says:

    The app isn’t working properly every 2 seconds it closes, that is annoying. I shut it down and uninstalled and reinstalled it is doing the same thing.

  34. Shariff Jeter says:

    Love it it’s soo fun and relaxing great graphics and sounds fun activities always something to do

  35. ELIAS SIKOMBE says:

    I think that this game is very good and I left everyone to download right now please it’s really that you have to use it with data or Wi-Fi so please download it off my steak and tread if you don’t like it please just keep it and continue playing

  36. denisse villanueva says:

    It is a good game. No purchases required. You just have to be a little patient waiting for the goods and supplies. Easy to earn coins. However, lot of bugs and very laggy.

  37. Paige Holt says:

    love this game truly intertaining and enjoyable for ages 8-any older ages

  38. Princess ruth says:

    DONT PLAY THIS GAME. the game glitches super hard w no support to answer. inventory u make constantly goes MISSING, club chat doesnt work right, and despite all the markets they have, theycontrol it so theres rarely any goods to buy, rt now seafood is scarcer than scarce. its already turning into GREEDY DEV MODE as they raise the cost of all ever so slightly hoping u wont notice & NO MORE FREEBIE GOODIES FROM THE WATERFALL SO RESORTS ARE EMPTIER. GREAT JOB DIKHEADS. 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

  39. Hanna says:

    Very nice game, I would love if the island costumization was easier. It will be easier if you could go to storage and buy items in the same menu, Instead of going item by item and exiting every single time you want something else

  40. Sussana Alexis says:

    Fun game you can play for hours, no energy limits. No push to pay or watch adds. Good rewards for them though. Great game thanks for the game. Sorry l can’t make purchases but google play won’t fix my game login account that’s now level one and that’s replaced my silver account login. they wrongly claim ita an app issues but it’s not. So no buying from any game apps sorry, love this game.

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