Mucho Taco – Idle tycoon Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Restaurant clicker game! Build your taco empire! 🌮🤑
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May 25, 2021
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Mucho Taco – Idle tycoon Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Play this superb incremental idle (clicker) sport, construct and organize tasty taco eating places, improve and purchase boosts to extend your manufacturing and grow to be a millionaire! With this superb idle clicker you’ll be able to turn into a multi-millionaire very quickly!

Mucho Taco – Idle magnate Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

Bored with a global with restricted tacos? Create your personal journey on this colourful pixel artwork international with simply clicks.

Mucho Taco – Idle magnate Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

From taquero to capitalist Beginning with your personal Taco stand, acquire each development and improve it to get the most efficient eating places on this planet!

Mucho Taco – Idle wealthy person Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

Spice up to get richer
Farm components, building up your cooks’ happiness, purchase meats, gain planets, to find the most efficient technique and set up to extend your manufacturing!

Mucho Taco – Idle wealthy person Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

Fiestas and piñatas
Get rewards by way of breaking piñatas and making tacos!

Mucho Taco – Idle mogul Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

Stats and achievements Attempt to get all of the achievements, and stay monitor of each taco you’ve ever made.

Mucho Taco – Idle wealthy person Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

With this distinctive idle meals control simulator that blends time control and technique gameplay, develop your new trade like a professional, get each eating place and uncover each taco planet within the galaxy and grow to be the best collector of the universe.

Mucho Taco – Idle mogul Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* unencumber

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40 comments on "Mucho Taco – Idle tycoon Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Antiono Meredith says:

    This is one of my favorite phone games, thank you SO MUCH for fixing the glitches in the recent update, worth a few bucks to support the developer.

  2. Nataline Avon says:

    This is such a cute and simple game. I love the colors and the interaction.

  3. Tina Anhaga says:

    really addictive and fun! Kills time as well.

  4. Robinne Jacen says:

    This game is slightly addicting and brings nostalgia as its similar to cookie clickers.

  5. Gracey Adonna says:

    love it its super addicting but there is a lot of diffrent things you can do in the game

  6. Taren Maurice says:

    All round great game to waste time on short bus and tram journeys

  7. Marly Aelfraed says:

    This game is awesome I just wish that they would ease up on the ads cutting in the middle of the game but love this game nice job developers👍

  8. Quintessen List says:

    this game is a cool,pixely,and very well put together game its fun and enjoyable😄

  9. Odella Bredgitte says:

    Terrible ads completely destroy the gameplay

  10. Maye Audene says:

    I really enjoy the design and fun interactions in-game. It’s a fun idle clicker with enough complexity for goals and stuff. Would like to see the app upgraded for better support of Google Play; it doesn’t seem to remember my previously selected options.

  11. Chaleb Brine says:

    This is a great time killer and fun game to play when you have nothing else to do. Love the art and everything else.

  12. Ettie Sandine says:

    Would give 5 stars if the new ads didn’t pop up out of no where. I’m more than happy to watch ads but not when they feel like they’re slapping you

  13. Darwin Radford says:

    TOO many involuntary ads. If there was an option to pay to remove ads, I would. I’d pay anywhere from a 1.99$ to 5$. I would still watch the optional ads to double the rewards. But, this game feels 80% watching ads & 20% actually playing it. It’s so annoying cuz you have no control over it. Every 30 seconds it’s BOOM! It’s an ad :(. I’d like to be able to watch ads I agree to watch so they will help me out. But to say again, I will gladly pay to eliminate the ads that are just forced on you.

  14. Samuel Anguiano says:

    I used to place game on iPad but finally I find here! The graphics are so cool .the Mexican traditions are on there! This app deserves a five star.

  15. bobby keane says:

    This game is brillantė! I havent been able to find any mexicanò games but this one is addictive love it! Would i recommendė this game? Sì! Grasias!

  16. SJ says:

    Sensational and Spicy! This game is highly addicting! The fluidity of the game, and the richness of a nostalgic 8-bit game brings taco making to life! The ingredients and endless swiping to make tacos is minimal yet exciting and fun! I love that you can open new restaurants and make new tacos, and even add ingredients to each taco go make it flavorful! This game is a highly must have mobile experience!

  17. Natalia Petrash says:

    Yeah it’s alright. Nice graphics. Not a fan of the random ads, not when I’m already watching ads for boosts, seems unnecessary. Some achievements broken for years now, sad.

  18. Taika Wisp says:

    Very fun and silly, a very lighthearted game and it’s really fun, great game

  19. Susan Bravo says:

    Mucho Taco is literaly the only game i will play. Graphics are wonderful and you can just turn off the internet if you do not want ads. Its so adicting I play it more than I watch DanTDM.

  20. Dan Cappilla says:

    Good game. But there is one problem. At random times my device says “muncho taco stopped” even though i dont have it open. And alot of ads.

  21. Graham Osgood says:

    Fun idle tapper game, but some of the achievements seem unobtainable, since to unlock more recipes you HAVE to swipe the sun and buy restaurants.

  22. Joe Fischer says:

    You have a bug that stops you from watching ads and it even starts to freeze game

  23. M I C R O S O F T S A M says:

    Do you know why I hate Mucho Taco? Because it’s the best game ever made. Its graphics look like they were drawn by a 4 year-old, with the talent of Pablo Picasso in his prime…Which is what I would have said if I liked the graphics, which I do…not. Narratively this game is a paragon of interactive storytelling, every choice you make weighs on your conscience because every connection you make with the characters feels organic. And that’s why I’m giving this game a five out of five…billion

  24. Sergio Mares Martínez says:

    Very fun game. I just downloaded it out of curiosity and I loved it!

  25. Lex Cobardo says:

    I’m almost at the end of the game. Really don’t know what to do. Please add more contents. Mini games, another galaxy or dimension i really don’t know. Just add more to the game..

  26. YaBoi Skinny says:

    One of my top ten mobile games I love this game so much I’ve downloaded it on 3 different phones.They game is very unique 1instead clicking u swipe 2it has a uniqe art style that you dont see often and third there are so many different things to do and upgrades to get that you’ll never get bored.

  27. Morgan Manuel says:

    Both my friend and I tried to download this but it just stayed on the loading screen for 20 minutes…

  28. Arthur Valente says:

    Incredible! This game never gets old! Even after like 5 years they still can make me interested!

  29. Gennevi Castro says:

    Cool game ads aren’t every 3 seconds and you’re able to play without lag

  30. Ian says:

    Fun clicker but the amount of pop ups trying to get you to spend money is absurd, how did you think interrupting the clicking aspect every few seconds in a clicker was a good idea?? On top of that the placement of the buttons is practically guaranteed to be misclicked on when it does pop up potentially causing you to spend money you didn’t want to spend.

  31. Sibelcan Uluşan says:

    good game but i just can’t find how to do things like how lucky events work or how to increase happiness and things like that

  32. Yasbin Herrera says:

    Super fun,I don’t like how you have to swipe though…

  33. Eric Brown says:

    Awesome game keeps you involved not just waiting for time to pass love this game

  34. Alexander John Oram says:

    As others have said, placement of anything relating to actual money is abusive. It’s a clicker game, so when you’re clicking frantically and a popup appears asking you to part with real money, the popup is placed perfectly with where you’re tapping. So if you don’t have measures in place to prevent this, this game will drain your real money without your actual consent. Uninstalled.

  35. Shannon Uys says:

    Best game ever!!!!!! It’s so fun i have been addicted to this game since I got it!!! I highly recommend this app if you like tycoons or tacos!

  36. Gabriel Douglas says:

    The game is really fun it’s very interesting and it has many aspects which i enjoy in games like this

  37. Eric menken says:

    Very addictive and fun. So far I rate it 5 stars.

  38. Lori S-T says:

    Great game! I recently found it after a while of not playing.

  39. Rashagein Raha says:

    Forced ads, instant 1 star. Scummy

  40. Haze says:

    Love it, would like to have a better way to upload previous game into a new device. However I enjoy it 🙂

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