Millistar Raiders Mod Apk New 2022*


Pig King's Devildom Conquest Project Idle RPG
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December 8, 2022
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Millistar Raiders Mod Apk New 2022*

“Drum roll. The Pig King’s Fellas are coming..!”

Millistar Raiders Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

Within the yr 2317 of the Millistar calendar, the seal of the Darkish Lord is launched and the Pig Land is at risk. On the order of the Pig King, the low-ranking soldier, Kim Chun-mil, turns into an expedition warrior..!

Millistar Raiders Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

An exhilarating delusion journey of the frequently stated (?) Avengers!
An Idle RPG of the captain (participant) and heroes who cross on an expedition to the Devildom!

Millistar Raiders Mod Apk New 2022* apk

⭐ The Clown, Farmer, Butcher… Those unusual but additionally bizarre folks unite as warriors!
⭐⭐ Hurricane the Devildom with the Thirteen Heroes! Transparent never-ending levels and achieve a brand new report!
⭐⭐⭐ Play freely in two modes, panorama and portrait!

Millistar Raiders Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

■ Simplest Thirteen Warriors to lift! Be the Captain!
– Farmer, Baker, Drunken… Elevate Thirteen distinctive characters as Avengers!
– Arrange a birthday party of five in keeping with the location and ship an auto-battle expedition workforce to Devildom!
– Even supposing you’re resting, you get quite a lot of Offline Idle Rewards!

Millistar Raiders Mod Apk New 2022* liberate

■ The more potent the captain, the more potent the heroes!
– If the captain’s stats build up because of enhancement, enlargement or awakening, the stats of all heroes additionally cross UP!
– Let’s rob Kim Brocker’s Treasure Area and get about 20 captain skillbooks!
– In case you equip greater than 70 varieties of captain’s apparatus, the consequences will probably be carried out to all heroes!!

Millistar Raiders Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

■ Select up loot, to find misplaced pieces and acquire relics!
– Select up treasures left at the back of by means of monsters! A brand new treasure seems with every monster!
– In finding misplaced pieces dropped by means of Thirteen heroes throughout combat!
– The stats of heroes with relics will increase!

Millistar Raiders Mod Apk New 2022*

■ The adventures of the Pig King’s (expedition workforce) are never-ending!!
– [Castle Protection Battle] Prevent particular agent demons from infiltrating the Pig Citadel
– [Forgotten Alchemist’s Cave] A cave guarded via skeleton wizards
– [Millistar Ruins] To find the misplaced property of the Thirteen heroes
– [Dragon Dungeon] Problem the Purple Dragon, probably the most distinctive being on this planet Millistar
– [Awakening Challenge] Without equal showdown within the barren region – [Arena] Shape your individual Avengers crew and battle in opposition to others! World Avengers Fit!
– [Labyrinth] Mutant monsters and the primary Darkish Lord are looking ahead to you on this dungeon!
– [Plundering Battle] Filter out the treasure space of Kim Brocker, the well-known service provider in Devildom!


40 comments on "Millistar Raiders Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Klyron Viel Dela Luna says:

    I cannot connect to the server.. Why do i need to use vpn just to enter the server and the game. Please fix this

  2. Cathie says:

    instead of saying “failed to connect server” maybe have a pop up say “please update the app to continue playing” I was frustrated trying to reconnect until I realised the app needed to be updated. other than that my experience with your game has been great.

  3. MajinFoo Ru says:

    Pretty fun so far, I can tell it’s very well made from the graphics to the actual functionality as I’ve found no bugs which is wild since it just came out. I’d say job very well done 🙂✅👍

  4. Luke Whaley says:

    Very nice and generous game wirh summons! Only issue is that there is no chat feature.. Not sure if this is still under works and will come soon. But overall this is a nice game!

  5. Dillon Long says:

    Fun idle game, strangely far I’m impressed!

  6. Calvin Gatus says:

    I think i encounter a bug that even i have big power advantage to the enemy i keep lose in 1 hit enemy. Even in arena example my power 10b and enemy 2b my enemy will 1 hit me.

  7. Radu Iulian says:

    5/5 nice idle game, no ads, easy to climb, entertaining. Been waiting for a while for this to be released. Good job devs

  8. Jean Manalo-Supillo says:

    I thought this is gonna be like ABO (AutoBattlesOnline). Sad to see it’s not. Not really a fan of this type of game since improvement of gears and gacha is pretty much dependent on your current account’s luck – too many draws without much good items to show for. I like the graphics and all but i don’t think i’m gonna stay. Best of luck.

  9. Cameron Thornton says:

    You’ve simplified this overly complicated style of gameplay other games have and made it very enjoyable to play! An added bonus of strategy with different cute heroes to use.

  10. Joseph Martinek says:

    Awesome game! Just needs a guild system to make it top tier!

  11. J Xmilar says:

    Boring… I love these type of games but this is just your regular run of the mill type. Gets boring quick

  12. Limulus Sang says:

    Repetitive and stale gameplay. No strategy. Gacha, merge, equip highest stars, gacha, merge, equip highest star… Very repetitive with not much variation outside of luck of Gacha.

  13. Dallas Nateweyes says:

    It’s a pretty good game just playing for 3 days that’s fun timing but this will take way longer to have fun day by day time by time good luck game I hope you make it up to the top I’m going to try a different game

  14. Paolo Noel De Chavez says:

    A nice idle game with great art! I applaud the use of ads to give players rewards.

  15. Delusionalpig says:

    Honestly, for a game that came out less than a week ago, this is incredible. Great gameplay. I haven’t yet made it past the tutorial, but I am still willing to write this review! Thank you, almighty developers!

  16. CahMabur says:

    Idle rpg….but with uniqe char and drawing. i’m not gonna play it for long but i give 5 star and goodluck dev.

  17. raymond tidmore says:

    Should have read description more thoroughly. Didn’t realize this was “IDLE” RPG. No Strategy, just start then close app. Like the looks just wish the IDLE part was missing. Uninstalled due to 🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱

  18. Suspicious Lynx says:

    The game isn’t over-the-top with the amount of currencies. Seems reasonable to max everything out over time. Both good things, but I got this bug two days in a row where I ran the dragon dungeon once and it took all my keys away from me. I thought I was going crazy yesterday, but paid more attention today and I can confirm it happened two days in a row. I get that it just came out, but it puts a bad taste in my mouth when it deletes all my dungeon entries and then tries to sell me more for cash

  19. Jesse Crofoot says:

    Quite a fun game. Easy to learn and lots of choice. Graphics lack luster but all in all a solid game.

  20. No name P says:

    Wow! Very surprised at how this kept me busy for hours on end. Very generous, quick leveling, easy to get into.

  21. Daeth klaw says:

    Looking good and enjoyable so far! Will definitely look to bumping it up to a 5 star ^^

  22. Stacey Hanson says:

    Time killing fun. Characters are funny and I love it.

  23. Ken Geller says:

    Pretty average for a game of this genre. Having played a lot of them, it quickly became dull

  24. kalabros 64 says:

    Great game, would love to see some co op or other non-competitive features later on

  25. Igor Gustavo says:

    A really nice experience! Nice upgrade system too!

  26. Rarger says:

    the game is a strategy gatcha. very hard to figure out which of the 5 gatchas to pull from. for now I’m rooting for the hero gatcha. gatcha system lvls up so your not trying to be lucky, more pulling thousands of times to get to max lvl in order to actually play the gatcha. the sound affects are repetitive and the why am I doing this seems to come to mind more in this game.

  27. E Derrick says:

    Pretty boring idle grinder. The only active management component is run/sweep dungeons, spend resources to level up, or open gacha boxes for weapons, armor and heroes. Every item is slightly better than the next, with no discernable difference other than bigger numbers.

  28. Aka Gambit says:

    The game was good until the recent update and I had to uninstall. You added red “!” To all summon pages with an ad until you watch the ad and I don’t so it will stay there but I have ocd so these little red sobs physically activate me so for that I had to uninstall because I won’t watch those ads and I HATE little eplinatiin marks all over so you forced me to uninstall. Too many apps lose money trying to make more by doing things like this…its sad.

  29. SUNIL PATEL says:

    I love the game and all but I gave it a 4 stars because I’m on stage 675 and it starts to get way too hard

  30. Anthony Phillips says:

    Cute, funny and fun. No speed up, tickets for sweeps, $5 add skip

  31. Tyler Kidder says:

    Game itself is fun. Good concept and development. However, one thing is completely ruining the game for me. I’ve spent maybe 25-30$ on the game and I’ve spammed probably 300k crystals+ on skills and I can’t for the life of me get the skill that makes you auto Revive and become immune to damage for 5 seconds. So much so that I haven’t really progressed in any other aspects cause I’m spamming for this broken skill that literally 100% of other players have in arena. I got about 2 more days in me.

  32. Giulio Ezekiel Alarcio says:

    This game is pretty fun you can go offline still get rewards and you can play online in which you can do dungeons and beat bosses so overall pretty good game

  33. Hilarius Ubaldias Arinarindra says:

    I can see this game is gonna be pretty fun for someone who likes it. But the repetitive and the rng of draw equipment is too much for me. And what makes me uninstall is because you cannot change device in this game. Stuck at phone with guest account. Happen to everyone, even in discord they already notice you guys this problem

  34. Kublai says:

    I really like the cute-comic graphics, the characters as well as the enemies are adorable and funny, I enjoy watching them…

  35. Joshua Fong says:

    Stupid game , once turn off thats was not continue pass the stage , only keep continue with same stage . It’s required player fully open the game and dont turn off keep playing ?

  36. Joseph Sifuentes says:

    Very fun and easy to adjust to the game play

  37. Joseph Hargrove says:

    I enjoy the game but after last update the game crashes just about anytime I try to do anything other then let it idle i.e. merge,summon, etc… I want to play but the constant crashing makes it hard to get motivated to log on

  38. FruTTy says:

    Game was good so far, but store is a scam. Bought the ads remove but ads still playing.

  39. Nate Elkins says:

    Tried about 20 different nicknames, it said none of them available and there is no way the gibberish I tried has been used by somebody else. Fix your game! 1 star!

  40. Diana P says:

    DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME AND GET A NEW PHONE. I have paid money to this game, I got a new phone, there is no way to transfer my game because it’s already been initialized??? This game is a RIPOFF. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.

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