Live or Die: Zombie Survival Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Try to survive our survival games! Arrived last day on earth, zombie apocalypse!
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November 22, 2022
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Live or Die: Zombie Survival Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Live or die: Zombie Apocalypse Survival Video games is a put up apocalypse sport about survival with zombie and pieces. The sport combines parts of RPG, survival simulator, taking pictures video games and motion. Began remaining day on earth, days long gone zombies apocalypse. Live to tell the tale and discover the open international video games, construct and improve your refuge, construct base protection, construct a bike, accumulate resourses, craft, entire zombies apocalypse quest, kill mutant and left to live to tell the tale. Practice the foundations of survie and take a look at to live to tell the tale in a submit apocalypse shooter sport.

Reside or Die: Zombie Survival Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* unencumber

Options Reside or Die Zombie Survival Video games:
★ greater than One hundred pieces ★ apocalypse survivor quests
★ exploration of bunkers
★ raids on different survivors

Reside or Die: Zombie Survival Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

Laws of survival in Are living or Die:

Are living or Die: Zombie Survival Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

⛏️Gather assets with an ax, pickaxe or different gear

Are living or Die: Zombie Survival Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

Assets shut refuge, in a discovered chest or into the useless. Wooden and stone are superb fabrics for refuge, acquire it. Whilst you’ll discover the open global, you’ll additionally be capable of in finding gear, guns, and different necessary assets.

Reside or Die: Zombie Survival Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

🏹 Check out searching and develop meals

Reside or Die: Zombie Survival Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

Don’t starve to continue to exist. Get started looking. Plant your personal plants and develop wholesome meals.

Reside or Die: Zombie Survival Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

⚔️ Make survival craft gear, guns and armor

Our live on recreation is unpredictable: the sufferer can all the time turn out to be a hunter. Create energy guns like AK-47, M4, SVD, Revolver, UZI, Glock, and many others., and at all times be in a position to live on!

🏗️Build and improve safe haven Be aware of the situation of your own home development, that is helping surviving in an open global video games with many zombies. Convey your safe haven to a state of survival. The development gadget in zombie sport does no longer prohibit you.

🔝 Improve your survivor in our taking pictures sport Building up your survivability by way of discovering, bettering and survival craft armor and reinforce your state of survival. Sources can also be discovered into the useless.

🛡️ Zombie protection: protect refuge or base protection You’ll have to expand and struggle to your lifestyles much more desperately, as a result of it is a survivor like dayz with role-playing parts from the 3rd individual. The survivors at the moment are joined via zombies who wish to assault your construction. There’s nowhere to run, so get able to shoot and give protection to your house!

🗺️Explore the open global Options in our capturing video games is the power to create a motorbike. Aircraft crashes, army bases, bunkers, different survivors, deserted shelters, mutants. After the closing day on earth, there have been numerous misplaced issues left in the back of. As you discover the open international, you’ll in finding assets, in addition to enhancements for your home and bike.

☣ Be informed the historical past lifestyles after survie of the apocalypse

An unknown cataclysm became the sector into an unending wilderness first light of zombies technology. Days after the apocalypse the remaining people are searching for shelters and different survivors to unite. The duty of our zombie video games is to determine the reality about what came about and the way to save the arena from zombies.
Apply the entire regulations of survival and possibly see existence after the apocalypse…

We understand how exhausting it’s now and again to search out a chance to play offline. Play our offline with out Wireless and web connection.

⏲️Coming quickly in our journey recreation:
★ Pets
★ Multiplayer with buddies: loose PvP
★ Massive settlements to keep up a correspondence with different avid gamers shooter video games;
★ Extended family bases: construct a base with buddies and assault different clans, left over from the ultimate day on earth
★ The sport will grow to be multiplayer zombie video games with PvE quests and it is possible for you to to continue to exist on-line ★ MMOG raids on bosses and searching mutants with a extended family We’re looking ahead to you in an journey Are living or Die with zombies and capturing.
Reside or Die: Zombie journey Fb: In case you have any technical issues, have proceedings or tips to enhance the sport – ship them to us at: [email protected] We will be able to without a doubt learn your letter and reply once imaginable.


40 comments on "Live or Die: Zombie Survival Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Sue Sawyer says:

    Very simple, and frustrating. Dieing is basically reset button except for what you have stored. Fun but a pain. The most annoying and game breaking mechanic is the energy system you would find in most mobile games. 20 energy to go to the woods next door or 15 minutes tell time to travel. And your only gain 1 every 5 min.

  2. Kirkley Louvain says:

    You lose everything that you are carrying unless, of course, you pay real world money. This is coupled with bad controls where you can stop moving and attempt to attack but if there isn’t a sufficient pause in between, you don’t attack until you lift your finger and hit attack again… This same dynamic applies to eating. The choppiness of the controls coupled with real money resurrection, is a sign of a shady developer.

  3. Bainbridge Bartel says:

    There are a series of survival games out that all are using the same platform. WarZ, last day on Earth, and this one. I’ve made it the furthest on last day on Earth but it came to the point where the game couldn’t progress unless I started paying for it. WarZ was cool because it gave you a dune buggy to start with. Now I’m checking this one out. So, the controls are a bit off, non-responsive and kind of laggy. But I like the extra guide from the chick that helps you, she gives you missions to complete for rewards which neither of the other games did. Overall, I like the game and will continue to jam on it until I feel like the game is a total loss when I can’t do anything else unless I pay for it. Make no mistake, I see no problem with supporting a game I love. I do however have a big problem with pay to play/pay to win games. It’s just not something I am comfortable with when I’m still trying to figure the game out.

  4. Landers Hallan says:

    Game is fun. Controls aren’t the best. If you get attacked while looting it can be hard to fight back or run until done looting. Also, I’ve purchased about $10 worth of items, and haven’t received anything. They sure took my money fast enough though. Will raise rating when my purchase issues are resolved. No support to contact that I can find either.

  5. Donta Natalea says:

    needs some changes. it takes too long to pick up items. and the ability to obtain resources to make weapons without getting killed by attackers in the few levels is stupidly difficult. i play several other games that this one is copied off of. graphics are better but could still use some changes. and it would get more attention if it was a little different than all the others. the ability to have a 2 story house, or the ability to have bigger storage boxes would be nice… just something diff.

  6. Saxon Kathy says:

    would rate higher but glitches at times. hard to get some materials for higher end gear. Southern Suberbs area I dont know about anyone else but I find unaccessible at it freezes after ALMOST fully loaded and never finishes to let me continue. also rarely worth effort to spin free wheel or raid as most items are very hard to get into or rarely come up. just saying an making observations. a little more streamlined an I’ll adjust a little higher.

  7. Jaynie Weyland says:

    very cool, and keeps you on edge . just would like more adventures, lower cost on in app purchases so the player can have a better gaming experience. still a very cool game price for goods still high. Now the market is crowded with survivel games . play one or all it’s the same thing. Ide really would love to see live or die come out on top, but they need to freshen up the experience . make quest’s easier have more freebies. Make the weapons last longer. Especially the guns and rifles.

  8. Domo Elynn says:

    While it looked good at first I quickly began to run into some problems. The tutorial doesn’t do a good job of explaining what some things are. To the point that I’m now stuck, since it wasn’t me to craft a stone axe, but I crafted the stone pickaxes instead. Also I found the controls difficult to use.

  9. Sharyl Kaylin says:

    Not bad, game is fun but could use a lot of improvement. The UI is loose, I’ll press crouch and the character won’t, causing me to be spotted and killed. I’ll press auto, and my character will move toward and stop at the next collectable thing and not do anything due to a full bag, even though there’s other things to collect. Finally it’s very difficult to collect items when you’re given so little to start with and zombies are so numerous, even in the green zones.

  10. Darleane Jarrell says:

    I really like this genre of game, but the moment I see an energy bar to travel, that’s it for me. I have no problem buying games, but I’m not going to pay for it over and over again just to not be inconvenienced by a game mechanic purposely put into the game. Either sell a one time optional purchase to remove the energy, or just get rid of it all together.

  11. Aalleeyaa Deryck says:

    Kept messing up when you try to watch a video to earn mor energy or when you go to one of the places on the map it wont let you enter that place. Didnt like the zombies thought they tried too hard with the graphics. Contorls were odd with placement when you try to take all the first one is put all back. Think they should be turned around. Takes while to get anywhere with the game.

  12. Chelse Misti says:

    Everything was great until the last 2 days. Everytime I exit outta the game and reopen the app later EVERYTHING on my charchater disappears! Even my backpack. Unless I put all my stuff in boxes it just goes away. Even if I manually hit save and exit the game it still does it. Its frustrating especially since I’ve paid actual money for some of those items that keep being deleted. I’ve written emails to help support and NO ONE is responding! Please fix this ASAP.

  13. Ethel Zinia says:

    It’s a great game. Very imaginative, Very addictive, and it has very good graphics. I think it is 100x better than thE zombie FSP games that are out. I am only comparing it to FSP zombie games because it has zombies. That’s the only thing it has in common with most the other kill zombie games. This has areas you can roam freely in. You Collect items and build weapons. There are so many areas and so many variables in each area that it’s a game that you don’t to get sick of playing!!!

  14. Benjaman Kenriek says:

    I am on level 125 or some thing and the game has not progressed. Is this the end? I am getting bored because there is nothing new. I have completed the bike to extend my searches BUT there are only two places to go without any real benefits (no progression). Items necessary to complete task are far and few between. Useable items necessary for some task are in abundance. However, you cannot complete without all the items. I am quite frustrated and bored with the redundancy.

  15. Avrel Flick says:

    Lots of things to do in this game, and lots of items that you can and want to collect the things you build do many different things and require many different types of items to collect, I hope that they add more equipment and furniture to create, although they have some bugs to work out such as you go to the store screen and press free item just watch a ad and it doesn’t work same with get more energy by watching a ad and sometimes it doesn’t work, although great theme and extras to create

  16. Kent Teagan says:

    Good game. But im getting fed up with the fact that every time i go to the suburbs and die…i go back to get my inventory and its always “conveniently” updating so you cant get back into the level to get your things. Frustrated enough with this to just stop playing. I invest a lot of time and resources into my stuff. So when i cant go back to get it its pointless. Fix this!!!!

  17. Fiare Briese says:

    So, I like the gameplay and all that, the only thing is, when you die and have respawn back at your base, if you don’t have backups of absolutely EVERYTHING, you can’t get your stuff back or go out all without getting killed again and again. Also the plants and rocks take FOREVER to respawn, I like the dynamic that you can build on the go, but if you don’t have any materials, you’re screwed. And I just started playing yesterday, why has it already annihilated me? Please give us some other ways.

  18. Elvis Pagaduan says:

    Great play, At first. I wanted to see if the game would continue to be playable and fun without spending a dime. It’s not looking good for me and my wallet. When the zombies or other survivers get you. And you lose all your sh..stuff. standing there, Zero balanced, in nothing but your under shorts… Spending some $$ to armor up and bring the heat begins to seem like the only logical thing to do… Right?

  19. Thashizel Mynizel says:

    I play this game all the time. It’s a little tough at the beginning, but it’s awesome once you get the hang of it. The support staff has been stellar!! Every time I have a problem they point me in the right direction and make things up to me in the case of glitches or game errors. Buying things is worth it too. The things that help the most are definitely affordable. I can’t wait for the map to get bigger so I can use the delta wing trike (hint hint!!) Great game!!

  20. Neal S says:

    As survival games go, I think this is one of the better ones. Unfortunately, if you run it on BlueStacks there is a bug that drive me crazy. If you are using W,S,A,D keys to move around, it suddenly goes nuts and brings up a text box like you are entering a chat message. Not cool when you are running for your life against zombies! Also, there is no feature for submitting a support ticket from within the game. Were it not for this, I would rate it a 5.

  21. Josh Harlow says:

    This game needs a fix ASAP. When you go to walk to a place, if you exit the game it will stop the walking. I am not going to have my phone on the game for 30+ minutes to finish the walk. This needs fixed. I’ll edit and give a better review after this is fixed. This is a major issue. Nothing else matters until this is fixed in my opinion. You also can’t even buy anything as it just says that the transaction was cancelled. Also ads are VERY intrusive. Spammed with them when I open the game.

  22. Benno Virnig says:

    Money hungry company. Ads for you to buy everywhere go to inventory there’s a ad. Go to the world screen theres a ad. But the last straw was when I ran out of energy used the watch a ad to get energy quick but after I won’t let me now. I’m done.

  23. Mohammed Aslamqureshi says:

    A good game am playing adventure and action It will be more interesting when there will be more animals like hunting a wolf with special sniper gun and more animals more locations

  24. Nathan Okpik Stepanoff says:

    When I first got this, I loved it. But when I spent money on the game, the next day, everything I bought plus some stuff in the little inventory was gone. This might just be a little bug or something but now I’m $78 short, lol.

  25. ELITEdetail MobileTruckPolishandMechanic says:

    Game is fun but a little repetitive fun game to pass time. Only giving 3 stars because I purchased a reanimator for 1.99 was charged and did not receive it.

  26. jareid619 says:

    Can even play i am on the very first quest of collecting branches. It just freezes i have restarted it 5 times now.

  27. Amir Lotfi says:

    All things are good really but need to much energy u know when u run outta energy u cant do anything . It could be much better if use less energy to move to places

  28. Isaac Lin says:

    faster loading of the game is one of the reasons i like playing this game. the others are too slow due to their massive game data.

  29. Michael Gubser says:

    Not a horrible game it is fun that’s why it has two stars instead of one but I lose all resources towards upgrading something in my camp even when I’m trying to craft items whenever I exit the game and come back later what I’m crafting or what resources I’m using to upgrade is gone. Also why does it take all day for you to gain your energy back why is it even 5 minutes to gain one energy either make it faster to gain energy or gain more energy every 5 minutes.

  30. Roman Stadther says:

    Great game no lag or glitches but when you start the game there’s not a lot of resources or animals to kill.

  31. Kenny Forbes says:

    Good thing to pass the time but have a lot of problems with buying stuff that disappeared I have purchased about 20 drones but they keep disappearing from my inventory please help.

  32. J says:

    I really liked this game, but , I just updated this game ,June 24 2022 and lost everything. had to start over . wish I would of known this before updating. did anyone else have the same problem ? …..playing for 4 months , still can’t find rubber parts ,can’t move forward in the game

  33. Bill Harris says:

    Like graphics play is easy. Wish you have it the person sleep and heal up while he rest and when new day starts he have full health again it be same as resting.

  34. TJ Newport (Lavinsky) says:

    Looks interesting. Bit of a problem, though, everything was in Russian and I don’t speak Russian nor can I read Russian. Edit: a lot was in Russian. But played a bit despite that fact and found it needs more work. Everything seems too stiff and awkward.

  35. Tj Deaton says:

    This game is awesome, wish there was more upgrades and more zombie types with more locations. More armor and guns you can plant trees and have farm animals that zombies would attack and turn so you must protect them. What do you all think?

  36. Charles Rinck says:

    I’m new to this, I’ve been playing a few weeks on. This game is very cool. But there is a lot pay if you want to pu your gear.

  37. Kai Hiwatari says:

    Great! I thank developers and the team for making this game for free and offline. I’m satisfied with this survival game. I request some things to add and change in next update 1)Add more drivable vehicles to roam around. 2)There is no rain and night animation so pls add these. 3)If there is a partner or friend to accompanies with me in fight and collecting resources it will be helpful. 4)There is a bed for nothing because, i can’t sleep on it. So, pls add sleep animation so we replenish energy.

  38. Veleeta Davis says:

    Needs a narrator how to play the game from in the beginning. It’s somewhat difficult to play this game can even joy the game. Can’t Find get all the missed part to the game.

  39. benny castillo says:

    One of the most balanced survival games out there. I’m having an interesting time playing.

  40. Mark Jeffries jr says:

    It’s rather smooth. My phone is minimal so my expectations wernt that high. The grainy look is cool. The lighting on the fire was pretty freaking cool. The way it shines on the floor is subliminal. I love it.

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