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Start evolution in an idle tycoon game, including virus, spore, dinosaur, human.
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December 8, 2022
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Life on Earth: evolution game Apk Download New*

“Lifestyles on Earth” isn’t an bizarre idle sport, but additionally a certified schooling sport about lifestyles evolution. You’ll no longer simplest enjoy the simple and humorous idle evolution video games, but additionally be told the information about mysterious historic creatures and human tradition.

Lifestyles on Earth: evolution recreation Apk Obtain New* liberate

—Story background— Existence has advanced for Four billion years. For the reason that start of human beings, handiest 1,000,000 of years have handed. We will be able to best occupy a couple of mins at the timeline of existence evolution. Within the fight in opposition to nature, those nice prehistory creatures have stepped from the sea to the land, from the low stage to the top degree, and on the planet – our commonplace house, they painted a colourful and shining historic image!

Existence on Earth: evolution sport Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

You’re a scientist within the paleontology laboratory. With the assistance of your robotic assistant, you’ll be able to learn about the historical past of paleontology, draw a blueprint for lifestyles evolution, and liberate the mysteries of lifestyles.

Lifestyles on Earth: evolution sport Apk Obtain New* apk

●Casual idle recreation It is a informal idle sport. You’ll be able to revel in the actual pleasure of sport with much less time and efforts!

Existence on Earth: evolution sport Apk Obtain New* mod apk

●Popular science schooling In Lifestyles On Earth, there are many skilled wisdom of historic creatures, you’ll be informed new spaces that you’ve got by no means identified ahead of, and really feel the greatness of existence evolution!

Lifestyles on Earth: evolution recreation Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

●Biological recovery Restoring the more than a few actual kinds of historical creatures, showing their life and behavior, identical to be in contact with historical creatures face-to-face! Gazing lifestyles evolve from spores to fish, dinosaurs, and people.

Lifestyles on Earth: evolution sport Apk Obtain New* apk mod

●Intellectual apparatus generation Give a boost to highbrow apparatus era, and with the facility of era, to revive the method of existence evolution and connect the rate of lifestyles evolution.

Existence on Earth: evolution sport Apk Obtain New*

●Mysteries of Earth Improve evolution generation, accelerate the evolution of Paleontology, draw a blueprint for existence evolution, and unencumber the mysteries of lifestyles. 

The group participants of Existence On Earth are historical creatures lovers. With the intention to make this sport, now we have searched a considerable amount of literature fabrics. If you’re additionally interested by existence evolution, obtain Existence On Earth to enroll in us now! We will be able to talk about and discover the mysteries of historic creatures and human historical past in combination!
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40 comments on "Life on Earth: evolution game Apk Download New*"

  1. Krystine Tarrant says:

    It started well but then it becomes impossible to play. The cost for unlocking things grows exponentially, so it gets to a point where either you exponentially spend a lot of money on buffers or you wait weeks to progress. No fun or fair. It doesn’t have the option to pay and remove advertisements, not even the monthly membership (called VIP) removes ads. And 30s ads are everywhere. The game itself is good and educational but unfortunately too expensive. Look “My Oasis”, it’s a fair pay system.

  2. Jade Wolf says:

    A rather well-made game for an idle game it’s got pretty good graphics, an excellent soundtrack, it’s flashy enough to keep you interested, and there’s an actual point to the whole restart thing that most of the idle games give you, it’s definitely worth a download. And ignore the half-wits that say it cost too much to do anything cuz they clearly don’t understand the point to an idle game oh, there are many ways to improve your income and continue playing.

  3. Dakatia Ridge says:

    Love the game, like the science, only two minor suggestions: 1: Wish that the “Upgrade” button wasn’t on the screen where I pop the DNA bubbles…accidentally hit them multiple times. 2. Improve the chance on the higher value items for the free spin. I have never gotten the 2 best items, and I’ve played daily for weeks.

  4. Ryleigh Daveth says:

    It’s one of those games where you can play it without having to spend alot of time or money on it. Plus if you have a decient memory there are lots of opertunities to get bounses and perks. And yes there are adds but when you get through them you get additional stuff without feeling like your being constantly pestered with adds. So i would have to say this is a solid learning game.

  5. Heraldo Jones says:

    So far I really enjoy this idle game. One of the main problems I have with most idle games is them constantly showing ads, making it impossible to enjoy the game. However, your app puts ads in certain places to where you can still enjoy the game; the ads mainly serve as a handicap for bonuses. All in all, this is a very good idle game.

  6. Govan Chelsie says:

    I am extremely impressed with this game. The gameplay is decent, typical of an idle game, but what stands out the is it actually promotes you learning about prehistoric life! Although some of the descriptions are a bit off because of translation, instead of watching an ad to get a boost, you can answer a question about one of the creatures, which is easily accessable. Only upon failing are you given the option to watch an ad. Plus the graphics are appealing and recognizable as what they are.

  7. Danior Brandon says:

    Ads, ads, and MORE ads…. It’s hard to get anything done in the game since every time you push for a chest, there’s an ad. Flying ball? Ad… answer a question? Ad… The graphics are great and it’s a time killer, but it’s annoying as hell to watch three ads within 2 minutes, constantly.

  8. Astria Dorien says:

    Generous, smooth gameplay. Samples of VIP without being prodded for it by payment, great discounts and really well-made animations and art, as well as the concept. This app doesn’t push you too much or at all to spend money on it, and its even free. There are ads, but they hardly or even at all effect the gameplay. Most of the time they’re even optional. Hopefully others will enjoy it as I have, and I hope the developers and workers of this game are proud.

  9. Saeth Carmel says:

    A great clicker game to pass time. Very educational and it’s not intrusive with the ads. I LOVE the option to answer a pop quiz question to collect rewards as opposed to needing to pay. That’s a good incentive to actually read the descriptions on everything as you evolve and learn as much as you can. Definitely reccomend if you’re into this kinda thing or if you just need a good time killer.

  10. Johnnie Jerrad says:

    Very addicting. Haven’t been this obssessed in a app game in a long minute. Would give 5 stars but I’ve had some issues, one is the Catalyst button should have a message asking if you want to spend the Catalyst, I can’t beging to state how many times I’ve wasted Catalyst cause of my fat fingers hitting it by accident. Also the game at times doesn’t load the gifts after playong for a certain amount of time. Other than that solid game.

  11. Bristol Rob says:

    It’s a good game w/ educational info about prehistoric life. The reason I can’t give it 5 stars for gameplay is because there are a few typos & grammatical errors, & the instructions on what you’re supposed to do aren’t clear at the first. It’s easy to figure out though. What I do ABSOLUTELY LOVE is that it’s in no way a pay to play game. Everything necessary is easy to obtain w/ a little patience. I’ve been playing casually for the past 2 days & I’ve already done at least 4 rebirths. 🙂

  12. Toni Erian says:

    Wish I could play, but… As soon as I hit the “Start” button, I get an infinite loading screen as the game tries to connect to my PlayGames account. Uninstalling then reinstalling doesnt work either. Looks like a cool game and I would love to give it a try, but am forced to give this a pass until/unless the issue is resolved.

  13. Cornwallis Amie says:

    Its just a really fun idle game. Im enjoying it so far with no real problems except for the main loading screen freezing a few times, but I just restart the game and it fixes. Edit: it takes a while to get a decent chunk of the game finished, I’m still in the main cell stage but it’s still pretty fun. Played it for a good three days straight and then started to get bored.

  14. Phillis Cornwallis says:

    It’s a real good learning tool. You are a scientist searching for DNA to start life on Earth by using little fish tank like areas to breed the various branches of life needed. The main problem is that this need a better tutorial. It s very confusing trying to figure out what you are doing and why. And still is confusing even after figuring out how to breed. Please fix that and you would have a better player experience.

  15. Hengist Hevean says:

    Fantastic game. Beautiful, educational, cheerfully presented, and fun. I truly love it. There’s tons of stuff to upgrade and upkeep. And it gives you multiple choice questions that if you get correct, you can get a bonus without watching an ad. The way this game is handled makes me want to support the devs, instead of feeling forced to pay money to fully enjoy it. Highly recommended.

  16. Rigby Charmaine says:

    Like others have said the learning curve is a little daunting, but with persistence, you will grow to like the game in just a few days. There are rewards for playing and even without real money, you do progress at a noticeable rate. The ads are not too intrusive and are usually short. I gave it 4 instead 5 stars because of my frustration with figuring it out in the beginning. Just keep tapping, you’ll figure it out, I did. The game seems to be long, so the ending might be far off. That’s good.

  17. Audris Colt says:

    Visually pleasing, great graphics. The attention to detail, the time and effort is plain to see. But when all the graphics, and all the extras, all the bells and whistles are removed it is ultimately a idle tycoon type game. This one is not for me (right now) but they have produced a well thought out game and have taken the time and effort to make it worth playing and watching!

  18. Atkinson Jefferson says:

    Possibly the best idle game I’ve ever played. My only issue is after a rebirth and you are re-upgrading everything there is no way to instantly upgrade the animals and evolution tab of the lowest levels, and I know the animals have a max button but the main evolution items don’t. Besides that the game runs smooth and the animals all look great and come with fun little facts and trivia, which is a plus for me.

  19. Maryanne Gerlisa says:

    I’ve only recently started, but so far this is one of the best idle games I’ve ever played! Free, ads aren’t constantly interrupting things, interesting, educational, doesn’t take too long to learn the gameplay… Idle games often slow down a lot later on, so I can’t judge late game play or whether this game does that too much, but the beginning is extremely enjoyable! 🙂

  20. Styles Andrell says:

    Educational, pretty, and well-balanced. I only wish there was a “power saver” or “no UI animations” mode, because I get an extremely low frame rate even with nothing else running. I’d also love it if there was a landscape orientation, because it’s much easier on my wrists. Excited to get to the dinosaurs, even though they’re not feathered!

  21. Shirlyn Marlaina says:

    This is a very fun, addicting game. I really like the game, it teaches me about the past but a small problem is ads. There is a lot of ads which wont be a problem if i dont use the spinning wheel, online reward, the box that goes on screen and ask for questions, etc. Overall though, amazing game

  22. Charlsy Zander says:

    An extremely well paced idle game that doesnt get boring easily. Theres so much to do and rewards are plentiful and you can gain revenue in many different ways. There are literally no adds unless you choose to watch them for extra rewards too.I love how you get bonuses from answering evolutionary trivia instead of adds. I also really like how scientifically accurate it is. I’ve only scratched the surface so far but I plan to keep going until I reach humanity!

  23. Kirkwood Harrisin says:

    This is by far a very good looking idle game. I’ve been playing for close to an hour now and am enjoying learning about everything I’ve unlocked. Would have given 5 stars but I feel that there is just too much going on the screen and it feels cluttered. it may be better if some of the menus would auto hide.

  24. Freedom Deane says:

    I like these styles of games that reward for reset and consistent advancement. I really love the utilisation of ads as well so they are optional and fairly rewarding. The trivia questions are a neat bit too. At first I thought to be too difficult, but now I’m finding myself remembering some! Not only fun but educational! Thanks for the lovely game!

  25. Dicky Cully says:

    Very good game in my eyes. There lots of cool creatures to explore and learn about and the visuals of the game game are pretty slick and clean. The ads don’t bother as much as other games do, they just pop out when your doing the wheel spin. Overall I’m having a good time so far. If I could give one thing, the offline should be available any time and not just in minutes. I’m at home now so I’m fine, but if I go out and there’s no internet I still want to be able to play this. Good job devs.

  26. Thomdic Hugiet says:

    I really liked the game for the first few days, felt like I was making progress and unlocking new species at a rate that kept me coming back. However in a matter of days it got to the point where I needed dayyys to earn enough DNA to unlock the next thing despite having most eras maxed. There are no mini games, there is literally nothing else to do. Then it kept prompting me to unlock Rebirth…thought maybe i was unlocking the OPTION to start over. Nope, all progress lost. Game deleted.

  27. Idal Nissyen says:

    Tons of ads. Almost every actions you have to answer a multiple answer question. If you answer wrong you can watch an ad to get credit. There isn’t much gameplay to it. You click a button to unlock a species and click it again to buy more of them. Wait till you’ve earned enough credits to buy more or unlock new species. Rinse repeat.

  28. Frederick Dietz says:

    I actually feel my last review was lacking and i was looking at it the wrong way so I rid myself of it. LOE is great for college students, it has good art, it talks about history, it captures evolution in a unique way which I don’t think other games offer. Perhaps the best part is the mechanics which I insulted before, because you don’t have to glue yourself too it to progress. It’s a great mix between player involvement and non involvement.

  29. Skid and Pump says:

    It sits at the loading screen, I download it, it stops at 50%. I shutted down all the apps and it boosted up to 90%. I waited 10 minutes and it did nothing. I tried one more time and it worked, but the game is impossible to complete. It takes DAYS for the cells to open, and I’m bombed with ads. It takes forever for the cells to finally comply and it takes a lot of time for the food to get completed. I deleted this game and never downloaded it again, until now, I gave it a try. And it FAILED.

  30. Stephen Ludlum says:

    This is an intellectually engaging idle game (which is really saying something). The information is great. It’s interesting enough to break the monotony that plagues other idle games, and I dont even mind the ads since they’re usually the result of getting a question wrong. There are some phrasing issues for a native English speaker, but they are minimal and dont take away from the experience. Fun game. Thanks for making it! Great job devs!

  31. Haley Kitchin says:

    One of my favorite apps! I’ve been playing this game off and on for a bit. It’s one of the few games that isn’t completely pay to win. Diamonds (The game’s premium currency) are easy to obtain, and most of the time you can skip ads by answering a quiz instead. The only annoying parts are the rebirth segments ; which causes you to restart partially from scratch, and the unskippable ads during events. Though doing said event is optional. All in all a great game.

  32. Cannabis 420 State says:

    I don’t usually like “Idle” games, with all the button pushing involved. This game has enough educational content to keep me interesting and looking forward to the next stage. I like the Rebirth feature. It’s like going back in time, but keeping your knowledge and wisdom. I can’t really see myself playing this for too much longer though, afterall it is a button pushing idle game. 4 stars though for fairly simple interface, educational information, graphics and obviously well crafted game.

  33. Nicholas Schmal says:

    Very fun, interesting idle evolution game. It’s interesting actually learning about all of the creatures that came before us, upgrading, and just relaxing while experiencing this cool game. It take a little time to understand what’s happening, but basically you just accumulate points (DNA) which is used to upgrade creatures and unlock new ones as well as time periods. There are way more creatures in this game than I expected, quite entertaining and educational!

  34. Retardedpizza9087 says:

    This game is awesome! I have a huge interest in paleontology and prehistoric life so I am absolutely eating this up! The gameplay is smooth and the ads aren’t shoved in your face. I did have the loading screen problem, but I just deleted my previous progress and reset the app and it’s working fine now! Love this game!

  35. Autumn Norris says:

    While game has many ads like most typical games nowadays and has a paywall that rids the ads only temporarily it does has some form of education about time periods, the eras. Would be higher rating if it wasn’t so time consuming on tapping, wish it had more facts and more varied quizzes. I also wish there was plants and fungi as an addition to creatures. There’s much I would actually love to see added. There’s only so much you can do. Wish there was more interaction with the creatures as well.

  36. Triv says:

    Really fun and addictive and the ability to be able to skip ads with small questions are great, however sometimes I feel the ads go over the top, including having to watch them to claim rewards without getting the option to take the mini quiz. The ads are also always 30 seconds. Another thing is the cluttered interface. It’s fine in the beginning but as you progress it gets in the way of the screen. Other than that, amazing game and I would definitely recommend!

  37. Strike _ says:

    This is an amazingly designed game, very impressive gameplay and interesting parts. My one problem, it was working fine for a while, however, when I recently tried opening the game, the loading screen says “Network Error, try again later” despite being connected to a decent router. I’ve tried resetting, restarting my phone, but nothing works. Otherwise, great game up until it stopped opening at all.

  38. aharttsx says:

    This is a fun and informative little idle game to play, with ways to bypass ads by answering trivia questions. The art of each animal and environment is surprisingly good and is pleasing to look at. There are some minor inaccuracies with some creature designs and information, but it’s not enough to detract from the experience for me personally.

  39. Jamie Crumpton says:

    Was enjoyable and addictive but then all of a sudden I can’t log back in and keeps saying “web connection error, please try again later”. After days of finally playing again now I can’t get back in cause after the so-called “update” all I get is a black screen whenever I try to load back in!

  40. Nick Milski says:

    I was going to post a longer review earlier but I was kinda busy. This game is very creative, entertaining and ad free, but it combines all of these traits with the educational parts, and the fact you can get ad rewards without ads. The only thing keeping this from 5 stars is the game gets somewhat slow kind of early. Otherwise this is almost a perfect clicker game.

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