LEGO® Tower Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Build and operate your own LEGO Tower!
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NimbleBit LLC
November 21, 2021
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LEGO® Tower Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Build, function and organize your personal LEGO Tower! Assemble quite a lot of residences and companies in your Minifigure citizens to are living, paintings and play in. Discuss with your friends’ towers and business pieces to lend a hand them construct. Gather masses of distinctive Minifigure items and uncover hidden characters. Construct your dream LEGO Tower to new heights, the sky’s the prohibit with content material from NINJAGO, Town & Author!

LEGO® Tower Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

Very best your control and develop the easiest development to your citizens! Absolute best the ornament of every resident’s house and industry! Make your whole bricks fit colours or cross loopy together with your design! Gather epic roofs from traces equivalent to NINJAGO, Town, Hidden Facet and classics corresponding to house and pirates.

LEGO® Tower Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

Unencumber particular hidden characters like Diner Waitress, Explorer, Ninja, Nurse, Pop Big name, Warrior Girl, Astronaut, House Fan, Zombie and lots of many extra! Liberate new LEGO vehicles, vehicles and extra and assist them whole missions via looking for hidden items for your tower.

LEGO® Tower Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

Hundreds of collectible Minifigure items wait for your discovery to show each and every resident into the superstar of their very own tale! Control of your tower’s trade simulation is as informal or strategic as you’re making it. Give your employee’s a vacation and let the store take a seat idle or position folks of their dream jobs to turn into a successful wealthy person.

LEGO® Tower Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

Stay observe of the way tower lifestyles is treating your citizens by way of following their very own simulated social community. You’ll even signal into your LEGO Existence to save lots of your tower throughout more than one gadgets and free up particular personality items in each LEGO Tower and LEGO Lifestyles!


40 comments on "LEGO® Tower Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Chill Nelda says:

    I played a ton of the star wars death star tiny tower so I had high expectations coming from Lego now. The game is fun (at first) and I’m excited to be able to grow and get new items but it quickly becomes very slow. There is not anything that goes in the background besides your stuff selling out very fast. There needs to be more to keep me engaged. Graphics are also very poor and is not exciting anymore, it’s quite the grind. There isn’t anything that I look forward too which is a big miss

  2. Gene Alodie says:

    Great game Nimblebit! It really feels like the original tiny tower but made out of lego. I only have 2 problems with the game. One is the fact that you wont let players post to brickbook in this game. I loved that feature of the original and I hope you can bring it back. if not I’ll just have to deal with it. the second issue is that the VIPs dont wait in your lobby, they block the road so you can’t get missions anymore. That is annoying because you can’t use other ones or get any extra bux.

  3. Eadlyn Kim says:

    I’ve been playing the other Tower games for a few years now, and when I heard they were teaming up with LEGO I was so excited! This game is awesome, I absolutely love it! I hope in future updates they will add skirt pieces for the female minifigures. They have the tops for dresses/blouses but only pants for bottoms. The game itself works flawlessly, I haven’t encountered a single bug yet. Beautiful graphics too. Maybe add some animated some room parts? Like a spinning ceiling fan or something.

  4. Basilio Shellie says:

    the game is very fun but slows down when using the elevator. it takes so long do go 35 floors is like a nightmare and tubas after upgrading it to over 3x speed aka upgrading 12 times. I beta tested for a month and THEN heard about the betaclub code I could have used to get 20 free days of the tower club. I’m very frustrated cause thats almost $5 worth. I paid $2.99 so far in app but won’t be spending money anymore because you have to use a secret choose to be rewarded for beta testing. stupid.

  5. Aland Pompey says:

    Essentially just a re-skin of the original Tiny Tower. Very, very little has changed, except they added a bunch of opportunities for microtransactions. Keep in mind the original was released in 2011. They did almost nothing to take advantage of the license, similar to Tiny Death Star, which added very little to the formula. It’s an 8-year-old idle game with a fresh coat of paint.

  6. Lavender Delton says:

    Interesting, but… The customisations require too many bux to spend. I don’t get what the collection of Lego pieces are for. The credit required for new levels climbs too extremely. The graphics are good, better than the tower games by Nimblebit. But it is quite similar to any tower build game.

  7. Cater Cristyn says:

    Tiny Tower but with greedier monetization scheme. They claim VIP is not a subscription, but let’s be real here, it essentially is. Compared to original Tiny Tower it feels more designed to take your money because it is slower and helpful NPCs and missions are more tedious because you can only have one vehicle parked in front at a time. This game has better customization options but there’s something creepy and lifeless about the characters as they just stare at you doing nothing.

  8. Lacherry Ethelda says:

    As far as tiny tower games go, it’s not a bad offering. There are some interesting lego-centric features like different heads and costumes. The graphics are pretty decent and has a decent 3d feel like it is an actual lego build. As others have mentioned however, there are some issues with this edition of the game, such as VIP vehicles blocking up the road. This is especially frustrating when you cannot use the VIP at that point in time but also do not have the funds required to build the additional floor in order to use said VIP. As such the only choice is to let the vehicle block up the road for an indeterminable amount of time, or to let it go to waste. During this time you will be missing out on a large number of pizza deliveries as they cannot get to the tower. thankfully there are still ways to obtain bux via the elevator but it still affects a significant portion of the game as it stands. Not a bad game, but has lost a lot of QoL features from the original

  9. Asheleigh Dyllyn says:

    It’s more tiny tower which is great. Rather than charge you $40 to unlock everything at once (which is insanely expensive, even at the $20 special offer price it is ridiculous), nimblebit now charges a *reoccurring* “club days” which essentially is the same as thing that expires after X days. Now you can keep paying for the same thing you paid for before over and over again.

  10. Morwen Annia says:

    If you’re coming for Tiny Tower, then you’ll probably be underwhelmed. The 3D engine is LOT slower and game play is somewhat less-than other incarnations. If you’re coming for collecting and building custom Lego minifigures, then you won’t be disappointed. With that goal in mind, Tiny Tower is a serviceable backdrop for the game, but the main attraction is the Lego.

  11. Taite Howard says:

    comparing to TT or TTVegas, this is hard to tell when floor done stocking. sometimes when I open, it shows the bags on bottom but none on left of each floor. sometimes shows “blank time” sometimes shows “time remaining of another item from that floor”, so at a quick glance up the right side, the yellow items appear to not be complete yet. Also, when you deliver minifigure to floor that has green bux, when coins fly, you can barely see the disappearing white number of how many extra bux you got.

  12. Bradshaw Wann says:

    Started out great but then you quickly realize this is a cash vacuum game and a very expensive one if you really want to progress or enjoy the full experience. No you can just pay $5 or $10 to unlock the full game for good, they want you to pay money for short term temporary subscriptions to enjoy the full game. Very predatory especially for young children that would be playing! The graphics are fantastic, the gameplay is smooth but gets repetitive and you pretty much need to pay to play!

  13. Andri Farin says:

    fun to collect lego pieces. not much fun to just keep looping through the same growth process over and over. if you have played Egg,inc or any of those games, this is basically the same concept. the “club” mode is just QOL features that should be part of the game, not paid upgrades. the slog is much more tolerable if you pay for club membership. but don’t, becsuse that would be dumb.

  14. Ruddy Midge says:

    Really simple but really fun game. It’s not meant to be flashy or anything, but neither is lego. The mechanics of it are easy to master but there is plenty of scope for what to do with them – customise appearances, unlock upgrades, etc. This game is ideal for just dropping in and out of when you have spare moment or for idly poking about with when you don’t feel like doing anything too taxing. Additionally, yet importantly, the customer service is really good if you encounter any problems.

  15. Edythe Kevia says:

    Lots of fun trying to collect characters and build levels. I do wish there was an option to let up to 5 special helpers stay in the lobby until a player is ready to use them (had this option in a similar tower game), so one doesn’t miss out on bonuses or have to send them on their way. But that’s a small thing compared to how entertaining I’m finding the game overall.

  16. Sammey Vern says:

    Love the concept and during my initial free club tower days I adored the app! I still like it and play it, but I feel like the price for the club membership is too high. The prices for everything else are great though. I wish some of the “club exclusive” features were more accessible to people who can’t afford the membership. So many cool features reserved only for club members 😭 fun app though and surprisingly easy to spend alot of time playing!

  17. Carilynne Rhett says:

    Overall great game, easy to accomplish everything without spending money. The only complaint I have is the name selection method. I’d love to be able to pick my own name, even if it’s from the available list, rather than hitting the dice button 1652 times looking for a Nick V. only to have to settle on Nikolas T. and then have my next Minifigure in a different business have Nick pop up five times when I need to name that one something completely different.

  18. Margurite Manning says:

    Lego tower is my go-to game when ever I’m bored. I didn’t even know tiny tower existed until I downloaded this, so I had no experience with this kind of game. But anyway, I love getting new floors and new characters. Over all it’s a really fun game. Except the only problems I’ve ever had is with lag and how slow it is. Also, one time, I opened lego tower and it randomely told me, “sorry, 12 minifigure were lost in a time travelling accident” and I never saw them again. Oh, i also like the music.

  19. Bryan Wendlberger says:

    Lots of fun, free in every sense that matters. In-app purchases are affordable and do improve the game experience considerably, but are by no means necessary to enjoy the game. The subscription model for the club is extraordinarily user friendly. Days are only deducted from the subscription if you play that day. This alone makes the game infinitely more enjoyable. Make sure to keep the game up to date, or weird things may happen. Otherwise I haven’t had any issues. Support is slow but helpful.

  20. RB says:

    This game is super cute, but I wish there was a way save/archive gift mini-fig characters after they’ve been placed (the golden brick thing is useless now). Another thing that would be nice is being able to switch the residence that mini-figs are assigned to. I’d like to consolidate the mini-figs I want to keep and delete the rest of the rest of the residence floors (since I can’t save them and start over).

  21. Blue Strike says:

    It’s fun… For your 1st and 2nd try. It get really boring real fast! All the image you see, and what you expect will be disappointing when you play more. You think automatic elevator? NOPE. Lots of interaction and missions? NOPE, and suuuper repetitive. Those cute animation from, say, The Lego Movie? NOPE. Satisfying progress? YOU WISH! It’s all inferior to that…

  22. Bradley says:

    It’s a fun little game if you’re into Lego. Fun way to pass the time, although the mini tasks get boring and repetitive. like the lost and found mini tasks. The same game mechanics every time, just click the missing item(s). Maybe swap the mini tasks with something more engaging and add new mechanics. Brilliant game though.👍😃😃😃

  23. Brian Davis says:

    I played this through the free “gold” membership. It was alright, but it’s slow to go. Bux are given only in the 16s or 100s, so you have to save up a lot to get upgrades. The money goes fine, but after you get to about 10 floors (I had 25 at the end), it gets repetitive and boring and the only way to add more is to wait or pay for coins or bux. Fun at the start, and addictive for sure, but too much work for not enough fun.

  24. Steve Johnson says:

    LEGO Tower is a stress-free distraction. There are no clocks to beat or opponents to conquer. Instead one works to build a custom tower while managing resources, finding and collecting items, and determining the best strategy to complete each floor. I’m on my 11th tower and still find the game engaging. The graphics are stunning and acquaint one with actual LEGO playsets. Play with a friend and swap items to accelerate play. Be sure to checkout the LEGO Tower Wiki for hints and tricks!

  25. Holly Priestman says:

    If you’re looking for a “clicker” (tapper on a phone or tablet I suppose) then this, like many Lego games, is an excellent example of the genre; it has not too much tapping, varied actions and reasonable progression, even without paying for microtransactions (Hint: friends help a lot, surprisingly, even the AI friend everyone gets!) There is quite a degree of randomness in the Lego pieces you receive which might put some people off but this is a relatively minor complaint.

  26. P Pod Homestead says:

    Fun game. Starts slow. I had trouble really getting into the game, until I started spending some real money on bux. And with the new update, where the special characters have tasks, it’s better, because you earn bux and coins easier. It’s worth it to buy the tower club membership, especially now that you can pay once for infinite time. It’s not really a game of skill or strategy. Just a good time waster and some ISpy.

  27. Jose Ortiz says:

    Intriguing game. Has in-game learning experience if you don’t cheat and go to youtube to figure things out. My only complaint is that it takes to long to reach 50 floors in your tower. As you progress the time to complete a tower only increases to the point where it becomes tedious instead of enjoyable. Also after playing for several months I’ve only received a little over half of the characters available. Of all the hours I’ve put into the game, I feel I’ve got little out ot it sadly to say…

  28. Emily Fox says:

    I’ve been playing this game for a couple years and love it! Love that you can make your tower your own, collect pieces, and try getting gold bricks faster than my friends to see who can reset faster. There’s no ads!! I like the one time payment for the tower club benefits forever & how inexpensive the in-game spending, though you don’t have to spend money to enjoy it. Regularly updated to add new characters/ floors, though last update on parking/ special characters was lame. Very wholesome game

  29. Ruth Galbraith says:

    This is a really great game! Me and my little brother love playing this game on different devices. My only concern is that logging in with your lego account does NOT bring back a game which you had started on another device. This is very concerning, because if the game is ever accidentally uninstalled from the device, there is no way to bring it back. Please fix this! Also, please make the minifigures’ names customizable! That would make the game so much more fun! 🙂

  30. Ashley 0 says:

    Love the game, one of the first ever games I got on my old gadget. Also really like how you get +5 days free for Club. It’s a good experience! I never get bored, and usually play when I don’t have connection (or when I try to level up my towers.) I don’t even get ads!! Also, I love how when you have club days you can choose your own buildings. Planning to get Chocolate Apts! 😁

  31. Josh Gordon says:

    The game is fine but isn’t great either. I got bored pretty quickly, and there are certain aspects (like missions) they don’t explain, so I didn’t know what I was supposed to do with them. It’s very mund-numbing, which I appreciate when I don’t want to think while playing a game.

  32. Daniel J Male says:

    It’s fun overall there’s just some things that don’t make sense. When you exit the game for the day unless you have a high level you can’t afford the next floor when you pick up the coins. You literally leave for like at least 5h+. But either than that the game is a hit in my family.

  33. Bluekatelyn9610 says:

    I love this game, it’s pretty simple and fun but there is an issue. Whenever I try to sign in with my Lego ID and it brings me to the site to log in, it pops up a smaller window that’s a long the lines of ” our site thinks your a time traveller ” my time is correct to where I live so I don’t know what the issue is. Still enjoyable without signing in though, it’s just I’d like to be able to sign in

  34. Bob Whitworth says:

    Mixed review. Great little game, love Legos. Bought some of the packs to make the special Characters. Down side, the Tower Club. Because you get this free to start, thats awesome. But after 5 days, it totally changes game without it. Unfortunately, I would have spent way more on the packs versus the Tower Club. Maybe rethink your strategy. Moving on…….

  35. Lt. Robin says:

    I like this game, that being said, it’s poorly optimized. It frequently lags, a lot, that’s my main issue. It also drains my battery and makes my phone hot. I’ve had much more complicated games run smoother. On top of this the gameplay is slow. And there isn’t anything to do in the downtime. It would benefit from some minigames. Collecting enough money to build extra floors is tedious. As you have to keep floors stocked to earn money. But they run out fast so not much is earnt while offline.

  36. Yvonne Kings says:

    Very fun game. No ads found so far, even optional ads. It’s so fun I can’t resist playing for to long. Very addictive. I think the only thing I don’t like is that building new places is so expensive. But the game is still good and I’m not changing my rating unless the game is ruined.(;

  37. James Tattersall says:

    As far as a little tower game goes it’s not that bad as you can decorate your lobby and roof. Plus you can get apartments for minifigures to live in as well. The only downside is that you need to pay money for some lobbies, roofs and elevators. But really good game.

  38. Serena Fatima says:

    A very fun time-killer!! Basically you don’t do much, only build new floors, collect new minifigs, etc but it’s addictive!! And what’s SOOOO good, is that there isn’t any of the frustrating ads. I also love that it has a 3d kind of look. I only wish that you didn’t have to pay freakin’ real money if you want to build floors of your own choice, get extra bux, and so on. A simple game. But I would recommend it. 🙂

  39. Santy214Gamer says:

    The graphics are just amazing and runs smoothly even in an older device, the gameplay is addicting, the grind is just right, not to tedious but enjoyable, the form of premium currency in this game is perfect, easy to obtain but takes time to save up for something. The addition of Brickbook adds a lot of personality to characters and customization is pretty good. Tons of different restaurants, stores, apartments, etc. My only suggestion is to make it easier to search minifigure names. 5 star game

  40. Cooper Clarke says:

    This game is alright. Fun to play though it is very slow. I also hate the random name generator thing. Why can’t they just let players pick their own names like the original Tiny Tower does? It’s also annoying because when you accidentally go past the name you want, you have to generate thousands and thousands of times just to get that name again. An okay game but far from the original Tiny Tower game. The only reason this even has 3 stars is because it is basically Tiny Tower, except with Lego.

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