In Between Love & Death:Romanc Apk Download New*


You've got a second chance at life... How will you live it?
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Genius Inc
March 16, 2020
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In Between Love & Death:Romanc Apk Download New*

You’re given a 2d probability at existence and it’s as much as you in finding the actual which means!

In Between Love & Demise:Romanc Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

“Why is my lifestyles at all times so painful?” Out of your youth on the orphanage right through maturity, you’ve recognized not anything however struggling in a lifetime of poverty and unfairness. However issues took a drastic flip when an unlucky twist of fate befalls you simply when your lifestyles is crumbling into items.
Waking up in a unusual desolate position, an enigmatic grim reaper proposes to you a deal to mend an unheard of mistake.

In Between Love & Loss of life:Romanc Apk Obtain New* mod apk

Or so he says at least…
Will you’re taking the deal and reclaim a greater lifestyles for your self?
Or will you readily settle for death’s door?

In Between Love & Dying:Romanc Apk Obtain New*

In a position yourselves for a middle wrenching adventure of self-discovery and taking a 2d shot at a significant lifestyles with Three sexy male leads!

In Between Love & Loss of life:Romanc Apk Obtain New* apk

Noah – The Enigmatic Grim Reaper The primary individual you notice to your 2d likelihood at existence. Noah isn’t noticed with out a sort smile on his face. He is helping you agree into your new lifestyles and advices you on many stuff.
He turns out to understand so much about you but if the tables are grew to become, Noah dodges the query with a mysterious smile.
It didn’t take you lengthy to determine he holds a in point of fact large secret at the back of the ones gorgeous eyes.
Will you dive into his mysterious attraction lengthy sufficient for him to open up?

In Between Love & Demise:Romanc Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

Caden – The Cool Well-known Actor
The no. 1 actor that’s been in numerous hit productions that achieve him a large fanbase and fortune. However similar to some other famous person, there will likely be scandals and drama surrounding him. In spite of his cool external, Caden is secretly a damaged guy trapped in a cage without a approach out.
That desperation to flee leads him to pressure recklessly one evening.
And that recklessness brought about the coincidence on you!
Will you stay up an unforgiving coldness against him?
Or melt up while you see his hidden scars…?

In Between Love & Demise:Romanc Apk Obtain New* release

Bentley – The Aloof Socialite Because the son of a rich primary company, Bentley simplest has a style for the best issues in lifestyles. He spends his cash with out a lot care and at all times will get no matter he desires. The one factor he can’t get …is You! You’ll be able to by no means determine him out absolutely together with his sizzling & chilly perspective. It’s even sudden to determine he’s Caden’s best possible good friend. However there are moments the place you’ll see him in an overly other gentle. Nearly as though he’s dressed in a masks this entire time…
Will you be the only to shatter that masks and spot the true Bentley?


40 comments on "In Between Love & Death:Romanc Apk Download New*"

  1. Leigh Makeyla says:

    I honestly love how you’re always consistent with these visual novels. Right when I finish one os these amazing stories I see a new one on the app store. I absolutely love this one, I would recommend every one of the Genius Inc. games.

  2. Amerique Chirly says:

    I was very intrigued by the first chapter as it was so well written. I couldn’t wait to see happened next but every time I click next chapter, the first chapter starts again. I tried to go to the next chapter thrice now but the game is still stuck in chapter one. So plsssss fix this glitch. I wanna play this game very badly.

  3. Judson Lamari says:

    Wow, you guys always doing wonderful work. The illustration is better (with adding many various illustration) than the previous app. The fluffiness makes me smile and want to read more. In my opinion, the story is perfect except it doesn’t have “big conflict”. I mean it’ll be great if the story has conflict that tie the all main character.

  4. Healhtun Edrea says:

    Once again the story is great! The characters and the story feel so realistic. Eventhough there were some cliche moments. Like Mc being scared of thuderstorm…etc. Love how it took time building up love for the male protagonist, and how the boys didn’t fall head over heels for the Mc. Main theme of this review is how semi-realistic this game is! Mc and feelings of knowing she’s about to die to other situations. Love it!! 😆

  5. Caroll Rhobert says:

    I just loved it… 💞 Well, I love your each and every game but some of them are too good. This was totally a best experience. The characters were totally incredible. I also loved the fact that ‘Arawn’, king of hell was a part of another games of yours I really loved. It’s nice when you mix the characters from previous stories.. I tried all the endings. And I fell for NOAH; my pretty gorgeous guardian angel💖💫

  6. Shonda Halsey says:

    Whoa! Just Wow! I,I can’t describe how l feel right now but one thing for sure this is marvelous!! I’m so happy for you guys for pulling up such an amazing story , and of course your other stories are even more incredible. As matter of fact, the photography , scenes , and the settings have improved numerously that you can feel yourself in the game itself ,and the scenario is absolutely something else, that it gets butterflies in you belly. So in short I hope you play it ,’cause it’s worth it!🌹♥

  7. Gene Constantine says:

    I love the game , only problem is I got to wait two hours for two tickets and the don’t stack up the max is two , I use my rubies and can’t get more for free,and I got to leave the game constantly to see the people , I hope you can do some changes for better game play.

  8. Dixie Lauriano says:

    Pretty art. Pretty BGM. Cute story. A polished experience that should be pay to play, instead of free to download with in-app purchasing. Especially if you want the best options, you’ll need to spend cash. If you want basic options, those are free. You’re constantly paying to read a self insert romance short story, when you could just purchase a book for one set price and use your imagination.

  9. Natashka Fars says:

    I’m giving a four simply because although I like the story, I think there are vital parts missing (literally), anytime there’s a flashback, the textboxes don’t show. I dont know if it’s my phone or the game itself but it’s really bugging me that I’m missing out key moments of the MC’s past. Please help me!

  10. Rush Tiffany says:

    I love this game so much, especially the ending, I actually cried for the Noah one, the only reason you don’t have 5 stars is because of the gems for premium choices, after all you only have enough for one. Maybe instead of giving enough for one, maybe 3 instead . Other than that absolutely lovely.

  11. Ffraid Garrick says:

    I’m inlove at the simplicity of the game. Since I feel like I could relate to the characters I’ve been so excited to play it everytime. The ending does not really satisfy me though. This is a great game that I don’t want to end so early. Also, ending is more like a copy-paste to each other. It’s not good, so should made the ending of each guy different. The ending that I like the most is Noah’s. (SPOILER) It’s good that he is alive. Yet, please don’t make the endings looks like the other’s end.

  12. Valary Audrina says:

    The story lines are great, the graphics and all, they’re perfect, unfortunately I can only give 3 stars because I hope there’s an easy ways to get rubies cuz the video ones didn’t even show up for me to get 30 free rubies 🙁 Please cheaper the premium prices

  13. Vale Wilmer says:

    The game is really good and it was unpredictable and i was like really suprised about what was happening,i just wanna say the graphics are the best, but i would like to see my own character or maybe make my own character . But keep up the great work.

  14. Annamarie Adyna says:

    “Romance you choose” though I’d rather say “Romance you buy”yes all the interesting, fun and romantic choices require rubbies(24 to 28) and you can get them for free too. in 2 ways which aren’t convenient. First way is to watch adds which always replies me with an error for some reasons whatsoever, and the second way is to play a boring mini game where each round that you win is rewarded with 7 to 13 points. Each rubby costs 12 pts meaning that for each choice you have to win at least 24 rounds!

  15. Bana Bethannie says:

    I am so in love with Caden! Like OH MY GOD! HE SEXY!- ehm anyways, this game is amazing!! I remember one of the guys that was in another story and I hate to have to chose between two hot guys! But luckily there is a restart the episode button so I can go and check them all out!! So recommended!!!!😍😍😍

  16. Bianca Mooney says:

    I would love more Episodes on this so it would have to end. But i really love this game 😍 they should make it in to a show it is that great of a game.😍 this game made my heart race and made me cry. It is like a book that makes your heart pound in aide your chest. when you read it 😍😍 i just love it soo much i wish it didn’t end i would love more episode in the Future. Please and thank you

  17. CE_ raSZa says:

    Even though the plot was somewhat simple, the story was still very heartwarming and I was kind of disappointed with the ending caden and bentley had. But all in all, it is a great game with a good story. The graphics were also amazing.

  18. Anime Lover says:

    The best game ever. I’ll review it with 10 stars if it was possible. It is a very emotional story with everyones personal problems. A pic of crying Noah appear in the screen and i was totally heart broken. Caden is the cutest i think. Bentley is weird. It is a very sad story in short. It will surely make all players cry.

  19. Lyssa G says:

    Really good game so far. Nice plot. Love the characters. Love the idea of getting points from the minigames just super annoyed with it. 2 out of every 10 roles endsup with 4 or 7 points (very rarely lands on 7 though). The remaining 8 are always only 2 point. Have never landed on anything other then those 3 and it’s a pain and makes me feel like its somehow rigged. When I want to triple the amount of points I’ll click on it and it will say there is a problem then cheat me out of the points.

  20. Heli Na says:

    I really loved this game! The story is amazing. I liked the depth in the characters, and how its not rushed and the romance is ” built up” … And the plot twist in the end is just perfect!… The graphics is awesome ! The guys are attractive ! And Noah’s crying face *heart breaking* … Also ya’ll noticed Andres(kiss from the death), the king of hell , its like the two stories connect… Anyways i loved the game and i recommend it to pretty much everyone

  21. Isis Manuela Tippet says:

    Hi, do you guys realize that every episode has at least 1 choice and that each one of those costs between 300 and 360 points and you only give 30 points every 5 hours…? Which means you have to wait for the 5 hours 10 time just to make 1 choice. And to win 300 points in the game wining 2 or 4 points each time is even worse!!!! Not to mention (in every game) after giving the option of x3 there are never adds so that’s useless… please fix this, such an amazing game!

  22. Gabriela Rujan says:

    I’ve finished Noah’s ending (i also picked all diamond choices for him) and i can say that the story in general, and the extra details were amazing. The art is beautiful as well and it fits the game. If you are looking for an otome with good design, story and loveable dates, this one is for you <3. Also the supranatural theme is interesting and catchy.

  23. Cindy Knowles Gilbert says:

    I really love the game but once again the minigame SUCKS on ALL the Genius games. You lose coins youve won bc either something went wrong and wont play a video for you to collect your coins or theres not a video to play alltogether. This is really getting frustrating. Makes me want to delete all 5 genius apps I have bc they all have the same problem!!

  24. naw says:

    I loved the story, everything was great. I’m just a little disappointed with the fact that I have to use rubies for some choices, though. Recommended if you want a good story aaand if you’re totally fine with grinding for rubies for certain choices…

  25. ca ra says:

    I LOVE THIS ONE! It’s bittersweet and a tearjerker too. Can’t get enough. The storyline were nice initially but the story ends so quickly. Seems like the story was made to end preferably with Noah. There were a bit of lacking in the ending for the other two. Should have more romancing I guess. Anyway, the GRAPHIC is AMazing!! Especially Caden, imo he’s the hottest among all characters made by Genius. OVERALL, THIS ONES AMAZING YOU SHOULD PLAY IT, NO REGRET!!

  26. ROSEANNE Sogood says:

    This game is something that i will never forget. It has such an amazing storyline and in the end i literaly broke into tears. This gave a flood of emotions. I loved everything about this game the graphics, characters, storyline, the way the story was expressed with its words with a really meaningful message behind it. I loved it!!!

  27. mayathegirl says:

    i enjoyed this game. the story does revolve around Noah more than the other guys, and they seem kinda plain because of that. eh, it was still fun to read. i liked the main character, too! that’s rare lol (among the lines there was a weird message that goes “i would delete this, this is basically the same line as 224”, i remember it cause i was very confused)

  28. aaliya nadeem says:

    One of my favourites! I love this ! Five outta five ,! Of course I do have issues with the diamonds but I guess the points and gems all aren’t woth real money so i guess i shouldn’t be complaining. 5/5 beautiful artwork , amazing storyline. I enjoy allowing your games

  29. Iman Tigris says:

    Ngl I actually cried in this game because of how emotional it was, especially near the end. The MC is unique in personality and funny, too. The art is very beautiful, although I felt some premium choices didn’t contribute much, so I advise choosing your premium choices carefully. Other than that, great game. Loved it.

  30. Hadjer Dib says:

    I love the story , characters, graphics, basically everything. My only problem it that most desired choices requires lot of gems and long time to collect. Earning points by playing those games isn’t really helpful and the fact that the only mini game inside depends on pure luck. Going through all this process every time we need to make a good choice is really frustrating and it’s quite disappointing that it takes the fun out of it plz make the mini game fair for us. Overall I really love it❤️

  31. Sarah Nguyen (#2103) says:

    The fact that I cried the s##t out of myself cause I thought Noah could never be saved. The story line is interesting, unique. You can try to save up gems,… But yes, the mini-game is pretty much based on luck. Believe me, the moment you’ve done saving up IS the moment you’ve done with the story. Those free options that you have to choose (cause you broke af) ain’t gonna affect the ending much. You can try to choose different options for different endings as long as you got ticket.

  32. Kitty_Mercüry says:

    I haven’t finished the game yet but I’m really liking it so far! The story is amazing and the character designs are so pretty! But I do have on issue and this goes for all genius inc games the mini game… The mini game is so difficult to and makes harder to collect coins not to mention the 30 coins you get every 4 hours. I would love to see more mini games so that you don’t have to do just that one and a shorter time for the 30 coins. But overall the game is amazing and I can’t wait to see more

  33. Rushel Delwar says:

    This game is one of the best game I have ever played in Genius.Inc. This is a nice game the mc is kinda dramatic but it’s fine I just love how the mc can change her mood really quickly. And I basically love all the characters they are so hot that they make me think about them all the time. The art is just amazing I love the art alot. But I have only one problem which is the gems it is really hard to get the gems after you use them and the mini game is hard to get the perfect score but it’s fine.

  34. Sora says:

    I enjoyed this story! I rate this 4, because of the ending of the story. It was kind of lackluster and not too intruiging, but the story itself was interesting and fun to read. The characters (like I say in every review) are designed beautifully. They are realistic and I can tell the artist took a long time drawing them. I didn’t get to unlock all the premium choices with Noah, (my favorite character) but the story was still fun. “In Between Love & Death” is a story that’s enjoyable, I liked it.

  35. Navjot Kumar says:

    That was really heart touching story and characters are awesome.How can you make such beautiful story and my eyes were full of tears because of the emotional story.By the way I am rating this app again with full 5 stars because I forgot to write that the character Noah is deadly amazing and I can’t explain that .So, make more something like that. It is just so amazing. Lastly, I would say this app is just soooooo good and story I can’t even say .That’s it .

  36. Mitzzy Nodal says:

    The gem grind aside, this is a beautifully written story! I love all the characters, especially the MC. She’s the best of the genius games that I’ve read this far. If I had to nitpick I’d say Bentley came in a little late and he didn’t really develop as a love interest. The ending was a bit anticlimactic too but the ride there was fantastic. So much mystery and fun! It was all paced so well too which made it believable. Highly recommend.

  37. Nesibe Sabunci says:

    For once, something that is rare occured in this game. The MC was not stupid, she was brave, strong and didn’t blush every second. I liked it. The plot was really great too. Therfore it’s the best inc game I played so far. I hope you can make more games with MCs like this one, they are so many of your games that I wasn’t even able to continue playing because the MC’ stupidness was unbearable.

  38. Mat Sk says:

    The story is good, (at least as far as I got) but the ticket system is SO BAD!! It takes so long to get enough tickets in order to choose the better option and not disappoint your characters but also make the story more interesting. It takes so long I didn’t even finish the story because I got bored of waiting. It’s sad because the story was interesting :/ anyway, the ticket system is bad in all of your games and this is unfair for the stories because they are good..

  39. Mizzle Moonglade says:

    I loved the story and the romantic scenes were nice. The choices you make don’t make an impact on the story at all, which can be a good or a bad thing. It got super emotional at the end, I almost cried. What I docked stars for: 1) Arawn was not a love interest, which I thought was a shame, 2) In two of the love interests’ endings, the third guy’s fate was honestly a shame. I wish it had been the same for him then as his path’s ending was. 3) The romance could have used some passion. Rather PG.

  40. Ember says:

    The game is good but it’s very visually unappealing. It’s hard to enjoy the game because the layout generally just doesn’t look good. The fonts are bulky and have no character, the home button and add button are cut off, and the story log is just one large paragraph that’s hard on the eyes. The story is good but it’s just not very nice to look at.

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