Illuminati Adventure Premium Apk


Clicker adventure of becoming Illuminati Magnate in the incremental idle realm!
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Weird Johnny Studio
September 8, 2022
4.4 And Up
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Illuminati Adventure Premium Apk

Prepare your self to idle journey to turn into a billionaire capitalist within the idle Illuminati realm! The incremental idle sport the place you get started from clearing streets and making an investment your hard-earned money right into a lemonade stand, finishing with developing the brand new International Order. However first, give you the option to improve your lemonade stand into the massive idle manufacturing facility generating lemonade. Get started incrementing cash from your corporation, advance to your occupation and get wealthy through hiring managers. After your capitalistic luck you’re going to galvanize Illuminati lords, they prefer wealthy magnates 😎

Illuminati Journey Top class Apk apk mod


Illuminati Journey Top rate Apk apk

💼 Advance for your profession • earn more money with a extra winning activity • acquire passive bonuses in your idle incorporations
• infiltrate Illuminati group to increment your money source of revenue

Illuminati Journey Top class Apk mod apk

🏢 Improve your online business • degree up your idle trade to conform them into idle factories or money inc
• faucet on trade for information about subsequent idle bonuses, that multiply your cash source of revenue!
• test the improve segment for upgrades on your favorite investments

Illuminati Journey Top rate Apk apk mod 2022

👆🏼 Faucet, faucet to make more money • faucet to paintings quicker, like in clicker sport • spice up your idle industry source of revenue multiplier
• paintings arduous to be a billionaire magnate

Illuminati Journey Top rate Apk

😈 Interact in evil industry • get wealthy the usage of a shady industry, turn into an evil billionaire
• put out of your mind concerning the lemonade stand, fast money is extra amusing • use struggle conflicts and pile up your fortune

Illuminati Journey Top class Apk liberate

🧠 Genetic Enhancements • accumulate Illuminati Tokens, develop into a changed capitalist rich person!
• select the most efficient talents in your idle inc income • alternate your self into the cash manufacturing facility

Illuminati Journey Top class Apk apk mod new

✊🏼 Earn Status Issues • gather status and grow to be a large capitalist magnate • spend your status strategically
• your idle town turn out to be your idle capitalistic kingdom

Earn first cash serving a lemonade, make investments your money into firms and turn out to be a billionaire wealthy person. Uncover extra capitalism secrets and techniques to make more cash. Upward thrust your status, advance in profession, turn into a rich capitalist mogul with a large fortune and one day, Illuminati gives you an opportunity to sign up for them.

Illuminati Journey is an idle incremental recreation with clicker mechanics, the idle recreation that displays the cruelty of the capitalistic international and presentations how billionaires minds are uncovered on corruption. For those who like that, percentage this idle sport inside your folks.
Experience this incremental sport created via 2 clicker video games fans ❤️


40 comments on "Illuminati Adventure Premium Apk"

  1. Tomlin Weyland says:

    Update: Good game but have bad design like 1: Half of the scene did not respond to touch input (dirt layout with main menu collapsed) and waste nearly 50% screen area. This is terrible with on screen notch. Second, ads boost should no longer respond to touch when I finish watching all the ads but it surely didnt. That means cluster the upper area (where you touch to accelerate the game speed) with touch sensitive UI elements and leaves lower area empty. Seriously? -2 stars.

  2. Deba Cwentun says:

    great potential. awesome graphics. music is on point. only thing it needs is just some more stuff to do. right now it’s just basically open app upgrade a few things then exit app. Cookies Inc. is a great example of an idle game with tons to do. I can spend a lot of time in app with that game. As this is new, I’m sure more will be added. I look forward to updates. great job so far dev…and thanks for not making a pixel graphic game! getting so sick of those.

  3. Celesia Fae says:

    This is a very decent idle/clicker game. It has a ton of things to work towards and has a really good prestige system. There are no real intrusive ads, just occasional optional ones if you want to watch them for a bonus or offline extension. My only real concern is the massive jump in price for each new illuminati purchase, from 8000 points to 23 000 is really steep. Other than that, the developer has done a good job with new additions already announced. Looking forward to see what’s to come.

  4. Janel Heath says:

    I’ve played many good idle games, and this one has the some the best progression and in incrementing I’ve seen. Fast enough that it doesn’t feel like you’re stagnating, and slow enough that it feels like a true idle game. Thw graphics are also very nice, and everything runs very smoothly.

  5. Alair Selwyn says:

    used to love this game. then I recently changed phones and lost all my progress. Months and months of progress. i emailed the developer three days ago now and still haven’t recieved any sort of response. they have always been prompt and polite in the past so this interaction has left me a little confused.

  6. Ford Aleke says:

    this is a pretty decent clicker. It’s a shame it slows down so much around ‘big eye priest’. Even after buying up a third skill in the tree and many prestige runs to build up stock, it would take forever to earn enough to pass that job. So it’s been fun, but I’m done.

  7. Vivianne Came says:

    I am enjoying the game. While I understand is it under development, the reason for 4 stars is for something that I feel should have been adressed long ago; the instructions for playing. There really are none beyond the very very basic and then the game gives you a ‘description’ of what something as if it is helpful. For example “+ 10% IPS to your income” where the rest says “You can manage your business and career without a loss”. Am I losing out now? What does this mean????

  8. Weald Carrolyne says:

    the new level is fantastic! Russia has been a long time in the making but well worth the wait! The algorithm behind it is far more challenging but so much more rewarding. I like these kind of games as they keep the mathmatical side of my brain going. I was starting to get a little bored of the USA ‘map’ but Russia and USA levels together have me rehooked… well done developers 🙂

  9. Farewell Adyn says:

    Great game so far. The progress has been smooth and strategic. This is definitely one of the better ones. I especially like the USA track and art, it sets the illuminati setting. I have had a small annoying glitch happen recently that I’d like to address. I just reached 200 gems and the lazy kitty kat won’t stop instructing me to spend them. I want my screen back, but I don’t want to spend my gems yet.

  10. Berkeley Kelson says:

    Not bad at all, it is nothing new in the genre but it works well. With the Russia expansion being vital to the longevity of the game. Progression scales well, ads are generous for a boost in production. I really hope the devs come up with another expansion and introduce new concepts and layers to the gameplay.

  11. Ignatius Bucky says:

    This game is is just absolutely unbelievable! Without hesitation I give it my highest “Well I mean it’s ok I guess if you like this sort of thing.” Rating I’ve ever awarded such an item that so many others deftly skirts the definition of of what can be legally classified as a “game” and by by near undetectable association a “fun” experience. I just can’t wait until I get to that part. The payoff is sure to be great. (BTW only got to play 10 mins before pleas for a review, so I could be wrong.

  12. Lawson Ardine says:

    Really nice game. My only issue right now is that about half the time, the tv ad for coins/gems does not give the reward. Instead, after watching, it shows the same screen asking me to watch an ad for the reward. I’ve watched 5 straight ads and gotten no reward before finally closing it

  13. Celes Banjamino says:

    It’s diffent from most of your typical idle games. That’s actually a good thing, it’s the type of game when your can dip in and out, as far as I can see so far, there is no pay to win eliment if you have the patiences to just wait 🙂

  14. Tolucan Sylvina says:

    Well, the game looses its charm after a couple of hours. There are bugs with the bonuses where you watch a video and you don’t get the reward. Also, to upgrade you character through Illuminati Tokens takes forever: lvl1 -8k tokens required, lvl2 – 33k, lvl3 – 88k. So basically you need to tap non stop for 1h to get 33k tokens. You eventually hit growth plateau at around mid-game. The gems you get are almost useless. 3 stars for an interesting idea having good&bad business.

  15. Cinthya Edgar says:

    This is a surprisingly great idle money tycoon game. The developers have implemented some very unique concepts (e.g. genetic improvements or “good” and “evil” businesses). It has definitely earned its place when comparing to other similar games. My only suggestion is to make the area for clicking a bit larger, since it’s easy to accidentally click on something all the time.

  16. Boadicea Winton says:

    Standard fare idle game but fun! Needs tweaking though: an actual exit button instead of force quitting; better color choices between numbers/background, dark red on black hard to read what you need for next upgrade. Saving caveat to this game; AD WATCHING IS OPTIONAL. Thank you developer.

  17. Blaecleah Cordia says:

    Awesome game. Until today. Twice today I’ve started the game after an absence of 3 and 2 hrs respectively to find that my game is glitched, money isn’t accumulating, and my business timer in russia is not increasing. I’ll check back in the morning. If it works I’ll adjust the review. If not ill just u install since the game is currently broken. Yes I’ve cleared cache, restarted phone and reinstalled. None of it worked. We’ll see how it looks in the morning.

  18. Clarice Janella says:

    When it comes to idle tappers, this game is a shining gem. The repetitive, slow, and easily forgetful gameplay in other similar apps is admittedly somewhat present, but the funny descriptions for each promotion, comparatively alive and interesting graphics, and the nice way prestiging is done, all make this game feel unique among its peers. I would love to see additional country expansions, and would like a bit more variety in the later business upgrades, but premium is still a worthwile buy.

  19. Linton Wynn says:

    Not a whole lot to do and you hit a massive grind wall really quickly. I still meddled with it over the past several weeks and wasn’t going to write a review but the last update kinda pushed it over the edge. One of the bigger things being the time double bonus from watching an ad was reduced from 6 hours to 4. Meaning you’d watch 4 more ads to get max bonus in both places a day. It’s also not mentioned in the patch notes. At least not clearly.

  20. Felabeorht Arietta says:

    Offline time limiter added in last patch. No longer a reason to play if the game punishes me for having no time or forgetting it for a few days if it means a loss of progress. I do not need stress from a simple idle game.

  21. Geraldina Mitchele says:

    The game was fun at first, then it started to get very boring, even worse with Russia. Then a patch came and finally the greed got the better of the devs and the boost dropped to half and the game became really boring. Wanted to rate 4 stars before started Russia, then 3 stars after that. Now 1 star is more then enough after the boost drop. And will uninstall. Too bad. It was nice for a while.

  22. Mitchele Dejuan says:

    new update makes it even slower, now the ofline time is capped, but you can buy double rewards. Old rew:it gets super slow very quickly, it never picks up speed it always slows down as you progress through the game.

  23. Jenifer Spenser says:

    Starts nice and offers some different stuff to do and isn’t forcing ads as they’re optional which seems great. However it’s heavily expecting you to watch them and I’ve now had a “limited time offer 17h” for a week on my screen. Btw. Lots of obvious paid reviews. Some even mention learning piano with this great app.

  24. Field Jaymes says:

    It’s nothing groundbreaking, but a solid idle game with pretty decent mechanics. I liked it enough that I paid to disable the ads, though I think you could easily enjoy this with minimal ad-watching as well. Definitely recommended to other idle fans.

  25. Taryn Estcourt says:

    Great Game! I love idle increment tap games and this one has just jumped to the top of my favourite list. Well done. Would only recommend maybe on the business buying increments having a ‘next’ or ‘rank up’ option after the 100 option. Also I’m a bit confused on how the Russia expansion works too so some additional info around that in game help would be great. Other than that I’m addicted and loving it. Highly recommend to other idle addicts, love the different features from normal games too

  26. Marek P says:

    Very solid effort trying to reinvent an idle game with a different spin on it. The evil business are great adding extra $ to your earnings. However when you reach the ‘AF’ level the game becomes very slow and boring and it takes like weeks to move on. As for the 2D graphics, you better hire a better designer as they are as boring as amatour as they could be. All in all a good game to a point if you like the ‘idle’ games but at one point just like most of them you’ll hit the ‘boring wall’ and you’ll no longer feel like playing it. Last but not least, they don’t shovel the ads down your throat like other games do, it’s up to you if you want to watch them to get ahead or not.

  27. PADDY ONEILL says:

    Liked it, felt good to play. Downsides, the grind and progression are just a bit too slow for a game like this. Either add more content and let us access it quicker, or work on different systems to keep people interested – as many saying beyond the initial 2 days.

  28. Steven Hawke says:

    Very good, you hit a hard wall though with the illuminati tokens(you’ll know what I’m talking about when you hit it) and it slows waaaay down. I wish there was a reasonable way for a F2P(less than 10 dollars spent) player with ads to smooth that process out a bit more. The right hand tree seems to help, but not as much as I was hoping.

  29. Phúc Đoàn says:

    There’s a bug making x2 business income multiplier (tapping’s bar) disappear after getting the talent Stamia 2 (the visualization text is still shown, but the income does not x2 – calculated after reincarnating). More evidence, the base x1.25 multiplier, after getting Stamia 1, do nothing also, income still be x2 value after tapping rather than x1.6 (from x1.25 to x2.0) . I might re-vote after the bug is fixed.

  30. Marie van Rooyen says:

    Great fun and visible exponential growth until I went to Russia. Now I feel like I’m back to the very start and progress has slowed to a crawl which has me feeling disappointment and questioning the purpose of this game and life itself. I’ll uninstall it now to ward off an existential crisis, but I do thank you for the past few months of good fun.

  31. Csaba Mazsu says:

    It’s a great idle game, which gets boring after a while. After you established yourself in Russia, you really don’t have much to do. Come back 2-3 times a day, buy what you can buy, and reset every now and then. I bought the old man to avoid ads, it is worth it, if you want to play for a long time.

  32. Chris Radek says:

    At first I was worried that this would be just another re-skinned idle game, but upon playing I discovered that it’s sctually very unique in the way it operates! It may feel amateurish in some of it’s designs and methods on occasion, but it doesn’t stop it from being a fantastic little idle game with several twists, and I hope to see it’s potential flourish over time!

  33. Kenneth says:

    It’s alright. The descriptions for genetic enhancements can be confusing and offline gain for illuminati coins is rather slow. It’s not a game I want to keep open to tap for a bonus multiplier and more illuminati coins per second.

  34. Jacob Opitz says:

    It’s a massive grind from the get go and it’s just boring overall. Didnt keep me immersed like most idle games I’ve played. The constant tapping to keep 2x income hurt my fingers as I’m disabled and it doesn’t even last long which made it not worth doing so the progress was much slower. Eventually became AdWatcher to progress

  35. Chris Swickard says:

    The game is okay, I guess the biggest problem is that it is boring and overly simple. Prestiging will make you a little stronger at a time, but you hit a hard cap where you can no longer progress too quickly. There are options to pay money, but I’m not even sure they would help me advance at this point without a hefty investment. Edit: this creator has another game, honestly it’s just as bad. I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed at the lack of effort.

  36. Michael Hensley says:

    The game isn’t bad for the first one or two resets. Process becomes EXTREMELY tedious afterwords. The game isn’t being updated anymore either. A ton of microtransactions and terrible game balancing make this a subpar game. I recommended playing something else.

  37. S M says:

    Update: Paying for ad removal does not remove ads from prestige bonus. That’s super lame and I feel like I wasted money. I paid to “remove ads.” Game also heavily stagnates around 2T shares and just gets super boring. Paying for the old man shooting birds also completely negates any player interaction, so it just makes it even more boring. As it stands right now, most people enjoy this game for a short while, and then realize it’s boring as heck, even for an idle game, then quit.

  38. ES-Now says:

    Very entertaining idle with just enough interactiveness to keep me from boredom. I’ve played so many idle games and a big problem with most of them is they lose there enjoyability to quickly and have to many ads or annoying pay walls, but this one doesn’t seem to have that issue. Edit: illuminati tokens does hit quite the grind wall. Perhaps if the cost increases wouldn’t jump so high after every purchase it would be more bearable.

  39. Kevin Trant says:

    Pretty good. Another like adventure capitalist and similar game but a little improved. The 12 hr max away time is what killed the game for me. I had a few 15 or 12 hr times away from game but the first time I reached 2 Days away I saw no point to return. The game is on great for ads; doesn’t force them but they help and you don’t need too many. I’d still be playing and watching ads if not for the 12 hr away time so I have to ask what is the point?

  40. Ronald Barrios says:

    it’s an interesting iddle game. I like the way you don’t need to be checking how’s it going all the time

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