Idle Trading Empire Premium Apk


Produce idle, trade goods with other cities and create your idle trading empire!
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Bling Bling Games GmbH
November 23, 2022
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Idle Trading Empire Premium Apk

Welcome to the Idle Buying and selling Empire! On this little idle sport you’ll craft, delivery and enhance merchandise to promote them for a benefit. Uncover producers, settlements and new areas to enlarge your idle buying and selling empire!

Idle Buying and selling Empire Top class Apk liberate

★ Determine settlements to supply items

Idle Buying and selling Empire Top class Apk apk mod new

★ Construct industry routes and create advanced manufacturing chains

Idle Buying and selling Empire Top rate Apk apk mod 2022

★ Rent guild individuals to paintings for your amenities

Idle Buying and selling Empire Top class Apk

★ Improve your transporters and your buying and selling posts

Idle Buying and selling Empire Top class Apk mod apk

★ Uncover new islands and continents

Idle Buying and selling Empire Top rate Apk apk mod

★ Free up Achievements to multiply your output

Idle Buying and selling Empire Top class Apk apk

★ Take part in particular occasions with distinctive rewards

★ Liberate an enormous empire with gorgeous artstyle and surroundings
We at Bling Bling Video games sought after to create a medieval simulation sport that revolves across the Hanseatic League, a medieval buying and selling guild in an empire this is today’s north Germany. Faucet your method via tricky demanding situations, gather achievements and improve all of your trade institutions to turn into the richest buying and selling multi-millionaire on this idle clicker simulation.
That is an idle or incremental sport with clicker parts and an explorative international map. This implies you are going to generate source of revenue and merchandise even while you don’t seem to be actively taking part in.

💖💖💖Thank you to all testers and to all individuals who despatched us their comments! We couldn’t do it with out you.💖💖💖
Were given an issue within the app? Ship us a price tag by means of going to the settings, faucet the “FAQ & Reinforce”- button, faucet the blue query mark and input your information. Or ship us an e-mail to [email protected]!
Be at liberty to ship any comments to [email protected]!
This sport can in part be performed offline. An web connection is had to play occasions, declare rewards and attach your Google Play Video games account for achievements and leaderboards.

This cellular recreation is totally unfastened to play. Some in-game pieces may also be bought for actual cash. If you want to disable this option of the app, please flip off the in-app purchases for your telephone or pill’s Settings. This app contains in-game promoting.
Privateness Coverage

Supported through the German Federal Ministry of Delivery and Virtual Infrastructure.


40 comments on "Idle Trading Empire Premium Apk"

  1. Kurdt Xavier says:

    Too little to do on each interface screen. I feel like I spend more time navigating than actually upgrading. I haven’t played long, but it doesn’t seem to have the intelligence of their other games.

  2. Lee Coombes says:

    Not bad and nice graphics…. I have a fast tablet i play plenty of games on… This takes ages swapping between screens…. Also ads…. Yes, most are optional, but to get a x5 boost you watch a video…. But wait, you want a boost on the next building…. Another ad…. And upgrades to buildings don’t seem to have a predictable effect on income… I double production and income barely changes… Maybe I’m missing something, but too many niggles so sorry, uninstall

  3. Rob Breckenridge says:

    Over all nice concept. There is not just flaws in the calculations of upgrading production…. additional flaws are found in the costs of the upgrades as well as the transporting goods to be sold. For example horse carts are the best for transporting however they are outdone to quickly after 3 tier 2 product upgrades. As said before flaws in gains exist as well. Gave 3*’s for effort instead of 2*’s. Feed back from devs on reviews is great hence the 3rd star

  4. David (Shaovanlin) says:

    It’s missing purpose and any kind of depth.. Why do I upgrade? Why do I advance to the next location to do the same stuff over again? Why? There really is no reason and nothing other than upgrading one can do.. I don’t understand the concept or reason to play.

  5. Alexander van Eeden says:

    The grinding process of this game is insane. Like i wait several hours before i can buy 1 upgrade and then i need to wait hours again and i have restarted the game again to get a boost in production but it feels like i am going to play a year before i get somewhere

  6. Abel Maulvi says:

    Its my 2nd day playing and so far its not bad. So far , IAP looks like optional and we can still progressing well, but everything is kinda pricey, IAP price kinda expensive and even to claim a daily gift you need to watch ads -_- oh, and also no gift for achievement *sigh*

  7. Bobby Dimitrov says:

    Just another idle game and sadly a very very slow to start. Not at all what the title suggests, no real trading. Nothing even remotely similar to Patrician games.

  8. Carmelo Cabezo says:

    Really slow going. I lost interest in this game very quickly. I also can’t think of another game that makes you watch an ad to collect a daily reward.

  9. J A says:

    A 4.5 out of 5. I’ve been playing for about an hour or two over the past three days. So far, so good. No push ads yet. Game sync and load is seamless. Gameplay is good, and there’s no obvious penalty for being offline for hours at a time. Getting it figured out is a little tricky, but I found the same with their Idle Craft (also very good). Worth the download.

  10. Miro Z says:

    The game seems interesting and engaging, a couple of days later the profit and expenses cannot be displayed as a single number and that made me quit it. So unrealistic and annoying. Several graphics were missing on the first two islands.

  11. Nikita B says:

    Insanely slow pacing quickly kills any interest. Beginner stuff takes unlock. Can’t even imagine what are the timings for more advanced stuff. Not going to stick around to find out.

  12. Shawn Locker says:

    Very well done game. Reminds me of the crafting idle clicker which I still play. Some of the upgrade costs are a little silly but overall very well done.

  13. josh liljenberg says:

    Great concept… ads help build fast, but super annoying. Just hit play n put phone down for a bit… not sure if I can take ads. Game is still fun one day one…

  14. Dave Nichter says:

    3 days in. So far, so good! No pop-up ads or forced ads. No time limit on idle progress. This might actually be an idle game!

  15. Avia V says:

    Do not waste your time. Even game looks nice and simple it is almost to zero gameplay. After you get few workers at beginning, you can t get more or level them, everything like 99.9% require you watch a commercial, even the daily login bonus can t be reached without watching one ! Terrible ! Game gets you nowhere and the improvement you do daily is nothing, prices to buy an upgrade require full week collecting or more and this is from first days of gameplay… so nope, uninstall !!

  16. Ewoud Van der Linden says:

    Not sure how it is going to turn out. Graphics are good. Game play easy but good. Only asking after 5 min an opini on is a bit to fast.

  17. Xiller says:

    Game will burn battery power so fast just idling and requires adds for daily log in bonuses. Gameplay click button watch money go up slowly. There is no Battery saving feature in settings.

  18. Carl Farrugia says:

    Zero gameplay!! Literally nothing unless I’m missing something. Gave it 3 days and still I am producing materials and more materials and…you get it. To do what with?? Save your time!!

  19. Tom DeHaven says:

    Graphics are very good. This idle game is more in depth than others making it a lot less repetitive. Good job!

  20. Dan Duke says:

    Can’t open the free guild chest,I’ve restarted the app several times,I click open and nothing happens. The game itself is ok but I’m going to have to uninstall it as it’s draining my phone battery at an alarming rate.

  21. Keanu Bramwell says:

    Very different to other idler increment games. Very enjoyable too. Trading posts and different regions. Only on my first region so far so I’m curious to see what new elements inter region trading brings. The point of the game is to dominate trading routes. If you like Europa Universalis and similar games you’ll enjoy this one.

  22. Les “Baron Malcom Gilbert” Pearsall says:

    Good way to waste time. I’d give a higher rating if there were instructions or hints on how to do some things. Been using the guild members since they arrived and still no experience. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

  23. RaKeril's Gaming says:

    Honestly, it is… A mix of decent and just boring. Not what I was expecting. Main reason for the 3 stars is that it is built well and the music is good.

  24. Joseph Smits says:

    Game is a good time waster. Everytime I log out, though, it seems to reset my progress. Kind of frustrating.

  25. Brian King says:

    bad: Ads are 29$ to remove; Advertisements make me think the developer doesn’t like his game…since all ads try to make you leave. This “clicker” is midgrade high for things to do. Grade: B Good: lovely graphics. simple (too simple?) Needs: summary page. this is brainless clicking without being able to clarify which item is making the most $ Needs: more music. 🙂 Summary: wonderful clicker to see other games in the genre. Their adcertisement AI is very good. The graphics are very good. Don’t commit to 29$ if the developer doesn’t commit to you staying. Also: one of the better clickers i have seen for graphics, simplicity, stability, low storage requirement, good music… smoothness. clapping. It is nice for what it is. It is a ad bot.

  26. Chimmy says:

    Fun but feels incomplete and super slow. Latest event seems to break cloud saves too. Removing ads is rediculously expensive. Hopefully the devs fix a lot of the issues. Great to waste 5min every few days but not much beyond that.

  27. Devin Phillips says:

    Artwork is really nice but more ingame information would be nice. Gameplay is smooth but slow. Music starts off as being nice but will get old if you play for too long in one sitting. I noticed several times my $ per second drop for no reason. I had to quit when I was earning less than 20k per second and I completed a goal without being able to afford the first quarry upgrade (I believe it was around 17M). Maybe worth trying if you’re going to play for a few minutes every few days.

  28. Phillip Petty says:

    Visually, not as appealing as other games I have enjoyed playing, and could use some improvements on the overall UI, but otherwise I am really enjoying the game and mechanics. Could be my new time sink.

  29. Hamran Marman says:

    It’s a really, really horrible game, if you’re looking for the meaning of life. If you’re just here to play video game; and like an incremental, idle-games; and don’t mind the outdated (but still beautiful) graphics; and don’t mind occasional rewarding ads; and don’t mind a little IAP (or a f2p player), then it’s a great game.

  30. L Scorpio says:

    Very basic clicker. Nothing to really “see”. Played for about a week now, and I’ve not seen any way to get more guild members. It’s okay to kill some time, but nothing to really “get into”.

  31. Amerea Ryder says:

    Pretty decent idler so far, controls are simple and the game runs very smoothly. I’ll add a bit more feedback when I’ve played a little longer. 🙂

  32. Daniel Arias says:

    Not a game. Just another sequence of dull, repetitive tasks that lead to more of the same. Neither it provides a challenge, nor you run the risk of failure, neither your choices (if there is any) make an impact. A waste of 10 minutes of my life (I got more reward out of writing this review than of trying out the app). Postnote: The developer’s automated, non specific response was issue over a month later. It goes to show “how dedicated” this team is to their products.

  33. Michael Watts says:

    So far so good, progress seems to pick up as you go on with the prestige like mode, and you can get further faster using this!

  34. Stewart Hunter says:

    Great trade mechanics but a little slow to start

  35. christine vasquez says:

    UPDATE: HORRIBLE GAME!! DONT PLAY!! I have never seen a game where you HAVE to watch a video for the “free” daily reward. Otherwise I’ve been playing for 10 minutes it seems okay.

  36. Asher Wolfson says:

    Bling Bling Games makes some very good idle games! This one isn’t their best, but it’s still pretty good.

  37. OrionActual says:

    Good idle game. No on-line hassles which is a big plus.

  38. Emily Mesa says:

    Best idle clicker yet. Growth rate not dependent on ads, is the best part.

  39. Shadow says:

    It is good if you are bored

  40. Sergey Sheremetiev says:

    I play just 20 min. It’s cool.

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