Idle Ninja Online: AFK MMORPG Mod Apk


Online multiplayer Idle AFK RPG
4/5 Votes: 13,616
Puzzle Monsters
December 14, 2022
4.4 And Up
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Idle Ninja Online: AFK MMORPG Mod Apk

🗡️ Idle Ninja On-line!
– Say Good-bye to Idle Video games that go away it by myself all day!
– From apprentice ninja to Kage! Enjoy the lifetime of a ninja!
– Construct your individual deck with tens of millions of shuriken mixtures!
– Uninterested in Unmarried Participant Idle Video games? Experience on-line multiplayer raids with buddies!
– Sign up for a circle of relatives and degree up in combination!
– Keep in touch freely with every different in real-time chat!

Idle Ninja On-line: AFK MMO Mod Apk apk mod 2022

💥 Whirling Motion RPG!
– Not more repetitive farming!
– Meet more potent pets with blockchain era!
– Problem the Boss within the deep darkish dungeon!

Idle Ninja On-line: AFK MMOG Mod Apk apk mod new

🔨 Bi-weekly Updates with huge contents
– 【Tower of Moonlight】Defeat the endless swarm of monsters within the Tower of Moonlight!
– 【Raid Boss】Fight the mighty wind god, and revel in the huge scale combat!
– 【Event】Enjoy quite a lot of mini-games from occasions!
– 【Arena of Honor】 Real-time Tactic-battle PVP!
-【Weekly Ranking】 Compete with customers in scores to get large rewards!

Idle Ninja On-line: AFK MMOG Mod Apk apk mod

✨ Not more Copy-cat Idle Video games!
– Develop your personal ninja with never-ending level-up and large rewards!
– An informal Second idle RPG that any one can simply get started and play!
– Auto Assault with distancing carried out to simply farm monsters!
– Mix essentially the most tough Final shurikens to win the struggle!

Idle Ninja On-line: AFK MMO Mod Apk

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Idle Ninja On-line: AFK MMOG Mod Apk release

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40 comments on "Idle Ninja Online: AFK MMORPG Mod Apk"

  1. Rudyard Gaceta says:

    Great game, very engaging, graphics are good and so far no major bugs and problems. Very grindy, but you need to be online. Quite generous making f2p a good experience, though no ones stopping you to use cash. Overall, a great game for anyone. Suggestion from me would be giving skins some stats to make them usefull not just for looks. Thanks for a great game.

  2. Clay Champoux says:

    The game is fun, but even though you level moderately quick in the beginning, it takes way too long to be able to defeat the bosses like the thunder god. I’m level 89 and only do 30% damage total. You finish the first quests super fast, then the next quests are for way higher levels. Also there is no tutorial so it’s hard for new guys unless they play the game for several hours, the lack of tutorial almost made me delete the game right away. Please fix these problems.

  3. X Blaze says:

    So it’s a good game, the only issues I’ve had are it’s tracking is entirely inaccurate. I’m at level 142 and I’m unable to collect on passing level 105 it’s also the same for other missions, also I get notifications that the area has been conquered, so I go to check and only 5 enemies have been killed. If those inaccuracies are corrected I’d easily change my review

  4. RyanTube TV says:

    I updated my review to 4 stars since my game isn’t crashing anymore. Now at level 2000 the game is quite the grind, I wish there was more to do and the daily challenges were structured better. Edit: I think the dailies should just award automatically I’d you do the things without having to click on each one, sometimes I look at them and decide to do one but then forget to click on it and then waste the resources before I notice I never clicked to do the quest.

  5. Bobby T says:

    Loved this as an idle game at the start, however as you progress further the kills requirements to conquer each map gets progressively more and more to the point that I find it tediously boring to keep playing because that meant that I have to be constantly in the app letting it run on power saving mode to collect the kill count. The more I progress in level, the longer time I have to commit in power saving mode to conquer the maps.

  6. Killa Wolf says:

    I cannot continue my newbie ninja title missions because I maxed out my defense before I found out I needed to do those to get access to other features so it makes this game unplayable and I’m stuck on it and can’t continue to be able to get other gotcha features unlocked had to start a new character on Facebook account

  7. Samantha Davenport says:

    It’s the best idle game I’ve ever played. The levelling system, the shurikens and… everything else, really, is perfect.

  8. Camden Frost says:

    Looks OK, just finished the tutorial and the tutorial is very kind of in your face with no breathing room then got stuck on some sort of inventory menu I couldn’t exit, EDIT: game does look good with alot of content however there’s thousands of monsters to kill to complete a stage and as a completionist it just takes hours of auto battling which gets tedious but appart from that it does look good

  9. Corrina Keenan says:

    It’s so cute and I wanna play it to it’s fullest but everytime I try playing it freezes on the main screen or crashes when I finally get into the game.

  10. xeefii says:

    weirdly enough they deleted my review where i called this game massively p2w lol.. been playing this for over a year and it crashes a lot and even top players tell you that you will never reach the top unless you pay.

  11. Kyo Kyo says:

    Don’t play this game. It’s extremely unbalanced and a waste of time. If you don’t play matk you’re basically wasting your time. Besides that great game

  12. Austin Baptiste says:

    I got to level 162, completed the tutorial, and dumped all of my rubies on shuriken summon. I feel like I spent more time claiming mission rewards one at a time than I did playing the game at all. The handful of higher level shurikens I was using most of the time aren’t even available in shuriken summon until you spend tens of thousands of rubies, so there’s really nothing for me to upgrade. There is a decent amount of advancement that can only be done with active gameplay, which is nice.

  13. Shane Hughes says:

    Keeps shutting down. Was a great game but after last update it wont even open fully. Just keeps shutting down. So no 5 stars.

  14. Muphet says:

    If you try as guest but then login with social media, it won’t let you saying someone already made account on that IP. If you delete guest, game will be stuck in infinite download. What is this

  15. April Preston says:

    Well after playing a week probably not worth the time you get to level 1500 drops rates disappear basically you can even use boosters and it still horrible spend hours just to get a few chest and you can farm lower levels but that’s going to hours if not days just to promote your stars and conquering lower levels doesn’t even boost drop rates and the event with fabric is just as bad I can’t even get 30 pieces for special quest

  16. Bistari Rijal says:

    Always crashed, fighting the boss, spent almost 200 revive tickets then suddenly crashed. If continuesly like this, I need to find another games to play. Really disappointed. It getting worse, please do something.

  17. George Somu says:

    Great game, can easily progress without putting any money in. It has plenty of things to do and the pacing is quite good. I have been informed that the late game stages are more p2w but that is nearly a year :). The game also gives crypto currency. the income is small in the beginning but increases over time.

  18. Whisper Everton says:

    Great game. My only complaint is when fast travel gets disabled “due to frequent use” yet there’s missions where you have to hop around to kill bosses and they only respond every 3-5 minutes. So it’s very annoying to have it disabled ever 4ish hops.

  19. The_OA says:

    please fix your game. I am at lvl 1000 and promoted three times. your game crashed in the middle of the tutorial and now I can’t turn it in.

  20. Villain Izuku says:

    lags hella bad at times, and the ninja pass buy out is a total rip off, don’t buy anything with actual money. it’s just a waste, otherwise an okay idle game.

  21. BB Benny says:

    Its fun but most of my time playing is clicking a complete achievement button. There are THOUSANDS of achievements and they all have to be claimed ONE BY ONE. Whoever designed this should be fired.

  22. Yugen Mix says:

    Worst game ever. I wanted to change my character because I clicked on the wrong server. I only had the game for 1 min, and they block my IP. Can’t give this a 5 star rating since they want to bann people who deletes their account and try to open a new one.

  23. Trevor Eddy says:

    Good looking idle game but horrible optimization. Every single button and menu has a 1-3 second page making it unplayable

  24. Iperkill TNT says:

    game crash for no reason everytime I try to play it, hit me up when u fix the game

  25. Bagus Budi says:

    “Loading Regions” takes time too long and sometime stuck when open menu in game. please add option *Hide all player* or graphic setting

  26. Matthew Torres says:

    Can’t even login. Goes to loading regions and then fails to login over and over

  27. Ryan Lowry says:

    Cute lil game. Likes to crash about once every hour or so. During updates, which I’m assuming is happening as I write this, it would be helpful to put up a message at the title screen informing players of the update. Right now, it appears to just crash before anything even load. This can lead to misunderstandings which can lead to complaints and uninstalls.

  28. Eric No says:

    Was trying to make a new character so i deleted account. Now i can’t even use my google play account to make a new character; it just keeps saying “account already deleted”

  29. Cecelia Lynn says:

    for some reason i cannot go any further from title screen. it keeps saying “connect…”

  30. Davis baldwin says:

    Game crashes a lot. Even on a recent model like the Flip 4.

  31. Seraphin Eveles says:

    Game wont even launch on my device. It only immediately crashes.

  32. theFlyingKambing says:

    I can’t create new account i just created one recently. And decided to have a fresh start to facilitate my resources to its full potential. It’s a good game yet i can’t play anymore. It says ip address already created an account. I just wanted a fresh new start!

  33. marco taylos says:

    Up until the last update couple of days ago all was fine, Game was fun with plenty to do, now all i get is a black screen, loads up until it says Entering kingdom, then boom… gone.. 4 stars up until then. for such a ridiculous issue 2 stars, to many companies do this, update and breaks game!

  34. Jec says:

    After deleting my account, when i reload my game and will start new game. It wont let me in also in my other devices, its says that the ip address is already created an account.. so how cn this be fix? So the game is suppose to be one game account per house hahaha so my brothers cant play coz im already playing?

  35. Dylan Peek says:

    Every time I open the game I just get black screened I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times and still nothing or it just crashes

  36. MaddameBePimpin says:

    Can’t even play the game. All it do is crash.

  37. A A says:

    Fun game but after new update it doesn’t turn on. The game crashes as soon as it transitions into the “entering region” Loading message

  38. Jimmy C says:

    Pretty Fun grinding game. I only bought the Ad removal pack and the experience is pretty good. I heard its heavy P2W after Lv.60000. We’ll see if my review changes once I hit that

  39. Marcus Mitchell says:

    Awesome I like idle games and I come back a little stronger each time

  40. Codi Burroughs says:

    Obviously a ripoff of Naruto. Very scummy. I only downloaded this to leave this review. Honestly would have put 0 Stars if i could. Very dissapointed.

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