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Create the biggest gym franchise. Become a fitness tycoon!
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March 31, 2021
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Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon – Game Mod Apk

Run your fitness center and develop into a health mogul!

Idle Health Health club Magnate – Recreation Mod Apk

Are you in a position to regulate your fitness center empire?

Idle Health Fitness center Wealthy person – Recreation Mod Apk apk

Get started in a modest position and paintings laborious to make what you are promoting develop. Upload new fitness center apparatus and amplify your premises to incorporate extra health actions.

Idle Health Gymnasium Magnate – Recreation Mod Apk apk mod 2022

Reinforce your weight room, make your Cardio magnificence extra horny, rent and advertise coaches, or invite celebrities in your gymnasium.

Idle Health Health club Rich person – Sport Mod Apk apk mod new

Take the lead in Pilates, Spinning, Yoga, or Zumba classes. Be offering the most efficient coaching in Karate, Boxing, Judo, and Crossfit. Create areas for bodybuilding and weight lifting and set up a couple of treadmills and elliptical running shoes. It’s good to even teach your rowing methodology, keep an eye on your stamina, or plan your subsequent championships.

Idle Health Health club Wealthy person – Recreation Mod Apk mod apk

Construct new areas to do new sports activities, organize your empire properly, and turn out to be a health multi-millionaire. Improve your amenities to make your consumers glad. Their comments will assist you to develop!

Idle Health Health club Wealthy person – Sport Mod Apk apk mod

Take other expansion methods to run the most efficient health club on the earth! Renovate your fitness center, rent well-known athletes to provide status to what you are promoting, or draw in well-known folks to exercise on your gymnasium.

Idle Health Gymnasium Rich person – Sport Mod Apk unencumber

Make investments your cash strategically! Strengthen your premises! Be offering new health services and products! Rent elite sportspeople and get sponsorships to make your health empire even larger!

Be the most efficient fitness center rich person and make your consumers revel in other sports activities and health actions., Make their enjoy relaxed decreasing ready instances, fortify your apparatus, advertise your coaches, enhance sports activities rooms, and convey celebrities to extend your gym’s popularity via profitable championships and competitions.
Develop thank you for your smart control: both make stronger your locker room for shoppers who come from paintings and wish to alternate garments or magnify your motorcycle parking, so sporty purchasers would arrive biking in sports clothing.
Should you like control and idle video games, you’ll experience Idle Fitness center Wealthy person! An informal easy-to-play sport the place strategic choices should be taken to develop a health industry with successful effects. Support your gymnasium empire ranging from a small and modest position and free up visual growth for your premises. Change into your business into the most productive gymnasium on this planet and turn out to be horny to sports activities celebrities!


40 comments on "Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon – Game Mod Apk"

  1. Emerson Orabel says:

    Absolutely amazing game, ads are completely optional but are worth taking, i have never once been bored. Normally i dread the prestige function but in this game its simply cool to see a new island and you dont have to spend much time getting to where you were. Every upgrade is obtainable and quests guide you in the right direction. Super excited for more updates and a new game! For your next game i would really like to see a auto dealership tycoon amd you start with a low value “fake” brand and

  2. Andreis Zanda says:

    I’m easily addicted to these slow growing games but I’d like an option to completely start over. I logged out of Google Play, and tried “restore purchases” Thinking that would do it but it doesn’t work that way. Lol. When my progress slows I like to delete and restart and see what I can do differently so if there’s a way to erase my progress please let me know!

  3. Johnna Dorinda says:

    The game is good, bright colorful background and characters, music is very nice. Biggest problem is the game relies on ads way too much to get any progress done. Most investment is best to pay $11 for the manager so you don’t have the 10 hour restrictions to earn money. Found some bugs where the instructors don’t show up so cycle and fxp rooms don’t activate. Plus in level 3 building the third empty room clips with the outdoor ground so hopefully will be fixed. Overall it is an okay game.

  4. Iahn Harleen says:

    Has potential! Really wanted to see this quirky game become the next Cash, Inc. It’s really cute. However, the difficulty ramps up quickly, making it impossible to progress without endless grinding past the boxing. Also it’s unclear what the elite trainers are for, and why we should train them. The rewards don’t scale well. The cost for upping offline collection from 2 hours to 8 is alarmingly high, and can’t be earned with gems. As soon as I realized I couldn’t progress, it lost playability.

  5. Sunngifu Maryan says:

    A really good game! It doesn’t force any ads at you or force you to watch ads so i don’t know what you one star reviewers talking about but you need to stop hating on a game that just came out and they’re still updating it. Overall a good tycoon and I love the graphics and the people and the machines look really good. Thank you for this awesome game!

  6. Joycelyn Cassi says:

    It was fun while it lasted. I achieved everything it asked in about 5 days. Now theres nothing left for me to do apart from wait for money to build up, but I am at a point where new equipment is too expensive to save up for or upgrade. My athletes won gold which gave me an award for my earnings to be tripled, plus I watched ads to gain an earnings double on top, and the earnings still dont seem to make a dent in getting a 3rd leg exercise machine. So I give up. Might check back in a few months.

  7. Dyllon Teddington says:

    Would be a good game but unlike other Idle games the servers always seem to have issues loading the game, ads etc or it just freezes up. Very annoying when you lose your progress because of what I’m assuming is server load and you can’t report the issue after it’s happened. I’ve gamed for years and it feels as though it’s still in Alpha testing stages with bugs and was released live. May play more when that’s sorted out. Bit of a joke at the moment and certainly won’t spend real world cash yet.

  8. Jenifer Loreta says:

    In the beginning it’s fun, but not to long into the game you have to watch ad after ad to make money to upgrade machines or add on. Also the money system is rediculous; for example, my customers in the game are currently paying 30 BILLION dollars to get into the gym. I gave two stars because it was entertaining for several days, but it becomes mind numbingly boring, and even with wathing all the ads, you don’t make enough to upgrade.

  9. Eallison Jerrell says:

    While I love Idle Theme Park Tycoon, this doesn’t reach the “bar”. After upgrading the gym to the fitness gallery the progress stagnates significantly. Unless you repeatedly open the app every two hours without spending money, there is no way to progress. Everything getzt too expensive while not making enough money to make significant changes to the gym. Unfortunate, but I’ll stick to Idle Theme Park.

  10. Lilian Abbigail says:

    I put 2 stars as it is a very fun addictive game. BUT hate the fact you have to pay real money to upgrade your offline time. $17.99 is WAY WAY to much and I get it’s a one off payment. But seriously need to rethink that idea. I would pay if only $1.99 or $3.99 that all the other games charge but not paying $17.99 for a small upgrade like that. IDEA… we use the game earnings to buy the 2x upgrade. Game is to expensive to progress in the game.

  11. Kadienne Audie says:

    Interesting game so far. Follows the idle game model (obviously). Easy to build up quick but not sure where it will level off to requiring money to progress at this pace as I’ve only been playing a few hours. Only annoying thing so far has been the repeated requests for a review when I haven’t had much play time for the game. Will update later if my opinions change.

  12. Ryleigh Latimer says:

    Your pretty standard idle game. But it’s one of the best I’ve played so far. Everything is good, but design of the equipments stop changing after a certain level (not max). Hope to see it keep changing until the max level and it would be great if you guys could make the coaches for each equipments roam around the areas.

  13. Aldrin Aprille says:

    Pretty fun game with lots of potential and a great all round aesthetic. Ads aren’t forced upon you or necessary to watch but they will make it a lot easier. My main issue is that after every 2 exercises bought you have to renovate the gym and start again. This gets very tedious after the 3rd or 4th time. Would be nice if we could restart from a certain point.

  14. Jarrod Audris says:

    The graphics are cute and the the gym functionality is entertaining. I found the gameplay to be stilted and a little disappointing. There are no bad decisions to make and often times there is nothing to do but watch an add to try and speed up progress. I can’t really recommend the game as there are other economy/cookie clicker based games offering better gameplay.

  15. Clement Steva says:

    Had great potential but doesn’t keep engagement. It was addicting at first when you can upgrade, but being forced to watch ads to get bonuses is lame or paying $10.99 for no ads! Once you hit the higher levels, upgrading starts to slow down unless you spend real money. I am confused as to how i can upgrade certain things when the requirement is “a jillion” faux dollars. As it gets harder to upgrade and you max out the gym upgrades, there’s really no reason to play this game after that.

  16. Kayli Kelven says:

    I really like this app. You can tell that alot of creativity went into the development of it, there is one thing I wish that made the game more desirable though. I can tell the science behind making profits as the make it strictly from in-game purchases and ad promotions but, I wish they didnt spam the option as I get annoyed by it sometimes. Other than the one complaint, great game.

  17. Crosley Tammi says:

    It’s a fun concept, but the progress is too slow for my taste. Once you hit the trillions it takes a while to make progress. It doesn’t help that you only get money for 2 hours of time away before it cuts you off, and you have to spend $10.99! to increase it to 10 hours. Unless you spend more on the app than is actually reasonable for the purchase it’s slow going. The ads also stopped rewarding me for watching randomly, even after restarting the app. So that didn’t help…

  18. Brandelyn Hid says:

    Great at first. If you are one that buys the no add and manager, you complete the game in less than a day (at least to where it is possible to renovate). Impossible to make any progress. Even after buying content, rewards little $ over ten hours. Winter event disappeared giving nothing for progress but it was the same way. Restarting it made no difference despite the supposed extra from the snowflakes. Avoid this brand of games if you are one that tends to spend real $$ on these. It’s a waste.

  19. Chris Trinity says:

    This game is sort of fun at first but quickly becomes “Idle Ad Tycoon”. Virtually everything you do kicks off a 30 second ad and it’s basically a requirement to accomplish anything with much speed. You can disable them for $11 but I cant justify spending that kind of money just to experience the game in its default form. Purchases should enhance your experience not be a requirement.

  20. Jeovana Ord says:

    I picked to rate this game 5 stars because in my opinion it is super addictive with all the different upgrades and upgrading to new gyms. It also helps with the man in yellow with bonus money or diamonds. If you want more money you can buy them with the diamonds when you finish your quests and gain them. Best game I’ve ever played! Love it so much!

  21. Kathleen Camellia says:

    Graphics and gameplay is awesome. However, as your level get higher, the price of improvement increases ridiculously. Also, after playing for a few hours, it asked the player to upgrade to higher level gym (Urban gym), and guess what: all upgrade and improvement achieved through the last few hours just has gone! The game started from the beginning with a new type of gym, that’s all. And I guess it would continue doing that whenever you upgrade your gym. Feel like a waste of time.

  22. Jody Leea says:

    It’s okay, very much a game where you spend 30 sec actively upgrading, then leave it for 2 hours to earn money. Very ad-heavy and the paid upgrades are super expensive. I don’t mind paying $3-4 to remove ads, but not $10+. Also, wish it was possible to upgrade more than one level at a time – super annoying to have to tap 100 times, especially after a recent renovation. Maybe a 10x button? Or a ‘Max’ which allows the maximum upgrades with the money on hand?

  23. Dob Brilane says:

    Simple fun, but too short for the price. The balance of resources on what to level is trivial, so no real choice or puzzle. The no ads option does remove all ads which I appreciate, but with only that purchase I’ve finished all achievements in 4 days. Leveling things in game advances so quickly you can’t really appreciate the art for the in-between milestones. If I was watching ads, there are ~25 per day, plus many available each hour.

  24. Fenwick Abergavenny says:

    This game is amazing! The progression takes a while sometimes, but you really do need to think about what you should spend your money on and what’s the best option. It gives you something to do when you’re bored, and makes you feel accomplished when you reach the final renovation and it says you’ve completed all the tasks. It doesn’t make you watch ads unless you want 11-14 extra customers or a instant workout, or for the dude who has great money offers. I highly recommend this game, great job!

  25. Farin Rally says:

    I really like this game (and the other idle apps by this brand). However you have to watch a lot of ads to get anywhere. I honestly am willing to pay a few dollars to not ever have ads, but 11 dollars is too much. Especially when there are only a certain number of gyms and then game play is essentially over. If there were an infinite number of gyms, maybe. Once you get to the last one it’s really pointless to keep playing so the ads are irrelevant.

  26. Valen Joline says:

    This game was left unfinished. About a couple weeks until the next renovation is forever in development, the next locker upgrade costs “A JILLION”, and none of the machines have any meaningful upgraded left – that’s without any money or ad-watching, and checking in only a couple times a day. I imagine someone who actually spent money on this might hit the “we stopped development” point in half a week. Also, before the latest patch, they straight up forgot to have any strength-related events.

  27. Taryn McCleary says:

    Still waiting for an update. They pump out new games super quick but dont add new maps to the old games, it’s really annoying. It’s not worth spending any money on their games since you can only use the benefit for a very short time. Need an update please!!! Great time killer, I bought the no ads pack, well worth it. I wish they had that option in all their games.

  28. The Streets says:

    I gave it five stars because the game is great. I can’t really complain at all. The different workout machines/exercises all have unique animations, the music is pretty good, and the graphics are good too. You also have free ads that help you with everything aswell. Can’t wait to complete it 👍

  29. zaphodtwo beeble says:

    A lot of fun until you do the final renovation and unlock the last piece of equipment, then there’s little point to play. The game needs more content, regardless of wether that’s seasonal events, like the winter sports event, or more upgrades to the main gym, but this way you reach a point where it no longer makes any sense to play. Unlike games like Egg.Inc where there is no ceiling and you can play forever if you like, this game maybe has about 20 hours of playtime until you’re done.

  30. Peyton Birch says:

    Let me start with the ads. Yes, there are a lot of ads (most of which are optional). But the developers gotta make money somehow. Besides, the ads are extremely short. I’m talking less than 30 seconds can make you $10,000,000 in this game. I really like the way this game placed and used its ads. The game itself is a good time-killer and is overall really good. I highly recommend this tycoon. The only thing that could make this better is having more than 3 missions at a time. Maybe 5? Great game!

  31. Salaveria Ma. Princes Olive Rose A. says:

    I intalled this game yesterday and did some renovation,upgrades,watched ads. My problem is that it is expensive to improve the gym equipments and it gets boring because all I did was upgrade, then wait for the money to grow the close the game. It makes me lose interest in playing the game. In my case, I say it is fun from the very beginning but overtime it gets boring :>

  32. London Barter says:

    This is a really good game with no ads except if you need more money which is optional. But I have one problem is that the game goes by really quickly and its hard to get more upgrades once you reach a certain level and its just not that fun when that happens but other than that a very great game I really love it and I really think that if you like idle games that you’d like it as well.

  33. King Paper Chaser says:

    Compared to a lot of these style games its actually really good. The ads tend be a bit on the longer side but are totally optional and not force opened. My main complaint is the game is basically unfinished and hasn’t received any updates in over a year. Once you have made it far enough to open the spa area to 4 pieces of equipment you’ve basically beaten the game as of 02/06/22. All missions completed and further upgrades have the made up value a kajillion. Took maybe 2 weeks.

  34. Brage Wikmark says:

    A very fun and well made game, with a nicer interface and experience than most other mobile games I’ve played before. However, getting past the later gyms solely relies on using the VIP function which can become very repetitive. Even with the no ads purchase, which is personally overpriced as it seems almost needed in the short term, the game still plays slow towards the end. Would love to see some further development as I’ve completed all gyms and my purchase feels redundant.

  35. Katie Taylor says:

    Generally a good, fun idle game. But three stars because there’s a discrepancy in the stamina. Once you fully upgrade your stations, the decrease in stamina outweighs the gain. Once they hit swimming, they just leave since they don’t have enough stamina for the next one, and they won’t go eat at the next place to replenish. Also, for the last guy at the beach gym, in trying to reach the 3 stars, if he weighs in at less than 100 on the first weigh in, he’ll just leave. Some kind of glitch there.

  36. Sharon Lee says:

    Hello! I came to give my thank-yous for this game. I could upgrade the existing facilities to earn more per minute to then buy more facilities. I appreciate the fact that ads are not forced onto us and that we don’t feel forced to watch ads to upgrade the facilities. There are some parts I didn’t like such as martial arts sports or the guity mouth weight lifting upgrade. Overall, I like the game. Thank you.

  37. AlternativePyxel says:

    I quite like this game as it’s a time killer. The one complaint I have is that at a certain point you don’t have an option to prestige or to do any quests which kinda makes me loose motivation.

  38. Brody Fillmore says:

    Was upgrading the boxing and the game crashed. Upon reopening I realized it won’t load past the start up screen and then crashes. I was enjoying the game but there’s a bug that makes it impossible to play..

  39. Kate Clingan says:

    This app is amazing at first but can be addictive so there comes a point where everything becomes expensive and you cant progress further. It needs like a prestige button or somthing to allow you to continue playing after a while but still an awesome time waster.

  40. Tara Black says:

    Really liked it. Decided to purchase the pass (I know but I don’t purchase many games) then to figure out there are a limited number of upgrades and I’ve played through already. And once you get there, missions end too. So really sad at this point 🙁 was hoping more would be added but I think they are done with it…

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