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Why did the chicken cross the road? To play Idle Farming Empire! 🐔
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October 19, 2022
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Idle Farming Empire Mod Apk

Grow and automate probably the most winning farming empire of all time!
Make sensible investments into all kinds of whacky plants and animals and also you’ll earn hundreds of thousands very quickly. Are you able to construct essentially the most winning farming trade within the universe? 💰 🐷 🐔 🍒 💰

Idle Farming Empire Mod Apk apk

OPTIONS ✓ AUTOMATE your farm and earn steadily whilst you’re away to get wealthy ✓ ACQUIRE loads of cool plants and animals, every with their very own taste ✓ CLIMATE REGULATE – Building up manufacturing by means of powering up the solar and making it rain in your farm
✓ STATUS through taking your vegetation to marketplace in go back for magical seeds
✓ MAKE INVESTMENTS CORRECTLY with good selections on when to improve, harvest or earn idle income ✓ PLAY ANYPLACE! – Loose to play on-line or offline, no connection required.

Idle Farming Empire Mod Apk liberate

💸 💸 Grow to be the best, richest and maximum humble farmer within the universe! 💸 💸

Idle Farming Empire Mod Apk mod apk

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Idle Farming Empire Mod Apk apk mod

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Idle Farming Empire Mod Apk

🐣 😻 Love from the Idle Farming Empire Staff, Helsinki 😻 🐣


40 comments on "Idle Farming Empire Mod Apk"

  1. Gwendelyn Darleen says:

    This game works decently well most of the time with major improvements over the facebook version of the app. Has taken up a decent portion of my time. However lately there have been a bunch of major changes and introduction of some bugs that have made it through testing. The main bug is the sun not allowing you to collect 4x for the 20sec after you watch the advertisement. Please do more testing before software releases to catch these bugs.

  2. Brickelle Forrest says:

    First of all, this game is great. Awesome to pass the time. Cute crop ideas too. Only set back is a bug that happens using the sun. When I watch the ad for the sun to give x2 profit boosters, when I come back the booster is done and I get nothing. If you could fix the time trigger to start after the ad, that would be great.

  3. Raychell Liora says:

    Game itself is very similar to other idle type games. It’s just a silly way to pass the time. As with all of them if you don’t want to watch the ad you can exit and just not receive the award. Except one ad type is different. There are 2 versions of it, both anti-abortion. I find this highly inappropriate placement and offensive. It could be very upsetting to some and the fact that the only way to get out of it is to exit the game and manually close the game is just unbelievable to me.

  4. Remy Darron says:

    (I only have one issue! If you don’t have a Facebook account, then you can’t save. Could you add Google sign in or something? Thx!) 💜💜 This is a truly amazing game. Great controls, the ads are well placed, and the upgrades are decent. There aren’t too many ads like everyone says; no ads are shoved in your face, ever. You have to click a “watch an ad to get ___” usually it’s 2x profits. So yeah. 5 stars! Definitely suggest getting it to kill your time.

  5. Liesl Mya says:

    Love the game and the new timed events. However, since this last update the ads for the bonus perks won’t play. I’ll get 1 or 2 ads to play then that’s it. Doesn’t matter how good or poor my connection is. Having to close and restart the game in order to hopefully complete events is tiring. This is definitely not the way to convince players to spend actual money.

  6. Aaliah Zabrina says:

    It’s a decent “idle” game. But be prepared for ads.. all the ads. Also, there is a bug that the devs have yet to acknowledge or bother to fix. If you are doing any of the timed events you cannot use the “While you were away” double profit bonus. This makes the events almost impossible to finish unless you are willing to cough up a bunch of $$ If they would fix the issues I would give it a much better rating. Until then though I just can’t give a good rating for this game.

  7. Reigh Westley says:

    I don’t play anymore since they changed the setup. Everything is lumped together into 1 store and it takes too much time to get what I want to get. It’s silly 🙂 lots of ads but you choose when to watch. The latest update gave more options without taking the good stuff away. I’m still figuring this event thing out but I like a little challenge as long as it’s doable.

  8. Julianne Eirlys says:

    Wasn’t bad…until it was. I’ve been playing this game for a while with only a few problems. Lately the ‘double profit’ wouldn’t always show, the farm in space rarely if ever gave double profits, sometimes the sun and cloud wouldn’t show after an ad, often the ads wouldn’t play and I’d have to shut down the game. This time when I went to play, the agreement to accept the privacy policy came up. Then an error message came up, and when I finally got to the game, it had started over from scratch!

  9. Dereck Ffraid says:

    Really good game. Been addicted for months. One thing though, I really wish there was an upgrade to Max in the actual upgrades menu. After each trip to the market (reset) it is very time consuming to have to individually click each upgrade up to the point you’re at. Other than that, absolutely phenomenal.

  10. Boda Cordelia says:

    This is a really good game. It’s incremental and may feel slow to start, but it goes really fast after a while. I honestly play more for the challenges than the normal farm since the actual farm becomes monotonous after a while, but the challenges are fun! Some are too hard to finish, but I still really enjoy this game. Good for time kill and it’s always good for a game to be idle so you dont have to actively watch it to earn.

  11. Elvena Kristin says:

    I played this a lot, almost a year. I unlocked a good bit of the crops that are month exclusives. Got a lot of crops to gold and on their way to platinum or diamond, which ever comes next. Then some stuff happened and i had to factory reset my phone. I thought the cloud stayed up to date, but regretfully it did not. I was knocked back by about a month or two. I quit for a year, come back, and I must say, my only complaint is I don’t understand, or like that my seeds randomly go down.

  12. Milford Jearldine says:

    I want to give this more stars but the glitches in the game during events are so annoying. No ads will work, I cannot get any multipliers or the tractor to leave. It has been going on for days and not only with my game but with someone else’s game as well. I love the game but can’t play it right now because of this glitch. Please fix it!!

  13. Lillian Reid says:

    The event challenges are what save this game. It gets reeeeaaally slow once you reach a certain game level in the main game part, but the challenges keep it interesting. If I could change one thing, I would make the challenges more engaging in the beginning if them so I can log into the game for longer periods of time. But that’s just me. I just don’t think it’s my preferred pace of gameplay.

  14. Marek P says:

    One of best if games in idle category. Graphics are great, game is engaging & entertaining. Doesn’t shovel ads down your throat like other games do. Got to give them credit for that. If you want to take the slow pace it’s your choice, if you want speed things up you can watch the ads. Rewards are fair no matter if you watch or not the ads. One of the fairest games I’ve seen. However, at one point it’ll get boring as all you do is chasing the numbers. After 17th level it really gets boring.

  15. Danielle says:

    I actually deleted this game nearly a year ago. I missed it so much, I had to download it again! I especially enjoy playing it with my 4 year old daughter. Great bonding time with the game play within her attention span. We have great conversations about the different animals & going to market. She LOVES watching the ads and this mama loves the snuggles. Would love to see more variety in the available options for each farm slot. My daughter is so happy when we unlock a new friend!

  16. Cris (xiTzCriZx) says:

    The base island gets boring after a day or two but the events are pretty fun, the ones that take forever to progress not so much, but the quick events that you can prestige quickly are great. The one thing that annoys me is the longest you can do the 2x boost for is 32 hours, I wish it was 48 and each ad gave 6 hours, it’d be the same amount of ads but then I don’t lose out on some profits if I don’t have time to play for one day as I usually play in the evening.

  17. Cassandra Poe says:

    Fun game. Little slow until you get the hang of it. Would be 5 stars, but even after some time on this game now, the crop selection is still pretty limited, so it gets kinda boring. Other than that, like the graphics, easy to use, really enjoy the events where u get to farm in other environments other than the home farm.

  18. Melissa Graves says:

    2022 update: please switch over to syncing with Google playstore for the Android version. I can’t log into Facebook anymore, and everytime I try to make any sort of progress, my app crashes around the time I reach level 13 and I lose everything and have to start over. It’s getting frustrating. I’ll probably stop playing, which sucks because I love the game a lot.

  19. Tara Erickson says:

    Needs major bug fixes! I will re-rate this once everything gets fixed, at the very LEAST the major stuff! Idk how long it’s been since I’ve been able to log into Facebook and send gifts to friends! I’ve emailed the support team and all I get is told they are aware of the situation. Here in the last couple days when I try to play adds I’m given dud adds where I have to force close the app and re-open it to harvest, use the sun or activate or extend my cloud. There’s more but I can’t type anymore

  20. Devin Nielsen says:

    It’s OK. The devs really don’t care anymore, and it shows. You can’t log into Facebook to save your progress. There is the can’t claim the while you were away thing. It’s really a shame, this game has good potential. Edit: Two updates, some fixes, but still not able to save progress, or get your login bonus money.

  21. Katie Ray says:

    Love this game! I played on my tablet but I like it so much I had to get it on my phone too. I like everything about it. Very easy to play and understand. Please continue to add levels and content. Great game!

  22. Gemstone Reynolds says:

    I don’t know what bugs got fixed. However, I’m watching ads for nothing. I tried getting sun bonus and feeding chicadees and the app closes. I will not be wasting anymore of my time

  23. Bittersoet Afrikaans says:

    Love it. Still playing this game since my last review, and very much dedicated to my process. As a game designer I appreciate the usability and learnability of the game. The UI feels clean and fitting and I love the overall look and feel of everything. However I’m starting to run out of challenges and game content to explore. I would really love some new collectables or a new environment to be able to play in. The map feels big enough to fit more places, for now it just looks empty.

  24. Georgia Webb says:

    It’s ok but most of the ads don’t show and that stops progress in the game, can’t harvest most of time on timed areas.

  25. Marcus Snowberger says:

    What is going on with this game? I have been playing this game for years. Once I updated this games it takes a very long time for the sun’s it’s been hours and still no sun prophet. I will use my blue coins for double the prophet and I’ll lose that half way though a game. Very frustrating please fix or I will delete this app. I have notice I am not playing this game as often because of these issues.

  26. Araya Loftin says:

    I loved this game. Until I couldn’t connect to Facebook to save anything and then the game kept randomly shutting down almost every time I watched an ad. The away bonus only shows up part of the time. I really want to like this game and play it, but the bugs make it impossible now. Please fix the bugs and make it so we can connect to something to save our progress.

  27. Katelyn Dopp says:

    The game has really gone downhill since I started playing 2 years ago. I would either like all my money back or my progress back.

  28. Christina Stein says:

    I love the game. The only part I don’t like is having to watch an ad everytime I want to double my coins. And yes I know about the option.

  29. jaydenXm 2014rettig says:

    A good game, I like how simple it is and Its entertaining to play. I play a hour a day and I am a high level! I cant wait to start a new tycoon and This was fun to play for awhile.

  30. Evan says:

    Fun for 1 day. But that’s it. Money grab. The game becomes pointless quickly because every new crop you unlock makes 100x more than the last. So your choices don’t matter and all you do is farm the newest crop because it makes 100T instead of 1T like the one before it. Could be fun if the other crops actually made a difference too but nope.

  31. Break Down says:

    Great game but the problem is i see ads to speed up things The problem is i don’t get Ad rewards. I thought it might be a bug Repeat watching ads bt still didn’t got any reward

  32. hazel mitchell says:

    It’s now been over a year since my many friends disappeared overnight I have played this game every day since it first started, It got to the point a few months ago when I stopped coming into the game to see if my friends had reappeared but no such luck and now lo and behold I can’t even save my progress so I am gone.

  33. Jamie Johns says:

    Was getting on with game but now disappointed because adverts won’t load and you definitely can’t get out of them this needs fixing as it’s disappointing . It’s a good game but the adverts are so annoying when they don’t load at all..

  34. AnTi Mythic says:

    I bought I a package for 2.99$ but my game crashed and I lost it I want my platinum banana crop and my 12 shoe boxes from the daily reward purchase

  35. Alexis Creager says:

    I’ve been playing this game for years. My phone restarted and deleted my progress and signed me out of my account. I can’t connect to fb to get my progress back (level 60/61) so I’m forced to start all over and miss out on all the extra cards I had collected. I’m very disappointed.

  36. Aiden Cook says:

    Good game recommendations to people as its addictive and no ads if you choose. Have a farmtastic day!!!

  37. Jeff Harper says:

    I really love this game, only thing is I wish I could back up and synch my game data somehow. I change phones once in a while and have to redownload the game and start all over from the beginning.

  38. Eli F. says:

    I’ve had this game for over a year. In the past month, this is the 3rd time it’s completely reset all of my progress. I have to start from 0 again, and you can’t save your progress anymore which is incredibly infuriating. This game used to be one of my all-time favorites, but it’s just not worth playing anymore.

  39. Teri Doherty says:

    Love playing this game. Like doing the little challenges, it’s a great way for me to unstress while I’m on break at work.

  40. patrick blake says:

    💜💐I’ve had this game in the past but it kept on locking and freezing and it’s true you can’t save or retrieve your progress uninstalling yet again💐💜

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