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Renovate the house and rent it to your clients!
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April 6, 2022
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Home Designer & Makeover Game Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Renovate previous houses to present a whole makeover and hire it to for best greenback! Are living the lifetime of an actual property magnate and internal decorator on this latest house design sport. Grow to be the previous properties, and as a substitute of flipping them, hire them out for money-flushed purchasers.

House Fashion designer & Makeover Recreation Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod


House Fashion designer & Makeover Sport Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

*Unique gameplay: now you were given the risk to embellish & renovate with no need to play fit Three puzzle recreation. You’ll be able to center of attention simply on house designs..
*Interior designing: Make a decision what where will seem like.
*Variety of rooms: We’ve ready lots of visually-stunning 3-dimensional areas so that you can design & adorn.
*Aesthetic furnishings: Choose between decor pieces and furnishings impressed through Pinterest, Ashley, and Ikea. Acquire inspiration and know about other inside design kinds.
*Boost your creativity via taking part in with other house decor types, specific your creativity and give a boost to your design abilities.
*Engaging tales: hire homes for shoppers with distinctive personalities and find out about their superb tales.
*Frequent, contemporary and loose content material updates with new inner and external design demanding situations, ground plans, outside gardens, landscaping, seasonal pieces and extra!

House Fashion designer & Makeover Recreation Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* release

House Dressmaker: Space Makeover Recreation is unfastened to play, even though some in-game pieces can be bought for actual cash. Playing Space Makeover? Sign up for our colourful house design group on:

House Dressmaker & Makeover Recreation Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

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*Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/purplecowstudio_cookapps/


40 comments on "Home Designer & Makeover Game Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Rebecca Gravelle says:

    Well this is a different way to play a decorating game. I love it. No pressure playing a game board over and over again. Some boards are so difficult that I have played them for hours. That is not fun. So I delete the game out of frustration. Thanks for the calming why to play the games I really like.

  2. V says:

    Love that you do not have to play a match game (or any other game). I do wish you didn’t have to watch so many advertisments. But in saying that, I’ve played other games (and deleted them soon after) because after playing a match 3 game, you still had to watch an advertisement before redecorating. I do like that you earn a little money just by collecting rent. Overall, I have been quite happy with this game so far.

  3. J-Boy MacG says:

    I love the fact that I don’t have to play games to advance, but I have to watch an ad just to add a plant to a room? Come on! It’s frustrating. I’m hoping once I start collecting rent from enough tenants I will be able to watch fewer ads. We’ll see. If not, I’ll be uninstalling. If so I’ll upgrade to 5 stars. Thanks

  4. Cathy Shaw says:

    The only reason for 4 instead of 5 is because I’ve only played once and I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. Not sure where it will go from here but the first go-around was a stylish, up-to-date room with very tasteful choices. And I LOVED how they supplied enough $ to get you all the way through that first design! Does anyone hear the whistle of a shoe falling?…

  5. Dana Freeman says:

    A little different than what I expected. You don’t have to play a game to get money to fix up the house but it only lasts for a few moments then you need to wait five hours to get more. Some of the items are a bit pricey but you don’t really have a choice other than colour. Some other options would be nice. Only a 3* due to the lack of choice and it really doesn’t hold my interest sorry.

  6. Michelle Haberman says:

    Seriously? You get to renovate one and a half rooms and then you are supposed to either watch ad upon ad, or sit and wait for enough coins to finish the second room. If I wanted to watch stupid commercials, I’d turn on the TV. Probably the lamest game I’ve downloaded and this isn’t even a game. It is however a money generator for lazy game developers that thought they’d throw something out there and hope people fall for it.

  7. Celestia Lunae says:

    Its different from the other design games I have played so far. Its a good game so far, but my only problem is the constant “here watch this ad for more coin to spend.” Or wait a certain of time for maybe like 3k for your first 2 places done. I do like this game but there just needs to be something else added for the money we spend for the designs.

  8. Kaytlin Riley says:

    The only reason I’m giving this game a 4 instead of a 5 is because if I switch phones I’ll lose all my progress. I have tried numerous times to connect the game to my Facebook which would save my progress on any device I have the game downloaded on but it always fails. Sadly if I ever switch phones I won’t continue playing this game because I don’t want to have to start all over at level 1.

  9. Gjenevieve Desaulniers says:

    Mistakes. The Susan and Darren story has the first 2 people that start the game throughout the whole first part. A lot of the dialogue in the game makes no sense. Poor grammar and comments that just are not correct. Otherwise, it’s a fun game. Good graphics. Interesting stories even if not written properly.

  10. KP says:

    I really like this game. I play every day. I love the fact that’s it’s JUST a decorating game and you don’t have to play any stupid match 3 mini games where they make you finish levels just to decorate one item! The only thing is you basically have to watch ads to get more coins to decorate, which is honestly fine with me. I gave 4 stars because the English is pretty bad. You can tell English is definitely NOT their 1st language lol. But it’s ok, there’s not really a story line to follow anyway

  11. Shelly Basco says:

    Fun game to play! The graphics are amazing and realistic Alot of different styles of decor to choose from and alot to decorate All you have to do is watch some ads to earn coins to decorate no playing difficult match three games I’m glad I installed this!

  12. isabella says:

    This game is amazing. You should give it a go! Some people might not like it because most times you need to watch a add to get coins to decorate the room, but is no drama for me. This is defiently a 5 rated star game and you start of with heaps of coins. Other like other games like this, you need to play candy crush which may take some time and failier for people!

  13. Sora says:

    I like how the game doesn’t have mini games just so you can decorate. This game is very fun, just like the ratings say. The storyline gets kinda annoying because whenever you are done decorating an object, you have to read a part of the story. You also have to watch a ton of ads to redeem coins so you can continue upgrading, and you have to wait 3+ hours to upgrade a new room/house. Other than that, I think it’s very fun.

  14. Zombie Stalker says:

    This app has great design opportunities. I like the various options for designing. Unfortunately, the storyline and characters are too flimsy and cartoon-ish for the app. Also, I miss the ability or chances to earn more coins to continue play. Watching videos are great, but waiting 5 hours for rent seems rather long for such a good prospect like this app. I think people would play and spend more if they could play longer and faster than in 5 hours of collecting rent.

  15. Iram Mirza says:

    This game is amazing!!! It deserves 5 stars as it doesn’t have those mini games between them which i hate! I love playing this game I love to decorate different part of the houses and its different from the other game because it have a lot of challenges.

  16. Audrey Cortez says:

    This game is so fun and addicting! I refuse to spend money on the game so I repeatedly watch ads until I have enough to pay for the entire room. It’s a little annoying but so worth it bc I love choosing everything from the floors to the finishing touches. It’s a great game and one of my faves. I only wish there could be more than three possible decorating options to choose from to mix things up a bit more and to be more creative.

  17. Janet Clark says:

    The decorating is really fun, can be addicting. However, as you reach the higher levels the decor is more “expensive” you end up watching more videos and doing less decorating.

  18. Stephanie Herrle says:

    I enjoyed this game a lot, however, while trying to watch ads to earn more coin, the ads wouldn’t play. An error message would appear that read that “some ads won’t play”. In order to exit the message, you have to exit out of the entire app and then reopen. This has now happened 5-6 times in the last 24 hours and, as much as I enjoy the game, I’m going to have to uninstall. I’ll try another time to see if this is fixed because it is fun and I don’t even mind watching the ads to earn coin.

  19. Margarita Voell says:

    I started with a new house, but every detail I choose disappears once I tap through the text – but it’s taking my coins! It also says the house and the next one are complete when the one I started on doesn’t even let me keep one of the 3 choices! What’s going on? (I did close & reopen the game twice.)

  20. Liz Feliciano says:

    It was working just fine until recently. The rooms would say complete when i didn’t. I tap a selection and it disappears taking coins! I cleared my cache, uninstalled and reinstalled, restarted my phone. Tried with 5g wifi. Tried mobile 4g. To no avail. Please fix! The game is great i would have given it 5 stars but this glitch is a problem

  21. Shari Snider says:

    I LOVE being able to just decorate without the constant interruption of match games to be able to continue. I’ve tried several games and most get deleted within a week. You’re definitely on the right track,in my opinion. More variety would be fantastic and I hope to see it in the future.

  22. Sherri McBride says:

    Best decorating game, no puzzles to solve, no block games. Just watch ads to earn points. It would be nice to earn more money after you complete rooms. There are some adds that never load and the only way to get rid of them is to close and restart the app. Most of the time you have to do this several times in a row, it’s very frustrating.

  23. Elaine Washington says:

    I had a good time decorating the first room! I earned a large amount of money right at the start of the game! I was able to design the room immediately. That was a lot of fun. The choices of furnishings were beautiful and up to date stylish. There wasn’t any stressful game to beat before decorating .😒 A Five Star Game!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐THANK YOU FOR A FUN GAME!😊

  24. Andrea Hughes says:

    If I have to pick items with no clue of what else is going to appear in the later selections, it is no fun and rather stupid. In the real world I would either be able to choose most items together in the beginning, be able to change my mind as it progressed or have more choices towards the end. I enjoy trying to really make a room or a house over and find this version ridiculous…so no more makeover games…am uninstalling.

  25. Ihezuo joy says:

    Superb designer game ever.great graphics and easy to play and even better without puzzles and match 3 but sometimes reward are lost even after you have watched ads till the end and it’s irritating and annoying when rewards are lost. But it’s still the BEST; that’s why I rate it 5 star.

  26. Cat Homlish says:

    It’s a pretty good game. It’s an idle type game tho, so if you’re expecting to move quickly, you’ll be very disappointed. It’s not that type of game. The only thing that I really dislike is how challenging it is to change your mind on your choices. The items are layered in a way that often makes in difficult to choose a different style. So you effectively have to pick a decor and stick to it. I wish there was an easier way to select the item I want to choose, and then change it.

  27. Kallie explains How to says:

    This game is really fun and I love it! But I only gave it three starts because you can’t play puzzles, games, or word searches. Instead, you have to watch long adds to get money. Also, I did finished two rooms, then I had to wait 4 hours for the next.

  28. Crystal Smith says:

    Promising, but…. When I strarted the game, it was enjoyable! I didn’t mind the ads, just as long as I didn’t have to pay. Then…once I’ve completed like over 15 designs, it got increasingly more difficult to change a design area. Then, it got to the point when I couldn’t make any changes after picking an option. This is EXTREMELY frustrating b/c you can’t see all design areas at upfront and as you go along you have to “coordinate”…if I can’t make changes, I can’t coordinate!

  29. John McMinn says:

    This game is like real business got earn money 💰and then you spend on what you need and everyone is a different person some Rich and some just good people who are trying make dreams happen even if it’s cheap and challenging for each different clients. Thanks for a perfect game. I was hoping for new things to do. But nothing .get back with me if you extend the house and things redecorating. Going to try something else with the space I will have after I Uninstall this game

  30. Disco Kitty says:

    AFTER designing bedroom/living room and patio, even though it’s interesting & fun but you have to keep watching ads to get points. After the 2nd room designed you have to start paying $1.99 per room (Sorry,I’m not).so am uninstalling. do a word spell puzzle/design or something like that. Btw there’s a glitch in your puzzle,you have to be quick to see it. If I’ve already spent $500 for a wall (say) it comes up again later in game

  31. Mandy Worrell says:

    I love it so far. Just hate running out of coins just to finish a project. And have to watch ads just to get coins. It’s kind of a pian but kinda worth it. But I do like seeing the results after. It’s a fun game. 🤗

  32. Dree White says:

    Love this game. I don’t have to play games to make money. All I have to do is watch the ads and decorate. It is so much easier than playing those stupid games to make money. I’m only interested in decorating and this game makes it so easy to decorate. Sometimes you can be on those stupid games for hours before you make enough money to purchase items to decorate. I hate that. This is the best game of all the decorating games.

  33. Omolabake Ojo says:

    I love this game, it’s actually very fun to play, I mean I can design the interior to my own taste and I also like it because I don’t have to play a mini game before I can decorate……… The only reason why I didn’t give it 5 stars is because when my network connection is on the game tend to hang, I guess a little upgrade can be done to adjust that

  34. loretta Champagne says:

    Loving and waiting to see how well it continues to play. Been playing another by these developers and started glitching after many many hours. Seems to be this group as I tried 2 games on 2 devices, same glitches. As of Oct 2022 been dealing with a peculiar glitch on Modern Bedroom with client Skye. Kept having seizing difficulties. I would go in and out of room, back to her kitchen, play a few money making rounds, buy something then glitch again. Went to bed. New day, same probs. Emailed them.

  35. Rosa Pamelia says:

    In the beginning its really enjoyable to choose things and design space area, don’t mind the ads but after few designs i really need to spend time watching ads to collect coins, fun to do in your free time and when you have the patience to watch ads

  36. Christine Ross says:

    Been playing for a long time. Love the game but the last 5 homes I have done are repeats of the ones that I have already done. It shows a different one on the page. Please fix or I will delete it.Up dated NO NEW ONES WAS ADDED. CANT UPDATED TO FACEBOOK

  37. Karen says:

    So far it’s good but I’ve only played 1 game. I do like that you can go back and change a design if you change your mind.It seems like only on the 1st design and pay attention to how much everything cost otherwise you run out of money fast and have to buy more. Up date I have to lower my 5 to a 2 as in the 2nd game I hit the ad button for mor coins and watched it 3 times plus downloaded it and played it. I still couldn’t get the coins so I’m out of here.

  38. Lisa Brown says:

    I like this game. Thanks for the watch and AD and receive coins to help out. We’re both getting rewarded in the end. You’re getting paid for it and I’m receiving satisfaction for my gaming addiction. 👻 As for the first part of this review I still give a five too. Very beautiful interiors

  39. Katina Baker says:

    This game would be a great game, if you could change your options instead when you try it goes to everything else but the thing you want to change. I notice this with all of your design games.

  40. Jacqui Heeremans says:

    Great game as it is rare to find a decor game that isnt a match 3. I will say that watching so many ads is annoying but the reward is a decent amount so its not that bad. A couple times the game has glitched mid ad and you need to close the app and reopen it to fix the bug. Overall, a great game

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