Good Pizza, Great Pizza Apk Download New 2022 Version*

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Sep 14, 2022
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Good Pizza, Great Pizza Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Ever wanted to recognise what it looks like to run your personal Pizza shop? Now you may with TapBlaze’s most up-to-date cooking sport, Good Pizza, Great Pizza! Do your best to meet pizza orders from clients whilst making sufficient cash to preserve your restuarant open. Upgrade your eating place with new toppings, decor and kitchen gadget to compete in opposition to your pizza rival, Alicante!


Featuring Pizza News Network (PNN), the primary newscast about all matters pizza.
Over 100 customers with particular pizza orders and personalities.
Pizza toppings inclusive of pepperoni, sausage, onions, and greater.
Equipment enhancements that will help you come to be the master ovenist.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza unlock

Created by means of pizza making professionals; the game clothier worked in a pizza kitchen for 4 years!

Can you turn out to be the grasp ovenist? Only time and your pizza capabilities will tell!

Download and start pizza making now!

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40 comments on "Good Pizza, Great Pizza Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Kaylee says:

    Fun and addicting game, until you get to the level that adds the garden. The garden harvestables take too long to grow and yield way too little produce. As soon as you harvest the garlic, it’s pretty much gone after one game day (sometimes much less if it’s requested often), but it takes 12 real life hours to grow more. I spend a lot of time watching ads, but I can’t justify spending actual money to purchase advancement in the game.

  2. Kaylee Gore says:

    I have so much fun playing this game. It just gets extremely hard to play after a while. Like it makes me feel like I work in fast food again. Also the bonuses are way too expensive once you get higher level cuz your revenue doesn’t increase enough. Also had to add, the art and characters are fantastic. So is the gameplay it just maybe needs a few changes to make it more enjoyable. ❤️

  3. Avey S says:

    The game is super fun, but I could change anything it would probably be money’s worth. I just think things in the shop should be just a little cheaper. 250 dollars for average item and 8-10 dollars for a pizza, minus the ingredients money- 3-5 dollars and it takes a while to earn that money. But good things are: .I love the events because it makes the game exciting .I love how there is la ton of different topics because it makes every order different .I just love the game

  4. J.K. Young (Anon) says:

    2022 and this game is still as phenomenal as ever. The story has been pleasing from day one, and I hope whoever’s behind this can and will continue to develop even more for the story. Once you finish all the chapters, there isn’t much left to do, but there are special little events from time to time to keep you interested. A free game that is actually, completely free. No overwhelming ads; in-game prices are not unreasonable; items recommended but not required to finish. Spending 100% optional!

  5. Shay Diracas says:

    Game is pretty fun and the storyline is interesting enough to want to keep playing. However, the game becomes significantly less fun once you get to the gardening stage. The produce takes ages to grow and costs too many diamonds to speed up. Used to be able to play this game for hours, now have to stop after just a few in game days to wait 12 hours to get more garlic and tomatoes. This needs adjusting or people will lose interest in continuing. Would be 5 stars if not for this cash grab mechanic

  6. Myka Lynn says:

    I love this game. Wish the days were a little shorter or had a quick play option and I would’ve loved if there was more upgrade options for the beginning levels but that’s just personal preference. Oh and I did notice a typo on one of the levels but that doesn’t take away from it being a really fun game to help pass some time with.

  7. Sierra Lee (BillyWitchDrDotCom) says:

    Super chill. No pop-ups, no waiting for upgrades, options available to watch ads to help with a couple things for efficiency sake, humble pay offers that do not constantly pop up in your face. I always find myself coming back. I haven’t found another game quite like this one – how refreshing. Love the graphics. Love the quirky character dialogue. Love how simple it is. I can’t bring myself to uninstall for years now, just overall great job

  8. Daniel Cochran says:

    A good cooking game for the most part. Putting individual ingredients in is fun and delightful. The game gets challenging as you need to move fast and sometimes have multiple pizzas going at once. But it does get repetitive. And having to guess what some customers want is a dumb mechanic. I wish I didn’t have to wait to play again and watch ads – why isn’t there a premium version available? Edit: in response to the dev, paid versions let you re-install on a new device. IAP versions don’t.

  9. Kanade Yoisaki says:

    This game is amazing. The style is so relaxing, and although you have to finish the day to save, I still love it. Its so nice they never force you to watch Ads. I would play it during school to help calm me when I’m stressed/overwhelmed (it seems stressful once you get delivery at first, but you get the hang of it) I hope they never turn to forcing ads on you! That would ruin it for me… There’s also a nice amount of events to get decorations.

  10. Toast says:

    This game is amazing. It has chapters. CHAPTERS! And multiple story elements that CHANGE depending on YOUR CHOICES! It gets difficult at times, but it’s a game. Games are supposed to be challenging and fun. I can easily afford to buy all the toppings within the times that they’re needed, I can buy additional decorations for attracting customers, (or just for pizzazz,) and I can do everything else that comes with a pizza making simulator! 5 stars, wanna see what comes next game from these devs! ♡

  11. Unknown50567 1 says:

    I really love the new update where you have a garden, but the little garden button on the right side suddenly up and disappeared, so now I just can’t really progress in the game like I’d like to. Really weird. Mostly good game though, minus that bug ig. Edit: The bug was fixed and this has to be one of my favorite games!

  12. Nanny Pakaporn says:

    Best time killer and stress-free game ever. Love that it’s the ads is voluntary. The special events and storyline are interesting and keep you hooked to the game. Keep it up, dev team! *Update: I can now purchase the wooden items. Thank you for fixing the bug. I think it’d be even more awesome if you also have other in-store wooden decorations for us to purchase. Love the new challenge mode. Please add the chilli bean sauce and the new toppings into the regular game mode too. 🙂

  13. MiraculouslyTikki says:

    It is great! The art style is cute, its not overloaded with ads, and its very fun to play. You make your pizza, and the toppings cost your in game money you earn from customers, which is great, you can customize your store and make it your own, and I love it! There’s an ad after every day, but each day is about 10-15 minutes, and the ad is usually either really short or easily skippable. Really great, and i’d rate it 10 stars if I could. 👍

  14. Angel Jullienne Llonado says:

    This game is great. The animation and soundtracks was great too. There are many achievements to unlock, but I have a problem, I can’t find the Log In Button nor the Opt-In Button to have a TapBlaze ID. Is it because of my age? If it is, I’ll just gonna wait until I’m in the right age to have a TapBlaze ID…

  15. Evelyn Kent says:

    This game is a solid 10/10. Challenging, but not so hard, sometimes simple, but not at all easy-! Who knew a cooking game could be so great? The style is incredible, such a smooth animation, and not your standard mobile game. Most are a cash-grab, forceful on ads and pointlessly boring, but this is the opposite! If you are anything like me, you’ll love it! Please Download!

  16. Angelina S. says:

    Fun and addicting. Currently one of my favorite games to play. A great time passer and not a difficult game at all. There are ads but nothing that distracts from the game. I always do the optional ones for gems and managed to get some upgrades here an there. Gem upgrades are not expensive at all.

  17. Stxybroke says:

    i love the aesthetics and the storyboard, it’s also a reading comprehension training for me to improve my understanding in english since it’s not my first language. It’s also relaxing and not-so stressful games like other restaurant games which mainly trains your speed in serving foods, and this one is the best! I can’t wait to see the ending! There’s no reason for me to lower the ratings! If i could get to the end, i hope there’s another part 2 hehe!

  18. loyd 8407 says:

    Absolutely the cutest game I’ve played since 2020. I do have a minor problem though, after playing for 7 real days, the just blacks out when I open it. The only solution I’ve found is reinstalling the game, which doesn’t take much time but as a student with loads of other things to do, it takes some of my time just to check in and make a few pizzas. Overall, 5/5

  19. Bismarck Villafuerte says:

    Good Game, Terrible Microtransactions The game is fun and all, but a lot of times it feels like a competitive game. Makes me want to use an external mouse to play. It also gets hard to move to the other side of the screen without clicking on the toppings once the table gets longer. The prices of the gems is awfully overpriced compared to other games not confined in one area.

  20. Shyla Clay says:

    I mostly enjoy this game. The graphics aren’t hot, but it’s about gameplay, not graphics. The whole bear thing still makes me laugh. Why only 3 stars? When you get to where you’re gardening, the gardens take way too long to grow. You can’t keep enough veggies for customers. I ran out of tomatos 2 game days ago, still almost everyone wants them. There’s no option to say no, or that you’re out of that veggie. I have to refund $5 on almost every pizza I make. Very, very frustrating.

  21. Caylah Corrinn says:

    Very fun! The customers will ask for pizzas in the most ridiculous ways. The missions and people are quite entertaining, totally a game with getting! I do have one suggestion, though, would it be possible to put the tablet somewhere else while you are preparing the pizzas? It gets in the way of the crust, and moving over the pizzas. Either way, still playable, just a bit frustrating at times. Still a great game.

  22. toby says:

    I genuinely am in love with the graphics. And I love the news reports in between days, I just wish there were more of them. I do however have two complaints. I don’t know if it’s just me being bad at the game or what but I just about always mess up an order no matter if I get toppings right or not. Not only that but it’s so frustrating to save up for new toppings because of constant oven repairs or rent or even refunds.

  23. upashna gurung says:

    I have played this game twice and at first when i used to play this game it was okay was working good but now that im playing it again after watching an ad it crashes the game just stops working its not like it exits itself the whole screen is gone its black and can’t see a thing so please do fix this problem cause i really enjoy playing it so

  24. Rei Bubbles says:

    Love it so far! It has A LOT of ads but it doesn’t force you to watch them, which I like. The art is cute, the sounds are cute, and so are the characters. Some things are too meticulous and repetitive, but there are ways to skip them(grind or pay). I enjoy the game so far, and recommend it.

  25. Avery Overton says:

    I love this game!! There are only 2 things i would like changed: one, i wish there was news every day, and two, i always seem to mess up their order somehow, even though i do what I’m supposed to. All that aside, this is one of the greatest games ever created! I love the unique characters, the storyline, and there’s so many decorations, although they are a BIT overpriced. So….5 out of 5

  26. Piper Jojo Stott says:

    The game itself is quite enjoyable. Some funny references, an interesting little story, and lots of upgrades to work towards. I had a spot of bother before where it seemed like I had to start over again after a few updates and having not played for a while. After some messages with the team, I was able to get everything back on track. The support team for this game are a great help, so don’t be afraid to get in touch if something goes pear shaped for you.

  27. queer kid says:

    i absolutely love this game, so much that im kind of gonna cry because i think i just lost *all* my progress. it prompted me to log in when i entered the game and something in that process messed it up. i don’t even know what day i was on cause i’ve been playing this game for so long. if there’s literally any way to fix this please let me know, but im guessing not if i didnt have a backed up file 🙁

  28. cynthia says:

    time to write a review. sooo. this game is great. i have been playing since 2019! But one thing is, it won’t save your data, my account was linked before but when I reinstalled it and logged in my account, i started from chapter 1 🙂☹️ still, i continue to play and now in chapter 3. But please work on that, binding account and saving game progress.

  29. C Bing says:

    Honestly, this is like in the top three best games I’ve ever played. I ‘m not just saying that! Reasons why I love this game: It has smooth gameplay, the art is adorable, it has an immersing storyline, it updates very frequently, it has lots of characters, there are little to no ads, the gameplay is easy to figure out, and it’s just downright fun. Thank you for your time.

  30. Shery says:

    I would give it 5 stars because this game is truly a great game! It really distracts me from the outside world and helps me relieve stress. Barely has any ads, there are some that pop up but that rarely happens. I really love the game!

  31. FofuraCanina _ says:

    Really fun, I love it! It doesn’t spam you with ads, and the only ones you’ll see is sometimes after you finish a day, or if you chose to see one. The way they let you gather your resources (money and diamonds) without you having to actually buy them is great, makes me feel like this game was truly made for enjoyment. As to the gameplay itself: It’s fun, relaxing and not stressful. The fact you have one costumer at a time is great, and the orders are often really fun! Good game, Great game!♡

  32. AJ D says:

    No forced ads. Playable offline. Achieves are straightforward. Funny orders and you can decorate how you like. Interesting storyline that isn’t super rushed or too slow, with hilarious characters. Customer diversity. The garden is annoying but that’s okay. Saving up for the buddies is difficult without ads but not impossible. I really like the sound effect of the dough lol. The music isn’t super annoying either. The art is fabulous too. Thanks deva, I play this a lot and I like when it rains. ^^

  33. Melanie George says:

    Total cruelty. I’ve played this game for a couple years now. I loved it, one of my faves. Then the other day, I went to play, it asked for my email address, I entered it, and it erased my entire game. I was back at day 1. All my coins that I earned, hundreds of thousands, gone. My decorations that I bought, gone. All my progress completely gone with no warning. How they could do that to their longtime players is beyond me… 😡🤬

  34. Michaela Raymakers says:

    I really enjoy the game, however there are some ads that just end on a blank white screen, causing you to have to close and restart the whole game, losing the entire day’s progress. Sometimes this happens over and over and I’ve had to restart a day 3 times just because I want increased oven speed. It is so frustrating that I’ve deducted 2 stars for this reason alone.

  35. Ashley Bullard says:

    I have loved this game for years, but I have just run into my first problem with it. I had all my progress saved in Google Play well into around day 250, but I just logged in and all my progress is gone. I’ve seen another review like this, and wondering if it’s a widespread problem. If it’s at all possible to get everything back, that would be phenomenal! If not, I’ll enjoy the clean slate. Keep up the great work 🙂

  36. E says:

    The garden-only toppings are a bit frustrating because if you run out, then you’re done playing for hours/the day unless you want to spend money to speed it up. Once or twice is fine… But i find these toppings can run out quickly, especially on the day you unlock them. I have bought gems before to unlock the buddies faster (which feels very optional) but spending to speed up the garden is a little unfun. I’d rather stop playing for the day. Fun game and just challenging enough otherwise.

  37. sunny zandi says:

    It’s an amzing game. The developers are always active and the graphics are so cute. I’m absolutely in love with this game but recently I’ve lost my 2 year account due to the new tapblaze account feature. It’s unfortunate really. But i do highly recommend you get this game

  38. angelica says:

    i love this game a lot,i made most of my friends download it,and suggest it to anyone who might be wondering wether they should download it or only criticism is that sometimes it’s not very well translated,(i understand English but my first language is italian) for example a costumer may ask for a pizza with various toppings and one of them is written in isn’t a problem for me personally,but it might be for someone else.nonetheless,i appreciate everyone that has worked on this!

  39. Megann H says:

    An absolute fantastic game for being free. I wasn’t expecting much when I first downloaded it (because it’s free) but I have been pleasantly surprised since. Each update brings real improvements to gameplay. The characters and story lines are actually interesting and fun. You get to make pizza and it’s therapeutic. You have the option to spend real life money if you want, but it’s also possible to acquire everything without spending. 10/10 recommended!!

  40. Jiji Thattil says:

    Normally I look for variety in the levels of a cooking game but this beats every one out there. Not only are the toppings, services and customers changing, even when I repeat a level nothing is the same. Once you tire of the upgrades, erase data and begin. I have installed it again to see new events and items. Enjoy.

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