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Build a megapolis! City construction games. Your pocket town & world simulator
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November 14, 2022
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Global City: Building Games Premium Apk

BUILD AND BROADEN YOUR VERY PERSONAL TOWN International Town is a city-building simulator that distinguishes itself from its friends with its high quality graphics. Skyscrapers and home homes, buying groceries department stores and management structures, the port and the railway are sure to pleasantly wonder you with their distinctive and sumptuous hi-tech designs.

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EXPAND AND REGULATE USEFUL RESOURCE MANUFACTURING On this sport, you’ll mine for more than a few varieties of fossil fuels in addition to produce higher-level fabrics and sources. Construct a processing plant and a state of the art manufacturing unit. Promote ready-made commodities on the change and ship off ships loaded with assets. Get blueprints, which you’ll be able to use to improve constructions! Put your entire abilities and data into development a bustling megapolis!

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Meet your city’s enthusiastic citizens, who will at all times have a wide variety of industrial propositions for you. Whole quests, earn pieces and sources by way of gratifying orders, manufacture automobiles, and get rewards! All world industry empires get started small!

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CHAT WITH BUDDIES Town construction is basically a three way partnership. Thankfully for you, on this recreation, you’ll be able to create pleasant communities, chat in English, industry sources, and supply reinforce to one another. Your workforce spirit will fortify your bonds when competing for the highest puts in tournaments, in addition to superb prizes!

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ACQUIRE TAXES AND BUILD UP THE INHABITANTS Your town has to develop! Your creative managerial answers and tax-savvy methods will allow you to build up the inhabitants, amplify the town limits, expand a industry district, and ultimately flip that small agreement of yours right into a thriving megapolis.

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Take the control and making plans of worldwide Town into your succesful palms!

World Town: Construction Video games Top rate Apk

You’ll be able to play the net simulator in English without spending a dime. In the event you come upon any issues, please touch tech strengthen at [email protected]


40 comments on "Global City: Building Games Premium Apk"

  1. TheUnnamed Google User says:

    It is a fun game overall, but it has become very clear, after only a couple of days play, that the necessity of Coins in order to do pretty much anything is intended to lead one towards spending money. I get that they want to make money, and that is fine. However, you will become stalled in place, unable to do pretty much anything because you lack enough Coins to start or complete the project, and the only way to get extra Coins is virtual in-game Money, which of course costs real money. Beware.

  2. Amanda Wild says:

    Fun game! But definitely needs rotations in the game. I have a spot where I can’t get to the item to move it. We also need more storage space in the game! As well as more land to be able to build more buildings. The exchanges space should let us buy the item right on our page, once we have to go to the other person’s city to get the item sometimes the items are all gone. This does get frustrating as well as the same item showing over and over and over. Otherwise this game is fun to play.

  3. Lucas Schimmel says:

    This game has a lot of potential, but it’s like the developers have never played a city building game before… There are several basic things that are missing: you can’t rotate the screen, you can’t see through buildings when trying to build / move buildings behind other buildings, you can’t auto-produce basic materials (you have to keep clicking on machinery every 30 seconds telling it to keep mining / digging, which is its ONLY function in the game… You’re a digger. Just keep digging!)

  4. Jonathan Sa says:

    Fun game, lots of stuff to do. The online market is nice for trading items, a bit weird why I have to load someones city to buy it only to arrive and it’s gone. The storage space is not balanced, 30 to 35 needs 6 items, that leaves 24 spaces to play with, then 35 to 40 needs 9 that leaves 25 spaces until that last item for upgrade. This is broken. Decrease storage space and make upgrade items no use storage or increase storage space. This doesn’t include other upgrade items needed for other stuf

  5. Steven L says:

    Nice game, could be better. Global Exchange could be much better. It continues to display old, unavailable, items for a long time, even after several refreshes. Feels as if process gets stuck. Overall it is a good game. Best to do a few things and come back later. Not one that keeps you involved enough to play for stretches of time.

  6. rc rr says:

    Like every other type of city building game, not enough warehouse space. This game is one of the worst because the warehouse only increases by 5 with each upgrade but the amount of materials you need increases with every upgrade. This also includes the administration building. Then there are the materials you need for land expansion and the blue prints for building updates. You need to collect so much stuff to upgrade that there is no room for goods to fill orders.

  7. Dace Lixo says:

    GLOBAL EXCHANGE DOES NOT WORK. I wanted to like this game but issues after a week makes me to delete. 1. The global exchange does not work. I go to tap/buy items, instead I’m taken to another city & the item does not exist. FIX THIS. 2. The control is terrible. Have to DRAG materials to production slots, that get very painful after 1000+ repetition. TAPPING ONLY is ideal. 3. Earning coins takes way too long and you need the coins to upgrade/build even with materials. 4. No 360° view of map.

  8. Jon Sorensen says:

    Nice game to spend some time on. Only things i see as a joke are when you try to buy items from others you spend a long time since it dosnt refresh fast enough and you got to there city to buy it and its already gone and you have to spend the time to go back. Also the loading of it at the start is very long. But enjoyable for most part. 5 stars if they fix them!

  9. Jerry Devlin says:

    Addendum: Its about impossible to get the pieces needed for larger buildings without buying them directly when upgrading the building. The randomness of the ship port takes too long and the global exchange is laughably unuseful. The exchange is slow as molasses, and they tease products you need, only to be gone before you click on them. I’ve spent money on the game, too. I get that the dev needs to make money, and I am glad to do so if there was equal ‘give’ to help build.

  10. Steve Cady says:

    My new favorite of city building games. Not perfect though. Lack of warehouse space is generally an issue because everything is held there, not just product. Thus 12 slots tied up for tools to upgrade just 5 new slots. And Global Exchange is nearly disfunctional. Also, why no trains early ? Our oldest technology should precede building an airport.

  11. s K says:

    Awesome game. Definitely not a pay to play if you have the skills. Yes the market needs work due to the item always being sold or not there. The amount of time to create and build is set at a good level, create as other items are being built. Build items in advance. Simple plenty of room on current map to place or move buildings. (Upgrade dont keep every building) one building can equal 5 little ones. The fact if you want a golden pass you have to buy a new one everytime also needs fixed.

  12. John Powers says:

    After playing for a long time, game gets worse as you grow. I’ve been stuck on level 34 for like months. Theres no way to gain experience when have all buildings built, to unlock more buildings. Spend all day sending ships and planes to get items cant use. Theres a few daily quests for experience points, but that’s it. Market sucks, alliance is pointless too. Cant even edit your alliance, like to boot inactives for example

  13. Rachel Himka says:

    It’s a good game. Though my main issue is with the market feature. It’s hard to find what you need, and often times when you refresh it, you get the same offers you already had or you get ones that have already been sold. I feel like it would be much better if it had a way for you to filter it and search for just the specific items that you’re needing.

  14. Tessa Schwarz says:

    I was really enjoying this game and thought it was very well put together. This is a game that you can buy the storage upgrade items as compared to other games where you are just SOL if you didn’t “find” them, or purchase with real money. The part I don’t like is that the events have to be completed during the event or you can not ever complete them. So you have unfinished builds, and the tasks are still on your task list. It’s super annoying!

  15. youngdeadpool 50 says:

    The game is great but the “city coin” system is absolutely ridiculous. I’ve never seen anything worse. So you spend 20 minutes trying to get the materials you need only to find out you don’t have enough coins to build. Also, you get coins by completing task but you have to use 5× more coins to complete said task. Basically you always find yourself just short of what you need which promotes you to spend real money on the game which is preposterous

  16. Caitlyn F says:

    Fun game! Disappointed the price for Bonus rewards went up. Need to expand my city to fit more houses and fulfill tasks (like placing Eiffel Tower), I’m unable to expand at this time. Game designers should possibly think about adding a feature where we can place our items while we’re redecorating/redesigning our city. Without this availability, it makes it time consuming. I’m to the point where it’s not fun anymore. 😕

  17. Joe Lenk says:

    When skipping an order on ships, make it where you don’t get the same one again. I have skipped the same order 10 times now. Quite annoying. Run times for creating products tends to be crazy long on some items, so I just don’t make them! Fix times and fix skipped orders! 1k train coins to buy a locomotive is ridiculous. That’s gonna take forever to complete that quest.

  18. Jason Wells says:

    It needs to be fix, This makes the three times im wrighting a review on this game and it’s keep knocking me off. I am reating this a 3 and it’s keep jumping around when you try to move or trying to get a products from the buildings and the road map don’t work as well and sometimes the houses or the building moves on it’s on without you even touching it. The game is unstable. With the game gets fixe then i’ll rated a 5. PLZ IT NEEDS TO BE FIX.

  19. Michael Fenix says:

    Game started great, but soon became mind numbingly slow as EVERY project you build is 8 or more steps to build and each step has 8 or more steps to complete that as well. And the amount of items and tokens needed for everything is just ludacris. Sad effort to get you to pay for items to progress. The fun comes from planning and building in a game like sim city not doing the same thing 20 times to build a house. And half the time you have to tap an item twice or more to select it. Poor developm

  20. Heather Estes says:

    This is the best city builder game I have played so far, the items dont take too long to produce and there is so much to do, you dont get bored waiting for something to finish complete before you can be active in the game. I only gave it 4 stars because theres no way to restart within the game, and as someone who is always thinking “I could have planned this better” I wish there was a big red button I could push to get an easy do-over.

  21. ReTrigger Me says:

    I’m an old Sim City fan. They did a good job with the graphics, the features, the decision algorithms, etc. I was very engaged, for the first week or two. But then it quickly becomes apparent that players can’t succeed unless they’re willing to purchase the tools or resources needed to advance. Ultimately, a well designed money grab. I uninstalled.

  22. Joy says:

    Great game except…When you win something, an unexpected amount of items go to your warehouse. Which overfills constantly. The game really is fun, but having everything planned out, so you can build or send a ship off, is ruined when unexpected things overfill your warehouse, making it impossible to collect the needed items to ship, or build. You can sell something, except the market is flooded w specific items, that no one wants, so no one buys them. So you can’t get rid of the unwanted items.

  23. patti nealon says:

    I find this game very fun and addictive, and would give it 5 stars. I don’t even mind spending some money to play, but I don’t really understand what is that you get for your money for the Premium Rewards. Did not think $15 was worth it at all. (Which I paid for twice) Also, it took me a bit to figure out (I thought it was just me) but I notice items disappearing and built areas having to be redone. I really want to continue playing, but not if it is a waist of my time and money.

  24. Justin Ingraham says:

    This game has the ability to be a 5 star game but it has major issues. It routine displays errors about not being able to process requests which usually requires a reboot. I couldn’t find other players to trade with or join unions. Also the storage system is unbalanced which causes the game to prevent forward progress as I can’t delete items. Updated Review: Apparently I was playing during a server upgrade. Less reboots and able to trade and sell items. Storage still difficult.

  25. Cynthia Lawrence says:

    Like Township love the game but need dollars to build. Both games allow play but without putting money in it takes TOO long to build. Need to add more ways to achieve money or lower the amount to expand. Most people don’t have time to sit and play all day just few hours here and there. Still love the concept just need to allow more expansion without so much missions, tasks, and purchases.

  26. Kevin H says:

    Nice city sim game but the storage is frustrating at the beginning. It is too small. When you start needing blue prints to upgrade resident and commercial builds, it take too long to upgrade. It is hard to get points for events because is hard to update buildings. Then lost all my progress and was forced to start over. Time to move on to another game.

  27. Jessicah Weaver says:

    Love that there are no ads unless you get a reward. Honestly this game is pretty fun! The timing of upgrades is very doable, you can continually play while other things are upgrading. And best part, you do not need to pay for anything to keep up with the game! You get lots of rewards to keep up with items you need. Highly recommend!

  28. fesha GA_Peach says:

    This was an awesome game, however the global exchange (where you have to buy supplies) is 99 percent full of useless compasses that no one wants or needs. You can never find what you need bc it is full of garbage. These items could easily be removed from your storage, but everyone just posts them instead. It is becoming too hard to advance in the game due to this, and I am about ready to Uninstall and find a different game… this is insane, and very very frustrating.

  29. Michael Pryor says:

    It’s not bad. But the global exchange is a big issue as you get deeper into the game. It gives you no way off doing a search for what you want. Instead you see nothing but compasses and have to click on each one to see if the person is selling anything else. A simple seach bar in the interface would make it much easier. Instead you waste a lot of time sifting through trash to find what you want. Gets very annoying when all you want is one thing.

  30. Dave Poe says:

    This games was very fun to pass time and play. i would have gave it 5 stars. I liked that it didn’t have ads slowing the game down. However I can’t start the game anymore. All it does on startup is say checking for updates and nothing else. I tried to reinstall it but same thing. Bummer

  31. Barb Bryant says:

    This would be an amazing game if they would just not throw so many projects at you. After a couple of weeks of casual play, it becomes too stressful. There are not many ads. Maybe, if there were a few more, they wouldn’t need to be so aggressive with the tasks. You can easily play this game without spending money but it would take most of your day to finish every project. I really enjoyed it. It just became impossible to complete one task because of the stress of the new ones.

  32. Alexus Dickson says:

    I had a great time with the game… right up until I rearranged my city. The game started telling me I didn’t have roads nearby my buildings, nor power or water even though this was not true. It is very frustrating to have made it to the end of level 18 just to deal with this mess! Contacted support but have yet to hear back. If they can help, I’ll raise my rating.

  33. Jenni Henderson says:

    This game is addicting. Love the graphics, you don’t have to spend alot of “Real” money to advance to the next level like most games. I give this game 5 stars but here are a few of my complaints: WAREHOUSE: Just wish we were able to make more space in the warehouse. Why “win” warehouse upgrades if it doesn’t expand to hold 150 items? GLOBAL EXCHANGE: Everyone sells the same thing, almost hard to purchase items needed. EVENTS: It takes forever to upgrade buildings. Please fix these! Thanks

  34. Judith Hixenbaugh says:

    Going to delete. It is boring waiting to build and upgrade. Cute game but it takes to long to upgrade your inventory. You start out with a 20 limit inventory which fills up to fast inturn you can’t collect anything. The only way to upgrade the inventory is the ship you send out and your not guaranteed to get the parts. It os a pretty easy game and could be fun.

  35. Jesse Shultz says:

    Literally just deleted the game. They’re currently running this “Mayors challenge” or whatever. The goal is to send out more shipments than others. I started the event and finished second. I figured regardless of whether or not you got the full 25 points needed to complete the event, someone would be declared the 3 winners and get prizes. Nope! Finished, second, nobody reached the “max points” and so, I guess we all just wasted our time and resources. It’s a real shame. Not a terrible game.

  36. Jedidiah Woodcock says:

    Its fun in the beginning but quickly starves you for premium currency. You have to spend 20+$ a week just to not wait all the time. The weekly events to build unique buildings that you can’t complete without buying the premium pass for the event. My city is a mausoleum of abandoned half built skyscrapers. I’m not paying another 20 40$ to finish. The warehouses limited space is another of the absolutely dreadful mechanics that ruin what is a great idea

  37. Ty Shippy says:

    Always brand new activities and the developers have been placing a lot more additions than ever before…but the one thing thats irritating is that they don’t finish projects, theres a bridge that’s connected to a highway interchange but has a dead end at the other end, that I believe was suppose to be connected to the island but never was. It’s been like that since maybe 2 years but then started to add 5-10 new projects beside finishing the current one..

  38. Billy Heal says:

    The game for a simulation is overall good, easy to figure out. You can lose track of time playing it. The only downfall is warehouse storage is low and takes forever to upgrade with just game play. A good improvement for the game would be able to put material towards upgrading. Like the ships or add more slots for storage per upgrade. It’s unbelievable to expect people to put hard earned money to enjoy a game

  39. James Vorster says:

    Great game overall, compared to Simcity. Why? 1. Upgrading requirement doesn’t change once you have all the items for the initial upgrade requirements, and 2. I am not forced to look at unskippable ads every 5 minutes. Thank you for that! Just one gripe: The residential and commercial buildings do not seem to generate the coin income they promise. Unless I misunderstand the 600/hr sort of thing? Otherwise, 5 stars.

  40. Amanda Jahns says:

    Very frustrating. You can spend hours/days building up to make something and when it’s finally done and you collect it it doesn’t show up in your storage. I have also had several of the tickets not show up and I keep getting an error randomly pop up. Makes me want to delete the game and find a similar one. Also kills my battery on my Samsung 22 Ultra.

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