Forest Bounty — collect & cook Apk Download New*


Look for forest bounty and cook dainty dishes in forest estate with restaurants!
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Vigr Games
October 18, 2022
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Forest Bounty — collect & cook Apk Download New*

Welcome to the woodland! Calm down whilst accumulating chanterelles, blueberries and a number of different berries, mushrooms and herbs. Open your cafes and eating places proper in nature!

Woodland Bounty — gather & cook dinner Apk Obtain New* apk mod

Prepare dinner nationwide dishes from all over the place the sector from wooded area unearths! Within the new sport the collection procedure is extra thrilling – now you’ll be able to bet the place the presents of the woodland are hiding!

Wooded area Bounty — accumulate & prepare dinner Apk Obtain New* release

Recreation options:
– Progressed accumulating gameplay cherished by means of hundreds of gamers!
– Greater than Eighty recipes from herbal woodland components for cooking dishes and drinks from other international locations of the sector – Fascinating duties that will help you approaching within the recreation – Various kinds of tea will can help you acquire power for strolling within the woodland and build up the collection of berries, mushrooms and different wooded area bounties!
– Talking to pals and lend a hand from different extended family individuals – Match competitions between clans with gamers from far and wide the arena

Woodland Bounty — acquire & cook dinner Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

Within the sport you’re going to discover a easy and thrilling searching for berries, mushrooms, herbs and different wooded area bounties, a whole immersion within the type and natural global of nature. You’ll be able to supplement the calm and enjoyable gameplay with pleasant verbal exchange within the extended family and playing competitions in tournaments.

Wooded area Bounty — acquire & cook dinner Apk Obtain New* mod apk

– Play on every other cellular software – Revel in gorgeous graphics and delightful sounds of nature
– Play for free


40 comments on "Forest Bounty — collect & cook Apk Download New*"

  1. H Hutchinson says:

    This game is a load of rubbish it doesn’t show you how to play this game you just have to make it up as you go a long. And it needs some music in the background to cheer it up.

  2. Sany Nurwidayanti says:

    I had a trouble with a quest before and their support team responded quite timely. Thanks!

  3. Blood Rayne says:

    Limited energy, crafting timers, limited inventory, lack of moves to finish exploration on 100%? This is 2021, not 2005, stop this nonesence already!!! While there are games without those outdated systems, what are you even thinking? Why would a customer choose your annoying game over someting better? Oh, since you flooding game with those ugly features go on and slap some forced ADS as well, it will make perfect topping.

  4. Roos Gehrels says:

    love the game, wish there was more features like market and friendlist

  5. Maria Avigail Pueblos says:

    I caant even open it on my phone 😔 tried re installing it a few times and it won’t load

  6. kit kit says:

    It’s quite peaceful it’s not a lot of action or something like that its calm and slow not many people like it but I also love the sounds of the nature

  7. Leigh Kessell says:

    I have a new samsung galaxy note 20 ultra and this game wont go past the loading screen, i have uninstalled and reinstalled with no luck

  8. Christine Utomo says:

    Lovee this app so much since the first time playing it! The graphics, gameplays, and other elements are beautifull 😍😍😍

  9. Teresa Crooy says:

    A lot of negative feedback BUT I feel the game does not warrant bad reviews. Game is energy based but upgrading, energy replacement, e.t.c moves at a steady pace. Graphics are crisp, so much so I’d be interested in trying some of the foods 🤣 I like how you can scroll thru all your buildings in one area (or you can click on each individual building) to make/collect items. This game is great for those who want a laided back, nature based game

  10. SquareMoments LovingCircles says:

    Relaxing puzzle game play, cute graphics and lovely food concepts for foraging. No annoying adds, just pure gaming <3

  11. Bri says:

    Very fun. There is an energy system but I feel like I’m getting a good amount of gameplay before I run out. The food looks very good too. You can pay ingame coins for things to upgrade so you don’t have to wait for the next level to make things better (though upgrading of course unlocks new things but you have enough to pay attention to until you get the new things)

  12. Merav Hoffman says:

    Cute game, mostly focused on successful pattern finding, and building resources. Very linear, but fun.

  13. Irene Syme says:

    I am really enjoying this game. I was sceptical at first as it has energy but it regens fast and the game is not a huge money sink. Totally different than any game I have downloaded so far.

  14. Keira Nirvanna says:

    The quests are a bit too subtle somehow and it’s easy to miss when they’re complete, and since they’re the only way to gain exp, it leads to confusion about resources. Otherwise this game is quite cute.

  15. abigail calanog says:

    The game and graphics looked interesting but i cant even get past level 1 because it just freezes. Might have to do with my device, im not sure. Hope this can be fixed.

  16. Ciaran France says:

    Loving the game but our clan cannot compete in tournaments as our clan leader left without making a co-leader. I would give 5 stars if there was an option to sort this out. Butterflies clan, if you wonderful developers can help.

  17. Kirsty Horne says:

    Pretty and fun to play. Music occasionally bugs and fails to turn off when exiting app.

  18. Staci Fraser says:

    I really enjoy this simple game. I was actually surprised at how enjoyable it is: it’s the type of game where you spend a lot of time waiting for something to finish crafting, and I usually hate those. But not this one! Your energy recharges quickly, and you’re making a lot of items at once, so there’s always something that’s about to finish. More than that, though, I love the calming feeling it gives you. No music, just nature sounds, overlaid by light cafe background noise. Great for relaxing!

  19. Jeroen Kapre says:

    very cute game, creative and relaxing, maybe it would be nice if some statistics will be visible, like how many acorns a player gathered per game (gathering) on average, or that while gathering you have the chance to click on the owl that gives you some extra energy.

  20. Jane Holden says:

    Great if you find a comited group. For the occasional tournament.

  21. Alyson F says:

    The game will not load for me. I have a Google Pixel 4, so it should work.

  22. Kha enda says:

    I’m looking for game that contains cooks, forest, green, plants and i found it. Super fun game 💜👍

  23. MOVED, OLD account of Willow the RainFawn says:

    I wish there was an ability to permanently kick someone from a clan. Had takeover by “V” who demanded an unrealistic amount of acorns/day and burnt me out from enjoying the game. I decided to try again in another clan, “BClan,” which was more my speed. But V followed me and tried to take BClan over. Despite him getting kicked multiple times, he’s continued to harass with rude & stalkerish behavior. I ended up leaving BClan to try to protect them until this is fixed.

  24. Lenore Kiesman says:

    a game that let’s you play without interrupting you with adds constantly.

  25. Nadia Scott says:

    Good foraging fun, it looks like the developers do still add content to the game. I’m looking forward to new locations to be added in the near future to keep things interesting. Consistent ads but no more than expected for a freemium game.

  26. ronell de Villiers says:

    Im very dissapointed!! It says play for free…but nope.!! Everything i want in a game. Cooking,actuons,tasks.. Will uninstall.

  27. Crystal C says:

    It is ok. There is a little skill in finding patterns, but mostly it is just to waste time. It would be good for kids, but energy runs out pretty quickly, so I can only play for 15 mins or so. Also it doesn’t allow you to choose what to upgrade. You have to upgrade only what you are told to upgrade. Until you upgrade it, you can’t move forward. It would be better if the player could choose.

  28. patryk Nowak says:

    It’s a good game but please for god’s sake fix the adds. Since yesterday when you press the add 3 extra moves the adds either don’t show up at all or its a black screen. This happens especially often with the bigo live AD I would give 5 stars but the amount of times I lost stuff and had to reload the game is ridicolous

  29. Missy Oviatt says:

    Love this game but an now having issues with it freezing on the loading screen on my phone. I have to uninstall and reinstall to play, after about a week it’ll freeze again. Still having the same issue, and no updates about it.

  30. mona Gupta says:

    This game concept and playability is amazing. Also I love mushrooms in general.

  31. Christina Leins says:

    I like the game but I wish the energy would restore faster. overall not bad.

  32. Risa Guiness says:

    Cute – puzzles are okay – just didn’t really entertain me enough

  33. J Rob says:

    Best game Period! 😁(◠‿◕) You find what you need then make what you want from pre designed recipes. gathering is challenging but be not discouraged as it is fun also! level up by doing small tasks, it’s so much fun!

  34. Milica Ž says:

    the most chill game that i played on phone + it has very calming effect with all the green scenery

  35. Spear Paschal says:

    Wanted to try this but it only has strange social media log ins to save game progress, nothing common such as fb or google play games log in

  36. Lydia Diya says:

    This game not goes to other level after some time, very much complicated game thier is no proper instructions provided to play this game, please redesign this game.

  37. Awkwardly Me says:

    Too many glitches and from what I could play of the game the game isn’t appealing.

  38. Fer Kian A. Bricia says:

    Its very fun addictive and a great time killer i just had a problem on the ad it seems to dont work on me even though i watch it already it just freezes and dont give me the additional 3moves btw no lag and just waiting for what is the next locations the developer will add

  39. Secily-Marie Knight says:

    Ads haven’t been working for two weeks now. Nobody responds when you report a bug. It’s a good game when everything works the problem is it often doesn’t work

  40. karen devries says:

    Thank you for the reply,hope you get it sorted out soon. The game is really great and alot of fun

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