CropBytes: A Crypto Farm Game Mod Apk


Play, grow & win crypto and NFT’s in this farm simulator blockchain game!
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October 29, 2022
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CropBytes: A Crypto Farm Game Mod Apk

Build up your $CBX portfolio by way of proudly owning property, buying and promoting them with different avid gamers within the sport marketplace, accumulating NFTs, and incomes crypto. 💵

CropBytes: A Crypto Farm Recreation Mod Apk unencumber

Get started out with a loose trial pack to be told the gameplay. As you acquire revel in with a industry technique, get crypto property and develop your crypto pockets portfolio. 🤑

CropBytes: A Crypto Farm Recreation Mod Apk apk

Starter packs are a advisable purchase for inexperienced persons. Extra complex avid gamers can discuss with the sport marketplace to shop for, promote and business animals, and belongings and bring with co-players.💹

CropBytes: A Crypto Farm Recreation Mod Apk

Mine crypto belongings and accumulate NFTs to play and earn $CBX.

CropBytes: A Crypto Farm Sport Mod Apk apk mod 2022

CropBytes is the primary simulation style crypto recreation and goes sturdy even nowadays in spite of the undergo marketplace.

CropBytes: A Crypto Farm Recreation Mod Apk apk mod new

Get started a 2d existence at the CropBytes metaverse now! 🚜

CropBytes: A Crypto Farm Recreation Mod Apk apk mod

• Get started now and get loose trial assets*
• Develop quite a lot of plants & culmination to feed animals and promote to different gamers for crypto.
• Feed animals and acquire produce like milk, eggs, and so forth that may be bought for crypto.
• Personal application property and bring water & energy • Convert extracts to CBX Tokens
• Acquire Superhero NFTs and use them to spice up your farm’s output
• Industry property, animals, produce & CBX with co-players
• Customise your farm and discover different players’ farms
• Breed Superheroes to get superior Superbabies
• Personal professional belongings like Feed Mill to get common source of revenue in crypto
• Invite buddies & earn rewards

CropBytes: A Crypto Farm Recreation Mod Apk mod apk

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• The sport isn’t loose to play. A crypto pockets is needed.
• CropBytes govern’s using this software • Phrases of Provider:
• Learn our privateness coverage:*


40 comments on "CropBytes: A Crypto Farm Game Mod Apk"

  1. Ashlie Cedric says:

    There are so many problems with this game and it is unfortunate because the concept and ideas behind it are really good. I generally have to click an icon a dozen times to get a response from the game. The interface is confusing at best and it requires a decent amount of time to understand what the game is even about and what a player can do in the game. There are a lot of options in the game which are useful but not easily understood.

  2. Infamous BitcoinBull says:

    Very fun game that you can gain TRX actively as a passive income. Collect and raise animals on the farm and other resources in a farm like economy. There are superheroes that can boost certain stats and services in the game. Referral system with the bell is kick ass. And the flash sales were an awesome idea. I think they need to implement a better marketplace system though. The current pricing on things is way underrated. It gives u less to sell your goods outright than to convert them to GC’s.

  3. Moon says:

    Would love to play but can’t do anything. The game loads up fine but tapping the buildings and animals does nothing. No options pop up. I can’t do anything at all. Please fix. UPDATE: The latest update has fixed all my issues! Thanks CropBytes team!

  4. Sean Nealon says:

    Started out as an interesting idea. Then upgrades started THEN COVID hit. Now, it’s being built still but very slowly. Might be worth looking at in a year or so. I have to stick around to try to get my $$$ back. If withdrawals are ever reopened. Also, it asks me to rate it every time I try to play. I didn’t want to rate, until I could say more nice things, but I’m so sick of the ‘rate us’ pop-up at the start.

  5. Travis Dougherty says:

    Cropbytes? More like game bytes. Wow, this is bad. You get one single patch of dirt to start. You plant one seed in your one patch of dirt during the tutorial and are then told to come back in 36 hours to harvest. They dont give you any more dirt to start, so theres absolutely nothing to do after the 10 second tutorial. So you play 10 seconds and then have to wait 36 hours. 36 hours! No thanks. I’m in a giant field of dirt with a river nearby, but theres no way to make dirt or water? Trash.

  6. Benjie De Jesus says:

    I don’t recommend this blockchain game. The ROI takes lots of money before you earn in the game. I bought a large starter pack but still earning little amount of game coins per day. Worst than that you need to use your TRX to buy foods for the animals making it harder to accumulate TRX. This game will not progress if they continue this kind of mechanics.

  7. Shane Brewer (RAWRimaMONSTER) says:

    A little too confusing to start and really not a fan of the 3D art style mixed with the laggy style of motions almost seems lazy designs to be honest. Not a fan of the game but like the idea and concept behind this. Uninstalled until further notice!

  8. Lena Duchannes says:

    I love the concept of the game and seems to be promising. im just starting out with the game but noticed that either through pc or phone, the game lags. i can assure that its not an internet issue as I have a enough internet speed to play and work at home. I understand its still new and still working on to improve. I hope this feedback helps the developer to see where to improve on.

  9. K Trumble says:

    Playing because you can apparently withdraw to TRX. The app will not accept my Google Authenticator code (OTP) in order to continue. I’ve tried several times thru the day today, to no avail. Before I spend a bunch of time playing, I need to know if I can actually withdraw. 2 stars cuz it seems okay, would be 5 stars if I could finish setup.

  10. abby stella quirante says:

    I did not understand the game at first but after some readings, discussions with my husband (who first knew about the game), as well as, reading through tips in telegram page – I fell in love with it. Its like real farming but in virtual world. ROI is not as fast as NFT games but I see a future here. Salute to the developers of the game. 😉

  11. Kenneth Hapitan says:

    The app performances in very unstable the app always force stop when I’m going to trade in the market and it’s very annoying everytime. I already tried diff network but it does the same. Pls kindly fixe this issue so that we all both enjoy the game. Thank you!!

  12. Pzfski Sizstki says:

    I was excited to download and play the game but come to find out you need thousands of dollars in order to play this game the way its supposed to be played. If you don’t have money you’ll only be able to plant 1 crop and your animals will end up going unhealthy because you don’t have $200 USD to buy some food for them…… I thought GameFi would be a game changer but it looks like it’d a game changer in the wrong direction. This game will crumble in time

  13. ACT2905 says:

    Too slow! And I cannot stress enough on how slow this game is… If playing games that involve absolute minimal interaction is your thing, go for it.. Decent graphics, would have made a starter purchase but couldn’t for the life of me work out how to buy crypto in-app. Market needs ~USD crossover (or any other fiat currency), looking at 44000 or 0.1234 TRX/CRX is meaningless.. So yeah, nice game but slow and needs work.

  14. Joe Navarro says:

    With all the other Blockchain games out here, I’ve always stuck with this one and it’s been a great decision. This game is fun. Learning how to play and balance my farm by growing food, is my favorite way to enjoy CropBytes. Some like trading, while others raise animals. So many ways to enjoy your farm. Fun times! 5 stars!

  15. Thomas Klay says:

    Hoping for the greater graphics. And one thing about arranging our farm bulding/houses, and placed it where we want to, the whole screen follows, it’s gave as a hard time to finish what we want to do.

  16. Polski OCE says:

    Very expensive if you want to play beyond the 1 week trial. After trial your trial items get taken away, so you actually cannot progress further unless you spend significant money. Other than that, it’s actually pretty fun and I’ve enjoyed how little maintenance and attention the farm needs daily. Good casual game – like growing a Bonsai tree.

  17. SDTriton2005 says:

    Fun game and surprisingly exciting to make a bit of money while playing. I’ve played other farming games in the past and have only accumulated points, but this game, the points earned are cryptocurrency which can be exchanged to money later. That’s amazing!

  18. Zidane Tribal says:

    Edit: After almost 1 year of playing, so many things have changed, purchased limited packs, etc. I am near of getting my ROI. Overall you get passive income by playing this. Though don’t expect high income. I am earning from $20 to $40 per month, depends on market price. I spend almost $400 in this game. Not so bad, yeah? But not so good either. Still you get passive income. Thanks Cropbytes.

  19. ArmantopWebID says:

    If you think the game is free then you had been misled as I had. It has free trial, but that’s it. A trial. It is designed not to allow you to play for free. You can’t even get leverage from referring people, as they (your referrals) must complete tasks in nine consecutive days which is impossible to achieve because the trial only last 7 days. Your referrals must buy starter pack to continue in order for you to receive your rewards. You do get passive income out of this, but it is NOT FREE.

  20. Tijmen Helder says:

    It’s fun and doesn’t take a lot of time. You’ll probably only be playing a few minutes a day. It is necessary to invest some money at some point to really start earning. It would be nice to be able to feed animals one by one instead of only feed all in a shed. My trial water ran out and now I can’t feed my regular animals. It just says “[…] are hungry!” Without any option to feed my animals. I think my bought animals will now lose health because of the trial animals.

  21. Nadeem Subhani says:

    Excellent customer support services. One of the best in its genre. Demanding very little time daily but investing a bit of real money is a must to get it started. It is actually much better crypto game than many other so called leading games in crypto market. I have complains about delaying bigger updates. But with fallen market I think this game gives us a better chance to get the stuff at cheapest possible price at right time. I have faith in this game.

  22. Frs Owner says:

    many downtimes and technical glitches. unless refer or drop a lot of money either way return or play to earn super slow

  23. Lance Payne says:

    It’s getting worse. They keep making changes that ruin the market within the game. The just made a requirement of 1 power to harvest 10 water from a well. 1 power costs 1.4 cbx. Each water is worth .08 cbx. So, pay 1.4 cbx to get 10 water worth .8 cbx. Assets to make power are now doubled in cost – so they’ve ruined my investment to the game. I can’t play unless I want to lose money. Fishing mini game is still impossible to master and yields nothing for your time.

  24. Raj Rao says:

    Game is NOT free. After 7 days of trial, assets disappear and you have to purchase them to play. You can’t play this game without basic real money purchases. Trial assets like Farm land produce Trial Grain, which disappears after 7 days of trial. You have to purchase Starter pack to play this game. TRX Staking provides better return with liquidity than ROI of time & money on this game.

  25. Jessica Lopes says:

    It is getting more and more expensive to play. Now that they required users to buy power before you get water from the small well, it is now stressful to water the crops and feed the animals. Power is so expensive. It is not enjoyable anymore. I am thinking if I should continue with this or not. I hope they rethink about the power usage on water. Just use it on other things not on water, please.

  26. Joven Chan says:

    I play this game since january 2022, i buy all the packs its so expensive, i already play this almost 8 months but until now, i didnt get anything in return.. this game is sucks!!

  27. Josephine Balicha says:

    This game is not stressful but very expensive, they say you have to balanced your farm in order to be safe in this game but through changes like power i think its hard to achieved, in addition the extract getting less valuable while the economical condition inside become more and more expensive to play.if you dont have a lot of money to invest probably it take a lot of time to pay back and last it has poor customer service.

  28. Sovereign self says:

    I invested like $50 in the game and there is literally nothing to do in game you will have to spend 2mins in a day and thats it for the game, on top of that, game has lots of bug it seems like they are just rugging new players, I keep feeding animals only 2mins thing we have to do daily, yet health keeps on dropping, there is literally no improvement in game its just a money grab from new players stay safe, its a scam as game looks like we are in 1980s.

  29. NONART Productions says:

    I’ve played for over a year. I’ve harvested water for free since I began playing. Now I’m required to purchase electricity just to get water. Furthermore, a $70 withdrawal fee is just robbery. USER BEWARE.

  30. Faye B.G says:

    I really wanna play this game seriously but I have USDT deposit issue. Didn’t receive my 25 usdt in my account. it’s already been 4 days but customer support stops replying my emails. fix this and I will change my Ratings.

  31. Jeff Laybourne says:

    👍 Loving this game. Enjoying the strategy of managing my farm and trading in the market. I’m making slow growth but it’s growth nonetheless and I’m having fun doing it.

  32. Joshua Jonah says:

    great game just too much confusion. everything should be made clear in game. frustrating you can’t buy less than 25 of what you need so you have to spend alot of real money to be able to succeed. You have to study videos and google stuff to work out how things work and most of the info online is inaccurate. you need to study first but the info is misleading it should all be reliably explained in game.

  33. tonying odillepa says:

    Its been several days now that the app is not loading. Updated it ang still the same. Not loading.

  34. Lawford Daney says:

    I’ve had to reinstall this game 3 times. they also keep changing it to make It harder to get your money back. don’t waist your time.

  35. Jerrad Scoggins says:

    Be careful when depositing. USDT deposit never posted to my account. Customer service doesn’t respond to emails/ticket.

  36. Will Marcum says:

    Deposited 25 bucks and etherscan said it’s there but it doesn’t show up in the game. I’ve contacted customer support and over 2 weeks later and I’m sure I’ve been ghosted. First crypto game I’ve spent money on and I’m not happy at all

  37. Leo and Ivone says:

    This game is a a scam!!! Full of bugs and error. So stressfull!!!! If you dont believe me then try it and get stress also.. There are bettet NFT game to invest. I’ve thought this game is fun but all it gives you is headache!

  38. Arthur K says:

    I keep having to reinstall it because every few days it launches to a black screen and crashes.

  39. Martis King says:

    The game gives you a 7-day trial. I am at the 7th day, and already out of “trial water”, due to that, I can’t feed any of my animals…In order to feed them, I need to have all ingredients, however, trial crop fields and animals are not taking regular (non-trial) water… Fix it, please. Now my animals will loose their health due to this failure… Please, make a change and allow feeding every animal individualy. Or allow gathering trial water during the trial o.O

  40. Kade Markoux says:

    What in the world kind of game is this? Is this a joke? The tutorial and everything sounds good but then I’m stuck with stupid trial stuff which is pretty much useless for starting out and I can’t even plant crops to get started so I may as well just pay to win which actually isn’t winning nor worth anything at all anyhow since the crypto to usd value is absolutely worthless and I could probably earn more panhandling on the street. At least throw players a bone and a few crypto to get started.

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