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Use auto clickers to get rich with your cookie tycoon empire!
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October 25, 2022
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Cookies Inc. – Idle Clicker Premium Apk

Played One hundred,000+ instances every day! Only one P.c of avid gamers get $10 million inside of Three mins – are you able to?!

Cookies Inc. – Idle Clicker Top class Apk apk

★ NO anxious compelled video advertisements bothering you
★ Utterly non-compulsory aggressive or informal co-op multiplayer
★ Unfolding gameplay the place you free up and uncover new options ★ 300+ distinctive hand drawn cookies together with pizza cookies (sure, you learn that proper)
★ 1,000+ tremendous cool upgrades to provide you with amazingly cool boosts
★ Very lively neighborhood and at all times being attentive to your comments about cool new issues so as to add

Cookies Inc. – Idle Clicker Top rate Apk apk mod 2022

Come and take a look at the most productive incremental (clicker) recreation you’ve ever performed! Pass on an journey to construct your huge cookie empire and earn tens of millions and billions of cookies developing your mogul trade!

Cookies Inc. – Idle Clicker Top rate Apk apk mod new

Revel in the most efficient idle cookie simulator offline or on-line with co-op and aggressive multiplayer with groups. If that’s no longer your factor, this is among the easiest offline video games round!

Cookies Inc. – Idle Clicker Top rate Apk unencumber

There aren’t any commercials (video) that you’re pressured to look at. All video commercials are opt-in most effective. It’s uncommon to search out an advert unfastened idle sport however we promise we won’t annoy you with advertisements!

Cookies Inc. – Idle Clicker Top rate Apk apk mod

Never-ending gameplay that may make sure that you’re by no means bored. There are at all times new upgrades, boosts, status and pieces to gather. You’ll revel in a curler coaster of upgrades with loads of distinctive buffs. No web connection required and loads of auto clickers that can assist you for your journey.

Cookies Inc. – Idle Clicker Top class Apk

As an alternative of merge or clicking gameplay, Cookie Inc. – Idle Mogul Video games means that you can swipe to gather cookies. No pressure for your finger and it’s a lot more stress-free. Play it informal and sit back or play hardcore and be aggressive along with your staff and leagues. The idle gameplay works like an automated auto clicker so you’re at all times making growth.

Cookies Inc. – Idle Clicker Top class Apk mod apk

Revel in idle inc taste video games? That is the only for you! The most efficient idle simulator and the most efficient idle wealthy person recreation. No compelled video commercials, non-compulsory multiplayer with groups, lots of upgrades, tremendous simple to make use of and easy to be told interface, secrets and techniques to find, non-compulsory weekly seasons and leagues with loot, consistent updates with new content material – what’s to not love!

Bake cookies and farm sources to get tremendous wealthy! Auto tappers and autoclickers will let you to your epic cookie quest. Stage up repeatedly with distinctive status gameplay that unlocks new upgrades every time you status. Create your dream bakery with probably the most practical simulator that comes to cookies (sure, that’s an actual class). You’ll have to set up your cookie industry and spend cookies the place it issues to get the most productive upgrades.
Change into a cookie capitalist and make it rain billions of cookies. Let the sport idle and proceed incomes cookies when you’re offline. Set up and create your dream bakery with this addicting idle sport. Baking hasn’t ever been so a laugh! Get started your idle adventure and play in the course of the cookie saga and discover the secrets and techniques of the Cookieverse.
As an alternative of your standard cooking video games, Cookie Inc. – Idle Mogul Video games has distinctive clicker gameplay to all the time stay it amusing and simple. Turn into a collector and mine tens of millions of cookies. Your idle empire hasn’t ever been so shut! Run your personal bakery and jam out to a couple tremendous catchy track whilst you’re at it.
Should you love incremental (clicker) or idle video games, we positive you’ll love ours! 🙂


40 comments on "Cookies Inc. – Idle Clicker Premium Apk"

  1. Gyo Clerk says:

    Love this game. I remember playing it years ago and it seems to be just as good as I remember, but I do have a few qualms with it. I’m a little upset that daily quests include things that you can only achieve using money. I get that you’re trying to make money but it doesn’t feel fair. I also dislike the red flash that happens across the screen when you get a critical cookie. The blue changing to red is very jarring, and the only way to make it stop is to turn off all animations, which I think makes the game less fun. It’s fun and I recommend it, it just needs a few tweaks.

  2. Dora Audria says:

    I loved this game way back when I was in school and I’m getting back into it. Make sure you have your code saved before you reinstall or you won’t keep your save! Also, this game has been HEAVILY updated since launch and it’s probably the best time to get back into it if you’re an old/returning or new player. Slow start but once you get into it, it’s a blast. Definitely download this. Also, there’s a new bakery update coming out. I want to see a Candy land themed bakery myself :). I think it fits perfectly.

  3. Ivi Daja says:

    Love the game but the latest update has broken the free time warps for me. I click to watch a video but it just closes the box and doesn’t show one. Also it’s a bit of a nitpick but the popup icon that tells you when the tip jar is full is really in the way and covers buttons you might need to press for a few seconds (such as live events, which is frustrating now they’re time limited).

  4. Haylee Mischelle says:

    played this game a couple of years ago and loved it. came back to it today and it’s as addictive as ever. new features are not terrible and the ads give worthwhile bonuses. plenty of upgrades, achievements, quests. it’s a completionist’s dream. I wish some of the icons were not so in the way of the screen, but I get it. this is a game I would actually buy outright, but I won’t do the microtransactions. one time purchase option for complete game would be a great addition.

  5. Harlon Denia says:

    I don’t hate it, i have actually grown to love it. But this new update were you have to have a certain number of showcase items to have this structure. What dimension did you think that people would actually have the time to play this game none stop just to get 8 or 10 showcase items. Ultimately this update put my decision at 3 stars. The only way i’ll return is if this is fixed.

  6. Dob Blaise says:

    Fun Time Waster, always something to do; competeing with friends on teams to get the largest amount of cookies collected, leveling, restarting, gaining, its addicted nothing is ever lost from starting over from time to time. Collections, plenty of things to think about and alocate to what you want. I love how the makers are always updating and adding new content keeping it fresh and exciting around every corner!

  7. Ceilagh Randy says:

    I’ve been playing since the name was Cookie Collector 2, and I’ve spent a lot of money buying upgrades. I have all upgraded structures; however, with #73, I can’t get all the normal structures like I’m used to. I know you have to have the showcase items to unlock the structures, but honestly I am not a fan. I was completing tier 12 and now I can’t even complete tier 10. I was having a hard time getting showcase items before #73, but now it’s impossible! 5 star game but lose the downgrade!

  8. Elfie Loly says:

    ive spent a lot of time in this game and loved it. i loved the optional ads to get boosts and stuff, and i used them often, but all of a sudden, ads are just randomly playing ALL THE TIME and i hate it, and so until further notice, i will no longer be playing this game. before this change, i would have rated the game a 5/5, but now the pop up ads randomly and all over the place have killed it. 🙁

  9. Elvina Retha says:

    I have played this game since I dont know when and have seen some great things get added but please revert the change you did to the structures. It is hard enough to get the showcase items which makes it harder to unlock the structures. Other than that small thing, I think this game is going in a great direction.

  10. Kamelia Ivy says:

    I’ve been playing this game for two years now & can honestly say it’s only improved over time! The creator, Naveen, is always very interactive with players and listens to their suggestions or concerns & frequently updates with new, beneficial things that make the overall experience better. I’m not sure that the Team aspect is really necessary tbh, but I’ve had both positive & negative experiences with them. As a whole, this is my all-time favorite app and I highly recommend it!

  11. Anora Lousie says:

    Found an issue involving the Live Event that has a chance of giving free structures. After restarting everything to gain more Cupcakes and using said Live Event, without having any structures, the game freezes and you’re only able hear the music and I have to reopen the game. I’ve tested to see if the freeze was just a coincidence, but it turns out to be a bug. I have no other issues with the game, just this one bug that I’ve found and hope for it to be fixed in the future.

  12. Goldy Christanne says:

    This game is so much fun! A good way to kill time and it’s not pay to win! Only thing I want to add is that to add a “buy all” button on cookies and structures. It’s kinda annoying on how you need to press every single structure and every single cookie set and having that button would same so much time and hassle. Otherwise the game is fun and free and has good graphics for an idle game.

  13. Orville Aldrin says:

    This game just got even worse. Before it was shoving the word “tip jar” everywhere you go. And if that wasn’t all, the game was just ruined with ads. But still, it was an OK game to waste your time. Now you literally can’t progress at all. I remember it was an amazing game back in the older days like 2016 or 2017. Now you need to buy 10 structures just to unlock another one. Plus after a few structures you’ll have to get showcase items to unlock structures. Thats ridiculous. Graphics are good.

  14. Allissa Remi says:

    It’s addictive and it’s fun! It has a great style to it and you can do alot and unlock many secrets. It’s fun to unlock all of them (though I only have 1). I have 1 report though. The time warp doesn’t work for me. Edit: You know the adds that pop on the bottom, can you remove those because the magical tip jar comes up on the screen, making you accidentally touch it. After that, the exit button is blocked with an ad. Also the ad you use to get your cupcakes faster has only one ad that’s broken!

  15. Ruby Rose says:

    I absolutely love the game! The only thing is, is that “Magic Tip Jar” keeps getting in the way at the most annoying moments! It blocks my reading view and just a few minutes ago I accidently hit it again and then a Wish ad popped up on the bottom blocking my only escape, so I had to exit the game completely >< ...

  16. Beaver Dewberry says:

    A clicker game that pulls out all the stops to keep you busy and engaged, with very few moments of boredom or waiting. My only criticism is that it’d be nice to upgrade all the structure tiers with one button like you can with upgrades, because every restart takes an unnecessary amount of time catching up to where I was before with my structures.

  17. Electric Orange says:

    theres never a single pop up ad, (except at the bottom) as they’re all optional for rewards. if you get enough rainbow cookies, you can easily skip ads as well as lose the bottom ad by having a log in streak forever. My only let down to this game is the whole “cupcakes” idea. It’s great later, but at the start it’s no fun. Everything you try to unlock tells you that you need more structures or showcase items. And for the first part, cupcakes take way too long to get.

  18. Rikki Washington says:

    I am picky when it comes to incremental games, and this one is amazing! I wish there was a bit more of a tutorial early on because I was slightly overwhelmed with so many currencies and didn’t know what they were for. (The ability to use them is unlocked later, which makes sense but I was a bit confused early.) Rather than the typical clicker game that I need to tap tap as fast as I can, this one you can just swipe instead, MUCH easier on my hands and more enjoyable for long periods.

  19. bruh nova says:

    I have been playing this game for a few years and do not regret a minute of it, the game is fantastic. You don’t have to click to collect, you can swipe to take a load off your finger. With tonnes of upgrades and gimmicks (this includes, structures, cookies, dark structures, codes, secrets, easter eggs, general upgrades, [which do all sorts of crazy things] super structures and many more)considering all this there are hundreds of thousands of hours of pure fun to be had. So go and play now!

  20. yanis Dinca says:

    Love the game boys, love the game. Well there is a bug in the leaderboard. And it has gotten worse over the past months. Before it was like top 25 to 70 something, back then it was not a big deal, but now it’s real bad. Now it’s from top 25 to 121. You guys gotta fix it or the game will look like it’s in beta.

  21. ColtsFan2.0 says:

    Good game but I have been facing a problem where the game randomly kicks me out while playing. Everything else about this game is perfect. Updates are good and you can progress at your own rate. Please fix this problem in the next update.

  22. Crumble XD says:

    Great game, but i have some nitpicks about it. Early game, cupcakes take forever to obtain (even more tedious since the first showcase item is 40k cupcakes), then after your 1st showcase item, they’re way too easy to get. Mainly because mastering the showcase items is extremely easy since you probably have tons of light cookies by the time you have your 1st one. Structures get worthless as you purchase more, and post-1st showcase basically forces you to upgrade cookie sets to make more progress.

  23. Ben Hammond says:

    Most Amazing Game Ever !!! I’ve come back to this game so many times, just recently lost my save due to accidently deleting it but I don’t care, more than happy to start again with all the new content. Amazing to see this game still getting love by the community and developers. Definitely worth a play if you like collecting stuff. 👍🏻

  24. XxSKILLZxX Gaming says:

    Trash, can’t get your old saved game back. Also good money spent on that account!

  25. The Epic Gaming Shark says:

    Amazing app! I think the icing milk should be added. Red and/or blue and white. Keep on updating, no P2W as well!

  26. Raye Roeske says:

    My favorite idle clicker game, EVER. I’ve played this in its various incarnations and across different platforms for years. I like the frequent updates and changes.

  27. Matt Ianacone says:

    (Idea) juke box button. You can choose from a playlist and change the in game music. Or upload your own playlist. (If possible)

  28. Spooky says:

    Had to unfortunately come back with a bad review. Idk what happened but I lost my league entirely without warning after not being active for only two days. I was kicked from the team I was coming up top to, and I was just ignoring a lot of the annoying lil things that started coming up because this game is nostalgic for me. But it’s just continuing to get worse… it’s no longer a classic

  29. CreamyFeet says:

    One of my favorite games. If u like these games u might become addicted. But plz add so cookie sheet live event will open cookie sheet if auto is on cause sheet stays stuck saying ready unless u click. Also a way to prioritize what auto mode selects instead of random. But bug i know right now that u should def fix is the app crashes when ***making a team*** and joining teams. Love ur game <3 showcase fund is too expensive tho

  30. Redstoneboss2 says:

    This is the best clicker game by far. I’ve been playing it for years, and there’s STILL a lot of content left. The best part about this game is that it doesn’t have pop-up ads, only a banner at the bottom, which you can get rid off ENTIRELY if you have a 50 day login streak (the login streak requirement may change from update to update). I also really like the fact that it isn’t pay-to-win. You can unlock all the paid upgrades using the referral code system (though it takes a looong time).

  31. Jack Johnston-Lynch (rocker12341234) says:

    Can’t even get it to work, just crashes on the green loading screen every time

  32. Gecko says:

    The game is currently crashing on boot for me on a S20FE 5G. It worked yesterday, but not anymore (sad) Edit: it is fixed now. Thank you, devs

  33. Thomas St. (Tommy Tom) says:

    Stupid “tap if your human” has interrupted gameplay during speed tapping challenges a couple of times. This should be removed or is there a way to disable it?

  34. Lewis O'Reilly says:

    Great spin on the classic cookie clicker always something to do easy to pick up and enjoy yourself

  35. frank lard says:

    I played this game a long time ago and came back to it and it was a blast of nostalgia. Best clicker ever!!!! Only thing is that I get overwhelmed to click many, MANY, M A N Y, times so can you implement autobuyers?

  36. Tenzhi Ti Hsien says:

    It’s alright, but I lost interest when it arbitrarily broke my daily login chain at about 66/100. If I were a suspicious person I might think they intentionally sabotaged it to keep from losing banner ad revenue.

  37. darnell john limosnero says:

    This might be the best clicker game in my opinion, the “buy all” was the best and the boost to! It was fun playing this game

  38. Dylan Crowley says:

    I love this game. I first downloaded it on my tablet around 2015, and I sunk weeks of my life into it. Then I got a phone, and I found it again, got me through all of junior high. Now here I am, downloading it again, and it’s still my favorite mobile game. The minute long loop of background music may be tacky to some, but to me it’s the most nostalgic song I’ve ever heard. 7 years later and they’re still updating, that’s how you know a game is good. (Excluding yandere sim.)

  39. Speed-n Gone zah less says:

    Fun game! 3 ☆ because I was doing a timewarp and it was 3 minute, but nothing changed. It was a bug, I will give it a 5 ☆ if you fix it. Thanks!

  40. Aubrea McKinney says:

    Cookies inc. Is one of the best idle game I’ve played to date. Great balance of rewards earned and grind mind set. Easy to play, great time waster and makes you want to be the best.

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