Animal Forest : Fuzzy Seasons Apk Download New*


★Warning: Super addictive and cool! All must TRY! ★
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November 16, 2022
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Animal Forest : Fuzzy Seasons Apk Download New*

Furry pals input Fuzzy Seasons: Animal Woodland and ultimately graduate! You’re the proprietor of the lawn!

Animal Wooded area : Fuzzy Seasons Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

How can you deal with the animals right through their year-long keep for your lawn?
When it’s time to your fur-iends to graduate, will you be capable of smile and allow them to pass?

Animal Wooded area : Fuzzy Seasons Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

Come play Fuzzy Seasons: Animal Wooded area, a calming simulation sport the place you’ll be able to take care of the cutest animals!!

Animal Woodland : Fuzzy Seasons Apk Obtain New* apk mod

♥♥Game Features♥♥
▶This sport used to be severely acclaimed for a explanation why! This stress-free sport was once the 2017 BIC winner!
▶ Have amusing with distinctive animals residing in a woodland lawn!
▶ Are you in a position to fulfill the furriest, funniest animals in the world?
– A binge-watcher Fox!
– A depressing Panda?
– A fawning Fennec Fox?
– A really perfect laid-back Sloth?
▶ An emotional commencement day Say good-bye in your graduating animals!
▶ Play Fuzzy Seasons: Animal Wooded area, a really heartwarming and stress-free sport!

Animal Woodland : Fuzzy Seasons Apk Obtain New* apk

♥♥How to Play♥♥ Practice the directions given via Naroo and feature amusing having a look after the animals within the stunning wooded area lawn.
– You’ll puppy, feed, and focus on the animals Take part within the other per 30 days competitions.
– You’ll sign up for a weight contest, relationship contest, and comedy contest
Accomplish missions and invite new animals to the lawn. Adorn the wooded area lawn. Ship the animals to commencement when the time has come and watch them graduate!

Animal Wooded area : Fuzzy Seasons Apk Obtain New*

♥Fuzzy Seasons: Animal Woodland donates one of the most recreation’s proceeds to support kids’s welfare.♥


40 comments on "Animal Forest : Fuzzy Seasons Apk Download New*"

  1. Pamila Britny says:

    I found the game relaxing and I love it how you don’t need to be playing it all the time but can take your time with it and visit couple times a day. Controls are very simple and the tutorial is easy and instructive. I hope everyone would enjoy it as much as I do as I like relaxing, simple games that don’t need that much time and concentration. Gotta say, good job in developing with this one~

  2. Eryca Clemmie says:

    I usually dont play games because I get bored easily and they all seem the same, but this one is different. Theres so much more to it than you’d expect upon first download. The absolute BEST thing about this game is that you can unlock things using stars that you earn through gameplay, so everything is accessible without having to spend actual money. Pretty cool and very addictive

  3. Mikaya Gerlisa says:

    Great to just chill about and play with no stress and it’s ridiculously cute! However giving candy to the inventor animal can be a pain – it’s not always possible to click on the present that pops up before it disappears! That’s pretty frustrating. I still really like the game though.

  4. Lally Orielle says:

    A suggestion I would say is make so when you want to move the animals you have to hold it for a few seconds. Otherwise when I go to click on the plats in the back or another animal behind another one it just clicks whatever is in front. I highly recommend this game!!

  5. Jeovanna Lilliana says:

    A fun game that is slow-paced but still interesting and absolutely beautiful. The music, although repetitive, is calming in a sort of way and I’ve grown attached to the animals because each of them have different characteristics. It’s evident that a lot of work has been put into making this game, and I applaud the game dev.

  6. Gyo Wyman says:

    While slow and repetitive, it is a great game, but I find it extremely misleading that you not only just get ONE part, but it is also a RANDOM COLOUR when trading in 10 pieces for a “customized costume”. Bad wording and very disappointing. What am I to do with a blue ‘red cape’.. The crying sound when the candy on a romance special fails is also rather annoying.

  7. Sinley Katherine says:

    Sweet, easy-going-paced, and designed to train nurturing, providing, and caring within time perameters. AWESOME!!! GREAT game concept, with friendly and accessable, home-drawn characters, items, and settings, and fun and silly music. In the great tradition of all good teaching tools!

  8. Faeryn Alesa says:

    very cute and addictive. but recently it has been crashing frequently. it just crashed again and the 90 seeds that had been earned from game were gone. also have to keep rewatching ads as they simply freeze there. pls help to fix it? thanks!

  9. Quintilian Lexie says:

    I quite like this game. There are a few things I wish could be improved upon. Example… I wish I could adjust the time settings. It’s difficult when your days and nights are flipped to feed at the right time. Also when saving, it would be better if there was an option to save without replacing the last saved spot. It’s always nice to have a few options. Mostly I just enjoy playing!💕

  10. Brioni Braidon says:

    This is one of the best games or apps I have ever gotten. The art style is very cute, and the quests mean more playability along with taking care of the animals. He small contests are also very fun to do because it gives us more time to interact and find new out new things In the game. 10 out of 10 game or app. idk what to call it :3

  11. Akacia Courtney says:

    Animal Forest : Fuzzy seasons is the best game i’ve played in a couple months now. The game definitely gives yiu something to do and tye over graphics and small animations are amazing. It was sad when The “Fox” and Naroo had to leave, it truly was but im looking forward to seeing them again. Five stat game, definitely

  12. Art Cenehard says:

    Adorable! It’s one of the better phone games I’ve tried, and I’ve tried a lot. The “premium currency” is required a lot, but it’s also very possible to get without paying. The usual “tree that grows money” is actually fairly affordable (I got enough to buy it my first day, and upgrade it to max), compared to some games where you can’t get it at all without spending real money. I also appreciate that if I want to play beyond the regular timed tasks stuff pops up to do, like petting the animals.

  13. Brone Sharen says:

    I really like how cute every animal is and there’s so much to do in the game, even though I just finished the tutorial section but it’s great! Kind of feel like a proud parent when the fox graduated. These are happy tears! Anyway, great game overall and a bonus is not having a Wi-Fi connection so I can play the game wherever! so yeah, good game.

  14. Keva Mercia says:

    I really love this game! It does require alot of patience, but it’s really addictive ^^. Just make sure your careful with the feeding schedules. They might get hungry during school if you have school. And it might be a big problem (for me atlest because my school lasts 7 hours and i’m pretty sure you need to feed them every 3 hours). So if the developer sees this, please give me a way to solve it. But still, overall a good game!

  15. Hadleigh Aundra says:

    Adorable! It’s really cool art work, I love the animals and the story line Is kinda funny, I’ve only been playing for a while and it’s really, paw-esome! I would suggest it to people who like animals, meeting new people, in other words animals, and I also suggest it if you like a challenge! I just have one suggestion, maybe you can create you own character just to walk around there just an idea. I love it all!

  16. Sior Caldre says:

    The game is very casual, which I personally love. Being able to check in on these animals is very calming. The art style is so charming! I love all of the designs! The animals make a loving environment, which makes you want to keep up with them! The background sounds have a mourning dove call that brings me back to when Id go camping as a little kid. It’s just so nice. I am loving this game, cant wait to keep playing.

  17. Lander Clare says:

    The game is adorable & so far very easy to understand. I can see some people getting annoyed with how step-by-step Naroo’s tutorial is, but if you’re someone who enjoys passive games, it’s perfect! So far I’m having a lot of fun with this game & I haven’t experienced anything buggy or otherwise to sour the experience. Thanks for the hardwork! The artwork of the game is also very pleasing.

  18. Faye Ain says:

    I found that it was a really fun, relaxing and an amazing game! The art of the animals in the game looks amazing and cute! It takes quite a while to get through the tutorial however the tutorial gives you a tour of the game and the tour guide is really humorous and it talks funny! I would recommend this game to people who love animals and are willing to take care of the forest. The coolest thing that ive noticed is that the seasons change which is really cool! Overall I really enjoyed this game!

  19. Rendell Jaguar says:

    Amazing graphics, if your looking for a slow paced game with cute woodland creatures you can take care of and interact with this is the game for you. The game doesn’t force you to buy things and you can collect things by just playing every so often, which if not to collect things you’ll come back for the awesome story line!

  20. ChriStella says:

    1st of all, thank u for developing such a wholesome and heart warming game! The graphics you created are simple yet beautiful! Graduation day made me nostalgic about the cat and the fox and the tutorial was thorough and helpful! However, what I love most is the lack of ads, which shows true passion for the art and I want u to know I appreciate it regardless! Definitely my 2nd and last favourite game ever! 🦊🐰🐻 Edit: Turns out the ads that offer free chances in contests are never available!

  21. Jaymi Ruth says:

    It’s an adorable game that runs completely without ads. It has adorable art style and really nice graphics. The contests are really funny and I found it easy to learn with the entertaining tutorial. The game runs with “real time” as a scale, and just the overall idea is really sweet and lovely to play. I think the developer did an incredible job, especially seeming as it is a solo project 🙂

  22. W P says:

    The quests are repetitive, and for some reason assistant teachers do not feed graduates. One of the cool things I noticed was that The Forest Times issues are based on the animals in your forest. This game is good. Also my beaver Evelyn is my oldest student (graduating at the end of Year 6) and I like everyone has their own dialogue (though they also share some dialogue cross-species). I will miss Evelyn but I will invite her for 10 min one day.

  23. Patricia Johnson says:

    Awesome. Incredible. I’ve been playing for almost 5 months. Still enamored. Totally in love with my animals. You do feel a twing when they graduate. I name a couple after my boyfriend and my best friend. Would like more happy seeds for costumes. That would be my only complaint. I recommend this to everyone. It’s good for your brain and soul. Great graphics on everything. It’s not over taxing like some games. It’s easy and simple. Very relaxing. I get lost little critter family. Love it

  24. Prakriti Kapoor says:

    “Super addictive and cool! All must try!” couldn’t be any more true! I started playing yesterday, and I already love it. It’s a must try for animal lovers. It has a world of its own where we can play with animals, feed them, buy more, etc. In fact, I actually felt sad when my fox “graduated” but I’m glad I can still find her around. The picture decoration for the graduating animal is also a fabulous idea. LOVED the game, and more than happy to leave a 5-star review :))

  25. aina sahira says:

    After doing the tutorial, i cant play the contest. When i finished a contest, the game stopped working and i had to rejoin. I rejoined and the progress wasnt saved and i have to play the contest again and again, but it still happen. Hopefully this will be fixed so i can play the game again :). Trust me i really love this game and wants you to fix this.

  26. Rndm 90 says:

    If you like a relaxing game with cute fluffy animals then I recommend this game for you 🙂 What I like most about it is the art style which is like a whimsical illustration. It wasn’t overly cartoonish but still cute and adorable. The sound is cute too, it matches well with the characters. Being able to play this game offline is a big plus.

  27. Clare McDonald says:

    I love the game, its cute and fun. My only thought is that animals are a bit of a drag to collect. The gain is low and slow but the costs are high. My only suggestion would be to perhaps lower the card cost of animals by a smidge or create a way to gain more by a little. Just a small tweak.

  28. CrazyHorse Studios says:

    So nice and relaxing 😍 There are NO pop up ads at all! You can choose to watch an add to get a reward but it’s optional. This relives my stress and is fun at any time! Time killer The story line is nice and creative, the graphics are good. It’s very interactive and depending on how much care you give to the game decides if you would tear up at CERTAIN parts–no spoiling I recommend this for animal lovers! And the music is peaceful 5 Stars!It’s hard to believe only 1 person made this..💕

  29. Ellie Hoyt says:

    Very cute designs and concepts. I don’t like how it is required to check in multiple times a day— not only that, but at specific times each day— in order to keep the animals happy. It is relaxing, but also somewhat stressful when I am busy real-world things and miss giving the animals lunch so they all hate me until I feed them next. Also, the tutorial goes by extremely quickly in comparison to the actual game; it’s difficult not to lose interest once the actual game begins.

  30. deborah hawkins says:

    I have played this game before many years ago. I think the quests in this game are very well done. The developers have thoughtfully put in place a cute story within forest setting and the player really feels relaxed without ads and no time limits. Thankyou for a wonderful and easy to play game.xx

  31. Energetic Team says:

    Can’t wait for there to be more animals to see, The tutorial had something that the whole seems to miss in that it lost part of itself by letting the tutorial not having a greater impact on the over arching plot of the story which is kind of sad but we will if future updates help with those problems. Relaxing and Challenging are hard to put together.

  32. Kyna Crain says:

    Fine game. I’ve played for years. Generally, the game performs well beyond an oddish lag which occurs every four to five minutes. This happens in both offline or online. Also, the cloud save has ceased to function. I’ve ran the app on smartphone, tablet, and chromebook but the lag and lack of saving to cloud was present on each device.

  33. Melissa Kitchen says:

    I had to uninstall the game. Why? Because every time I do a contest or an adventure, the game just freezes at the end when I’m getting the rewards, and I’ve waited but it always kicks me out. Then I don’t get the rewards! I’ve seen other people complaining about this too. If I can’t do contest or explore the only things i can really do is change month and interact with the animals. Hmph.

  34. Owen Baker says:

    Really good game, no pushy ads or nagging you to buy stuff. My only complaint is that when the animals move around they will sometimes go too close to the animal you are interacting with and it confuses your taps with the wrong animal. It would be nice if there was some kind of AI to keep animals from getting too close to each other to avoid this issue. 😅 Otherwise, I love it, especially great from an independent dev. 😄

  35. The Lifespan of the Sun says:

    I used to have this game, got pretty far, so I decided to get it again! Let me tell you, it is so relaxing. It’s adorable, fun, entertaining, all while still having the element of challenge. I can’t wait to collect more animals in my forest, though I’m just relaxing too. It’s not hard to be patient with this game. I like how all of the animals species’ have a personality, it really adds to it! And the letter writing is nice, makes it feel like you’re there! Can’t wait to unlock more regions!!

  36. Dominica Josephine says:

    This is awesome!, It has good graphics good story the pets are so cute 😀 Anddd this game doesn’t have any ads im really happy, but when i go to next month sometimes my screen become black for 10-15 minutes, but it’s okay Keep the hard work

  37. Theo G says:

    Cozy! I feel relaxed playing this game. It’s great for stress relief and features lovely art and music. I like that it has a slow pace, and I can hop in whenever I want. It runs smoothly on my phone. This game is definitely worth your attention. And personally, a cheer from me to the developer! 💕🐾 You did great!

  38. Dan Sky says:

    It’s a beautiful game. I love the animals and how they look and act. The background is beautiful too. I know it’s a slow game and it is relaxing to play. Sometimes I don’t got the patient to play but it’s not as slow as you think it is. But anyways it is a beautiful game and calming to play. Keep making games but in your own time.

  39. Anastasia Markovs says:

    This games deserves a 5 star rating! Oh, Where do I even start?Firstly, the animals are very cute. Secondly, I ❤️animals. Lastly, It’s a very fun game for animal lovers. Edit: I noticed that we don’t get special invitations for all animals like in the ad. Still a good game tho! And it would have been better for the second forest to cost less happy seeds and the teacher invitations would cost less too. Also sometimes it can get a little stressful, when I have important thing to do like school, my

  40. Dawn Felgar says:

    This game is so fun! its cute and very fun to play! Its a good time passer too. There is one suggestion: I feel like there should be chat to talk with other forest friends in the game! Overall, great game!

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