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Create and manage your own airline
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Xombat Development - Airline manager games
June 14, 2022
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Airline Manager – 2023 Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Are you the following large aircraft magnate? End up your self in one of the most very best loose airline supervisor video games on this planet, and beat your mates and different actual existence managers to most sensible the leaderboards by way of controlling probably the most aerial routes.

Airline Supervisor – 2023 Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

Create and set up your personal airline technique On this multiplayer aviation simulation recreation you may have the chance to grow to be larger than actual companies corresponding to United Airways, Emirates, British Airlines, Lufthansa, American Airways and Ryanair. You’ll be able to even go back and forth whilst being idle in your sofa to a large airport in an excellent town similar to The Big Apple, Paris, Berlin, L. A., London and Dallas – you don’t even must fly your self!

Airline Supervisor – 2023 Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

Choose from 2 sport modes: SIMPLE or REALISM. Cross the straightforward option to decrease costs and build up income or problem your self with realism the place you need to imagine the smallest such things as the duration of airport runways.

Airline Supervisor – 2023 Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

Take the quickest course imaginable to move your shipment or passengers. Now not by means of land or sea. However via air. Now not through condominium automotive, teach, bus or send. However by way of plane. Purchase your fleet of flights and dominate the routes within the skies!

Airline Supervisor – 2023 Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* release

In Airline Supervisor Four you get in-depth tactical options like with the ability to purchase greater than 360 other actual aircraft sorts and fly to over Three,Six hundred actual airports in all places the sector.

Airline Supervisor – 2023 Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

Airplane options
✈️Track your flights continue to exist the interactive map
✈️Schedule aircraft maintenance and upkeep
✈️Customize your plane seat configuration
✈️Buy gasoline and CO2 quotas on the proper time to optimize income
✈️Much extra

Airline Supervisor – 2023 Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

Airline options
✈️Manage your team of workers to stay them glad
✈️Flight corporations can spend money on every different to develop inventory values
✈️Create advertising and marketing campaigns to achieve reputation
✈️Build or sign up for alliances
✈️Much extra

Airline Supervisor – 2023 Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

Transform the CEO of an empire of shipment and commute flight routes and make the most of your sophisticated way to be the brand new boss of aviation.

This cellular recreation is One hundred P.c advert loose. Be aware: A web based internet-connection is needed to play this sport.

Please see the Trophy Video games Privateness Observation to grasp extra about your information coverage at:


40 comments on "Airline Manager – 2023 Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Audrielle Felica says:

    Good game and seems to be realistic. Reminds me very much of an old console game called AeroBiz which I liked a lot. I did notice a problem however, and that was the selection between easy and realistic modes. I was only able to select the realistic mode. That isnt a problem for me as the realistic mode is easily picked up. Overall a nice job from the dev.

  2. Crespin Lucullus says:

    The game is not so complicated itself, but GUI could be more clear. The worst thing is that after reaching some point of the game without paying for the points you can’t do anything – starting 10 A380’s routes out of 100 max would make you run out of fuel and/or CO2 tax. Additionally, new cargo update is also non F2P friendly, as you have to pay with real money to get it. Nice to get some fun for one month, but later on you need to choose if you want to pay for the game or uninstall it.

  3. Kemp Morgan says:

    I have been a big fan of AM games since version 1. The problem is that the team behind the game produces a new version every once in a while that is half baked and not consistent with the previous games. This is a greed issue. Instead of building a version based game that grows in features, the team is releasing a new separate game that does not take into account our previous progress and makes us start all over again. Unfortunately the AM games are becoming soooo bad.

  4. Arnab Dhar Choudhury says:

    Everything is perfect with the game. But sometimes I feel there is a glitch with the cost index of individual flights. It works fine when lowering down but it doesn’t work as expected when put back to 200. When flights are departed it takes the previous lowered cost index and not the currently set max value. Please take a look into this. Cheers!

  5. Piyush Pandey says:

    The best management game I have ever seen. Everything is good and realistic. It has just one minus point that you have to depart every plane everytime. You should add a scheduling system for each plane so that it becomes more realistic and easier. Please add this system and it will be undisputed.

  6. Kaiyu Wen says:

    I believe the only reason several people have been frustrated with the game is because of their lack of info about the game. If the FAQ popped up as soon as you started the game, I think players would be more informed and have a better experience. Second, I believe this is not pay2win. It took me a while but after 100hrs of gameplay, I was able to figure out all the achievements and easily get Cargo. Other suggestions, autodepart, no fleet limit can be explained by server costs, etc. Good game.

  7. Triparadox C. says:

    Although I really want to try this game, it’s almost impossible to play with how laggy the game performs. There’s a version that you can play on Facebook, but the Android version is so unoptimized that everytime I want to create a route, it just drops the frame completely. There’s also a need to revamp the graphics.

  8. Austin Batchelor says:

    Really fun game, and I feel it has potential. The reputation system needs a major change, annoying having to spend boat loads of money every few hours just to be able to fill your planes for the reputation to drop again. I would also like to see a way to be able to make enough money to buy aircraft yourself, and not just resort to paying your own money since it takes so long otherwise. All in all this game had the most potential for all the airline games on the play store.

  9. Bryce Wilson says:

    I like this app, I really do, but it’s just far too easy to accidentally click some random button that spends a bunch of points… Then you have to spend more to undo whatever you just did. There should really be a confirmation dialogue for anything that consumes points since they are non-renewable once you run out of achievements or real-world money.

  10. Marcos Tincher says:

    overall its great however there are some improvements that would definitely increase my rating. the main two would be to remove fleet limits. the second would be to have a weekly/monthly schedule so you can place flight on routes and they automatically fallow the schedule without having to do a round trip. also to bring the Feature to upgrade the aircraft when ordering like in the previous game. (airlines manager 3)

  11. Aaron Presley says:

    This game has extreme realism in airline management which I feel is great, except with route planning. I only give it 3 stars because on some of the busiest routes I only get less than 15 passengers which is confusing since I would expect a near full plane instead of an empty plane on a busy route. Other than that problem, I really like the game.

  12. Awesome Comps says:

    It’s ok kinda same old concept from previous versions only change is now like other app developers it’s defined more and more on you to make purchases, it’s now 2021 the 4th version of the game and still no option to automate flights meaning you have to manually depart flights every single time. Given how much things cost in the game I’m sure many people would see it as a benefit to spend money on managers who can keep the flights operating while you are offline because the game gets repetitive.

  13. Rodvic Diaz says:

    For an airline manager game, it’s good, though it’s not engaging compared to other games, graphics are pretty basic, and UI is quite clunky. The concept is spot-on. Just prepare for a lot of waiting. Oh and it would be cool if Google data can be synced to the steam version of AM4.

  14. Dalton Fasolino (Blu) says:

    [Has played realistic only] If you like numbers and more realistic strategy games, this game is a very great option. I feel the only thing it’s missing is scheduling flights. You have to manually depart your flights (up to 30 at a time.) While this is upsetting, it does seem to keep the game more competitive. Other than that, the game is honestly phenomenal in my opinion. This is definitely more of a passive game which is nice if you have a busy schedule.

  15. Mauricio Montoya says:

    Edit: Problem fixed, now I’m back to it. Thanks for listening, dev! I used to play this everyday for a year or so and always liked it but because of last update, I’m no longer getting the notification that all my planes have arrived which always was a useful reminder that I have to dispatch my planes. That alone has made me forget to dispatch them and losing interest in the game.

  16. Matthew S. says:

    The game is good and interesting if you like business games and or like numbers. I like that it has no ads and you don’t need to pay to play, although it definitely helps if you do. The message board in the game is very toxic though with old time players insulting and berating new players constantly. I think this makes lots of new players quit playing.

  17. Ramy Omar says:

    Hello Xombat. Airline Manager 4 is a fantastic game that requires thinking, planning, and caution, however like every other game in this universe, there are drawbacks. The one that bugs me the most is the fact that internet connection is required to start the game. Thus, when offline, Airline Manager 4 is inaccessible. Others might agree that the costs and prices for aircraft is rather too expensive and unaffordable for starters, perhaps cooling them off will help. Otherwise. It’s great!

  18. Bulent Kara says:

    User experience needs improvement: Some user interface problems. BACK button exits the game instead of going to the previous menu. Airport selection box on the map covers many location pins, which is annoying. Auto fit screen/zoom is not adaptable to various mobile devices. My simple “B” letter design was not approved as a logo. Very disappointing, not having the least offencive aspect. Good game but users not their priority.

  19. Sebby Myth says:

    it’s a really nice game but I can’t really tell if it’s real time in easy mode, anyway it’s a really good game and would highly recommend. Edit: as I was playing recently, a glitch occured and I don’t know how to get rid of it. I can’t delete the game and redownload it otherwise I would lose my 153 hour gameplay. I tried closing the game then reopening it, but that doesn’t work either. If the devs of this game can find a way to stop this glich, I would gladly change this post to 5 stars again.

  20. Asantha Bandara says:

    Overall this is good game. I ahve spend some actual money as well. But we can improve our airline without spending any amount of actual money. So this is best game i played in so far. I suggest to improve one thing, if you can make some selected aircraft can return to hub automatically. If you can integrate this option, that would be great game so far. Keeping up your good work team. Cheers

  21. Pius Mpigi says:

    The game is great, but I’d like to advice you on the issue of: 1. ACCOUNT (MONEY EARNED VS POINTS), you should modify a means through which money can be converted into points and vice versa. 2. BANKING. This feature seems to b useless t me, becz I can’t deposit my hard-earned money, and receive nothing, instead I end up, being subjected to interest rates. So, it’s better if that feature is modified; when deposit a certain amount of money after sometime, let’s say a month, then you commission.

  22. No thank you says:

    this game looks so glamorized by looking at the ads which are very eye-catching. it convinced me to get the game. when I actually played the game for the first time, it looked extremely outdated. I could not find any tutorial and I felt lost, as I don’t know how to play it. it just threw me in the middle of nowhere and I was clueless. just clicked on random buttons hoping a tutorial would show up… still no. I still have no clue how to play even after looking at the FAQ. don’t recommend. sorry!

  23. Leslie Dyche says:

    Excellent Game, and definitely worth playing 100%. Other people have complained about things like the lack of automation with the flights, but I do not see the point of even considering installing the game if you are simply going to set it up to do everything automatically. Yes fuel prices are high more often than low, but that is simply pot luck unfortunately. And finally with regards to updates, the answer is yes there could be more updates but it doesn’t stop me from enjoying the game.

  24. Brian D says:

    Compared to the Tycoon Airline Manager this game is head and shoulders above in terms of interface and MOST of the game play. Sadly without an option to schedule flights I have to continue playing Tycoon. Just can’t make the time commitment to continually depart flights. Adding this option would make this game a go-to. However, at this point it’s an uninstall for me until scheduling is an option.

  25. Jared Fifer says:

    Love the game so far! The ONLY thing I wish was that the back button wouldn’t ask you if you wanted to quit the game all the time. Anytime I’ve opened an in-game window I almost always press the back button thinking it will take me back to the main screen, but it asks me if I want to quit the game. (I’m talking about the default Android Back navigation button)

  26. Robert Banks says:

    I would give this game 5 stars,, but I can’t. If I depart less than 20 routes at once they don’t clear the screen and I don’t get any income from those flights. I have to depart them one a a time in order to get the income. Because of this problem I have lost millions of dollars that I can’t recover. Are there any other realistic players having this problem?

  27. Swarup Krishna says:

    I’ve been playing this game for a few years now, and I am really impressed. Even though the game offers two game modes easy and realistic, I would suggest to go for the latter, to feel the real pressure running an airline in the aviation sector. There are a lot of perks and challenges as we progress the levels. On the whole it teaches a lot about managing revenues and expenses.

  28. Ololade Mubarak says:

    It is a good game but in the maintenance section, performing maintenance and in the help section of the game crashes the game whenever I go to these two sections it happens every time, the game exists automatically and my phone hang for some time and I don’t experience these before, everything was working fine before the developer started adding new features.

  29. W Michael says:

    Decent game but there is no scheduling option so you have to constantly check in. You have to spend an incredible amount of time and in game resources just to make a very small amount unless you spend real money. If you don’t spend real money it’s nearly impossible to expand beyond small commuters w just a few routes. The aircraft specs are off on the airbus vs boeing.

  30. John Tindel says:

    There are things I like about this game more than tycoon- it’s more realistic (no winning planes with a slot machine), it has no ads, and the fuel/CO2 pieces are an interesting twist. That being said, there are also a lot of shortcomings that make the game not that fun. Lack of scheduling is the big one that makes it almost unplayable. The interface is unintuitive and lacks sufficient explanations. No ability to filter the plane menu is also annoying. Uninstalled but willing to try it again.

  31. E.R. plays says:

    Pretty good but a few (and personal) problems, first of all: i will really like to see a DHC-Twin Otter added Second of all: Why is there a distance limit for planes? Third of all: i really don’t like the tycoon style game that we have to manually depart aircraft? I will really like all these things improved and added

  32. The Alexandrian Blog- المدونة السكندرية says:

    Forced to restart my progress 4 times in 4 days due to bugs! I click on a reg, another reg show up. a flight is departed, but no money is transferred into my account. Indix isn’t working at all…. And the most important thing… It takes almost 10 minutes to re-open! Great game with loooots of bugs.

  33. Jon Zephanius says:

    “Realtime” airline management game with fantastic depth, no PvP or direct competition, and which allows you to play at your own pace, whether or not you choose to throw money to speed things up. Has a built-in forum too, but the community are toxic, caustic and offensive. I love researching and planning routes, researching what plane to get for where, and expanding my airline empire. Only downside is the finicky small touch buttons in the UI, it’s very easy to press the wrong thing.

  34. Travel Shots says:

    Everything is locked unless you pay real money, can’t play anything, zoom is real trouble for this game, can’t select airport. Game FAQs doesn’t include all the information and player in the forum gives down arrows for any questions asked which decreases the loyalty points, no option to report a player who is commenting inappropriate. Real or easy any mode is far away from the real world scenario.

  35. Kxng J says:

    I can finally login now. For my Facebook account, when the the autofill function is used, the game says loading, then resets the screen, making you do it all over again. If you use the authentication app, when you copy the code and go back to the game, it resets to the account & password screen.

  36. Thabang Ramafalo says:

    Good game, bad implementation. There are achievements that I am unable to complete, and there is a lag in the game, that causes a delay on Maintenance and fuel/CO2 purchases. I’ve tried being audited 3 times now with no luck, and it’s needed as a part of achievements…

  37. Filip says:

    It’s a great game for aviation lovers. There are few downsides tho. Would be great to have bank loan option (the bank in the form as it is now is useless), the highest demand is usually centred to capital airports, ignoring real-life demands, and it’s also lacking flight scheduling so short-haul flights cannot operate during nights (only if u wake up). Besides that, so good!

  38. Roberto Flores says:

    Started great but it comes to a point that it gets boring with no much to do. You have to be connected all the time because there is no scheduling, also the packages are to expensive for what they give you. Overall i enjoyed it for the first 2 months after that its the same with nothing that brings me back to it.

  39. Lou Ravkind says:

    In the beginning I had no problems but lately there have been a lot of bugs. The developers fixed most of the bugs but it still hesitates when you load different screens, this is extremely annoying . With that said it is still a pretty entertaining game.

  40. Rihdan Izumrat Damha says:

    Really enjoy this game… But improvement can be made in terms of allowing for set up a schedule for a flight to depart instead of doing it manually… This will create a more fantastic experience in managing the fleets and therefore flight able to take off during player’s idle time… Overall I rate 5 stars for this game!

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