SHEIN-Fashion Shopping Online Mod Apk


Meet the SHEIN app - Your one-stop shop for trends at prices you'll Love!
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December 2, 2022
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SHEIN-Fashion Shopping Online Mod Apk

Now introducing the SHEIN cell app! The entirety you like about our web site, now at your fingertips. SHEIN is a amusing, ultra-affordable on-line buying groceries platform that includes types for girls, males, youngsters, curve, plus over 20,000+ types together with attire, tops, swimming gear, footwear and equipment. Call to mind us as your one-stop vacation spot for the entirety stylish! We’ll stay you within the loop with push notifications, you’ll be able to have interaction with different SHEIN enthusiasts in actual time and read over 1000+ day-to-day new arrivals, plus styling guidelines, livestreams, evaluations and extra to encourage you!

SHEIN-Fashion Buying groceries On-line Mod Apk

– Get an additional 10 Percent off for your first order
– Loose delivery on orders over $49 & loose returns
– A laugh, simple buying groceries that’s One hundred Percent safe – Browse by way of New Arrivals, Traits, Class, Highest Dealers and extra – Day-to-day Flash Gross sales: Rating as much as Eighty Percent off numerous types – Get first get entry to to sale signals and promotional reductions – Now accepting PayPal and primary Bank Cards
– Taste now, pay later! Make a selection Afterpay to pay in Four interest-free bills.
– 24/7 Customer Support and Reside Chat to be had

SHEIN-Fashion Buying groceries On-line Mod Apk apk

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40 comments on "SHEIN-Fashion Shopping Online Mod Apk"

  1. Brianna Matthews says:

    Great app overall, I hate that the option to review items expires after a few months. I might order stuff and not wear it right away but by the time I do and go to review it, the option has gone away, and I’m talking even just orders from earlier this year, I’m unable to review. Definitely not a change I agree with, but business is business I guess. Make sure you do them right away or else you’ll be out of luck!

  2. K. Shelor says:

    Very pleased! Lots of stuff you can’t find in stores & many styles so you can truly shop for every age & look. Measurements given are accurate, I ordered erring on past experiences with other companies instead of by measurements given & had to exchange. Exchanging was fast & easy! Only advice, if you find something that you really like don’t hesitate too long because odds are you will miss out. But can generally find something very similar. App is well designed & easy to navigate, always a +!

  3. Jillian Velazquez says:

    It’s a great app and plenty of nice clothes and stuff to choose from but sometimes it can be hit or miss especially with the sizes. You just have to know exactly what your sizes are or atleast the closest thing to but other than that it’s quick and affordable. I’ve started completely changing my wardrobe with this app.

  4. Zen says:

    App is good. No problem with ordering. Pay close attention to the clothing measurements. They’re accurate so I wouldn’t go by your regular sizing of small, medium, large, or XL. Shipping is also pretty accurate. Sometimes item will come sooner, but for the most part it’s descent. Returns are easy too. Just wait for the entire order to come before sending anything back.

  5. Ariana Brown says:

    SHEIN is literally my new favorite website/app to shop from. Their prices are amazing, and they have so many good deals! One thing that I love most about SHEIN is the point system. You can get points on so many different things, then apply them to your next purchase to lower the price. The filters and organization is great as well, it’s always easy to find exactly what I’m looking for in the right size, color, and style. I would rave on more but, I dont have any more word space. 5/5!

  6. L G says:

    Love this app, alot of options for great prices. Everything ive ordered so far has looked just like the pictures, sizing is a little hard to decide on but as long as you look threw their reviews on the product and compare 9 times outta 10 you can guess the correct size to order. Wish their standard shipping was a little quicker. Getting a hold of anyone in customer service to answer question is a little ridiculous. Wish I could connect with a real person over the phone or threw their messenger

  7. Tonya Osborne says:

    After getting notifications and offers from SheIn several times a day, I tried to delete my account. But SheIn still sends me adds daily. I have navigated their website multiple times, and can’t get the adds to stop. It’s very convaluded as to how to make the texts and emails stop. They take you in a big loop, and then just when you think you’ve made progress, the screen goes blank. Please, just make it stop. Don’t be dooped into giving them your info like I did.

  8. Lost Shadow says:

    Kinda like gambling . A lot of the clothes look really cute on the models but then when you get them the material looks different the color looks different. Not usually as cute as the picture shows. Sometime the sizing is off. The shipping is pretty bad. It takes a long time to get there even with express shipping which cost $13 It takes a long time to get there even with express shipping which cost $13

  9. Catherine Hug says:

    Pretty great deals. You get what you see in the pics—no surprises—& everything’s true to size. The measurements of each item are clearly listed in cm/in. I tend to get a lot of compliments on clothes I get from here. Most of the stuff I’ve ordered has held up surprisingly well over time, too (given the price) with a few exceptions. Easy, straightforward returns process. Many payment options including Afterpay. Fast shipping to USA. I did NOT receive anything for writing this review.

  10. Laura Carregal says:

    Easy to use app. Pictures and descriptions are accurate. People post pictures of themselves along with their measurements, which is more helpful than how things look on models. One problem that is happening is there are 2 “malls” that merchandise ships from. Which means if you order merchandise from both”malls” and don’t reach certain minimum purchase for both “malls” you may have to pay shipping for part of your order. This seems to be a new feature. Be careful. Shipping is pretty fast.

  11. anna correa says:

    Just made my first purchase,items arrived in a wk. Est. delivery was 2 weeks so I was happy. Shipping is a bit pricey but the App itself is well organized & easy to navigate. Quality & pricing is amazing. Colors were vibrant, material was great. Sizing can be tricky. Check out their size chart first and definitely check out my favorite part of the app: the items reviews.. most of them have customer pictures so you can get an idea of what size to get and a realistic picture of what it looks like.

  12. Jen Lofton says:

    Easy to use app, great pricing. Item descriptions are pretty accurate, pics are sometimes a little misleading (especially if you don’t look like the model) but that’s why I always go to the reviews and see pics posted by customers. I wish more items were cotton/cotton blends but I know they’re cheap because they’re all polyester. Returns are easy and delivery is quite fast, comparable to delivery times of most any other retailer I’ve ordered from (Macy’s, Kohl’s, etc).

  13. Adventures With Azarei says:

    Still like the app, but I’m not a fan of the pre-worn part. You have to pay shipping on every single item (which I understand why), so if you’re trying to buy on a budget that’s not exactly the best route to go. Especially when you can buy new and use Klarna or Afterpay. Probably a good options for items that you might have really wanted and are no longer listed though.

  14. Vickie Schaefer says:

    Beyond what i ever expected. Perfect. I Couldn’t ask for a better website. You can find anything you want, at an unbelievably cheap price , returns are really easy and get your refund back almost immediately,or within a day. Amazon could pick up a few pointers from Shein’s website. My favorite thing about shein is, that it’s not JUST a plus size section that you don’t have to shop for leftovers… but you can see pictures of each item, on real people, to get an idea of what it may look on you.

  15. Nicky Maslin says:

    Great clothes at good prices. Easy to use app. The categories are easy to navigate. Filters are so useful and easy to use to help you search for your size or to keep within your budget search for things only in a certain price band,just 2 of the many. Great offers on voucher discounts and free delivery offers. Delivery never seems to take too long and you’re updated on the process when things are dispatched. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for clothes, homeware, footwear, and accessories,

  16. Christine says:

    It’s a good app, cheap clothing for the most part. But sometimes the fabric is really thin and bad, doesn’t fit the right way, etc. on the model, everything looks super cute, in person, not so much haha. So it’s a hit or miss in items. just read reviews and study those pictures provided by customers!! you can tell quality most of the time

  17. SakkyWacky says:

    Great range of products, good price and great quality products. Only thing that’s not great is it hard to search for stuff, it’s a matter of the correct keywords to find an item at times if it is stocked. The other thing that’s not great is I cannot see where we can exchange items like a too big top etc. Also its really annoying that promotional/sales items cannot be returned or exchanged, so very wary of buying then as I be stuck with it.

  18. Rosegarden360 says:

    Great prices, but you get what you pay for. Looking at customer reviews and review photos is very important as the quality may be less then pictured, and the sizing varies by item so make sure to always check product measurements. Overall better then Amazon has been lately (garbage quality, fake photos), and I’ve been happy over every careful purchase.

  19. Ayesha Van Rensburg says:

    I’ve only made one previous purchase with a second on its way… 1) It would be great if the bra and shoe sizes could be in a comparative chart, as I’m not sure how European, American, South African/English, etc. sizes compare. This makes making a purchase an unpleasant/uneasy experience. 2) An easy to access page on how to return or exchange goods that don’t fit will make me feel more comfortable about shopping on Shein and lead to me buying more.

  20. Crystal and May says:

    Love the prices for everything! Love the coupons to help you save. Shein really does care about students and people when it comes to pricing. It’s great that I can also pick and choose what I want to see in my recommended. Only a couple minor annoyances like losing all of the stuff in my bag when I cancel payment. But overall, great shopping app 🙂

  21. Courtney Childress says:

    This app is pretty user friendly. The only things I notice that detract from the rating by one star are: 1. the checkout feature sometime double your items (example, I’ve had at least ten purchases where I rec’d two ct. Of an item (and was charged for it) but didn’t select to buy the same item twice and 2. Sometimes the return feature will not allow you to select refund payment, it defaults to Shein Walket (in-store credit). Both areas seem a little suss to me since they involve my money!

  22. Marie Brayman says:

    Love the awesome selection of curvy clothes! That said, so many times there will be a top, accessory, shoes, whatever, on the model, that completes the outfit, but there’s no mention of it in the description! Why on earth would you include an item that you don’t sell, or even mention where it CAN be ordered, when it so perfectly goes with the outfit?! This has kept me from ordering and I’ve seen this mentioned numerous times in the reviews.

  23. Ally L says:

    Shein’s great and so are the prices! The plus size section is nice because it’s not ugly ol’ granny clothes. It’s fashionable, cute, & sexy. I took off 1 star for the return policy. They only cover the 1st return. After that, I think it’s like $7.99 per return. Even Amazon covers returns! Also, lingerie isn’t returnable. I get why, but things can fit differently, so u may get stuck with something unwearable. Maybe a type of shield sewn in or tape that must still be intact to be returnable.

  24. ileen johnson says:

    Like all the variety of products & prices for the most part. Have had good luck with customer service. Just don’t like how often I get notifications and emails from Shein. Sometimes get about 8 a day. I would prefer only having to look at the site when I want to look for something, or at least only getting one message a day. Most of the time, I end up just getting upset with all the interruptions, and end up deleting them, wthout even looking at them. Too time consuming, and battery drain

  25. Sara Scanes says:

    The app is honestly great. It’s functional, and the cart is a great feature I’ve not seen on other retail apps to figure out your spend without losing sight of your favorite pieces. I have started recommending it to Lisa of people for all kinds of crazy things. The quality can sometimes be iffy, so inspect details and images thoroughly. I’ve only been unhappy with 4 or 5 out of … hundreds? of items, so I think that speaks to something. Je ne sais quoi. 🖤

  26. Tamala Burgess says:

    This app is easy to use. Most icons for interacting with the app are to the bottom of the screen. The only issue for me is when u select an item the user interface icons disappear and u have to go backwards to locate it again. Other than that with time u get a handle on the app. Not forgetting good deals and the app shows u this as well.

  27. marina ellerbeck says:

    Great quality and stylish products for affordable prices. Some items can be less than perfect though and the sizes can vary quite a lot so must always be careful with that. However, overall you get what you paid for or better. The app itself is also pretty smooth running, has a user friendly layout and so far I haven’t suffered any glitches.

  28. Cindy Ross says:

    The clothes are cute and priced well. I orderd three shirts and and one was perfect, one too big and one still hasn’t arrived over a week later. I ordered two skirts and one is perfect and they other must have been modeled on a six foot model, it is way longer than pictured. I have another order that has been “delayed”, I likely won’t order again. I have not been offered a refund on my way overdue purchase. When I tried to contact all I got was automated replies and no way to chat.

  29. Chardy Laws says:

    Orders normally arrive almost a week before the delivery date, which is even better, app is very user friendly. A variety of items I even like that they have categories is order to find whatever you looking for much quicker. Sizes are true to size, they qualify is good,some of the more expensive items materials are great. I definitely order atleast once every second month

  30. Gemila Boss says:

    A very reliable and easy to use app. I’m not sure why there is such emphasis on the curve section but although Shein petite exists, it doesn’t seem to be a section on its own. At 5ft1″ I find this a bit disappointing. A wide feet range would also be cool! Great range of womens clothing…found the mens a bit limited.

  31. Lane Vermeulen says:

    I love shopping here and all the discounts and free points makes it more affordable. It would be nice if you made it possible to amend an order i had bad luck with second order as one of my items got left behind in the cart and i wanted it to be send with my order but i could not find any help buttons. Thanks for your great deals. Have a lovely day

  32. jo lear says:

    Absolutely love this company/app Their stuff is amazing quality and prices are good. They are super helpful and efficient if you experience any issues and rectify it straight away. My daughter loves all their products the app is so easy to use and can keep track of orders via the app everything you need is right there at your fingertips in the app definitely 10/10 for me, there are not many ads (if any at all as I can’t recall seeing any which says it all)

  33. Abdul Karim Turay says:

    The application is great and the setup is amazing. But shipping and stock control is just absolutely horrible. I placed an order twice with express delivery, both times I was told there was an error with the delivery. Items that showed in the system as shipped went out of stock and I was left losing out on items I wanted along with deals. I was given 50 cents worth of points for the inconvenience the first time. The second time I was told to just use standard shipping.

  34. Jay s says:

    Everything I’ve ordered has been correct, good quality, quick shipping, and the best part easy on the wallet or purse..😉 So far, everything I’ve wanted in an online store!!! It’s been about 5 months now, an I still stand by my 5 star rating. The very few problems I’ve had was not sheins fault, but they still made everything right by me. They offer a wide range of products, and all easily affordable. They have super sales (flash sales) that you can get something you’re wanting at a great price

  35. Adrienne Batchelor says:

    Such a great app from the assortment of items to shipping! Everything is great! I especially enjoy (depending on how much you have in your bag/cart) you can use a coupon for every purchase! Aside from Shein’s clothes, I’ve become obsessed with another brand on this app called DAZY. They have such great quality clothes along with more modest options (I prefer to not wear skimpy clothes, especially during fall and winter…)

  36. Use 'Cashpirate' App. EarnMoneyy says:

    ☝ok!The app is honestly great. It’s functional, and the cart is a great feature I’ve not seen on other retail apps to figure out your spend without losing sight of your favorite pieces. I have started recommending it to Lisa of people for all kinds of crazy things. The quality can sometimes be iffy, so inspect details and images thoroughly. I’ve only been unhappy with 4 or 5 out of … hundreds? of items, so I think that speaks to something. Je ne sais quoi. xcb xd

  37. Fruity_Mango? says:

    Literally my favorite shopping app!! Almost every item has a really good and affordable price! Do keep in mind that some of the materials aren’t the BEST though. And if you aren’t sure if it’s a scam or not, you can see reviews and how it looks like on non models! I’ve never been more addicted to shopping in my life😂👍👍

  38. Username says:

    Easy to navigate but searching things is kinda difficult as it goes by buzzwords, not what the item actually is. Super cheap though and you can find really good stuff for >£10, just be sure to read reviews as the materials aren’t always the best and you can’t return the majority of items.

  39. melissa smith says:

    I have had no problems with any items sent to me! I love it all. The shipping is has always ran about 7ish days, which I like. However I am a little bummed with the point system and “free giveaways” I love the check in points daily, but the review points I don’t always get although I did review as specified for points. And as far as the free giveaways, that’s a VERY RARE thing.

  40. Sarah Nabil says:

    I used to love Shein and bought many times from it, really loved the clothes too. But now they removed the feature of only choosing cotton items to shop. Why would you remove that feature, i don’t want to buy anything in poliéster or rayon or similar material. I can only wear breathable fabric, and now my shopping experience has turned bothersome and difficult.

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