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Everything in one place for your mail and parcels. Arrange it with the PostNL app.
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December 1, 2022
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PostNL Premium Apk

Volg en verzend je pakketten met de PostNL app. In de app heb je altijd een totaal overzicht van alles wat naar jou onderweg is.
Ook een pakket verzenden gaat eenvoudig by means of de app. Op zoek naar een PostNL-punt? Ook deze vind je eenvoudig terug in de app.
Benieuwd welke publish er naar je onderweg is? Activeer Mijn Publish zodat je ook een volledig overzicht hebt van al jouw publish (let op: alleen in Nederland beschikbaar).
Zo heb je ons altijd bij de hand!

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Blijf altijd up to the moment! Als je notificaties aanzet zorgen we dat je altijd op de hoogte bent van de laatste standing van jouw pakket.
Installeer ook de PostNL widget op jouw homescherm om altijd up-to-date te zijn.

PostNL Top class Apk apk mod

Iets versturen? Laat de QR-code uit jouw account scannen en ontvang een verzendbewijs according to e mail.
Maak eenvoudig een label aan by the use of de app en laat dit printen bij een PostNL punt.

PostNL Top class Apk

Postzegel nodig? Koop een digitale postzegel en schrijf deze op de temporary, handig!
Ook kun je zelf een fotokaartje maken; add een foto en maak hiermee een persoonlijk kaartje (let op: postzegelcode en fotokaartje zijn alleen beschikbaar in Nederland).

PostNL Top rate Apk mod apk

Obtain de app en laat ons weten wat je ervan vindt!


40 comments on "PostNL Premium Apk"

  1. Pax Kody says:

    Nice app to track most of your packages and regular mail. One thing I find annoying is that the app notifies me when the is mail on its way, but when you click on this 9 out of 10 times you’ll get “something went wrong” Couple of hours later it will work again, but why then send the notifications?

  2. Robin Berney says:

    Doesn’t work. I entered a bar code, and the app asks me for the postal code. When I enter it, it simply says it’s invalid. Probably because the postal code is from a city in Belgium and they expect the format used in the Netherlands? The app looks nice, though, but what can you do with an app that doesn’t work? Fail… Don’t bother to sign up for an account.

  3. Hadleigh Aenescumb says:

    The app has a useful intension, if it were to work it would be great. However, every single day it is impossible to view incoming mail because the app notes ‘it is busy’. Furthermore, it frequently occurs that the app shows that a certain piece of mail is due for that day, however it often doesn’t arrive that day! As such I can not justify a recommendation for this app!

  4. Hollie Myles says:

    Fine app, if it works / is accessible.. lately it’s always “busy” and I cannot get in the app. I get the notification + thrown out of the app all the time. Annoying!!! Otherwise, great app. Feature suggestion: option to set preferences and restrictions for (alternative) delivery addresses. Like only delivering something to our home and alternatively a specific parcel point, not to neighbours. (I would let you know in the app, if i could get in…) Thanks, cheers! Bart

  5. Quaneisha Elyza says:

    Always too busy. When I want to check the delivery status, is says it’s too busy 9 out of 10 times. Come back later. And then the same occurs. And that always happens, day and night and for many months now. Useless this way.

  6. Zita Ackley says:

    The functionality of the app seems fine to me, but it often does not allow you to see the information because it is supposedly too busy. I suspect PostNL does not have enough server capacity to serve all App users. I would like to suggest adding capacity as well as perhaps spreading notifications on new mail over time to the different users.

  7. Tariah Byron says:

    Very bad experience with both the app and PostNL in general. Their customer service is non-existent. Server is always too busy. Packages that arrive in the app but never in my letter box.. Letters that arrive days later than announced in the app or not at all, even though there’s a picture in the app. And since a few weeks no more or very sparse push messages. Not a great fan here..

  8. Roman S (Do'Urden) says:

    The worst experience ever I had, it’s been 3 months since I order my parcel and still haven’t received it, trying to call but there’s no number on official site, only saying that you can call them on they hours. Downloaded the app was hoping that can find some help there but none, app doesn’t even support an English version but even with an original still can’t find any help, worst app worst experience

  9. M G says:

    Used to work a lot better. Since a couple weeks now pictures no longer show up. It would also be a massive improvement if you could somehow see when a package without a track and trace code is delivered at a pick up point, as my mailman NEVER leaves a note because my front door and mailbox are a minutes walk apart (oddly designed apartment complex)

  10. Lorraine Copland says:

    I am very pleased with this app. It allows me to see whether it’s worth going down 3 flights of stairs to pick up mail and shows when I need to be up early to take delivery of a parcel. The only additional wish I have is for it to be able to show more than one recipient’s incoming parcels (of course, with the verified permission of the other person at your address).

  11. D'André Usanga says:

    When this app works it’s great telling when post is on the way that day. Most of the time it’s filled with errors and things don’t work! Post NL really need to scrap it and start again because it’s just completely problematic or find a new developer who knows what they are doing! Not 100% fussed with the language, but if the website has english, surely the app can have this option aswell? Shame because it has potential for a 5 star rating…

  12. Félim Doyle says:

    I cannot evaluate this app yet as there is no English translation. I had hoped that it would be useful to me as many of my packages are sent by or routed via PostNL. I think that a lack of translation to other languages, especially English, will be a significant issue for many other potential users.

  13. Koala says:

    A LOT of errors When the app works it’s great, I can see when I need to be home and I can pick up packages from the postNL point easily. However, it now has some big errors. It keeps telling me I’m getting post (notification) when I’m not receiving anything that day. Notifications in general are buggy. As soon as a package comes from outside the EU no info is given except that I need to pay to receive it. Right now a package arrival time keeps being set to either tomorrow (no time) or unknown.

  14. Twan Van says:

    App has an error for several days now, can’t seem to load any incoming mail which bugs me because i want to know what is coming my way. Please fix this problem ASAP! Otherwise i don’t see any usage for an app that doesn’t comply with the functionality that it can’t provide. Worked great for years, but now…not so much!

  15. Dion K says:

    Used to work great, until I moved. Now it seems that it gives push notifications if anything arives at my old address but then there is nothing in the app (but a useless notification ofcourse). Contacted postnl a while ago about this, but no follow-up at all. It also gives notifications about my current address, so atleast it works a bit like it should.

  16. Robert says:

    Using the PostNL app for quite a while now. Stamp-codes are awesome for when you’re out of physical stamps. Quite simple app but still powerful (many functions), which I like. Could use more of those nice animations. Also batch-delete old incoming mail could be added. Over-all a fine app that I like use: it’s on my homescreen, which says a lot 😉

  17. Ferent Cristian says:

    I been always redirected and suggested for easier tracking of my packages, to download the app. How can you create an app without the option to change the language. It only in dutch, I dont see any option to change the language anywhere. Maybe I am wrong but till proven otherwise I will just give one star rating to the app as its not even considering its english speaking people.

  18. Radu Sandor says:

    The app is good but not good enough. English language does not exist and it’s very inconvenient considering how many expats live in Netherlands. Another useful feature that is missing is the possibility to change the delivery to a different location, different time frame or a neighbor (see DHL app as an example).

  19. Lina Sammour says:

    The worst mailing service I’ve ever had to deal with!! They always manage somehow to lose my packages by delivering them to the wrong address or not delivering them at all. They make sure however to mark my package as delivered in the app when it’s not, or they claim that they couldn’t deliver it because I wasn’t home while I’d be waiting for days at home for my package. Bunch of LIARS!!! And I think it is pretty stupid that the app doesn’t have the option to change it’s language to English.

  20. Rob Schipper says:

    The app seems to work well but the service? The service sucks, the postal service in the Netherlands was never very good but now we are going for new lows. We are also forced to use this app where we have to waive all privacy and any rights as consumers. If you don’t agree you can not tracks parcels that are send to you, should they arrive which questionable delays of 6 weeks are considered to be normal by PostNL.

  21. Jana Endemann says:

    Great app, one of my favorite apps ever! Never thought the postal service, usual known for being show and backward, would send up being so innovative and pleasant to work with!

  22. Rob .31 says:

    The app still sends you notifications about parcels coming from another country which require fees to be paid. However if you click the notification is only vanishes and it is no longer makes them visible within the app which means there is no way to pay these dues.

  23. Super Nova says:

    Doest work. Packages dont update! They say you can arrage stuf easy. This app brings nothing but trouble! Ps post nl has the worst costumer service ever.

  24. Daisy P says:

    I can never make an account here. It’s always untill ‘we are almost there’ then loading for an hour. So frustrating. Packages no where can be found

  25. Mano Biletsky (Open MAKER) says:

    The app works well, however the new “widget” to show packet info on your homescreen only shows the info of 1 package. So if i expect more than one package, the widget is useless. You can’t even choose which package to show on the widget (like 17track does). So overall a good app, but the issues with the widget should be adressed as soon as possible. The lack of multi package support renders it useless.

  26. Reuben Greebe says:

    Very nice app and very easy to use, it would however be nice if you could change the language on the app, thus everything is in Dutch

  27. Jacco de Maaker says:

    This is a very nice app and addition to the PostNL service. It reports all incoming post and even shows pictures. For packages it is also really convenient and gives good control. I am a bit disappointed people rate this app based on the PostNL postal service. I think that is unfair to the developers that made this app. It is really impressive and works well.

  28. Dipta Ghossan says:

    simple and quick, without delivery cost🥰

  29. Orion Netstorm says:

    To the point, easy to use and doesn’t appear bloated.

  30. Kev says:

    Only in Dutch or Belgium. Doesn’t even open! Utter Shhhh… Trash!

  31. Nat H says:

    The worst app I ever can’t set in app english language..if i do that i’m transfered to belgiums post webpage and there i don’t have created account of course.. half of the things in app are not working and still i’m transfered to webpage and on webpage is written i can’t do changes there but i must open it in the app.. If i want to change delivery adres, from my home to pick up point it is asking my bank account details..even if change of adres should be for free..all very weird

  32. Jeroen Lamens says:

    Login process doesn’t work with the Firefox browser. App has many trackers selling your data.

  33. B B says:

    damn app!!!! Does not show actual truthful information! showed all week that the parcel would be delivered, and today there is no information about the parcel,it is not found anymore!!!!!! misleading statement on the site: Your package is on its way! But on another site it turned out a week ago! my package turned out to be undeliverable! and returned to the sender!!!! Really????? The parcel has already gone back to the sender,but App did not inform me about it! This app creats serious problems!

  34. Steven Fruijtier says:

    Rather useless app if it just keeps giving a message saying “you are not logged in” after entering my credentials.

  35. Jeff Bourque says:

    This app just doesn’t work and you are forced to use it if you want to change a delivery location. Very poor service!

  36. Mário Silva says:

    The app works ok. Unfortunately it only have Dutch as language. At least should have English as a choice. Will change my review if the option of language is added.

  37. leiahav says:

    Information in the app and online is not the same.

  38. Joep says:

    Very frustrating experience. Just wanted to change delivery address. “To change, you need to make an account”. I didn’t want to make an account, but fine. Then, “sorry, you can only change in the app”. I didn’t want to download the app, but fine. Then, “sorry, you can’t change from inside the app, we are validating your account” So, my simple request is still not filled and the package will be in the wrong place. Its like post NL tried to make this as customer unfriendly as possible.

  39. Edu Vignolo says:

    really really bad service, cancelled my package 3 times (friday, saturday and monday) even when it was on the time to be delivered, changed the date to tuesday between 16-18:30 and i still waiting for it since 15:40… i didn’t receive any email today and on the app/website still saying that it will arrive today until 18:30.. its already 19:20 -_-

  40. Ewout Stam says:

    To confirm my address, the postnl website required me to install the app. The app in turn opened the iDIN website where I could confirm my address. Why couldn’t the website just send me to iDIN directly? What a waste of time.

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